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Chapter Six

Sasuke sipped his wine, and sat quietly. His body felt tired from the training session he'd had with Kakashi, but his mind was abuzz with excitement. He had already finished the meal Sakura had prepared, and was waiting for her to lay down her cutlery. In truth he was feeling the drive of exhilaration wrack through his limbs, a similar feeling to when he was in the midst of fight.

"Have you anything planned for tomorrow?" Sakura asked, though she knew the answer. Sasuke rarely anything to do with his time, beyond just watching television and snapping at the ANBU guards.

"I'll be catching up on my soap, as I missed it today," Sasuke replied and went to wash up his plate and cutlery. He felt Sakura's eyes bore into his back as he stood at the basin.

"You're addicted to that medic drama," Sakura grinned, finding the idea of Sasuke hooked on such drivel beyond amusing.

"It's won awards you know, don't knock it till you tried it," Sasuke said, defending his favourite programme.

"But you were doing something else you love more," Sakura said, for she knew Sasuke missed the prescience of his chakra as much as she'd miss her own. It was an integral part of their lives, and Sakura couldn't imagine how it felt to have one's chakra sealed. It would be like having her hands cut off.

"Still managed to land a punch, he's getting slower,"

"He's getting older, and we're coming into our prime," Sakura said, and she thought of all Sasuke had achieved; the power that lay behind his eyes was surely one of the most powerful doujutsu of all time. She wondered what it must be like, to have your most important techniques bound and shut away, as if locked inside a room when one has no key to enter. "What's it like, not having chakra?"

Sasuke turned and looked at her, his eyes seemed to darken, like two black pebbles against the smoothness of his skin.

"It's like having my dick chopped off," His flippancy was off-putting, but Sakura didn't blush, she only saw the cracks in his pride.

"Do you regret it?" Sakura asked quietly, fearing his response.

Sasuke seemed to consider her words and focused his attention on the wall, as if the answer was written there.

"I'm getting a second chance; in that sense I don't regret it, but I knew already that my chakra would be sealed the moment I made the decision to come back, so I was expecting it," He said, almost tired with thought. "Power was everything to me, but once it was taken from me I began to value different things. I know I've always been a difficult person, but that was never rare for our kind. I know I won't ever have what was before, that you'll never trust me like you did,"

Sakura watched him quizzically, her heart warmed by his attempt at intimacy, and the way he tried to make sense of things. It was as if he was confused by himself, like he wasn't quite one with his inner faculties.

"At first I loathed it, hated the way my limbs felt so weak, the way I couldn't use my sharingan," He said, and Sakura cast her mind back to those first couple of weeks. Sasuke had screamed bloody murder at them, cursed them to high heaven, and built a wall around him so thick he could barely see past it. Tsunade was close to ending him herself, but he began to calm down, he accepted the monotony of life and soon they fell into a rhythm, whereby Sasuke's demeanour was icy, but tolerable. Those weeks were some of the most turbulent in Sakura's memory, but his eventual compliance had been the greatest relief she had ever felt.

"I thought they would lock me up, leave me to rot in a cell and I fought them, fought you, for a couple of weeks I was convinced you were allied against me, believed that you would leave me to die in that cell, but you didn't," Sasuke continued, though his train of thought appeared problematic. He was finding it hard to express himself, but the words left Sakura dumbfounded. He was pouring his soul into her hands, and she felt for him, she truly did. "I tried to kill you, was contemplating killing Karin and my murderous intent was there plain for all to see, but you still looked past my madness and forgave me. But you'll never trust me; even if you say you do your heart will scream otherwise,"

She wanted to tell him it would be fine, that things would get better, and that they'd make fresh new bonds, tighter than before, that Konoha would forget his bloody rampage. But she couldn't humour him, couldn't lie to him, she knew he wouldn't accept cherry-picked words. He wasn't stupid, and Sasuke knew the consequences of his actions were dire.

