Queen of the Pirates

I do not own One Piece. I love the idea of Luffy and Zoro together and this idea just hit my head. I have only seen a few Zoro and Female Luffy Fics so, I decided to do my own. I'm sorry for some typos in this story and I hope I do my best. Now, here's the quick summary.

Summary: What would happen if Luffy was a girl? Good thing: A Queen of the Pirates. The problem: very awkward situations between her and a certain swordsman as they and their friends travel to the Grand Line for One Piece, the treasure that will make their dreams come true.

Ok, folks. Lets get this chapter rolling!

Chapter one: I'm Gonna Be the Queen of the Pirates!





Gol D. Roger, the King of the Pirates, had obtained this and everything else that the whole world had wanted. His dying words drove countless men into the sea.

Gol D. Roger smirked to the crowd of onlookers as he was about to hung by the gallows. He heard many people screaming and exclaiming, wanting him to tell them where his legendary treasure was buried. With his hair shadowing his eyes, he spoke his final words.

" You want my treasure? You can have it. You just have to find it first. I buried all of it together in one place. In One Piece."

These words leeward men to the Grand Line. Pursuing dreams in hopes of finding the King of the Pirates' treasure. This was known as the Pirate Era.

( FUNimation's " We Are" song plays)

It was a peaceful day at sea. The sun was shinning, the seagulls were flying overhead, and oh yes, and a giant whirlpool was swirling in the middle of the ocean. Perfectly normal, right? A giant ship passed the sea disaster and two sailors on the starboard of the ship quivered at the sight of the whirlpool. The two then heard a light thump and they looked down. Floating above the rippling waves was a barrel. The two men blinked and looked at each other. Where the heck did that barrel come from?

Wherever it came from, the men didn't give a damn. If that barrel was full of Sake and no one else was around, it was their's now. As they tried to pull it out, a sailor from the crow's nest spotted another ship. It was pink with valentine hearts. Before any thing else could happen, the other ship shot cannon balls at the other ship." Alarm the captain! The ship is under attack!" shouted the crow's nest's sailor to the men, who had just gotten the barrel. With high screams, the two men dropped the barrel, which rolled away on it's own. The sailors ran into the ships grand ballroom." The ship's under attack by pirates!" exclaimed the sailors. Everyone screamed and they all dashed around like crazed chickens. Only one girl was unfazed. She had short, light-orange hair and cinnamon-brown eyes. As soon as she heard there was another ship, she dashed out of the room.

The ballroom was suddenly filled with savage-looking pirates. They all smirked at the cowering passengers." Heh, don't worry. We ain't gonna kill ya. Though, we will take all the rare stuff you got here." snickered one of the pirates.

" Any one who tries to resist will be spending the rest of their lives at the bottom of the ocean." said a new voice. A large women came into the room. She was hideous with her greasy-looking hair and narrow, beady eyes. On her head was a white cowboy hat and a silver, spiked mace in her hand. Everyone trembled. The girl with brown eyes watched the scene. With a light smile on her face, she removed her dress and she now wore a blue and white stripped shirt with black shorts and a bandana tied around her head. She ran out of the ship and she sneaked into the other ship, her plan already set in mind.

As for the giant barrel, it was now at the ship's kitchen. It had rolled it's way down there and it was just sitting still. The kitchen's door opened and a thirteen-year old boy timidly walked into the room. He had light-pink hair, gray eyes, blue glasses, and he was wearing a cabin boy's uniform. He looked like he really didn't want to be there." Is anyone here?" asked the boy. When he got not response, he sighed and he started looking around the kitchen. He then spotted the giant barrel." Wow, that's the biggest barrel I ever seen." he said to himself as he began pushing the barrel out of the room. Suddenly, three big looking pirates walked into the kitchen.

" Hey, Coby. You're not hiding from us, are ya?" asked one of the pirates. Coby began sputter .

" N-n-n-no way, g-g-guys! I-I was just talking this b-barrel I found back to the s-ship. It look's like it's full of S-sake." he sputtered. The three pirates smirked.

" Sake, huh? Well, why don't we inspect it to make sure. Are you with me, boys?" asked the biggest pirate as he took the barrel.

" But Lady Alvida will kill us!" shouted Coby. The other pirates smirked.

" We won't get killed as long as you keep your trap shut! Now quiet!" snapped one of the pirates. Coby trembled. The biggest pirate cracked his knuckles. " Hold on, boys. Let me open this the old, fashion way." he said as he raised his fist and threw them down.


