Digimon: Outcasts
Part 3
by Christian "Sid" Lang

Sir Flamedramon carefully walks out of his cell.
He is surprised to see that the guards are unconscious since he had not heard anything.
There are guards on the stairs, but all of them have been taken care of.
Could the others have...? he asks himself.
Then he shakes his armored head.
No. They wouldn't have been this quiet. Flamedramon decides.
The former Commander of the Royal Guards runs through the corridors.
Everything seems to be quiet.
He approaches the corridor that leads to the main gate.
"I wouldn't go that way."
Flamedramon whirls around and sees the hooded figure standing behind him.
He raises one of his long armored gloves and summons a small flame.
The tiny fireball rests between the gloves claws, ready to burn down any obstacle.
"Is that how you thank me?" the woman asks.
Can't make out her face... Flamedramon thinks and curses.
"Whoever you are, you obviously don't know me." he finally whispers.
The stranger cocks her hooded head.
"Sir Flamedramon never leaves a battlefield like a coward!"
The figure shrugs and vanishes. Flamedramon blinks.
"Is she a witch?" he wonders.
Then he lets the flame disappear and shakes his head.

Renamon shakes her head as she follows the armored Digimon.
She could have told him about the alarm.
He would have been interested in the fact that the current Commander is waiting for him.
But that would have been contra-productive.
Sir Flamedramon opens the door that leads to the inner ward.
Renamon shakes her head. The ambush is so obvious.
Flamedramon sneaks along the wall, hoping to remain undetected.
His head whirls around when he hears footsteps.
"You're not going anywhere!" Commander Makino shouts as she runs out of her hiding place.
She is accompanied by a dozen Guards, who charge out of their hiding places, too.
The Guards are armed with swords and look determined.
Renamon can see more Guards on the wall walk. These men are carrying crossbows.
Told you not to go that way.

Renamon appears on the wall walk a split second later.
All men up here are looking down. The Guard in front of her is lazily aiming and yawns.
Awww... Are you tired? Let me help you with that crossbow...
Careful not to disturb him, Renamon subtly moves the crossbow.
Then she pulls the trigger.
Even while the Guard wonders what happened, Renamon has disappeared.

Sir Flamedramon is trapped.
Outnumbered by people he does not want to hurt.
He should have listened to the woman.
The Digimon gasps when he sees a crossbow bolt flying down.
Are they executing me here?
But the bolt does not hit him.

Commander Makino yells when the bolt hits her leg.
Some of the Guards run to her, looking for the unknown assasin.
Most Guards on the wall walk look around.
The man Renamon has used holds up his weapon and stares at it.
"Traitor!" somebody yells.
Renamon smiles as she transports to another position on the wall walk.
She is now on the other side, where the Guards are aiming at the potential traitor.
Most people near the 'traitor' are running towards him, attempting to tacle him.
Renamon gently moves the weapon of another Guard to one side.
"FIRE!" she yells, startling most Guards around her.
With grim satisfaction, Renamon sees atht at least five men have triggered their weapons.
Among them is the one she has been standing next to.
Most bolts hit the traitor, but one single bolt hits the neck of another Guard.
"What the-" the man mutters.
The rest of the sentence is hard to hear between the numerous cries.
"ANOTHER ONE!" somebody yells.

Only one more and we are ready to go.
Renamon knows that her time is running out.
Soon the potential traitors would be killed.
Soon Commander Makino would be able to order her troops around.
Soon. But not now.
Renamon tackles a crossbowman and takes his weapon.
Even while the man hits the ground, she aims down.
The bolt hits the neck of one of the swordmen.

My God! They're killing each other!
Flamedramon gasps as he witnesses the spectacle.
Then he sees the hooded woman again.
She is waving at him and points at the gate.
Hoping that nobody pays him any attention, Flamedramon runs for it.
He sees that the unknown woman has already opened the gates and lowered the drawbridge.
The sight of so many dead and unconscious men pains him, but he has to keep going.

As soon as he is out of range of potential attackers, Flamedramon lets his armor disappear again.
It's much easier to run without the added weight.
The hooded woman is at his side, keeping up with his pace.
After a long run, Flamedramon stops in the middle of a forest.
"We should be safe for a while." he mutters.
The figure takes a look around.
"We're not alone." she whispers.
Before he can question her intuition, several large figures crash through the bushes.
All of them are going for the other figure, who is-
"Gone?" he asks himself.
The attackers look around, searching for the figure.
Flamedramon stands at ease, his foot gently tapping on the ground.
"Are you done?" he simply asks and smiles.
"You should be safe now, Sir Flamedramon." one of the figures replies.
"I have been safe already, Shurimon." Flamedramon tells his friend.
"But that woman-" Pegasusmon starts to protest.
"Yeah. Since when do we accept help from humans?" Digmon sneers.