"Sasuke..." Sakura called his name in barely a whisper; she knew not what to say. Instead she got to her feet and walked over to him tentatively, a sad smile gracing her lips. She had spent so many years chasing this young man across the five countries, had been willing to kill him, and he knew that, even respected her gumption.

Sasuke angled his head towards her, but Sakura saw how his eyes seemed to look through her. She came up to him and wrapped her arms around his middle, burying her face in his chest. She inhaled his scent, and lolled in it, felt him freeze as his skin seemed to prickle with feeling as she continued to smile with that sad tilt against her lips. Sasuke reacted slowly, moving a hand upwards to cup her face.

"You should know nothing made us happier than to have you back," She said quietly and Sasuke watched her mouth intently. "Me, Kakashi, especially Naruto, you didn't see the state he was in after we lost you, after Orochimaru spirited you away. We're glad you're back, and not six-feet underground, that you came back to us,"

"Am I still that twelve-year-old boy you adored?" He asked softly, in a voice that was almost wistful, searching for the days of old.

"No, but then I'm not the twelve-year-old girl you found annoying," Sakura smiled, and her face was so open, so kind and warm that Sasuke couldn't resist. He tilted his head down and kissed her with all the pent-up passion he could muster. Sakura sighed into the kiss and allowed him to deepen it, as she felt his heart race under his shirt. Despite his usually cold disposition, Sakura was aware of his the passions that lay deep inside him, that he resisted. When he kissed her, she felt as if she were inside him, soothing his anxieties. As the kiss dwindled to an end Sakura stepped back and took hold of Sasuke's hand.

"You should already know you're under our skin, that we'll let you back in as long as you let us in, that you don't have to hide your feelings,"

Sasuke chuckled darkly, as if contemptuous of himself rather than anyone else.

"As you can tell I'm not very good at handling my feelings," He said, and his brow furrowed.

"No one is at our age, especially someone who's been through what you have," Sakura replied, confidently, as if Sasuke's words had ignited the strength of her faith. "You just need to come back to us, all of you,"

"I can't remember what I was like, how I was before I spent too many days in the company of psychopaths like Orochimaru and Madara," He said. "What was I like?"

"You were a bastard," Sakura laughed, and Sasuke did too.

"I treated you badly," He whispered, as if admonishing himself.

"You still treat us badly, but we wouldn't have it any other way," Sakura grinned and pecked Sasuke on the cheek. She had to stand on her tip-toes to do it, but Sasuke relished the gesture. "You give Sai a rather hard time though,"

Sasuke frowned. "He's an idiot,"

"He's a kind idiot though," Sakura replied. "You should cut him some slack, get to know him; we hated him at first too,"

Sasuke appeared to mull over her words, his face contorted in somewhere near repulsion and understanding. He then hugged her to him and suddenly scooped Sakura up into his arms.

"Sasuke-!" He threw her over his shoulder and Sakura squealed.

"I'm bringing the wine," He stated clearly, and Sakura struggled in his arms but to no avail. She daren't use her chakra, considering she could really do some damage, but she found herself laughing as Sasuke took them to his bedroom. He unceremoniously dumped her on the bed, and Sakura pushed away the hair that fell into her face and watched him as he pottered around the room, drawing the curtains to block out the piercing shine of that evening's sunset. Sakura ran a hand through her hair, whilst the thrill of what would come next caused her to bite her bottom lip in anticipation.

Sasuke meanwhile switched the light on, but dimmed it so it cast the room in a subdued, ember glow. The Uchiha drank from the bottle and then passed it to Sakura, who drank greedily. She gazed around the room, which was tidy to the finest detail, noting Sasuke's lack of personal affects. He owned so little, and Sakura decided she would buy him a present sometime that week.

She tried to busy her mind with other things as the nerves got to her, and she drank from the bottle, hoping Dutch courage would suppress her anxiety. She'd seen plenty of naked men in the hospital, but to actually advance whatever the relationship between her and Sasuke was, it was a big step, but she felt ready to be with him.

