She screamed as twigs snapped as she fell.

A small thud heard, followed by a small groan was the only thing she heard before opening her eyes slowly.

"G-gotcha…geh…"he gave small, weak grin before his eyes went spiral.

She hopped off immediately after he fainted.

She immediately realized he hadn't caught her by his arms… rather he used his back to catch her, his exposed arms and legs made skid marks on the soil, resulting some nasty scratches.


"Shaoran is something wrong?" Sakura stared at him as he looked out to the window.

"I… well, sensei, M-may I go to the washroom?" Syaoran stuttered

"You may go" Terada smiled and went back to do some paperwork.

Syaoran gave a brief bow and walked his way towards door and started running. Sakura can only stare while Syaoran just gave another grin to himself.

-Back to the twerps—err… mystery people-

"Wake up! Please wake up! I promise I won't run off without asking your permission ever again! I'm so sorry so please wake up!" she cried as she hugged her injured friend, not noticing fast footsteps.

"Are you both al-"Syaoran was surprised to see two children who looks similar to him and Sakura.

The poor child didn't even notice him, she already collapsed from small bruises and crying ( yeah its possible people!)

Syaoran regained his senses as he both carried them to the school nurse nearby.

-High school infirmary room-

"Mmm" she mumbled and rubbed her eyes slowly getting up from paper-thin bed sheets.

"Xiaolang..." she whispered, her eyes still fluttering.

Remembering her friends condition she jerked up and tried to go down the bed, unfortunately the bed was rather high and she ended up falling face first. Gently soothing her throbbing head.


"Hoe?" she turned around and immediately recognized her beloved friend as he came running towards her. His arms and knees covered with tan colored band-aids.

"I'm so happy you're alright…well… sort of" he gently placed his lips on top of her throbbing head and that just caused not only them backing away a couple of steps back and turning into bright red tomatoes but also a couple of gasps causing both small tomatoes to turn and see their guests.

Himawari with her hands covering her mouth, Watanuki with an exaggerated expression of shock and a foot long mouth wide open, Doumeki with his slightly raised eyebrows (but nonetheless normal expression), Yuuko and Fai (and Syaoran at the very back) with their wide grinning mouths, Yuui with just a shocked expression, Kurogane with his wide eyes and slumping shoulders and finally slightly blushing Syaoran and Sakura.

"Hey guys!" Soel and Larg bounced to Syaoron's shoulders to see the scene, without knowing of the earlier scene..

Silence grew and all still motionless…

"Uhm, Is everything alright in here?" everyone turned around to see the schools nurse and everything went back to normal.

"I..I… Thank you very much for taking care of us" Xiaolang and Yingfa simultaneously stood up and bowed to the nurse.

"It was nothing, but you both should also thank him also" her hand gesturing at Syaoran "for brining you here"

Xiaolang and Syaoran stared at each other until Yingfa nudged his back.

"T-Thank you" Xiaolang and Yingfa bowed to Syaoran this time.

"We're sorry for bothering you, especially during school hours…" Yingfa bowed once again and Syaoran can only shake his head "It wasn't a bother, I'm just glad your both safe"

"Wow!" Himawari chirped in"Syaoran and Syaoron just looks like Xiaolang-kun! Right Sakura-chan?" Sakura can only nod while staring at her small twin, their emerald orbs holding pure curiosity at each other.

"Wait.. This might be some kind of ghost AHHHHH!" Watanuki's body doing it's weird dance .

"If it is a ghost then how come we can all see it….. idiot" Doumeki plainly said it and caused another weird counterattack from Watanuki with his hand gestures and body bending moves.

"A-ano…how come the teachers are here?" Soel asked

"The nurse called me immediately about it , I got worried that I just had to come" Yuuko replied.

"I came because I heard the girl scream when I was doing laps with my class" Kurogane looked at Yuui, "I'm here because my brother told me it would be interesting" Yuui smiled.

"Besides it would be bad not to come especially there just looking around the campus before they go to school next week" Fai added in.

"WHAAAAAAAT!" the students in surprise once again (and Kurogane). Both youngsters and the teachers closed their ears (except Kurogane).

"What grade?" Watanuki asked.

"B-both grade 1…" they both stuttered

The room was filled with squeals and the occasional 'aww's and 'kawaii's. Syaoron, still behind the door, curved his mouth to a small grin and looks out of the window, his eyes slightly gleaming.

This did not go unnoticed to Syaoran. He wanted to ask but he thought it was best to ask him at home.

The school bell rung and soon both Xiaolang and Yingfa's tummy rumbled and blushed again.

"You guys haven't eaten yet?" Doumeki asked and the children replied with a nod.

"W-we haven't eaten after breakfast…" Xiaolang shyly said, turning his head around.

"How about we make a feast~?" Yuuko's eyes gleaming.