The punch seems to come from nowhere.
But Digmon's groan tells the whole story.
Flamedramon's loyal warriors turn to face the attacker and instantly freeze.
The hooded figure is standing next to digmon, holding a knife at is throat.
Flamedramon admits that he is impressed.
With her free hand, the woman removes the hood, causing everybody to gasp.
The woman is a Digimon. A strange one.
Instead of the pale skin they had expected, he can see golden fur.
Her head looks vulpine and Flamedramon guesses that the rest of her body looks this way, too.
Then he notices the familiar leather collar.
Obviously, he is not the only one.
"Geez, our fearless leader has captured himself a little slavegirl!" Shurimon mutters.
The remark is rewarded by a snarl and Digmon's yelp as she moved the knife a bit.
"OK, let him go, slave." Pegasusmon orders.

"Since I'm not your slave, you will call me Renamon!" the fox slave yells.
Talk about temper. Flamedramon thinks and smirks.
He doesn't do anything since he knows what she is capable of.
And he knows that she is no killer. Not if it can be helped.
"Hey little girl, want to become my slave for a change?" Shurimon offers.
Flamedramon sighs. It has been a long time since his friends had seen a lady.
Renamon snarls, and Flamedramon notices that she still looks beautiful.
However, he has not much time to enjoy the view.
Within an eyeblink, Renamon has dropped her coat and jumped at Shurimon.
The small clearing becomes a blurred ocean of white and yellow as the fight starts.
Flamedramon gulps. Shurimon is the fastest warrior he knows.
But somehow the fox seems to match his speed.
Suddenly the ocean changes its color. Now it is simply white.
Then it vanishes as Shurimon stops, looking around wildy.
Shurimon gasps when Renamon appears out of nowhere in front of him.
"Not bad." she admits with a smile.

Pegasusmon curses under his breath.
Digmon is already ready to intervene on Flamedramon's command.
But Flamedramon simply smiles.
She's a beauty. he thinks and sighs.
He admires he slender yet powerful body. Her bushy tail.
The way the leather shackles form a nice contrast to her bright fur.
His thoughts are interrupted by Pegasusmon.
The equine Digimon tips his side with a hoof.
"Maybe you should end this." he whispers, pointing at the clearing with his hoof.
"Hm? Oh, right." Flamedramon answers and clears his throat.

Renamon tries not to show her surprise.
That one's pretty fast. Must be this amulet.
She can see Flamedramon approaching. The blue humaniod dragon is carrying her coat.
And he's smiling. Knowing that this is what Mistress had in mind, Renamon smiles back.
She allows him to put the coat over her shoulders.
"Would you like to join our ranks, Renamon?" Flamedramon offers.
"Why the question, Flamedramon? Just attach a leash and you're ready to go."
Renamon stares at Shurimon.
How can a warrior with this skill behave so... human? she thinks and snarls.
"No. Renamon has helped me escape and saved my life." Flamedramon loudly answers.
Renamon nuzzles the blue Digimon. It's a reflex since she does feel comfortable at his side.
Shurimon and the others gasp, but Flamedramon smiles.
"I will stay for a while. But my Mistress is still in the castle." she whispers.
"So you will return to her. I understand. Please tell your Mistress that I thank her."
Saying this, Flamedramon bows and gently kisses her hand.
For a second, Renamon forgets about the collar and the shackles.
She feels like a lady. A queen.
"Like I said before: I will stay for a while." she softly purrs.

Renamon studies her surroundings.
The group has arrived at the makeshift camp a minute ago.
There are other Digimon, not all of them warriors.
Flamedramon introduces her to his companions.
She had already met Shurimon, Digmon and Pegasusmon.
Then a red dinosaur-like Digimon approaches them.
Since Renamon can see no armor and no amulet, she assumes he always looks this large.
A really fierce warrior. Renamon decides.
"This is Guilmon. He has been the court jester." Flamedramon tells her.
Renamon blinks at the huge beast. Now she notices the childish look in his eyes.
"Hello. I am Guilmon. Wanna play?" Guilmon asks her in a cute naive way.
She smiles and shakes her head. Guilmon just shrugs and moves on.
Then she notices a little white Digimon.
It has long ears that somehow remind her of a fluffy bunny.
But his eyes tell another story.
"Terriermon. He has been responsible for information gathering." Flamedramon whispers.
"A spy." Renamon whispers back and nods.

She points at three other small Digimon.
"Who are they?" she asks.
Flamedramon laughs briefly and leads her to the group.
"The true forms of the warriors you've met." he tells her.
Renamon looks at the hawk, the armadillo and the small hamster with wings.
"Hawkmon becomes Shurimon, Armadillomon becomes Digmon and Patamon becomes Pegasusmon."
"Impressive. Where I come from, we do not know about powers like yours." Renamon admits.
"Well, you could call them unique." Hawkmon tells her.
Then he looks at Flamedramon, who just nods.
"A wizard gave us the amulets. He told us to use them to defend the realm." Hawkmon continues.
"And boy, did we defend it." Armadillomon mutters.
"We will defend it again." Patamon protests.
Renamon is impressed by the boldness of these Digimon.
This will become very interesting. I'm glad Mistress and Lady are quite safe.