Sasuke finished sorting out the room and leapt onto the bed, the springs creaking from his weight. He brought a hand up to Sakura's cheek and caressed it gently; all the while Sakura gazed back at him with heavy-lidded eyes. She wondered what he saw in her, why he wanted her and the words seemed to spill from her mouth.

"Why me?" She didn't mean to sound so self-depreciative, but she was curious and Sasuke seemed surprised by her question.

"Because I'm attracted to you," Sasuke stated, and Sakura felt herself flush. "Because you could kill me with one punch, and still love me,"

Sakura smirked. "Who said anything about love?"

"You wouldn't be prepared to put me out of my misery if you didn't love me," Sasuke said, as if he knew the power love could imbue in people. "Love can be dangerous; it can drive you to do things one wouldn't otherwise consider,"

"Like interrupt the meeting of five Kage and take each of them on?" Sakura said and Sasuke nodded.

"Precisely," Sasuke said and Sakura handed him the bottle.

"That's why we knew you weren't beyond our reach, no matter how bad things seemed. What you did, you did out of love,"

"It's still no excuse, but it was a definite factor," Sasuke agreed and took a long swig. He was beginning to feel the tell-tale lethargy in limbs along with the slight tang of arousal that crept through his veins from the alcohol.

"You should learn to channel your passions, in a healthy way," Sakura said flirtatiously, and brought a hand to cup his face. She was shaking slightly, but was pleased to find the adrenalin rush was helping her inhibitions. Sasuke covered her hand with his and squeezed gently, the concupiscence behind those dark eyes ever present. He had been lying back on his elbows, whilst Sakura was sat cross-legged. Sitting up he tilted his head towards her and kissed her ardently.

Sakura managed to the place the wine bottle on the bed-side table and moved so she was sitting on her knees, her small hands gripping his shoulders, pulling him tighter to her chest. The wine had made her giddy, but in a good way. She pushed her breasts into his body, arching her back as Sasuke dipped his head down to kiss along her neck, making Sakura's mind suddenly go numb. Her neck was so sensitive and Sasuke was quick to catch on as he sucked roughly on her on her skin, making a mark Sakura would rather not have to be rid of later, but she didn't care at that moment in time for he was making her capricious with pleasure.

He lowered her onto her back, resting on one arm as the other extended a hand to undo the zipper of her top. Sakura allowed his hand to glide down and sat up briefly so he could remove her red shirt. It crumpled to the floor with a small sound and Sasuke began to lavish attention where the newly revealed paths of skin would allow him. Despite his eagerness, he was just as nervous, having never known a woman in such a way, but was reeling the advice from Jiraiya's racy novels over in his head, wanting to pleasure her as much as he wanted to slack his own lusts.

He removed his lips from her neck and began to kiss along the valley of her breasts and around the cups of fabric that hid them from view. Sakura languidly let her arms flare out above her head, her small sighs and muted moans encouraging Sasuke's ministrations. Sasuke marvelled at the smoothness of her skin, the way she squirmed under his touches. He couldn't help but smirk with arrogance as he felt her melt to putty in his hands as he continued to kiss along her stomach. Sakura began to pant, her eyes screwed closed as he ran his hands along her thighs and lips touched the fabric of her shorts.

Sasuke gathered himself, sat up on his knees, and slowly began to tug at Sakura's shorts and skirt. As the garments became free, he dumped them on the floor along with her shirt, and was ready to continue to scatter attention to her body, but was stopped as Sakura sat up. He watched her quizzically, but as her hands beckoned for his shirt to be removed, Sasuke willingly obliged. Sakura ran her hands along his torso, feeling the hard ripples of muscle under her finger tips, his skin wondrously smooth to the touch. She tugged at the back of his head and pulled him in for a kiss, and Sasuke crushed his lips to hers, nipping at her bottom lips as Sakura moaned into his mouth. He could still feel her quiver nervously, but he soothed her with his hands. He touched her everywhere, smoothing over every pane of skin, until she felt his hands at her bra. He broke the kiss to gaze into her eyes as he undid the hook and flung it to the floor.

