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Chapter twenty: Dreams: Illusions Or Reality?





The world

What a glorious place!

Seek freedom and it will lie stretched out beyond your eyes.

If the endless dream guides your restless spirit,

Seize it!

Raise your flag and stand tall!

~Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!~

(FUNimation's " HikarE" song plays)

" Let the party begin!"

" Yes sir, Captain Buggy, sir!"

The setting of our story begins somewhere in the Grand Line, where Buggy and his crew were throwing a party on the ship. It was a good time for a party, since the weather was perfect and nothing bad had happen to them. Life was going good!

The party was in full-swing, shenanigans and whatnots going here and there and ridiculous antics going this way and that. Music was playing and foods of all kinds were gobbled down. Yes, it seemed like a very good day to party.

" Is all of this really necessary? And shouldn't we be focused on capturing Darling Lucy and her crew?" asked Alvida, sitting on a plush couch. It was obvious that she wanted to find the straw hat wearing girl soon. Buggy waved his hand at his co-captain.

" Relax and enjoy the party, Alvida. We'll find Lucy soon enough, OK?" he asked, wanting to return to his party.

" If you're looking for Lucy, I can tell you where she is."

" See? This guy is going to tell us where that rubber girl is." said Buggy happily. His eyes then shot wide and he bared his teeth at the new comer." Wait a minute! Who the hell are you!" he yelled.

Ace stood up with a leg of meat in his hand and he gave a bow." Sorry for crashing your party but I simply couldn't resist the delicious aromas of your feast. My name is Portgas D. Ace. But you can call me Ace." he said politely and quickly. His body suddenly engulfed in fire and he was back to Anne. Said pirate quickly changed into her black shirt." Or Anne, as it seems." she said.

Buggy grinned and waved his hand." Oh no need to be so formal. Nice to meet you." he said. Anne took a bite out of her leg of meat and Buggy suddenly realized the big thing." I mean what are you doing here, you idiot! I couldn't care less whoever the hell you are, Mr. Portgas D. Ace or Ms. Portgas D. Anne!" he yelled, getting angrier as the she-pirate ignored him.

One of Buggy's men gasped." Sir! That man she was! That was-That was the Fire Fist! 'Fire-Fist' Ace! Captain of the Whitebeard Pirate's second unit!" he yelled.

" The Whitebeards!"

Everyone was shocked beyond belief, a sudden chill in their insides as they watched Anne sit down on the ground. Said Flame-Flame girl grinned as she grabbed a roll.

" Ah, fim-yo-yo! Wis isw thwus sw- zzz…." Anne sudden fell back with food lodged down her throat, falling asleep with soft snores.

" She fell asleep!" yelled the crew in shock. The shock suddenly washed over when a few pirates got brave.

" Lets kill her!"

" Yeah, our bounties will rise then!"

" Kill her! Kill her Kill her! Kill-"

" Enough! We do not kill the girl!"

" Awwwwww!"

" But why not, Captain? If we kill someone in league with the Whitebeards, our bounties will be raised into oblivion!" called one of Buggy's men. Buggy glared at all of them.

" I said no! Listen and listen good; this girl right here is with by far the strongest crew in all the seas. Whitebeard is the most strongest and fiercest pirate ever, one of the only to go toe to toe with Gol D. Roger and come back alive! He is, in fact, the only man who has the slightest chance of obtaining the ultimate treasure, the One Piece! So take my word, you don't mess with the Whitebeard Pirates! Besides," Buggy cast a dagger-like glare at the sleeping 2nd commander of Whitebeard's fleet." Even if we did kill Anne in her sleep, Whitebeard would only send someone to avenge her death. So we don't kill her and that is that." he said indefinitely. A gargled snore got all their attention.

" Ah, sorry about that. I dozed off again, hm?" apologized Anne, fixing her hat. The freckled-face girl looked around and she suddenly grinned, spinning one foot to her feet and waving her hands in the air with a goofy smile on her face." Hey, what's with the long faces, everyone? This is a party, am I right?" she asked teasingly, giving a dancer's pose. Buggy snapped right into attention.

