Chapter Twenty-Six: Alahna

After Roseanne's announcement to both the army and separately to me my mind was still in shock. I was only danger to Edmund, there were no true feelings, just dark magic luring back a young boy once tempted. After Roseanne told me that it was my dark magic luring him in and not truly myself she left, leaving me alone at the Sto

ne Table with my thoughts.

"Alahna?" A voice, Edmund's, asked walking through the door. I turned to face him and kept my composure.

"Yes?" I asked and he stepped forward.

"I was really worried in the woods, when she took over." He stated and I just kept calm.

"You don't have to worry about me, not now or any other time." I replied sounding detached.

"What's wrong, Alahna, you can tell me." He answered grasping my arm but I roughly took my arm back.

"I am fine. I am not some child that needs to have my hand held. Leave me." I spat trying to not cry.

"Alahna, this isn't you." He responded frowning.

"It is, though. I have dark magic in me. That's the only reason you show affection for me. I'm just tempting a child who cannot get enough of it." I said icily and walked out not even turning around to see his reaction, but I knew that he was hurt and upset.

As soon as I was in my room I burst into tears. Hurting him was the only way for him to leave me, to spare him from any danger. I eventually composed myself and headed down to the armory where I saw all sorts of creatures trying on armor, even mice. I raised a brow at a particularly loud one with a red feather on his ear. He was trying to put on a rather large piece of armor but only succeeded in getting it over his head but it eventually trapped him underneath it.

"Get this infernal thing off of me!" The small mouse chirped and I laughed at its antics. I walked towards it and looked in the head hole. The mouse looked back up and started waving his arms. "Help me!" He squeaked.

"Need help, cute little guy?" I asked and kicked the armor, causing him to topple but not the actual armor.

"Do not call me cute!" He snapped pulling out a sword and waving it around.

"Then what do I call you, little guy?" I asked kicking it a bit more.

"Not little guy, either. My name is Reepicheep, a knight of Narnia! Who are you?" Reepicheep squeaked and waved his sword around a little more.

"Lady Alahna of Harfaang if we're being formal, but you can just call me Alahna." I replied smiling, but Reepicheep continued waving his sword around. "I will not let you out if you don't sheathe that sword… because I have a much bigger one that could take you down with one slice." I stated pulling my sword out and showing it off.

"Fine, fine." He replied and sheathed his sword.

"Good, we're acting civil." I replied and lifted the chest armor. As soon as I lifted it Reepicheep bowed and stood at his full height of one foot tall.

"Thank you, Lady Alahna, from releasing me from that horrible prison."

"If that was difficult then what are you doing fighting?" I asked and he scoffed.

"I am more than capableof fighting!" He retorted and I laughed.

"Of course, you are. Now, do you need help finding a better fitting piece of armor?" I asked kindly and he nodded.

"That would be nice." He replied and I laughed and took a smaller piece of armor off the top most shelf.

"Try this." I replied and he raised his arms and I slipped it on. "Perfect fit." I stated smiling and while putting it on. "Nice thickness to it also." I continued and smiled.

"Thank you, My Lady." Reepicheep said, bowing.

"Please, just Alahna." I answered.

"Lady Alahna! High King Peter says to go to the high most top of the HOW, immediately." A satyr shouted coming into the armory.

"I'm coming, goodbye Reepicheep, I'll see you on the battlefield." I answered then waved goodbye to the small mouse.

"I will see you then, Alahna!" He shouted and I ran up the stairs to the roof of the HOW. Once I got there Peter, Susan, Lucy, Caspian, the Professor, Roseanne, and Edmund were already there.

"What's-" I started then was cut off when Edmund pointed out to the valley and avoided my eyes. When I looked down all I saw were Telmarine flags, machines, and soldiers stretching out and into the forest. "Did you see this, Roseanne?" I asked and she nodded.

"Yes, but not so soon, Aslan, help us." Roseanne stated and looked up at the sky.

"Please, Aslan." I whispered and looked down at what was soon to be a battlefield caked in blood… Narnians and Telmarines alike.