He had already seen her breasts, but Sakura still flushed with modesty, and Sasuke thought her slight blush adorable. He experimentally touched one and relished in its softness. He rolled his thumb over a rosy nipple and Sakura could barely suppress the shudder that ran up along her spine. Sasuke was already aroused, the blood pumped hard in his ears and the tiny hairs on the back of his neck were alert as the arousal made him light-headed. As he continued to massage her breast Sakura took charge and began trailing kisses along his chest. She came to a hard nipple and ran her tongue along it. Sasuke left her nipple and instead ran his hand through her beautiful hair, the sight of her delighting in the feel of his body making his eyes grow hazy with desire.

Sakura brought herself higher and encouraged Sasuke to lay back, turning the tide as she took control. It was an unexpected turn of events as he had suspected Sakura would be shy at first, reserved from taking the lead, but she appeared pretty confident in her movements. As Sasuke lay on his back as Sakura straddled him, this time taking her turn at running her lips along his neck. His hands went to her sides and started running along the expanse of her skin, making her mewl like a cat as he traced his fingers along her back. He was soon flushed from the heat of his desire and looked up as Sakura suddenly stopped her attentions. He gazed up and saw her position herself at the button of his trousers. She undid them quickly and tugged them down his legs, only the thin layers of cotton dividing them. When she had finished pulling them from his body, she returned to his mouth.

The kiss was deep and so red hot full of desire, neither of them could contain themselves. Sakura's movements then became erratic, as if she was as sex-starved as he was, and it made Sasuke grin wolfishly. Sakura noted his expression and bit her lip self-consciously.


"You're more eager than I thought you'd be," He rasped, and drew Sakura to him, holding her tight as if she were a leaf ready to dance in the Konoha breeze. Sakura simply hugged him back, a smile of satisfaction as she savoured in the feel of his body against the seam of hers. Sasuke cupped her in his arms and kissed her hard, his tongue dancing against hers in a battle for supremacy, his hands gripping hers above her head. He was naturally the more dominant of the two, but was gentle.

Letting go of her hands, Sasuke then situated himself at her feet where he grabbed one leg and hooked it over his shoulder, and began to trace his lips down along the pane of her leg. He kissed over her knee and Sakura quivered as he nipped the soft flesh of her thigh. Sasuke observed the cotton of her panties, and looked to Sakura, as if for permission. She nodded resolutely, and Sasuke hooked his fingers in the garment and began to peel it from her skin.

Sakura flushed red as Sasuke viewed her sex, that was the one thing she most concerned about but Sasuke laid a reassuring hand on her stomach as he began to kiss her bellybutton, his lips slowly descending and Sakura's heart beat loud as a drum in her ears. She had always wondered what it would feel like to have a man touch in her most intimate area, and was pleasantly surprised at how good it felt when Sasuke sat up and inserted a finger into her moist folds. As he curled a finger Sakura bucked her hips, attempting to extend the feeling for as long as she could. Sasuke began a merciless rhythm, and Sakura started to pant out the beginnings of pleasure-filled groans.

Sasuke couldn't keep his eyes from her, she was so beautiful, quivering from desire and panting the syllables of his name as he brought her to a high. She was so responsive and not in the slightest bit timid. He'd thought of her (though he'd never admit) when he was younger, when his wet dreams had plagued his youth he turned to her budding form and imagined her as she was now, open for him to take. He watched as his fingers became sodden with her arousal, his mind fascinated on how soft she felt, how silken and warm her insides were. The smell of her sex was tantalising, arousing him further, if that was possible. He had the urge to taste her, and so removed his finger from her and put it to his mouth. She tasted salty, yet saccharine and his dick twitched in his boxers as he tasted her sweetness.