" Ah yes, right! Men, continue having fun!" called the captain as his men cheered and the party was back in action. As the party continued, one crewmate tried to smooth talk his way with Anne, since he thought she was gorgeous.

" Say, are you single?" he asked, his dark brown eyes glowing with want. Anne smiled politely as she clapped for a man blowing fire.

" Yes, I am. But sorry, I made an oath a long time ago that I wouldn't get myself involve with guys with really dark brown eyes ever again." she said. The man raised an eyebrow, still feeling lucky.

" Oh, and why is that?" He asked. For a second, the man saw a frown of guilt on Anne's full lips before it turned into a sad smile, on filled with a bit of regret

" 'Cause the last two guys I was with, ones with dark brown eyes, Well, the both of them are lying somewhere on the sea floor, resting in peace." she said simply. She felt her heart twist in pained remembrance before she gave a grin and ran over to another spot.

" You guys got a lion? AWESOME~!"

" Alright, Lucy. I think I've got all the wood chips out of your hair." said Nami as she brushed saw dust off her shirt. Lucy smiled and she got up from her seat on the floor.

" Thanks, Nami. Say, are we on Jiji- Jijo- eh, whatever-the-heck-the-island-Robin-wanted-us-to-go-to?" asked the younger of the two. Nami cupped her hands around her eyes and she smiled, pointing ahead.

" Looks like it! Wow, it looks like a resort." said the redhead in amazement. Gleefully, Lucy dashed to the stern of the ship and jumped up and down as she spotted the beautiful town.

" Coooolllllll! Lets dock, lets dock, lets dock!" cheered the young captain, wanting nothing more than to get to the other island. Her excitement was matched with the wonder Robin had sent her on. The mysterious woman said that the map they found on that ship that fell on them could lead them to an undiscovered place. Lucy desperately wanted to get to that place. 'Cause in her world, the one that involved childish wonder, that place was classified as a mysterious place. And that sound pretty good to her.

Once the Going Merry docked, Captain, First Mate, and Navigator walked into the two, watching all the anarchy. Many people were drinking and having fights, some for fun and some for real. Lucy and Zoro felt comfortable with this while Nami was on her guard. The trio then spotted an old man, looking weak and feeble. Feeling nice, Lucy helped the old man to his horse. He looked grateful.

" Thank you, little girl. Care for an apple?" asked the old man as he held out a basket of red apples.

" Would I!" yelled Lucy happily as she took an apple and took a bite. Zoro tried to stop her.

" Lucy! Don't-"

He was cut off by an explosion that came from Lucy's bitten apple. The three pirates and everyone around ducked to the ground as fire and explosives surged and burned around them. No one got hurt but a build was destroyed. On lookers gathered around and Zoro sprang to action, pulling out one of his swords.

" What the hell was that!" he yelled, his eyes turning feral as Nami held Lucy up. The old man on his horse crackled weakly, sinister pleaser showing on his wrinkled face.

" Just for fun. You looked so gullible, I couldn't resist." snickered the old man as he cantered away on his horse, leaving the three pirates confused.

" What with this place? Everyone around here acts like a complete jackass." complained Nami as she, Lucy, and Zoro sat in a bar that looked decent enough. They had been only in the town, Mock Town, as it was called, for an hour and they came to learn that nearly everyone there acted like complete jerks. What with the old man and the smug people they had dealt with, they wanted to leave this town ASAP.

Lucy shrugged as the bartender handed her a cherry pie she order." Who cares? At least we get to eat now." she said as she took a bite of her pie. She then frowned and banged her fist on the counter angrily.

" Hey, pops! This pie taste like crap!"

" This pie is delicious!"

Both replies came out simultaneously and both speakers looked to the corners of their eyes. Lucy saw that the other person was a very large and bulky guy with dark brown skin and greasy-looking, black and curly hair. He looked big and arrogant, most likely with a mouth to match. Both then went back to their meals, taking swings of the sakes they bought. Lucy gave a satisfied smacking sound with her mouth while the big guy looked like he was going to hurl.

" This is the best sake I ever had!"

" This sake is the worst I ever had!"

Both flinched at the other's comment and their glowering eyes turned to each other. If looks could kill, the both of them would have been dropping dead right there and then.

