His fingers danced on the keys the melody could be heard throughout the house. Sadly, there wasn't a soul to listen to him play. His home was empty now. No one but himself lived in this grand place.

His lavender eyes slid closed. Hungary was gone. Everyone was. The only one that came to visit was Prussia… And that former nation hadn't come by in some time.

Roderich was fine with his solitude. So he told himself… Eventually he'd really feel that way. He was sure of it.

The Austrian sighed softly, as he continued to play, only slightly interested in his song now. He was more eager to finish the tune. Then perhaps a small meal, maybe even some cake. With coffee and cream on top of it… and then a book then bed. He nodded to himself. Yes. That sounded wonderful.

Violet eyes narrowed suddenly, but his fingers never stopped their journey on the keys. Someone was in this room with him. And it wasn't the Prussian. He tensed. Waiting. He took a breath. Then moved, sliding off the piano bench as a horrible mix of crunching and music came from his piano. He picked himself up, quickly turning to see the damage.

A pipe was embedded in the ivory keys of his piano. He followed the metal instrument to the man.


"You got away!" the man sighed, pulling his pipe out of the crushed keys. Bits of ivory falling to the floor.

Roderich stood tall, brushing himself off. "What are you doing in my home, Ivan?"

The Russian sighed, as he walked around the black piano. His gloved fingers running along the smooth polished surface. "Ah.. You see… I've been thinking. For a long time now… And the more I thought about it. The angrier I got…" He looked up giving the Austrian a smile. His violet eyes shining. "Yes. I was so mad.. They left you see. My spoils of the war. It wasn't fair… Not fair. Not at all." The Russian raised his faucet pipe and smashed it into the piano. Damaging the instrument.

The Austrian flinched, a pained expression on his face.

"Whose fault… whose fault… many people to blame.. So many.. But~" The Russian laughed still smashing up the piano with his metal weapon. "There was one person that I am placing the blame on. You see.. If you hadn't existed they might've stayed with me.." A madness gleamed in the Russian's eyes as he paused in his battering of the piano to look at the man.

"What are you talking about?" Austria took a slight step back. He'd let Ivan take all his aggression out on his piano. That's fine… as long as it was just his piano.. Still, he looked at his battered masterpiece.. He had had that wonderful wooden music maker… for years..

"They cried you know. Hungary.."

Violets turned angrily onto Russia now.

"She cried. Cried your name in her sleep. Spit in my face when I cut up her pretty porcelain skin. Your name came up a lot. She compared us a lot." He laughed boyishly at the memories. "How great a man you are… but you gave her away. Gave her to me. Your former wife. What kind of man does that? You can't be so great, da."

"You left me with no choice!" Roderich hissed. Anger flaring up inside him. How dare this man speak to him about this.

"And then… Prussia.. Well.. He didn't cry. Not when I was around, but I know he did. I hate him. And love him. His eyes are so defiant. Full of hate. He cried for many things in his sleep. Germany quite often. But another name came up too. Roddy. That you, Roderich?" The Russian smashed his pipe into the keys again. Cracking them. Breaking them, insuring that they'd never play again. "Not fair! They left! They could've been part of me. One with Russia, da! But they left because of you. You who let them both go. Gave them away as if they were nothing!"

"That's not true!" he had never wanted to give Hungary away. Prussia either. Knowing the fates they would most likely meet on the other side. "We had no choice.." They really didn't. And when that wall finally came down…

He ran to Liz. He held her tight. Apologized. Over and over again. She looked battered. But far from broken. Her eyes as fiery as ever. She said it was okay. She never hated him for it. He still felt guilty. Never ending guilt.

And Gilbert… in a far worse state then Liz had been… but far from being broken. And Gilbert didn't hate him either for it. He'd have to hate his brother too for being sent with Russia. But it had been out of everyone's hands…

But guilt… he had no way for making up what had happened to Liz. For giving back all that had been lost to Gilbert.

"They're gone. I hold you responsible. And I will make you pay for taking what was mine.

Before he knew the Russian was in front of him and he was being thrown into his battered piano. The pain flooded through him as he sank to the floor.

Thunder rang outside. Shaking the house it was so loud.

The Austrian coughed, trying to get a handle on this situation. Ivan was not going to be giving that chance. He grabbed the man by his cravat pulling him up. The Russian gave the Austrian a wide grin. "Let's play, da!"


"West! I'm home! Have you missed me? No, don't answer that, I know you have! I am awesome!" The albino said proudly, bounding from room to room as he spoke, looking for the blonde. Finally finding him in the study.

"Ost, you're home?" Blue eyes glanced at him for only a moment before returning to work.

Prussia looked at his younger brother with an unamused look. "Yeah. I've been saying I'm home since I got home.." The albino sighed, flopping onto the couch in the study.

"Good. I was going to call Roderich and yell at you."


"That's where you were, right?" The blonde slowly looked up, concern etched in his serious features.

Gilbert shook his head. "No. I was with Antonio and Francis the past two weeks… why?"

Ludwig now looked very distressed. "It's been raining in Austria for a week.."