Sakura was transfixed, even slightly mortified, but he appeared to like what he tasted and Sakura gasped as Sasuke turned his mouth in between her legs. He wrestled her legs apart and settled between them, running his tongue along the apex of his thighs. Sakura bucked her hips in response and drew her hands into his hair, her fingers gripping his hair almost painfully. He drew his tongue along her clit and Sakura moaned, throwing her head back against the pillow. Her back arched as Sasuke began to suck hard against her flesh, and quickly he brought his fingers to rush deep into her, and Sakura began panting his name as Sasuke used his tongue and fingers in tandem.

"Sasuke-!" Sakura groaned and the Uchiha steadied her hips as she began to arch against his relentless assault. She felt hot, and a seam of sweat began to form along her body as Sasuke brought her to heights she never imagined, the knot of pleasure in her stomach drawing her quickly to elation. She buried her hands in his hair and gripped onto to him for dear life as her body wracked with the force of her orgasm, her body convulsing as Sasuke continued to steady her, his ministrations letting her savour the feeling for as long as possible.

As Sakura came down from her high she grinned and laughed slightly. She then propped herself up on her elbows and looked at Sasuke, who looked so smug she wanted to wipe that smirk off his face with her own attentions.

"That was fun," She breathed, and Sasuke licked his lips, and then pecked her on the mouth, ready to move away until Sakura grabbed a fistful of his hair and pulled him towards her. Sasuke growled as pain flashed at his scalp, but he loved her roughness, and the gesture turned him on even more. Sakura then wrestled with him, until he relented and lay down.

Sakura sat by his side and teased him with small flourishes of touches along his hot skin, her hand dangerously close to his lower abdomen. He snarled and bucked his hips at her, which made Sakura grin devilishly. Taking the plunge, Sakura deftly dipped her hand into his boxers and grabbed onto his erection. Sasuke hissed with pleasure as she roughly handled him, drawing her hand along his shaft with a tight grip. He repressed a moan, but when Sakura began to strip away his undergarment, he couldn't stop the shudder of anticipation wrack through him.

Sakura dipped her head and traced her tongue along his head experimentally. A strong shudder rang through Sasuke's body and he relented, and moaned loudly. He could forgive Sakura's slightly clumsy touches, for when she did something he enjoyed, Sasuke rasped out his moans. He bit his lip as Sakura stretched her mouth over his head and experimentally bobbed her head up and down. Sasuke moaned her name as his brow scrunched with the sheer feeling of pleasure. This aspect of sex had always fascinated him, and as he watched Sakura take his cock into her mouth he was overcome with how erotic the scene was. It added to the stimulation and he could barely keep his eyes from her.

"Wait, wait-wa-" Sasuke said hurriedly, as at this stage he'd be coming before he even got to have sex. Sakura looked up and Sasuke erection fell from her lips with a small 'pop'. He was panting heavily, and Sakura gazed up at him, seemingly worried.

"What is it?" She asked, and her brow furrowed with worry.

Sasuke didn't reply, he simply grabbed her by the shoulders and roughly yanked her towards him for a kiss that made Sakura shudder with the force of it. But before Sasuke could stop her she grabbed his cock and pumped it hard. Sasuke moaned against her lips and came as his body trembled with the force of his orgasm. Sakura jumped slightly, taken by surprise while he spilled his load onto the bed sheets. Sasuke ground his teeth together and quivered. When he opened his eyes again he saw Sakura's face grinning like an idiot.

"Shit," He cursed and fell onto his back, throwing his arm across his eyes. As he breathed heavily, Sakura inched her way closer and lay, seemingly contented, next to him. She propped her head up in her hand and drew the other across Sasuke's sensitised skin.

"That was unexpected," She announced, but Sasuke ignored her, too embarrassed to say anything until he flashed an accusatory glance her way. "We need to work on your stamina,"

"Stop gloating," Sasuke pouted, his pride taking a lethal dent. He looked thoroughly wounded.

"You know, I can probably get your body ready again," She baited and Sasuke flashed her a curious look.

"What do you mean?" His eyebrow arched at her confidence.

