Forgive Me For Loving You

A Twilight Saga FanFiction



This story may be unlike any other Twilight Saga story you have ever read before. Maybe that's good, maybe not, but keep in mind, this is just a story I thought up and I am not out to destroy what Stephenie Meyer has created. This particular OC in the story will be a disabled girl based on myself as I have cerebral palsy and have a longing to be with Bella Swan. If femslash is not your thing, I wouldn't persue this any farther. Continue on if you dare.

Bella's POV

Edward casually slipped his hand in mine as we walked to the lunchroom. I shivered lightly at the sudden coolness of his touch, but the sensation of his chilled fingers linked between mine was not an unpleasant one. I turned my head just slightly to flash him a smile, and he in turn rewarded me with my favorite crooked smile which only made mine grow. He then escorted me to our table and motioned for me to sit while he got my tray of food. I sighed and slouched lazily in my chair when I heard Jessica address me.

"Hey, Bella, have you seen the new girl yet?"

I raised my eyebrow a bit and sat up a bit straighter as Edward came with my plate of food, "New girl?"

Jessica giggled lightly, "Yeah. She just got here today. I hear she's a total freak. She can't even walk right." I sighed lightly. I hated Jessica's insipid gossip. I stabbed at my food with my fork while I half-listened, Edward rubbing slow circles on my back as it tensed in frustration at her next immature comment, "Actually, I'm not even sure she can walk at all judging by what she's sitting in," she snickered as she glanced behind me. "She's a pathetic sight to see. No one even wants to sit near her." I looked up from my salad at that to send her a piercing glare and twisted around in my chair to spot the object of Jessica's judgment.

She was slightly hunched over one of the lunch tables, the girl was seemingly dazed by her plate, twirling her fork in her own salad with little interest in eating it. Her long, dark chocolate locks cascaded around her, obscuring my view of her face. When I averted my eyes from her head, as they were momentarily transfixed there, anticipating to see her features more clearly, I frowned lightly. Now that I was focused on what she was sitting in, I noticed instantly why she was the topic of Jessica's ramblings. She was in a wheelchair. Her legs were bent at the knees and held uncomfortably, and stiffly, in place by straps around her ankles that came from the chair's footrests. As her leg muscles tried to shift, twitching only slightly, I could almost feel her discomfort. As I looked up again, the girl pulled her flowing hair to one side, resting it gently on her right shoulder. I gasped as I took in the sight of her features with vivid clarity now. She was beautiful. I felt Edward's hand on my shoulder and looked back to him.

"Are you alright, love?" he asked. I smiled weakly and nodded at him, glancing back to the table of the beautifully broken girl behind me. As I faintly heard Angela tell Jessica to stop making fun of the girl and ask Edward where the rest of his family was today, I rested my eyes upon her once again and quickly rose from my seat.

"Bella?" I heard the table ask almost in unison as I scrambled ungracefully over to figure sitting all alone in the cafeteria. My tray threatened to spill as I stumbled, but I managed to keep all my food upon it as I approached the girl. I could tell she sensed someone there above her as she flinched, but she didn't acknowledge me. She probably thought I was another immature jerk coming to tease her.

"Hello," I started awkwardly, "I'm Bella Swan." I offered her a warm smile as she looked up at me. "Do you mind if I sit down?"

She shook her head lightly before staring into my eyes. I gasped again. Her eyes were even more mesmerizing than Edward's golden ones. They were not quite green, blue, hazel, or brown. They danced beautifully with all the colors in harmony inside her unusually wide orbs. It was as if they reached out and called to my soul, searching my heart, reading my thoughts...

I took a seat and she said easily, "Hi, Bella, I'm Stephanie. My friends call me Effy." She shifted in her chair uncomfortably, "Well, they would if I had any. My parents call me Effy, anyway," she corrected.

I frowned at that. "I don't really know you yet, but I can tell you are a truly beautiful person worthy a friend. Maybe you would let that person be me?" I smiled at her then. She smiled back, and the action nearly knocked me off my seat. It was- well, it was- dazzling. I thought only Edward could dazzle me.