" I think there might be something wrong with your head, kid." muttered the man next to Lucy. Said pirate glared back at him, a un-Lucy frown set on her lips.

" I think there's something wrong with your big, fat head." she muttered back, her usual happy eyes giving a challenging flash. She then turned back to the bartender with her trademark smile." Anyway, I'd like fifty pounds of steak, please." she said happily. The man next to her gave a competitive smirk.

" Well I'll take 51 of your delicious cherry pies." he said.

Oh, hell was rising now.

" Better make that 52 pounds."

" Make mine 53 pies."

" 54 pounds!"

" 55 pies!"

" 56!"

" 60!"

" 80!"

" 100!"

The two turned two each other with annoyed and angered faces, fist raised and ready to strike.


" Enough!" yelled the bartender, setting a crate down on the table." Here, take your pies and go. I don't want any trouble here." he said. The big guy still glared at Lucy.

" So, are you a pirate, girlie?" he snarled, wanting to test this girl. Lucy gave a stiff nod.

" That's right. I've got a 30,000,000 bounty on my head." she growled, wanting to be more superior than this moron in front of her. Although, he didn't seem degraded.

" 30,000,000 my ass! I wouldn't believe it if I collected it myself, pipsqueak!" he yelled. Lucy nearly grounded her teeth into dust.

" You calling me a liar, you big fat ape!"

" Lucy, stop it! Don't get into a fight over something stupid!" yelled Nami. Lucy looked back at her new enemy before stepping down, sitting next to Nami and crossing her eyes with the edge of her hat hiding her eyes. The man glowered at her as he walked out of the bar, the door closing and then opening again with someone coming out.

" I'm looking for a pirate with a straw hat! Chick's got a 30,000,000 bounty on her!" everyone in the bar turned to see a man and gang who made them pale. He had spiky and messy blonde hair and rat-like eyes. He had a look that just sent people at a hundred mile radius. The group with him looked just as bad.

" Who's the new weirdo?" asked Lucy, completely forgetting the guy who had just pissed her off. The blonde man sauntered over to Lucy and he smirked at the bartender.

" Get me your greatest sake, and give the cutie whatever she likes." he said, throwing a mischievous wink at Lucy. The pirate girl blinked while Zoro's eyes darkened, his hand at his katanas in an instant.

The bartender returned with the drinks and Lucy took her's with a smile. As she gulped it down, a sudden fist came crashing down on her, sending her head through the counter in a deafening crash. The citizens in the bar fled out of the bar, not wanting to get mixed in with what was coming on.

The new guy who threw his fist crackled evilly and his gave an insane look as Zoro held his three weapons at his throat.

" Heh, you trying to pick a fight with me, chump?" he asked in a smug tone. Zoro's dark eyes were shrunk into the look of a predator's with bared teeth to match. His first mate side was kicking in.

" Just protecting my captain." he muttered, making sure that there was acid dripping at his tone.

" Damn it! Not you, too, Zoro! We can't go picking fights!" protested Nami, feeling a bad vibe coming from the group of people that entered with the man. Lucy then got up from the floor, a few scratches on her face and a frown her lips. The man who hit her laughed.

" Oh relax, cutie! I'm just seeing if your strong!" he crackled. Lucy just continued to frown, hating this guy as much as the one that had upset her earlier. Nami then remembered something Robin had told her to check before she left with Lucy and Zoro. She turned to the bartender.

" Excuse me, but can you tell us where to find the route to Sky Island? We need the right one in order to get there." she said. Everyone in the room suddenly began to laugh with insanity, all of them throwing remarks.

" Sky Island? What are you on!"

" The chick's crazy! Sky Island doesn't exist!"

" What a load of bull!"

The pirate who punched Lucy took a seat and he threw a smart ass look at them." You're new pirates, am I right? Boy, you just don't know. Everyone around here knows that if you take the supposed route to Sky Island, then they just get crashed by the Knock-Off Steam. No one, not even a Devil Fruit User, could survive that. The dream of finding Sky Island is just that; a dream. Ha! Dreams are nothing more than illusions that weaklings make up in order to feel better about themselves. This may be the Pirate Era but that doesn't mean dreams come true. It takes sheer power in order to get somewhere in this world. Sky Island, El Dorado, even the One Piece are nothing more than idiotic dreams. Dreams for weaklings like you!" he yelled as he threw a strong fist at Lucy, sending her to the ground in one hit.