"Eh?" Gilbert sat up. Nation avatars normally didn't effect the weather. Unless they were in really distressed or sick.

"I thought it was you upsetting Roderich… I just heard about it. Thunderstorms for a week straight..." Ludwig's brow was furrowed.

Gilbert in all his years had never upset Austria enough to change the weather.. Though, that would be awesome if he did that, he never had. And him and Roddy were on good.. Eh.. Fairly friendly terms.

They fought, Austria didn't approve of being tackled from behind while he screamed about an invasion of vital regions. And Austria didn't like it when Gilbert pressed random keys while he played the piano. Or licked all the frosting off his cakes in the fridge. Or left beer bottles and cans on the nice furniture. But Austria let him stay. And Gilbert liked being there…

The albino stood. What was causing the Austrian so much distress? "I'll go check on him."

The German frowned not sure if sending Gilbert would do any good, or just make things worse. "I don't know.."

"Well if not me, then who? Where are Roderich's friends? Where is that Penny pinching brat? Or That bitch Hungary?"

Germany shrugged sighing. "I don't know.."

"I'm going!" He turned, leaving the study.

"Be careful bruder.."

"Ja ja…"


A week of rain was sure having it's effects on the city of Vienna. The streets were flooding. This city wasn't meant to take on the amounts of rain it was getting. Everything was waterlogged, this city hadn't seen the sun in a week. Lighting flashed across the sky as another roar of thunder followed close behind the flash.

"Jeez Roddy… what are you pmsing over..?" Gilbert sighed, at the house at last. A few lights were on. But nothing unusual so far. He raised his hand on to knock, when he noticed that the music room's light wasn't on. That was odd… He walked through the ruined and flooded garden that he watched the Austrian plant this spring and headed to the window he often climbed through. He pushed open the window, climbing inside. Hoping Roderich wouldn't make it rain even harder when he saw all the mud and water the Prussian was bringing in.

His foot stepped onto the floor, earning a crunch.


Lighting flashed lighting up the room for just a second. And it made Gilbert's heart stop.

The piano smashed. Smashed to bits. The keys battered and broken on the floor. The furniture turned over, paintings ripped from the walls. Destroyed. The Prussian pulled out his phone, flipping it open, using it as a mini flashlight. The crunch he learned, had been a part of the Austrian's violin. Just a part of it..

"The fuck…" He was on guard now. Something happened. Something bad. Really bad happened.

Completely in the house, he closed the window quietly. Quickly and quietly moving out of the music room. Where was Roderich?

A horse scream ripped through the house. And it turned the Gilbert's blood to ice. Roderich.

Then that laugh… That achingly familiar child like laugh, that made the Prussian want to vomit, and old wounds start to ache again.

Ivan… Ivan got Roderich…

For a week.. A week this had been happening. And not one person.. Not one friend came to the musician's aid. That bitch. Hungary should be here wielding her frying pan. Protecting Austria as she always had… and where was trigger happy Vash? Fucking useless all of them.

Prussia crept quietly through the hallway, that lead to the kitchen, where the Russian's voice was coming from. Trying to ignore the dark splotches on the floor and walls. The handprint in a dark color where Russia let it drag along the wall.

He peeked into the usually clean spotless kitchen.

There.. On the kitchen table in tattered blood stained garments… matted brown hair. Violet eyes. Lifeless. They looked dead. Roderich…

"I hate your eyes!" sighed the Russian. He was further in the kitchen. His back towards both of them. "I want to cut them out. You can still play music with no eyes right? Ahahah. I guess it doesn't matter. Your fingers are worthless… if they heal right.. Maybe you can play again. But that racket is so annoying.. I should make you deaf too… just in case.. Anything to stop that horrible noise."

Gilbert tore his eyes away, pressing his back to the hallway wall.. Holding down the rising bile, and pulled out his phone again quickly texting West. Help. He needed it. He'd be damned if he let the Russian do another thing to Austria.

Nations can't die. Well.. They can. But they don't stay dead. He had killed Arthur a couple of times back in their pirate days, and in turn, he had been killed once or twice. But unless something actually happens to your nation you don't die. Well. As old as he was he wasn't quite sure how it worked seeing as how he was a former nation… he shook his head closing his phone. Text sent. It didn't matter how it worked.

What to do? West would be a while…

"Gegrüßet seist du Maria, voll der… Gnade….Unser Herr ist mit dir.."

"What are you doing? Praying?" Russia laughed. His footsteps approaching.

Hail Mary… Ludwig, Roderich and himself had stopped praying long long ago. To many things that couldn't be unseen. To many things that shouldn't have happened that did. Roddy himself had been the first to give up in God. He didn't wear the black and silver crosses like he and his brother did. And they only wore their crosses out of habit.. Well.. Ludwig still might believe… maybe. But he'd be a damn liar if he said he didn't pray back when he was being tortured by Russia…

"Gesegnet bist du unter den Frauen, und gesegnet ist die Frucht deines Leibes,"

"Hurry up and finish!" sighed Ivan

Austria's soft voice whispering words he didn't believe in… Ivan broke something already quite breakable… what fun was there in that? How could you possibly get enjoyment out of that? Yeah. He loved to pick on Austria. Bringing him close to tears sometimes! And yeah, he wailed on that Priss back in the day. But that was then and this is now. And he felt guilty when he teased so much that it would make Roddy's eyes tear up. Or when he chased the man around the house and accidentally ended up hurting him. When he'd grab Roddy' vital regions and accidentally make Roddy cut himself on the knife he was wielding. (he'd only done that once. As, he realized after the fact it could have ended worst then just a cut finger) He had made sure to bandage up the cut, clean it and everything. And lots of apologies.

