Yay! First Atelier Annie fic! This takes place on days after the Best Ending and will include hence the title Sweet days and Sour days. This chapter came from my idea on how Fitz dislikes Pepe. I was wondering why she never made his food taste bad on purpose, and well this idea formed off of that. Well enjoy plz and I don't own Atelier Annie!

Sweet and Sour Days

Chapter 1 Revenge is Sweet

"Either way Annie," said Liese as she sipped her tea. Annie nodded as she wrote down the recipe her "big sis" was giving her. She had asked Liese for some advice on a recipe to send to her parents on the mainland, well Pepe did. Pepe wouldn't let her send any bombs this time, or at least attempt to send some bombs and asked Liese to help her think of a gift.

"Stupid Beaux! Stupid Kyle! Stupid Kilbert! Stupid short fairy! Stupid Hans!" snapped Fitz as she banged into Annie's workshop followed by Gillian laughing at the younger girl's rage. "Annie-oneechan!" she yelled running up to Annie hugging her. Liese giggled while Annie sat there shocked.

"What's wrong Fitz?" asked Annie as she patted the crying girl. Fitz sniffed a few times before taking a breath and yelling out.

"Kilbert and Kyle where in the resturant playing with their dolls, then Beaux came in and started fighting with Kilbert and Kyle went around bothering the female customers! Hans was in there and, well Kyle mistaked him for one and he began yelling, and the short fairy just joined in and wouldn't leave when I asked them too! Annie-oneechan! They could've ruined our resturant's reputation!" yelled Fitz to her big sister.

"Kyle and Killbert I believe, and I believe Beaux, but Hans and Pepe? Well Hans I believe partly," said Annie to Fitz. Fitz nodded and Gillian popped up out of nowhere.

"You should have seen him! He looked so mad and Pepe was also mad about all the racket!" yelled Gillian laughing. Annie nodded sighing at the story.

"You know what we need?" asked Liese as she looked at the younger girls.

"What! Tell us Big Sister Liese!" yelled Annie looking at Liese with sparkles in her eyes. Liese laughed and held up a finger.

"First I need some Firey Puffs, Mokomo Sour, and 500 cole!" she said making her signature money wanting pose. Everyone fell over at Liese's price.

"Why so low?" asked Annie. Liese looked confused.

"I can make it higher if you want," said Liese. "I'll explian it later for free, but for now it'll be 1,000 cole!"

"Later!" Fitz, Gillian, and Annie yelled as they ran out the door trying to gather the items before Liese charged them.

"This is going to be sweet, and maybe my little sisters will gain something," said Liese as she sipped more tea.

Fitz, Gillian, and Annie where hanging around the main plaza talking about how to get the items Liese requested. "I could take Gillian and get the sour, and you can make some puffs right?" asked Annie as she thought things over.

"Leave it to me Annie-onnechan and Gillian!" yelled Fitz running off towards the resturant to make the puffs. Gillian turned towards Annie.

"Why can't I be her sister too!" yelled Gillian as tears streamed down her cheeks. Annie began to stutter when Old Jacob, Daniel, Melody, and Hans walked up to them.

"Miss Annie and Gil!" called Melody catching both girls attention. They yelled and pulled out weapons, a book for Annie and a spear for Gillian. "Did I scare you that much?"

"Mel! We were in the middle of important thinking and bussines!" yelled Gillian happily. Everyone looked at the girls suprised.

"So Annie does have brain cells, and Gillian isn't always a slacker," said Hans looking at them. Melody giggled and Daniel just wrote down in a book.

"Hohoho, I heard you guys needed something, allow me to tell you where to get it," said Old Jacob. The girls leaned in as the old man whispered in their ears the best place for them to find Mokomo Sour.

"You'll regret saying that Honestien!" yelled Annie pointing at Hans and grabbing Gillian and running off.

"Thanks Old Jacob!" both girls called out as they ran towards the Baisen. Jacob laughed while the others where just confused.

"Now I'm Honestien? I really prefer my real name to that," muttered Hans as he watched the girls run off. Melody bit into her jerky before replying.