" Lucy!" cried Nami in alarm as the she-pirate didn't get up. Zoro now wanted to beat the hell out of this guy but he knew he had to hold back. He couldn't let his anger get to him. The blonde guy kept talking.

" You know, girlie, I was thinking about asking you to join my crew, the Bellamy Crew. But now I see you're not even strong enough to own your 30,000,000 bounty. You're weak, the lot of you!" he yelled with sadistic laughter. People laughed with him and they began throwing bottles at Lucy and company. Glass crashed with the floor and spilt and people began howling.

" Lucy, Zoro! Forget about that crap I said and kick these guys asses!" yelled Nami, now seeing that action had to take place. Slowly, Lucy sat up, rubbing dirt off her cheek. Her eyes met Zoro's and they both shared a look of wise knowing.

" Zoro," said Lucy, her voice edged in a serious tone." No matter what happens, no matter what they do, don't fight back." she said, her voice nearing a harsh command. Nami gasped while Zoro gave a stiff nod. At the moment, he knew he wasn't taking orders from Lucy. He was taking orders from his captain. He held out his hand, an offering to the girl who led him through thick and thin. Without blinking, Lucy grasped Zoro's hand, letting her first mate pull her up. Together, the stared at the members of the bar with seriousness, allowing broken glass and random objects be thrown at them.

Again and again, things impaled and beat them, giving them many cuts and bruises, injuries that would heal physically, but never mentally. Lucy was bleeding from her eyes and jaw and upper body, while Zoro receiving equal treatment The two comrades stood in their places, unblinking and still. Allowing mocking laughter to pass through their ears and burn into their memories. They would not move. They refused to.

Bellamy walked over to them, a bottle of sake in hand." Aw, aren't you so brave? Taking beating like children who received time outs. Well, if you're not going to leave on your own, you'll be leaving by force!" he yelled as he swiftly kicked Zoro in the face, the first mate flying to the wall with a sickening crack. One of Bellamy's crew grabbed Lucy by her head and he rammed her to a window, the glass shattering as Lucy fell to the floor. Lucy's face was in a thick coat of crimson with glass shards fallowing. And not one of the two made a moan of pain as Bellamy and his crew laughed.

" Lucy! Zoro!" yelled Nami, as she ran to her friends, dropping to her knees with near tears in her eyes. She couldn't believe them, Bellamy's crew and her friends. Why didn't they fight back? They were strong enough and they could have taken them. 'Why?' kept repeating in her mind.

" If you stick time with those weaklings, girl, you'll just get yourself hurt! So why don't you come with us? Name your price, I'm sure I can pay the right one." called one of Bellamy's men. Nami turned to him with glowing brown eyes.

" You want to buy me? Heh," the navigator gave a rather smug look." No way. I'll stick with my friends, thank you very much. And you're wrong. Sky Island does exist. We'll find it, no matter what you say." she said as she grabbed Lucy and Zoro by the back of their shirts and dragged them out of the bar with evil snickers and gloats fallowing after them.

As Nami walked and dragged, someone called out," Sky Island does exist." Nami stopped and she turned, seeing that it was the guy who angered Lucy earlier. He was sitting on the floor, eating one of the cheery pies he bought.

" What do you want?" asked Nami harshly, putting Lucy and Zoro down. The straw hat wearing girl seemed to had woken up and her eyes caught the blood pooling around her head. A few strands of her black hair fallowed. Red and black. Those two colors brought back memories.

" You think you'll surpass us, huh?"

" The next time we meet, we'll be top pirates, baby sis."

" Pirate dreams will never end! All that crap about dreams never coming true, zehahahahaha! Dreams last forever! Epically a pirate's dream!" shouted the man to the sky. Several people stared at him while Lucy and Zoro got up, brushing dirt and blood off themselves. Lucy picked a piece of glass off her cheek and she stared at the man. Said man placed down the bottle of sake he was drinking and he gave a toothy smirk." That's what's amazing about being a pirate. You know the difference between giving up and backing down. When to lose one and when to fight one. One things for sure, a pirate's dream never dies, get what I'm saying?" he asked. Lucy just stared at him with no emotion, her mind still reeling what it was getting.

