Digimon: Outcasts
Part 1
by Christian "Sid" Lang

Author's note:
First of all, I'd like to thank Gabriel-San for writing "A Digimon Bedtime Story".
The setting inspired me to write this story.
This story uses characters from Digimon 02 and Tamers.
Oh, before I forget it: I do not own Digimon or the Middle Ages.

The floor is made of wood. Her knees hurt.
But the slave stays in her kneeling position while her Mistress is waiting.
Mistress' friend, who the slave simply refers to as the Lady, is at the door.
"A royal messenger?" Lady asks the man.
"Yes, Miss. I have been sent to give you this message from the new Queen."
"New Queen? We didn't know the young King has a wife."
"The message of the marriage is spreading slowly. But it should become public soon."
"And what does the queen want from me?" Lady asks.
"Though I have been informed, you should read the letter yourself." the man says.
"Very well. Does the message require an answer?" Lady inquires.
"I stay at the local tavern for some days. You can find me there."
A minute later, Mistress and the Lady enter the living room again.
The slave watches Lady read the letter, keeping her bowed as a gesture of submission.
"What does it say?" her Mistress asks the Lady.
"Oh my. One of my friends has become the new queen!" Lady mutters.
"You never told me that you had royal friends." Mistress states with a smile.
"We've grown up together. She has been a girl just like me." Lady says.
Then she reads more of the letter.
"She wants me to join her as a royal adviser!" Lady suddenly gasps.
"I'm so happy for you! You will accept, won't you?" Mistress cheers.
"Only if you come with me." Lady answers.
"I'd be honoured. What about you?" Mistress address the slave.
"I will go wherever you go, Mistress."
Mistress sighs when she hears the answer.
"You know you don't have to behave like a slave in the house."
The slave simply stays in her kneeling position.
"If anybody saw me acting like a citizen, your reputation would be ruined." she answers.
"She's right." Lady tells the Mistress.
"I know. Oh well. Should we prepare for the journey?"
"That would be wise. I can't wait to meet the new Queen!"
"Could you help her pack her clothes?" Mistress asks the slave.
"Of course, Mistress." the slave answers with a smile.
She knows that Mistress hates to be addressed properly.

Three days later, the Lady has started her journey.
The simple carriage is loaded with most of Lady's things.
Mistress and Lady are sitting on the coachman's seat. The slave would join them when the city is out of sight.
But first they would have to talk to the guard at the city wall.
"Ah, the new royal adviser." the guard greets them.
"Good morning. We will be leaving today." Lady says.
"So I've guessed. Congratulations!"
"Thank you." Lady answers, bowing her head politely.
"But I would recommend leashing up your slave." the guard tells them with a frown.
"That won't be necessary." Mistress firmly tells the guard.
"Let me tell you: Those chains won't keep her from running." the guard whispers.
He points at the chains connecting the leather ankle and wrist shackles.
"Thank you for your concern. But we have to go now." Lady quickly tells him.

"All right. That should be far enough." Lady says, taking a last look around.
"We should be quite alone here." Mistress agrees.
Mistress quickly jops off the chariot and lands next to the slave.
Seconds later the chains are removed.
"Thank you, Mistress."
"Okay, you can cut this Mistress and Lady stuff now." Mistress tells her.
The slave smiles at her Mistress.
"With pleasure, Gatomon." Renamon says and stretches her limbs.
"Here, I've got your coat." Lady says and hands down heavy bundle.
Renamon quickly unfolds it and checks the collection of hidden daggers.
"I've polished each of them myself." Lady tells her.
"Very kind, Kari." she says as she puts on the wide black coat.
She quickly helps Gatomon onto the coachman's seat and then jumps up, too.
"Oh, and thank you for dealing with that guard." she tells Kari.
"Don't mention it. If I had anything to say, I'd end this whole slavery."
Then she thinks about it.
"Maybe I should propose this to our new Queen." she muses.
"You forget that the royals have most of the slaves." Gatomon tells her.
"And unless there is a revolution, I will be stuck with these." Renamon says and shows her shackles.
"You know I'd free you any time. Just say the word." Gatomon whispers.
The fox slave shakes her head.
"I'm a stranger in this land. I think the safest place is at your side."
"We won't let them take you." Kari says, gently touching the slave's shoulder.
"And I have promised to protect both of you." Renamon says.