"I think you don't really matter what Miss Annie calls you," she said watching Hans stiffen and fluster a bit.

"I agree Mr. Hans," said Daniel meekly. Hans humphed and stormed away, he got enough of that from Liese and Kyle already. "M-mr. Hans!" yelled Daniel as he hurried off after Hans. Melody just followed while eating her Squid Jerky. Old Jacob turned and walked towards his shop.

"There!" yelled Annie as she slammed the book on the bunny looking thing. "I got one Gillian!" Annie held up the vile filled with yellow liquid.

"Haah!" yelled Gillian as she stabbed the other Mokomo and picking up her own vile. "Yaay! Level up! I got one too Annie!"

"Come on we'll use the Return Gate to get back," said Annie as she pulled out a mini door. The door grew in size allowing the girls to pass through back into Annie's workshop. "Big Sis Liese! We've got it!"

"Good job, Fitz will be here soon with the puffs. You owe me an extra 3,000 cole from the fairy's stash, it was a pain keeping the guys out of here," said Liese sipping tea. "You really need a lock for those doors."

"What did you do to them, and what about Captain!" yelled Gillian. Tears started running down her cheeks at the thought of being scolded again.

"I told him you where helping me today, also that's gonna be another 5,000 cole from the fairy or you guys. The guys, well Kilbert is off training, Beaux is wandering, Kyle is well being himself somewhere, the fairy is with Hans, and Hans is doing work," said Liese as she watched Annie empty Pepe's pillow and take 8,500 cole from his huge stash. "Gotta remember where that is incase the fairy says he is broke."

"Here's the expences Big Sis Liese," said Annie handing Liese the cash. Liese smiled as she took the sour off of the girls and inspected it with care.

"Perfect, all we need is to know their favorite foods and we're good to go," said Liese. Annie pulled out a book and began flipping through the book. "You keep a journal?"

"Pffft! Of course! They ask me for so much I've put a limit on how much they can order per month, week, or day, and everything is recorded in here," said Annie holding up the book in one hand. "Beaux likes Castellas, Kilbert likes Puni Pudding, Kyle likes Cheesecake, Pepe likes Chocolate, and Hans likes, well I don't know that one," said Annie as she closed the book.

"Just make him something special, okay Annie? Make him one without and with the sour, Gillian do the same for Kilbert, and Fitz will do the same for Beaux, but make sure they eat the good one first. As soon as they begin to get the puffs and sour ones run," said Liese simply. Annie nodded and picked out recepie books to look through them.

"Why do I have to make the food that'll be for Beaux?" asked Fitz. Nobody had noticed that she had been standing in the doorway ever since Liese had mentioned her name.

"He's the one closest to your age, and plus he's the least likely to get mad at you," said Liese winking. Fitz just nodded looking at Liese oddly before walking over to Annie.

"Hans is getting normal Puffs, he likes fluffy and puffy stuff," muttered Annie as she closed the book. Everyone busted out laughing. "I can't believe he still wears those Fluff Shoes I made him!"

"I think he even sleeps in them!" Liese said as everyone busted out into more fits of giggles. After a few moments Liese spoke again. "Ok let's get this plan started, and to make things easier I brought over my own cauldron so the work would be faster, now let's get started!" The girls agreed and began making their items in the two cauldrons, in about a few hours they where done with everything. "Ok, now we take the sour and pour it on one of the items, and then package them seperatly. The sour in green and normal in brown, Firey Puffs will go in the green."

"Ok!" the younger girls shouted as they began to package their food in eight boxes. A few more minutes and they where done. "Now what Big Sis Liese?"

"I'm going to tell you why I am doing this," said Liese sitting down in a chair. Everyone else sat in a half circle waiting for Liese to speak again. "What we're doing is called revenge."

"Revenge!" they all shouted looking at Liese in amazement. Liese nodded.