" Come on, Lucy. Lets get going." said Nami as Zoro already began walking. Lucy stood where she was, her eyes still questioning. The man stood up and he gave a smirk over his shoulder.

" Shell-shocked, aren't ya, kid? By the way, I hope you find Sky Island. Zehahahahaha!" he laughed as he walked away. Lucy finally gave a blink before she began walking, the blood on her face running away and allowing her sun-kissed skin to glow again. As they walked, they did not look back. They would not.

" And they hurt you guys like this? What jerks." commented Usopp as Chopper placed a bandage under Lucy's eye. Lucy and her two friends had returned to the ship and the captain and first mate were getting their wounds wrapped and healed by Chopper. Everyone expect Nami and Robin was gathered on the upper deck.

" Yeah, but it's OK. Me and Zoro were real tough, huh, Zoro?" asked Lucy. Zoro nodded as he polished his swords.

" Yeah, they weren't worth it." said the swordsman.

There was a sudden scream and Nami came running up from the storage room, her face stricken with fear." They were here! I don't know how but they were! Bellamy and his crew! They took all the gold and supplies we had, and a lot of other things, too!" she yelled. Everyone stood up and they fallowed Nami to the lower deck, seeing that she was true.

Every bit of supplies and treasure was gone. Not even a hay penny was there. The room was barren.

" Those-Those monsters! How could they!" yelled Chopper with wide eyes. Lucy bolted into the room and she looked around, searching for something. She then gave a closed mouth scream and she pulled at her hair.

" No, no, no! They took it! They took it!" she yelled angrily. Nami ran over and she tried to calm Lucy down.

" What? What did they- Oh god, you forgot your hat here when we tried to find some spare food." Nami's eyes turned into startled fear, knowing what would happen when Lucy was separated form her hat.

The onyx-eyed girl nodded, tears coming to her eyes." Y-yeah! I can't believe they t-took it! Shanks gave it to me! It has that paper Anne gave me ! And-And!-" she sniffled. She looked to Zoro, a tear making it's way down her cheek." It also had our picture, Zoro. The one from LogueTown." she said, sniffling.

Zoro gritted his teeth in anger as he stared at his crying captain. Then, he walked over to her and placed one hand on her shoulder. Very gently, he brushed his thumb over the tear on Lucy's cheek, allowing his raised hand to rest on the girl's other shoulder.

" So, you wanna stand here and cry about it? Or," he gave a smug look that only he knew how to perform." Do you wanna go kick his ass and get our stuff back?" he asked. Lucy blinked before nodding, a grin coming to her face.

" Hell yeah, I do!"

" Well, if it isn't the Straw Hat brat." snickered Bellamy as he spotted Lucy standing on a building. It was the close to sunset and Lucy had just returned to Mock Town, on her own. She didn't let her crew come because this was her battle and no one else had to get involved.

" I came for the stuff you stole. All of our treasures and supplies. And my hat, too!" yelled Lucy. People were now gathering as Bellamy gave a howling laugh.

" Your stuff? You want it back! Fat chance, cutie! We stole because we're pirates! Don't think I'll just give it back to you!" he laughed, throwing off the coat he was wearing.

" That's good. 'Cause I know you're not going to give it back without a fight. So I'm gonna steal it back." said Lucy, cracking her fist. Bellamy gave another laugh and he squatted to the ground, his feet turning into springs thanks to his Devil Fruit power.

" Oh really? Can you even throw a punch, kiddy?" he asked as he sprang from the ground with a thrown back fist.

" I don't know, you tell me!" yelled Lucy as she rotated her fist back with accelerating speed and shot it at Bellamy when he came near him. The momentum of the attack sent the smug pirate straight toward the ground, knocking him out completely. Everyone gasped and they all flinched as Lucy jumped to the ground with a bowed head. Then, she stood straight and gave a kind smile, holding her hand out.

" I'll take my stuff back, thank you very much."