The barrel had suddenly busted open and person leapt out of it, knocking out the biggest pirate. The two other pirates and Coby gasped as they saw a seventeen-year old girl standing in the barrel. She had short tousled black hair, light tan skin, and onyx-black eyes. She wore a red vest with light-blue, knee-length shorts, straw sandals, and a straw hat perched on her head. Under her eye was a small scar. The girl blinked before looking around her surroundings.

" Who's he?" she asked, pointing to the knocked out pirate. She then looked at the two other pirates." Who the hell are you guys?" she asked.

" WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!" shouted the two other pirates angrily. The girl stepped out of the barrel.

" Your friend will catch a cold if he's sleeping like that." she said.

" YOU'RE THE ONE WHO KNOCKED HIM OUT!" shouted the two other pirates. One of the pirates pulled out his sword." Hold on. Are you playing with us when you know we're viscous pirates!" he demanded.

" I'm starved. Is there any food on this ship?" asked the girl to Coby, ignoring the pirate.

" I'M TALKING TO YOU, BRAT!" shouted the pirate as he and his partner lifted their swords and they slashed at the girl. The swords had somehow got sliced in two and the girl was unharmed.

" What's wrong with guys?" asked the girl.

" Wh-who are you. What are you?" asked the pirates. The girl brushed dirt off her vest and smiled.

" Me? Oh, my name is Monkey D. Lucy. Hi." said Lucy as she grinned, showing her pearly-white teeth. The pirates yelled as they grabbed the knocked out pirate and they ran out of the room.

" What… what just happened?" asked Coby. Lucy shrugged.

" Beats me." she said. Coby stood up.

" Quick! You gotta run! If they come back with their buddies, then you'll be killed on the spot!" he shouted. Lucy smiled.

" I don't care. Where's the food? I'm hungry." she said.

" How can you not care! There are hundreds of them and they're willing to kill anybody!" shouted Coby. Lucy wasn't paying attention. Her nose twitched when it caught the most intensifying aroma. She tried walking to the source of the smell with a sniveling Coby trying to hold her back. She made it to a cellar and her eyes lit up.

" Food,Hooray!" cheered Lucy as she ran around the room with her mouth drooling. Coby made sure no one had heard them and he watched Lucy dig into a crate of apples.

" Um… hi. My name's Coby. You're Lucy, right? It was really cool on what you did back there." said Coby as Lucy gobbled on apples as if there were no tomorrow.

" These are awesome." said Lucy as she wiped apple juice off her lips. Coby sat down next to her." So, are we on a pirate ship or what?" asked Lucy as she continued to eat.

" No. We're on a passenger ship that's being raided by pirates. Pirates under the command of Lady Alvida." said Coby.

" Ah, I don't care about that. I just wanna know if there are any little boats on this ship." said Lucy.

" I think there might be a few." said Coby.

" Great! I need a new one cause' my old one got sucked in by some whirlpool." said Lucy.

" You mean that huge one outside! And you survived?" asked Coby. Lucy smiled.

" Yep. You can say it was a great way to wake up after a long nap." she laughed. Coby smiled timidly. Lucy seemed like a pretty cool person." So, are you a pirate or a passenger?" asked the raven-haired girl. Coby looked down.

" Neither. I'm just some cabin boy. I was forced to be one because Lady Alvida's pirates captured me. They found out I was a great navigator so, they let me live. That was about two years ago." confessed the timid boy. Lucy stopped eating.

" You're pretty stupid, you know that?" she asked blankly. Coby sunk his head lower.

" Gee, thanks for the honesty." he said sarcastically.

" If you don't like it here so much, then leave." said Lucy. Coby shook his head quickly.

" No way! There is no way I can do that! I can't!" he yelled. Lucy smiled.

" Ha! You're stupid and cowardly. I hate people like you." she said jokingly. Coby sulked. So much for being a cool girl. He then smiled weakly.

" Heh, you're right. If I had any courage, I could sail away in a barrel and be free. I could live out my dream." he said. Lucy was quiet." Oh, what about you, Lucy? What's the thing that drove you to sail on the seas?" asked the pink haired boy. Lucy grinned.

" I'm gonna become the Queen of the Pirates." she said. Coby's jaw dropped.

" Q-queen? Are you serious?" he asked with a raspy voice.

" Yep. You heard me." said Lucy smiling.

" But-but that would mean that you're a pirate too." said Coby.

" That's right." said Lucy.

" Your crew?" asked Coby. Lucy shook her head.

" I don't have one yet. I'm still searching for one." said Lucy. Coby remain frozen for a second. He then stood up.

" Yeah right! The King or Queen of the Pirates is the one who obtains everything in the world! You're talking about gaining the treasure of fame, wealth, and power! The treasure you want is the One Piece!" he shouted. Lucy smiled.

" Yeah, you've got it all right." she said.