"Yes, revenge is when you get back at someone for things they did to you. We're getting back at the boys with the desserts. I'm helping because I want revenge on Kyle for trying to look up my dress the other day, and I can't let my sisters suffer. Kilbert won't stop challanging Gillian. Hans and Pepe scold Annie for just asking questions. Kyle is a complete pervert, and he annoys all the girls. Beaux and Kilbert fight in the worst places, same goes for Kyle. Do you understand why I wish to help you?" asked Liese watching the girls reply with a simple yes. "Plus you guys might thank me for this later."

"It's so late, and since Pepe won't be back that means," began Annie as she looked a Gillian and Fitz.

"SLEEPOVER!" they all finished together laughing. The rest of their night was spent doing stuff girls normally did at sleepovers, laughing, teasing, and talking a little about their revenge.

The next day at lunch each girl was heading off for their location, Annie to the Comitte HQ, Liese to the Weaponshop, Gillian to the Adventure Guild, and Fitz to the Main Plaza. They all agreed to meet in Annie's workshop and to have a secreat password so the guys couldn't get in if they chased them. "Opperation Sweet Revenge is now started!" yelled Fitz, Gillian, and Annie as they ran in opposite directions.

"There's nobody to save today," said Beaux as he looked around the plaza. His eyes landed on Fitz who was walking over to him smiling. "Crap! She's gonna kill me I bet, or get Liese, Annie, or Gillian too!"

"B-beaux?" she asked using the same attitude she used towards Annie.

"I'm sorry don't kill me!" he yelled as he put his hands over his head. He closed his eyes and was suprised when a punch didn't come. "Huh?" He saw a small brown box in his face.

"It's okay, please eat this though!" she said bowing slightly. Beaux blinked and took the box from her and opened it.

"Castella! My favorite! You must have asked Annie, she's kind of like a stalker with that book of hers," he said between bites. Fitz had to keep her anger down and keep up with the sweet act for the plan to work, "Thanks Fitz!" yelled Beaux as he gave the younger girl a quick hug. Fitz's cheeks turned a faint pink before she pushed him off.

"Here! I made you some Puffs and one more!" said Fitz holding out the green box. Beaux took it without complaint and immediatly stuffed the Castella in his mouth. Fitz began to back away as he chewed the cake like food. His face immediatly scrunched up in a puckered face from the strength of the sour. Fitz quickly turned and ran as fast as her little legs would take her.

"Fitz!" yelled Beaux when he realized the girl was gone. He began to run after her forgetting about his bad sense of direction.

Gillian happily entered the guild and walked over to Kilbert immediatly. "This dessert is real good Kil-kun!"

"Oh give me!" he said taking the box from Gillian and tearing it open and devouring the pudding inside. "Thanks Gillian! Got anymore?"

"Yep! There are some puffs in this one too! You have to give me something first though!" said Gillian smiling. Kilbert looked at her and though for a moment before patting her on the head.

"That good enough?" he asked looking at her in an embaressed way. Gillian rolled her eyes and hugged Kilbert before handing him the green box and walking towards the door with her head positioned so she could look over her shoulder at Kilbert as he ripped open the box and shoved everything in his mouth. Gillian giggled as his eyes widened and his mouth screwed up strangely and he shivered. She walked out the Guild before running off giggling even more. "GILLIAN!"

"Kyle!" said Liese sweetly as she looked at him smiling. Kyle smiled at her. "Here you go sweet Kyle," she said in a fake voice shuddering at sweet Kyle.

"I knew I'd win you over Liese! Now you're bringing me gifts! My skills are the greatest!" he yelled. He adjusted his glasses before opening the package and picking up the Cheesecake. "You even know what I like! I'll treasure every bite!"

"No need! I got you some Puffs and another Cheesecake, but do eat that one first, it is the first one I've given to you. Just don't pull anything perverted got it?" Liese said as she walked to the other side of the shop that had the door on it. Kyle finished his Cheesecake off slowly and then quickly bit into the second piece. His mouth also screwed up and he let out a strange sound before Liese walked out.

"Why Liese my sweet!" he yelled towards the door only to be shushed by Ms. Amalie.

