Hello everyone! Just a note before you start reading…all chapters labeled "Roseanne" are written by Angel, and all chapters labeled "Alahna" are written by Devil. Just a heads up! Enjoy!:)


It was hard to say that I had ever felt excitement; with my life that wasn't very common. I was an orphan, abandoned by my parents when I was little. I lived wherever I could. Currently I was living in a small part of the woods. News had just gotten to me about the return of The Kings and Queens of Old: Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy. They had left Narnia awhile ago for reasons unknown. However, their tales of ruling were often told by the true people.

Why was this excitement you ask? Not only could they help Narnia, but I was desperately and madly in love with High King Peter. Though I'd never met him, I heard stories about him. He was brave, and courageous, and also extremely gorgeous. I so badly wanted to meet him. I doubted highly that he'd ever fall in love with me. After all, what was I, an orphan, compared to a king?

I sighed and leaned back against an oak tree. In the distance I could faintly see the outlines of the Telmarine Castle. I wondered where I could find the Kings and Queens. I wondered if King Peter would even take a glance at me. As I sat there, lost in my daydreams, I didn't notice the two soldiers come up to me. And by the time realization hit me, it was too late. All I saw was blackness.