"Ooh, lets go let's go!" Fai , with his kittish grin, pushed everyone to the cooking class with the help from Yuuko. In no time Watanuki is dressed with his usual apron. Yuui, Syaoron and Syaoran helped Watanuki with cooking, Everyone else was combining chairs and tables to make a long table so everyone can eat together.

Well, except Xiaolang and Yingfa was ordered to stay seated on the corner and relax by Yuuko.

Yingfa bravely stood and walked slowly to the guys cooking on the kitchen.

"L-let me cook" she whispered

"Watanuki turned, thinking he heard something and looked down to saw Yingfa, shivering slightly.

"P-please let me cook" she said again with a little bit more volume.

"But I cant have you do that, you're our guest"

"P-please…" here eyes begging, with her small lips closed and her eyebrows furrowed slightly.

"If she's cooking, I'll help too" XiaoLang's eyes, determined to help her no matter what.

Watanuki sighed and nodded. He felt that if he said no he'll just make them cry, besides, he couldn't say no how Yingfa's face looked like, it was too adorable.

The kids helped themselves with some chairs for lift and another kitchen because the kitchen over there was too cramped.

Everyone slowed down and occasionally turn how they cook. Yingfa carefully cutting fruits and vegetables with a pairing knife and Xiaolang's hands using a butcher knife ferociously chopping vegetables into thin strips.

Watanuki chuckled, the way Xiaolang handles the butcher knife and the way Syaoran using the pairing knife, slowly peeling an apple is a huge contrast, reminded him the difference between Syaoran and Syaoron….

Sniffing something burning, he snapped back to reality to see his stir fry burning.

Thus, his weird dance moves commenced…


Everyone looked at the banquet before them, made by Yuui's group.

Tempura, Different kinds of sushi, Udon, Gyozas, you name it. It was mostly Japanese food. "desert will be served later since some of them are still baking" blurted Watanuki.

"Don't forget sake~!" Yuuko chirped and caused a groaning sound from Watanuki.

"We're sorry we're a bit late" a tiny squeak behind as they found another set of dinner food.

Everyone gave 'ooh's and 'aah's as they were completely surprised at how such grade 1 kids created such a feast.

Dumplings, Dim sums, Stir fry, Egg rolls, Wonton soup etc. The rooms was surrounded with Chinese and Japanese aroma, their hunger got the best of them and everyone trying each and every food they can fit on their plates.

"Mmm~! Its Always better to taste food with SAKE" Yuuko delightedly waves an empty bottle of sake.

Grumbles heard from Watanuki and everyone else laughed.

"Im really impressed how you two made such delicious food, and with so many" Yuui looked at Xiaolang and Yingfa and both blushed.

"We both cook when we go home" Xiaolang blurted out, turning his head again.

"Both of you always say 'we'. Have you been together for a long time?" Syaoron asked and both gave a small nod, 'aww's came soon after.

"We've been together ever since kindergarten back at Hong Kong" Yingfa explained.

"Ohh, that's why you made so Chinese food" Yuui praised once again.

"You know Yuui-sensei is a cook, so maybe one day he'll be your teacher!" Sakura exclaimed with excitement and both looked at Yuui.

"I-is it alright though?" Yingfa asked

"If you were in my cooking class you'll defiantly pass"

With that Yingfa gave a delightful smile. "Thank you!"

Ovens beeped one after another and Watanuki, Xiaolang and Yingfa Scurried off to take out their baked products.

Another set of surprise when they all looked at what the young students made. Watanuki on the other hand, decorates a cake while surprised.

They both made simple cream puffs, meringue cookies and crème brûlée. Yimgfa started to pipe some whipped cream inside the creams puffs while Xiaolang uses a small flame torch to caramelize the sugar on top.

Praises were said and everyone was already eating the desserts. Moments later Watanuki presented them a 3-layered topsy turvy cake. Everyone welcomed the newcomers with warm hearts. Time went by and it was already 6pm. Everyone helped clean and put back the tables.

Everyone went back home together, slowly each and everyone went different ways to their homes. Although Syaoron, with a teasing look on his face, separated when Syaoran and Sakura are the only ones together.

"I wonder if my brother is alright" wondered Syaoran.

Sakura gave a confused look " Is it because he left us even though you both live in the same house?"

"That and also when we were at the infirmary room. He just looked… slightly anticipated…"

"Maybe we should wait until he explains" Sakura walked away, giving him one of her best smiles.

Syaoran recalled the earlier events today. Xiaolang looking exactly the same as him, his lips just lightly touching Yingfa's head…

he tried to shove that memory aside and then he imagined Sakura's lips just slightly touching his scalp.

Syaoran froze for a minute and dashed his way to his home, he took a while to unlock the door because of his constant shaking. After he finally succeeded he went straight to bed, where his imaginations still played with him.


A silhouette of a woman stands in front of the school's gate. She stood there, her short hair danced with the evening breeze.

A silhouette of a man came, kneels down took the woman's hand and gently kissed it. He suddenly wrapped his hands around her shoulders, giving her a tight embrace.

"I miised you so…"