"I'm not your sweet,"Liese whispered as she began to walk away knowing Kyle wouldn't follow her.

Annie was walking around the Committe HQ looking for Hans, so far she had no luck yet, well she just entered the building. "Hmm, I wonder where Hans is," said Annie looking around.

"When you're looking for me it's never good," said a voice from behind her. Annie jumped and turned around to face Hans. "I thought you where calling me Honestien now though," he said looking at her.

"Nope!" said Annie cheerfully. "Either way I made you some Puffs," said Annie as she held the box out to him. Hans looked at her, then the box, then her.

"Thanks," he said as he tried ot put the box away.

"Can't you eat them now?" asked Annie as she followed Hans around the room. He shook his head. "Why not!" she snapped.

"Cause my gloves will become sticky and I can't work with sticky gloves," he said continuing to walk towards a room.

"No wonder you haven't had a date in your life, you're too mean and stubborn. I make something for you as thanks and you don't even eat them and tell me how they are! What do you want me to do feed them to you?" Annie yelled at him. She hadn't noticed she had followed him into his office as he sat down in his chair.

"Chopsticks are in that drawer," he said pointing towards one drawer in his desk as he picked up a pen.

"He can't be serious! I was being sarcastic! Waah! Big Sis Liese help me!" Annie mentally screamed as she opened the drawer and pulled on the insterments of her punishment.

Meanwhile, Liese was walking back towards the workshop when she suddenly sneezed. "Geez, Kyle. Stop thinking about me."

Annie sighed as she picked up the final puff of the brown box and held out the chopsticks for Hans to bite off. As soon as he did she reached for one of the more yellow looking ones in the green box and offered it to him. "Here."

"You're the one who offer-," began Hans as he bit down on the puff. It was sour allright. Annie decided to put extra sour on all her puffs since she had nothing but puffs. He spat the Puff out as his mouth puckered. Annie took her chance to run screaming words like "Honestein forced me to feed him" and "Freedom".

"Bye Hans!" she yelled. Annie jumped over a small box before running out the building towards her workshop.

"ANNIE!" yelled Hans running out the door, but she was long gone thanks to her Return Gate.

"Then he made me feed him!" yelled Annie as she sat on her bed. Fitz was in Pepe's hammock and Gillian was beside her listening. "So we all were suprised. Beaux hugged Fitz! You hugged Kilbert. Hans made me feed him. Finally, Kyle called Liese his sweet. Weird things happened," muttered Annie. "Hey Gillian, do you think Beaux might like Fitz?"

"Annie-onnechan! Worry about your own problems!" whined Fitz. Gillian laughed while Annie stared confused and with a knowing big sister look.

"I think the angry pounds stopped, but we're gonna get it someday," siad Liese as she walked in carrying a teapot. Everyone sighed. "Didn't you guys enjoy it though?"

"The look on Hans face was enough to make the bitterness of feeding him turn sweet," said Annie smiling.

"Beaux's hug was turned sweet from his look and him trying to follow me!" yelled Fitz. Everyone laughed at that, Beaux had probably got hungry and ended up eating the spicy and bitter food.

"Kil-kun eating everything was so sweet and funny!" yelled Gillian. Another round of laughter errupted from the girls.

"Kyle was so pathetic, but it was sweet and cute at the same time," said Liese. The other girls laughed at Liese thinking Kyle was cute. "E-either way! What did we learn girls?"

"Rvenge is sweet!" they all shouted at once. Nobody argued with that statement that night, or the next when it got even sweeter as they watched Pepe eat all the chocolate. His body looked like it would twist completely up from his short height, Pepe was too numb to scold any of them for the whole day, and the next day he just didn't feel like lecturing them. Yes, revenge is sweet.

Yes revenge is sweet. I guess most of the pairings are clear now, but I'll list them. Sorry all Gil and Kil fans, I had no ideas on what would fit their personalities in that moment.

So we have Annie and Hans, Beaux and Fitz, Gillian and Kilbert, and finally Liese and Kyle. Well please review! More pairing hints soon!