" But, practically all the pirates of the world are looking for that treasure!" yelled Coby. Lucy tilted her head.

" Yeah. So?" she asked.

" No way! There's no way you could survive from them! They're ruthless and mean and they'll kill you right where you- oww!" shouted Coby as Lucy bashed him on the head." Why did you hit me?" asked Coby as he rubbed his throbbing head.

" Cause' I felt like it." said Lucy with a shrug. Coby groaned.

" Ah well, I'm use to stuff like that. My shipmates bash me on the head all the time." he mumbled. Lucy took off her hat and she smiled at it.

" It's not about if I can. I'm doing this because I want to." she said. Coby looked at her." I decided long ago that I wanted to be Queen of the Pirates. If I have to die fighting for that, then I die." said the teen pirate simply as she placed her hat on her head again. Coby stood frozen in his spot." Well, I'm off. Now that my belly's full, I might as well get my new boat. I bet if I ask nice enough, they'll give me it." said Lucy as she began to walk out of the room.

" I never thought about it like that. If I had that much courage, then do you think I could do it, too?" asked Coby Lucy stopped and turned.

" Do what?" she asked.

" Do you think… Do think I could ever join the Marines?" asked Coby. Lucy tilted her head.

" The Marines?" she asked.

" Y-yeah! Catching bad guys is the only thing I ever wanted to do! It's been my dream ever since I was a child! Do you think I could do it?" asked the shy boy. Lucy smiled and shrugged.

" I don't know. Do what you want to do." she said. Coby nodded.

" Ok, I will then! I won't be a cabin boy for the rest of my life! I'll leave and then become a Marine and then I can capture Alvida!" he shouted. The room started to shake suddenly and the ceiling went crashing down.

" Who is it you're going to capture, Coby! You actually think that this piece of crap is going to help you!" roared Alvida's voice as the dust cleared. Coby quivered at the site of his mistress. Alvida looked up and spotted Lucy. She smirked." My guess is you're not Zoro the pirate hunter, aren't you?" she asked smugly.

" Zoro?" asked Lucy, tilting her head and blinking. She had never heard of that name before.

" Coby! Who is the most beautiful of all the seas!" demanded Alvida. Coby flinched and looked nervously around.

" W-w-w-well, um… I… Um…"

" Hey, Coby, who's the old hag?" asked Lucy. A dead silence filled the room with Alvida's and Coby's mouths dropped. Alvida grinded her teeth and many veins pulsed on her face.

" YOU LITTLE RAT!" shouted the fat she-pirate was she threw down her mace, narrowly missing Lucy as she dodged the metal weapon. The onyx-eyed girl grabbed Coby's wrist and she jumped out of the cellar and onto the sky deck. She landed gracefully on her feet and she smirked at Alvida's crew. Several men charged at her, but Lucy had somehow managed to avoid them all. Her speed was as quick as the wind and her body movement was as graceful as a swan. A pirate aimed at her from behind yet Lucy dodged that one, too.

" How rude. Attacking from behind is cheating." said Lucy as she rested on her heels. She then turned and saw that more pirates with angry glares and large swords behind her. She blinked before running." Why is everyone ganging up on me!" she shouted as she ran with the pirates hot on her tail. Lucy suddenly grabbed a post and she continued to run. Her arm suddenly stretched as she ran. The pirates stopped before they took a double take and they noticed that Lucy was coming at them with quick speed. They tried to run as fast as they could, but it was too late." Gum-Gum Rocket!" shouted Lucy as she charged pass the men. All of them were knocked out by the blow. Alvida and Coby were stunned. Neither of them had ever seen something like that before. Lucy smiled and she fixed her straw hat. " L-lucy. What are you?" asked Coby as he somehow managed to find his voice. Lucy smiled and she pulled a corner of her lip with her finger. It stretched two feet. " I'm a rubber girl." she said. Coby stared at her in disbelief while Alvida jumped onto the sky deck, shaking the boat a bit. Coby trembled and he ran behind Lucy. Alvida glared hard at Lucy.

" So, you've eaten one of the legendary Devil Fruit, haven't you?" she asked. Lucy smiled and nodded.

" Yeah. It was the Gum-Gum one." said the teen pirate.

" Ah, I've heard rumors that they existed. But I have never seen evidence of them until today. You're very skilled for just a young lady. Tell me, are you a bounty hunter or a Marine?" asked Alvida.

" I'm a pirate." said Lucy. Alvida smirked.

" A she-pirate? By yourself? How stupid are you?" taunted Alvida.

" It's just me for now. But I'm gonna start building up my crew. Maybe ten or more guys in a week or two. I don't know yet." said Lucy shrugging.