I started with the obvious questions like where are you from? What do you like to do?. Her answers intrigued me. She was from Paris, France, and missed it terribly. She told me how she moved here for her dad's work, and that people here haven't been very welcoming. She liked to read Jane Austen, and I had to smile at that. She also loved Edgar Allan Poe and Robert Frost. She has good taste. By the time I was ready to know more, the bell rang. She frowned lightly.

"Guess that means I have to go now," she sighed. "I'll be late for class again. Merde," she muttered.

I rushed behind her and took hold of the handles on her chair, "I'll take you there... Wherever there is," I laughed softly.

Her smile knocked me off balance again as she tilted her head back to reply enthusiastically, "Merci! The gym, please."

I nodded and started walking out of the cafeteria, "I have gym next as well."

Effy said lightly, "I'm glad I don't have to see you leave me just yet." She blushed lightly, "Belle Bella. You're very kind to me. I'd be sad to be stuck with all those-" she muttered words in French that I didn't understand. I was sure they weren't complimentary, though. As I pushed her, I felt hands around my waist, a stone coolness pressing to my back as Edward's face brushed my neck.

"You're so sweet, my Bella," he murmured into my skin. As I turned my face to meet his gaze for a moment, confusion lacing my brows as he emphasized his possession of me, his topaz eyes blazed with-


They burned down into Effy as she turned to meet his gaze. Her eyes seemed to duel his, never seeming intimidated or frightened of his intense, predatory stare. A playful, almost challenging smirk graced her lips as she answered, "Ah, oui, Bella est trés gentile!" Edward did his best to appear polite and kind, but I could see the festering, monstrous anger flare in his features. I think Effy could as well.

"I'll be waiting for you when class is over, my beautiful lamb," Edward promised before he kissed me passionately when we reached the gymnasium. My body shivered at the possessive desire his lips were pressing to mine, causing my core to ache and my mouth to burn in pleasure. When he took my wrists from the handles of the wheelchair and twisted my form to his own, his blatant, even if momentary, disregard for control sent my being ablaze with lust as my hips lightly rocked into him. A smirk played across his lips now as he pulled away. Edward's voiced dripped with venom when he said her name, "Bye, Stephanie."

She rolled her eyes, "Ah revoir!" She huffed as he disappeared almost too quickly. "Well, he's a charmer. How did he even know my name?" Effy questioned me.

I blushed, knowing Edward obviously heard her earlier, even from the distance, "I don't know." Effy looked at me unconvinced. I was a terrible liar. I was glad she let the matter go as she shrugged. A blushed reached her beautifully pale face as she spoke.

"Bella... I... need help getting changed for class. I don't... feel comfortable asking anyone else... Can you please...?" I cut her off with a light smile.

"Don't be embarrassed to ask for help, Effy. Of course I will," I assured as I wheeled her into the women's locker room. As I stopped moving the chair, I said, "I'm just going to get changed first. Is that okay?"

She nodded lightly and I opened my assigned locker to grab my gym clothes and place them on the bench beside me. I then grabbed the rim of my shirt and tugged it easily over my head, putting it in my locker. After, that I unhooked my bra, slipping off the straps and letting the cloth easily slide off my shoulders. I went to take my sports bra from the bench when I caught sight of Effy's tongue gliding over her bottom lip as she appraised my bare chest with-


A flush heated my flesh from my cheeks and trailed its way down my body as my knees went weak seeing those dazzling orbs eying me with such obvious lust. Her gaze made the coil in the pit of my stomach tighten up in knots as I ever so slowly slid the elastic fabric on over my breasts. My nipples were pebbled over, and I honestly didn't know if it was from the cold or the yearning her gaze stirred in me, but I would guess it was the second one. I glanced at her, my eyes hungry and wanting.