"All I have to do-" She ran a finger along his vulnerable abdomen and swirled it near the base of his dick. "-is redirect the flow of your blood for a couple of seconds, it should work in theory,"

"In theory?" Sasuke's interest was piqued. Sakura then let her green medical chakra seep from her fingertips and placed her hand on Sasuke's abdomen. For a brief moment Sasuke's head spun as the flow of his blood was redirected to his nether regions. He thought he was going to faint as suddenly his dick was fully aroused and standing to attention. As Sakura brought her hand off his stomach, Sasuke's blood flow began to return to normal, but he was still very aroused. The affects of the last orgasm dissipated, and Sasuke was once again highly stimulated.

He whipped his eyes back to Sakura, and the kunoichi grinned.

"The wonders of medical chakra," She said and brought her lips to Sasuke's. He kissed her long and hard, until she moved on top of him and drew the seam of her legs up along Sasuke's erection. The Uchiha hummed his delight as Sakura bent her head low and pecked his lips. His hands went to steady her hips as she slowly began to grind her hips against his erection, both breaking into a sweat.

They breathed heavily for while as Sakura teased him, and Sasuke brought his hands up to her breasts as she tempted his patience. Sensing they were ready, Sakura lowered herself onto his cock and Sasuke moaned again he slipped into her wet folds. Sakura closed her eyes and tilted her head back from the feeling, lolling in the delight of feeling him inside her, she was so warm and inviting, Sasuke was in awe of the feel of being so close to her.

"Isn't there supposed to be blood?" He questioned, quite glad there didn't seem to be any difficulty.

"Nothing left to tear," Sakura said, and most was true for kunoichi, most having already torn their hymen when training in flexibility.

"You're so tight though," Sasuke breathed and he panted as Sakura began an achingly slow rhythm. Sasuke attempted to think of other things, like Sai talking about dicks, as Sakura began to moan and writhe on top of him, drawing her hips in a tight roll against his hips as she gripped him. Their rhythm was clumsy at first, but they knew their bodies well and soon began to moan and struggle against coming too early.

Sakura began panting hard, and collapsed forward slightly, her hands gripping Sasuke's pecks as he hit the right spot. He began to thrust his hips upwards in time to hers; perspiration lined their forms as both soon drew near to their climax.

"Sasu-" Sakura grimaced, stifling her moan as best she could as her second orgasm hit her. Sasuke let out a string of guttural moans as she gripped onto him tight, almost painfully, as her inner muscles contracted. They stayed stationary for a moment, both riding out their orgasms, until Sakura collapsed onto his chest and snuggled up under his arm. Sasuke's eyes were still closed as he swallowed and then peered down at Sakura. She looked up at him and smiled contentedly.

"Is there any of that wine left?" Sakura asked and Sasuke nodded. He was so relaxed and satiated that he just wanted to lie back with Sakura in his arms as he drifted off to sleep.

"There's more in the kitchen," He mumbled and Sakura got up and grabbed his shirt. She threw it on and raced towards the fridge. As she stepped out the two ANBU cast their gaze towards her, and one of them made a very obscene with his hand as she walked past. Sakura flushed and gave them the finger, took the bottle out of the fridge and made her way back into the room.

Sasuke looked up as she entered the room and smirked at the sight of her in his shirt. She was so sexy like that. He watched her unscrew the top and then shut his eyes, only to yelp in shock as he felt something cold and liquid pour onto his skin. He eyes flashed open and he stared at Sakura, who tipped the wine onto his body.

"What the hell are you doing?" He growled, but Sakura fixed him with a lustful stare and he went quiet.

"Naruto's only gone one night, so we best make the most of it," Sakura grinned, and Sasuke relented with a devilish smile on his face.

A hawk soared through the sky as the light dimmed across the field. The sky was an unnatural, purplish hue; the fiery globe of the sun was surrounded by the orange profusion of the sunset.