Prussia just couldn't fathom why Russia would go after Austria.

"Jesus… Heilige Maria, mutter gottes, bitte für uns sünder, jetzt und in der stunde unseres todes.. A-Amen."

"Amen," whispered Gilbert stepping carefully into the kitchen.

Russia had a knife just under a dull but scared violet eye. Russia's hand gripping bloody brown hair, tugging on it, forcing the head back. "Amen right! You're all done, da? You know, I'm surprised you still have a voice to say all that. But I'm glad you do. Your screams are so pretty. So. Make sure you scream nice and loud when I take out these awful eyes, da?"

Gilbert crept up to the Russian, glad the man's back was to him. Any wrong move would send the sharp blade right into Roderich's face. Planning his move as carefully as he could he swiftly grabbed the Russian's wrist, attempting to pull it back.

"Oh? What's this?" Violet eyes gleaming with madness glanced back at him. "Gilbert! How good to see you. I've missed you lots."

"Let go of him Ivan you sick fuck."

"Ah? Don't like it that I hurt your little aristocrat?" The Russian dropped his knife. "He was easy to break Gilbert. I did it in less then a day. Screams. Tears. All in the first few hours. I took everything from him. He's ruined. In many ways. It'll only be a matter of time before he becomes mine. I can't imagine you wasting your time with something so damaged. Hungary either. One day. When you've given up trying to fix him, I'll come back for him. And take him as my own. It's his payment for being the reason my toys left me." Ivan laughed childishly releasing Roderich. Stepping away "I'll be going now."

"Like hell you'll be going-" Gilbert snapped following the Russian. He'd rip that man to pieces. With his bare hands.

"I'm leaving.. But if you want to fight me we can. Then you and Austria can bleed to death together!"

Gilbert cursed, turning around but regrettably letting the Russian go. He couldn't leave. He went up to the table, surveying the damage done to the Austrian. The man was on his side now, curling up. His hands tucked into his chest. He reached out patting the blood stained hair. Frowning when he was flinched away from "It's okay Roddy.. It's over now." He looked down at the battered body with pity in his scarlet eyes. He knelt down hating to see tears in those violet eyes. He took one of Roderich's wrist looking over the battered hands. Broken. From the tips of the fingers to the wrist. He raised the battered hand to his lips, giving it a soft kiss. Wanting to give the musician hope. "You'll play again Roddy… something like this can't defeat you… You're fucking Austria! A classy undefeatable man!"

Violet eyes. So dulled. Broken. Not a speck of hope lay within their depths. Even when Austria sat at his feet defeated all those years ago. He had never seen eyes like that.


Ludwig. He really had gotten here fast.. Gilbert didn't take his eyes off the Austrian. When the positions had been reversed not all that long ago. When he had stumbled out of Russia's clutches. He had woken up to see surprised violet eyes. And heard sincere words come from that man. "Welcome home, Gilbert." And then he backed away to let his brother talk to him. But just backed away. Roderich never left his side.

It had been in Austria's home he spent a good part of his days. Recovering mentally, as well as physically. That beautiful piano chasing away all the demons. How could you have nightmares when you were listening to the most beautiful music known to man?

He laid on Austria's couch in the music room just listening to him play for hours and hours. Not just the piano, sometimes he'd do the violin. And that was just as awesome.

Austria had looked after him. Taken care of him. All things he didn't have to do considering their past. Teasing Austria would never get old. He loved doing it. It's what also helped recover quicker, it had to have been. To see Austria flush and become upset over stupid things made Gilbert laugh and laugh. The very mention of Vital Regions made the man leave the room.

"Ost." Ludwig said softer, surveying the damage. Keeping his silence about what he saw. But his mouth was set in a firm set line. And Gilbert knew the man was pissed. "Who?"


Ludwig began to tell him what needed to be done. And so on. Prussia faded in and out, nodding. His thoughts were elsewhere. Like how he'd gut Russia if he ever got his hands on the freak. But more importantly….. He needed to find a way to fix Austria… help him recover.

Austria helped him when he was at it's worst, he was determined to return the favor.

"Roddy…" his pale hand brushed the Austrian's cheek. Another flinch away. But it only fueled his determination to kill the Russian. As if he needed anymore reasons….


I'm a sick human being that needs my favorite characters to suffer. I felt a little Austria angst is just what the doctor ordered. (though, this will be a lot hehe)

I don't normally write things like this.. So I hope it's turned out okay. And as we go on, you'll learn more of what happened to Austria while in Russia's hands.

Thank for reading.