Effy bit her lip, "Excuse-moi!" she exclaimed shyly, "I apologize, Bella. I didn't mean to stare. Your body is just so... Perfect."

I laughed softly, feeling a flush creep over my flesh again, "It's far from perfect, I promise."

She shook her head in protest and repeated, "Perfect." This resulted in my cheeks flushing an even darker crimson. I slipped into my gym shirt, covering my face for a second before my head slid through the opening. I reached down to undo the button of my jeans now and slid them down easily, stepping out of the mound at my ankles and kicking them aside. I sneaked a glance at the disabled beauty in front of me and saw how her eyes were ravishing my black lace panties with intensity which only made the coil pull tighter and warmth seep onto those very underwear. I bit my own lip and took my shorts quickly in hand, putting them on and discarding my jeans into my locker.

I shut the door and asked Effy if she knew where her locker was. She took out a piece of paper and read a number. It was the locker beside mine. Convenient. I opened it and realized it was empty. "Where are your gym clothes?"

"In the backpack resting on the back of my chair," she answered. I went behind her and got them with ease, coming back to stand in front of her.

"Arms up," I said softly. She lifted her arms and I tugged off her shirt slowly. I bit my lip as practically ogled her large chest confined by beautiful, sheer, red fabric. If I didn't know better, I'd say her nipples were as stiff as mine were. "Sit up," I continued. She did. I reached around and unclasped the crimson fabric and it sprung forward from her chest, obviously grateful to be released from stretching that far for a bit.

I mentally smacked myself as I sucked on my bottom lip, memorizing the wonderful swell of her breasts. She could see me staring. I put the fabric of her own sports bra easily over her head as she held up her hands without instruction this time. Her shirt easily followed suit after she adjusted the elastic fabric momentarily. I then looked to her uneasily for a moment before she smiled reassuringly. I knew what to do. I bent down to unhook her ankles and her legs stretched in the joy of freedom from the confines of imprisonment for hours. She placed her feet to the ground and reached out to grab my waist as I stood back up.

The air left my lungs in a gasp as she held me and pulled herself to her feet. I closed my eyes lightly as my chin rested on her head for a moment before my fingers slid to her waist, careful to keep our balance as I popped the button on the denim fabric she was wearing. I effortlessly pulled them down and helped her step out of the pile around her feet. I moved to reach her shorts and then kneeled down to help her step into them, momentarily face-to -face with her sheer, red, matching panties.

I breathed in. And I could smell it. Effy was as aroused as I was. I smirked lightly at this, though I was also unnerved by it a bit. I slid her shorts up her legs slowly, tickling her skin with them as I glanced up and saw her head tilt back a bit. When they were up, I stood up and helped her sit back.

I wheeled her back into the gym, and, luckily for me, the teacher let me sit out with her and play catch. No more dodge ball for me, I guess. Oh, dear, how will I ever survive? We talked easily as the ball passed between us. I told her about Edward, Alice, the rest of the Cullens, Charlie, and my life in Forks in general. I mentioned Phoenix a bit, but as time passed, I wanted to know more about her. Twenty ball passes later, and with a blush in her cheeks, Effy said, "I'm a lesbian."

I replied, "I don't know what I am. I feel attraction to people I find beautiful and worth knowing- male or female. I suppose I'm bisexual, then," I concluded.

A smile played on her lips and it rendered me senseless again. I missed the ball as it came towards me this time. It flew past me and I rose to chase after it. Stupid Bella being dazzled by a beautiful, disabled French lesbian. "You have Edward, you have Edward, you have Edward!" I chanted to myself. "You love him forever, forever, forever..."

All thoughts of Edward quickly vanished again when I came to Effy with the ball in hand. I sat cross-legged in front of her and blurted, "Do you want to come to my house after school?"

She seemed to light up, "I'd love to." The bell rang. I helped Effy redress and when we walked out of the locker room, Edward was there, as he promised. He looked jealous. He looked lethal. Deadly.

"Merde!" my thoughts yelled. Merde? Her French was contagious.