Sasuke was sitting along in the field again, under the same oak tree awaiting Itachi's prescience. He always appeared around dusk, when the sun was dipping beyond the violet horizon. He sat making his usual daisy chain, and looked up to find Itachi's form stood stark against the sky, on the opposite hill. He walked with his usual warrior's grace, his thin body wrapped in a navy yukata. He smiled as he neared Sasuke.

"You're in a good mood," He noted and Sasuke couldn't help but smile back. Itachi gathered himself and sat down next to him, and began fingering the flowers in same fashion as Sasuke.

"I've met someone," Sasuke stated, and Itachi looked pleasantly surprised. Stars began to form in the sky above. "Her name's Sakura,"

"Is she as lovely as her name?"

"She has ridiculous pink hair," Sasuke scoffed. "The name suits her well,"

Itachi smiled and allowed the breeze to tickle along his skin.

"She's fiery, passionate," Sasuke continued, and he looped his daisy chain with deft hands. "I've known her for years, but only now am I taking the time to truly know her,"

"Was she the one who killed Sasori?"

"Yes, that was her," Sasuke remembered the first time he'd heard that news. It had shocked him, as he could never have imagined Sakura to grow so powerful.

"Is she your first lover?"

"Yes," Sasuke said, and he was still infused with the satiated calmness that came after sex. But he wondered to himself what his brother's life was like, as he'd often tried to ask him questions, only to have them answered with further questions. "Did you ever meet someone?"

"Someone?" Itachi asked, amused but seemingly perplexed.

"You know... someone like Sakura?" He probed, but Itachi only lifted his face to the wind.

"I couldn't make any attachments after that night, Sasuke. I had women, but never a lover," He said with frankness, but with a look of longing that meant he'd wished he'd had the chance to grow to like someone. "My journey was destined to be a lonely one,"

"I wish you had the chance to feel as I do,"

"It was not my destiny, but maybe it's yours. You did things I couldn't dream of, soared to heights I could never reach. You have my eyes, but you see through them differently," Itachi began, and the night rolled in, the stars glowed brighter."For that I am grateful,"

"Tell me about the women you met, tell me about your life," Sasuke said, and closed his eyes; his brother's voice one of the only things that soothed him.

"My life was a deceit, cloaked in shadow and clandestine deception," Itachi stated, not wishing to continue this conversation. "It was devoid of passion, of true relevance, what I did shaped you, and I am sorry it had to be done in such a harmful way,"

"I forgive you, but I am still so angry that you were ever forced into that choice,"

"Do not stay angry at the ones in Konoha, none of the truly guilty are left alive, you made sure of that,"

Sasuke mulled over his brother's words, nothing the soft look of tranquillity across his face as the sun burst beyond the horizon.

"Itachi..." Sasuke looked up and gazed at his brother's wayward eyes. "Did you kill Shisui?"

Itachi suddenly so tired, so old. "Yes,"

Sasuke stared at Itachi and he in turn stared back at Sasuke. He'd paled, like the life just appeared to leave his pallor, like a corpse.

"Killing Shisui and our family was more painful than any wound, more painful than my heart slowly destroying itself," Itachi said and he hoped Sasuke wouldn't ask him any more questions he'd rather not answer. "I caused nothing but pain,"

"I wish you hadn't given up, I wish you were still with me, guiding me," Sasuke said. "Even when I hated you, you still made the path I needed to take clear to me,"

"I failed in death, when Madara took you under his wing," Itachi said thoughtfully, but his face seemed to brighten. "You're still so fixated on the past; you need to look to the future,"

"The past can never be undone, it plagues me," Sasuke said and gazed up at the stars. "It haunts me still,"

"Which is why I will need to leave you soon, so we may both move on," Itachi reasoned, and he too gazed up at the sheet of hundreds of stars spilling across the night sky. "Your demons need to leave you,"

"All I have is demons, if I let go then I'll have nothing,"

"That's not true, you have Sakura, and Naruto, people who still have faith in you," Itachi said, and smiled softly. "iF I'm your demon, then they're your angels,"

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