" Alright, now all we need to worry about is the Knock-Out Stream." said Nami as she looked at the map they had. The Going Merry had set sail from Mock town with their captain and supplies back. They had rode the seas for a while now and the only thing they had troubling them was the seas. The water was shifting a little violently and it looked like a storm was coming. Clouds were gathering and thunder was approaching. Other than that, nothing could go wrong, right?

" No so fast, Straw Hat pirates!"


The whole crew looked back and they saw a big ship approaching them. There was a nasty looking crew on it, along with the man who got Lucy pissed off. He looked smug and knowing as the clouds roamed in more. He was known as Blackbeard. A pirate that many feared, the murderer of Anne's boyfriend, and Lucy's new found enemy.

" Stay right where you are, 'Straw Hat' Lucy! I'm here to turn you in for the 100,000,000 bounty on your head!" he called as his ship sailed closer. Lucy paused at admiring her hat and she looked at the man with confused eyes.

" What are you talking about! I only have 30,000,000 on my head!" she yelled, standing up. Blackbeard gave a knowing smirk.

" Don't play dumb with me, kid! It says it all on your new bounty posters!" he shouted, pulling to posters out of his pant's pocket and holding them out." See! Wanted, dead or alive, Monkey D. Lucy! And for Pirate Hunter Zoro, 60,000,000!" he yelled. The crew of Straw Hats gasped. Well, all except two.

" Whooo hoo! A whole 100,000,000! I'm worth that much!" cheered Lucy as she gave a happy dance. Zoro went as far as giving a grin, glad that his own bounty had raised. The ship suddenly flying into the air, however, got all of their attention. The crew watched in horror as their ship sailed upward, riding on a pillar of water straight to the sky. They hanged onto whatever they could and they watched all ships fall from the sky.

" WHHHAAAA! SHIP'S ARE FALLING FROM THE SKY! WE'RE GONNA END UP LIKE THEM!" yelled Chopper as he hanged onto the mast of the ship.

" We're gonna die just because of Lucy's dream!" yelled Usopp in dismay. Nami looked around and she suddenly got an idea.

" Spread the sails! If we gather enough wind, we can fly up easily! Hurry, there's no time to lose!" she yelled as she ran to a sail. Everyone looked at each other before knowing the plan. They all got to positions.

Setting sail, and setting out,

In search of all our dreams!

Eternal glories, wealth and gold,

Legend of legends…!


" Alright, everyone, Nami's leading the way!" called Sanji as everyone cheered in agreement.

" Aright guys, spread the sails and lets catch up with current!"

" Yes, ma'am!"

The crew spread the sails and the ship suddenly gave a tipping motion, splashing with the waves and slights rising in the air.

" Hey, we're rising above the water, is that OK?" asked Chopper worriedly as he looked at the thrusting waters.

" Nami! Do something! We're gonna fall!" yelled Lucy from the figurehead of the Going Merry.

" Come on, fly." chanted Nami to herself. The ship suddenly gave a great lunge and it took to the sky, soaring like a bird.

" We're flying! Yeah, we're heading to the sky!" called Lucy enthusiastically.

Journeys without hope,

Seeking beyond hope,

Crisp and light and layer,

In this search across the sea.

Grasp the helm, head held high,

Gotta keep our spirits up,

As we sail these troubled waters,

It's too long to explain.

" NOOOOOO! DAMN YOU, STRAW HAT!" yelled Blackbeard in vain as he watched probably one of the most biggest bounties slip out of his sight.

Doubt set in, kick it out,

Now the treasure map's on our side,

Seek the home, and the light with Lucy!

For she will be the PIRATE QUEEN!

" Hey, Nami! Are we almost to Sky Island?" asked Lucy as the ship flew closer to the clouds.

Setting sail, and setting out,

In search of all our dreams!

Eternal glories, wealth and gold,

Legend of legends.

Nami grinned, her excited eyes matching Lucy's." If it exist, it's pass the clouds!" she called. Lucy nodded and her black eyes shined confidently as the ship entered the clouds.

" Pass the clouds… I can't wait!"

We'll find out, then set sail,

On my ship you will be my friend,

We are, we are on the hunt…!


To be continued…

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