"Whoa, Silena, pick up a tissue!" Connor Stoll scolded.

Silena Beauregard glared at him. "Why don't you lay off?" She plucked a tissue from its box on the side table in the Rec room, where we were gathered for a meeting. "Our whole cabin's been like this for days!" She blew her nose and threw the tissue in the garbage.

Annabeth nudged me. "Why do you think all the Aphrodite campers are sick?" she whispered. "Percy? Percy? Percy!"

"Huh? Oh, sorry", I apologized.

"Percy, what is it?" Annabeth asked, concerned.

Oh, no. This is when I usually play the: I'm-totally-fine-what-are-you-talking-about-card. "Nothing, Annabeth", I assured with a laugh.

She didn't seem to buy it. "Really? 'Cause you would tell me, right?"

Well, she had me there.

"Is it the prophecy?" Silence.

"Seriously, it's nothing." I smiled a fake smile.

Annabeth still didn't look assured, but that was when (thankfully) Chiron entered, and we all took our seats around the big table with our pads in front of us, swiveling around in our chairs. I mean, who would give around 9 ADHD kids swivel chairs? It's like an accident waiting to happen, and it's rather distracting to the meeting.

"Meeting called to order—!"

Chiron was interrupted at Silena's loud cough that lasted a good fifteen seconds. "Sorry", she finished when she was done.

"— To discuss the abnormal behavior of the Aphrodite campers", Chiron finished.

"Chiron, we're just—ACHOO! Sick", Silena reasoned. Everyone swiveled away from her.

"I'm not catching whatever she has!" Connor whispered. "We have exams coming up." He and his brother exchanged a glance and they both burst with laughter.

"You may just be sick", Chiron concluded, "but, the whole cabin has it! And no one else around camp seems to be catching it, either. The question is what's causing it?"

"Well, maybe it has to do with love", Katie Gardner reasoned. "I mean, their mom's the goddess of magic, right? So maybe one of the camper's—oh, I don't know—unsettling love made them sick?"

"You… may be on to something", Chiron said with a finger pointed at Katie.

"It—cough—makes sense", Silena agreed. "I thought I was feeling some off relationships lately that are enough to make me sick."

"Love making someone sick?" Annabeth asked, incredulous. "How can love make you sick?" She snorted out loud.

Silena glared. "Well, why not? It makes sense. And I thought your mom was the goddess of wisdom. If someone you knew wasn't all too smart, wouldn't you feel sick?" she challenged.

Annabeth stared at me. "I've handled it."

"Hey!" I shouted.

Silena started coughing like mad. "Wait! I think I've found the source. Annabeth, Percy, keep talking." Silena rubbed her red eyes with a tissue.

"Um… hey?" I started. Annabeth rolled her eyes.

"Silena, what are you up to?"

"I'm sure of it now. Chiron—it is the love! Two people in this room are famous for not admitting their undying love for each other. It's making the whole cabin sick!"

"Which two?" I asked.

Silena rolled her eyes. "Wow, you really are dense. You and Annabeth, silly!"

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