One week passes before the trio can see a part of the castle.
"Only one more forest, and we should have reached the castle." Kari announces.
Renamon nods grimly, and Kari pets her shoulders.
Poor Renamon. I hope that slaves will be tolerated more around here. she thinks.
In her village, the people have been very suspicious about Renamon.
The golden fox has been the only slave in the village since most people could never afford one.
Kari has been one of these people until she had met Gatomon.
The talking cat has been quite a sight. Kari had met her an year ago.
They had become close friends and even Renamon, the mysterious warrior, has become a part of her family.
"You want to roam the forest, right?" Kari asks.
The fox's eyes widen.
"I'll meet you two at the end of the forest." the young woman tells them with a smile.
The fox bows deeply before gracefully jumping off the chariot.
"Wait for me! Your Mistress has ordered you to wait!" Gatomon shouts and laughs as she follows the fox.
Kari snickers and shakes her head.
They may look outlandish, but they're acting so human.
While the horse pulls the chariot into the forest, Kari remembers her first encounter with Gatomon.

Kari had feared for her life when the cat had jumped onto her chariot back then.
The fact that this fierce-looking creature spoke her language amazed her.
There had been rumors of another species inhabiting the world.
A species that calls itself Digimon. Kari had thought that the Digimon were a fairy tale.
Her village has never been visited by a Digimon before.
But the small furry creature has been so friendly, that Kari invited her to her small house.
The creature introduced herself as Gatomon. She has left her home tribe to explore the land.
Then she had decided to stay with the humans to learn more about them.
Two nights later, a burgler tried to break into her house.
He has been the first human who ever met Renamon.
Kari had been woken by male screams that night. She headed out of her room and gasped.
A humanoid fox towered above the now bleeding man.
The burglar didn't survive the night.
Kari learned about the stealthy creature known as Renamon that night.

The sound of approaching horses makes Kari aware of her surroundings again.
She can see five armed men men riding towards her. They are wearing the uniforms of the Royal Guards.
Them men stop their horses when they arrive at the chariot.
"Miss? Are you all right?" one of the riders asks.
Kari nods at the man, who appears to be in charge.
"Is there a problem?" she asks with a raised eyebrow.
"Haven't you heard it yet?" the rider asks in a surprised tone.
Kari just shakes her head.
"There are monsters on the loose. They tried to murder the King tonight."
"Monsters." Kari asks flatly.
"Yes. Unearthly creatures. They can talk like humans, but look like animals."
Kari gulps.
"They call themselves... Digimon." the rider whispers, as if fearing the name.

Gatomon has followed Renamon through the tree-tops.
Then the fox has stopped for some reason.
The cat gracefully lands next to her slave and frowns.
Renamon gestures down and Gatomon can see Kari's chariot surrounded by the riders.
"Digimon have attacked the King." Renamon whispers.
"Impossible? Who?" Gatomon hisses.
The slave shrugs.
"What're you going to with them now?" they can hear Kari ask.
"We have been ordered to kill them on sight, Miss." on of the riders answers.
Gatomon's eyes turn into narrow slits.
"We should have stayed in our own land behind the great ocean." the cat mutters.
She looks at the frowning fox.
"Any ideas?" she asks Renamon.
"None at the moment. But whatever you do, I will support you."
Gatomon sighs. This is the worst moment for the loyal-slave routine.
"OK, I have an idea. You stay in the shadows, got that?"
Renamon nods once and then vanishes into her mysterious realm.
Please, let this work. Gatomon prays-
-and jumps.

Oh please please please stay hidden! Kari silently begs her friends.
She curses herself for coming here. Things could have been-
Kari yelps in surprise when Gatomon suddenly lands on the chariot.
The five Guards instantly draw their weapons and lift them to slay the cat.
Cat... Cat. Cat!
"Ohhhh Gato-chan! You have returned!" Kari quickly shouts and hugs the Digimon.
"Meow." Gatomon answers loud enough for the guards to hear.
The guards sigh audible and lower their weapons.
"Madam, you should watch your cat before somebody accidently slays it." the rider tells her.
"I will do so. Don't worry." Kari tells them as the Guards continue their hunt.
Finally they are alone again.
"That was close." Gatomon mutters.
"Are you insane? You could have been killed!" Kari almost yells.
"Right. But I wanted to test if humans would accept me as a simple cat."
"What would you have done if the plan had failed?"
"Then the Guards would not report back tonight." Renamon whispers.
The fox appears next to the cat, each paw holding a black dagger.
"That only leaves you." Gatomon tells her slave.
"Do not worry about me, Mistress. I will stay hidden." Renamon answers.
"But I don't want you to hide forever!"
"I'll talk to the Queen. I bet this situation will be over soon." Kari assures them.
"I will be nearby." Renamon whispers and fades out of sight again.
Kari nods, knowing that she will be quite safe with her invisible bodyguard.
I just wish there would be another way.
Kari starts to steer through the forest again.
But I really wonder what has happened...