" Ha! Tell me, girl, if we are both pirates, and we're not under the same flag." Alvida held up her mace." That make's us both enemies, correct?" asked the mace-wielding pirate.

" Lucy…" whispered Coby. The said teen pirate turned and winked at Coby. Coby blinked before remembering Lucy's words." I decided long ago that I wanted to be Queen of the Pirates. If I have to die fighting for that, then I die."

" Well, Coby? What was it you wanted to say?" asked Alvida smugly. Coby blinked before glaring at Alvida.

" YOU'RE THE BIGGEST AND UGLIEST PIRATE IN ALL THE SEAS! IF YOU WANT BUEATIFUL, LOOK AT LUCY! SHE'S TWICE- NO! A MILLION TIMES PRETTIER THAN YOU'LL EVER BE!" shouted Coby. The dreaded silence of doom filled the sky deck with Alvida's crew's jaws dropped. Alvida looked madder then she did before. Lucy threw her head back and laughed really hard.

" What did you say?" growled Alvida.

" I'm leaving and I'm going to join the Marines! And I'm gonna lock away dirty pirates like you!" shouted Coby.

" Do you have any idea what you're saying to me?" growled Alvida.

" I know what I said and I'll do what I want! I'll go to the Marines and join them! And as soon as I do that, I'm gonna catch your fat ass first!" shouted Coby. Alvida roared like an animal and she thrust her mace at Coby. Coby froze in his spot.

" Spoken like a true Marine!" shouted Lucy as she stood in front of Coby as Alvida's mace came down and hit her head. The signs of injury and/or blood were not showing. With a grin, Lucy said in a sing-song. " That won't work. I'm made of rubber." she threw her fist back and it stretched all the way to the sky." Gummm-Gummm…" started Lucy as her fist came flying back." PISTOL!" shouted the teen as her fist punched Alvida in the gut, sending her flying god knows where. Lucy smiled and she brushed her knuckles on her vest. Coby and Alvida's crew stood with dumbstruck scrawled on their faces." Hey!" the crew flinched when Lucy turned to them." Go find a boat and give it to Coby. He's leaving the ship and joining the Marines. Don't stop him, alright?" asked Lucy.

" Y-yes!" stuttered the crew. Coby blinked before smiling.

" Th-thanks, Lucy." he stuttered. Lucy smiled. There were sudden cannonballs and they hit near the ship, causing the boat to tilt from side to side. Lucy and Coby looked over the side and they saw that there were Marine ships a few yards away." Those are Marine boats." said Coby.

" Sweet! What luck, huh? Lets say our hellos!" said Lucy as she ran to where a group of boats were.

" Wait up! We'll get captured if they spot us!" shouted Coby as he fallowed the rubber girl. The two leapt into a boat and the boat went crashing into the water. Lucy noticed another boat next to hers and she spotted a girl she never met before. It was the same girl from the party. Their eyes caught each others briefly before they set on their own paths, as if they never even saw each other.

Lucy and Coby's boat was now in the middle of the ocean. The sun was shinning and a few seagulls were flying here and there." I can't believe we managed to escape." said Coby as he looked at the miles of water.

" Yeah, what fun!" exclaimed Lucy as she laughed.

" Hey, Lucy. If you're searching for the elusive One Piece, then that means you're heading for the Grand Line, right?" asked Coby. Lucy nodded. " You know, a lot of people call that place the Pirate's Graveyard." said Coby grimly. Lucy nodded.

" Yep. That's why I need a real strong crew. You guys were talking about some pirate hunter, right? What's he like?" asked the raven-haired girl.

" Oh, you mean Roronoa Zoro? Last time I heard, he was held prisoner at some Marine base." said Coby. Lucy looked slightly crestfallen.

" Oh, so a weakling, right?" she asked. Coby stood up and shook his head.

" No way! Roronoa Zoro is as vicious and violent as a demon and three times as horrifying! Wait, why are you asking about him anyway?" asked Coby. Lucy gave a grin.

" I guess if he's as strong as you say, he could be good enough to join my crew." she said. Coby nearly fell back.

" You're kidding, right? He could kill you with one strike." he said. Lucy shrugged.

" You never know. He might jump at the chance to join me." she said.

" No way! He's one of the most wanted men ever! He's big and mean and- oww!" shouted Coby as Lucy once again bashed him on the head.

" Why'd you hit me?"

" Cause' I felt like it."

Meanwhile, in a Marine base that was unknown to Lucy and Coby, one man was tied to a post. The sun boiled and surrounded his body, yet he didn't move. Like he was stone-still. If one were to look into his eyes, they could see that his dark irises were rimmed with red. They were angry, animalistic, and… demon-like.

To Be Continued…

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