I haven't updated in forever, but at least I don't wait a year. A few things, I'm back in school, so less writing time, it's going to be a busy year for me. Sadly this in not continuing last chapter, maybe I'll continue it later, plus I like this plot better. You might end up feeling sorry for Beaux in this chapter, or not since he desrved his punishment. So read and enjoy.

Sweet and Sour Days

Chapter 5: Moving in

Annie sighed as she stared at the cauldron waiting to put in the next item needed to complete the synthesis. She winced when another loud shriek came from Fitz as Beaux bothered her one way or another. Liese shook her head as she stood by the cauldron. The alchemists had decided to work on a complicated recipie together, mainly because Annie had the materials and Liese had the recipe. They watched Gillian chase Kilbert around the room trying to make him drink some of her new and improved medical juice. Pepe was hovering over the cauldron while Hans stood across from Annie. Kyle was busy tinkering with one of his dolls while Annie wondered why everyone was in her workshop. "Big sis Liese, I understand why he is here, and why Fitz is here, but why are the others here too?" Annie asked as she pointed towards Hans. Liese shurgged and turned her attention towards Gillian and Kilbert. Everyone turned their attention towards Gillian when they heard a thump and yelp.

"My medical juice!" she yelled as the bottle flew into the air. Annie, Liese, and Pepe started to figure out how to catch the bottle before it fell into the cauldron.

"Got it!" called Beaux as he grabbed the bottle before it landed in the bubbling liquid below. The alchemists and fairy let out sighes of relief. "See nothing to worry about," Beaux said before he accidently turned the bottle sideways and a drop of green liquid fell from the top into the cauldron.

"Hit the deck!" Annie screamed grabbing Fitz and pulling her behind the couch.

"Everyone take cover!" Pepe yelled as he hit Beaux on the head before joining Annie and Fitz. Liese hid on the other side of Ftiz while Gillian hid on the end of Annie's bed that faced away from the cauldron. Hans hid with the alchemists, fairy, and Fitz while Beaux crawled under the table and Kyle and Kilbert just stood there.

"What's going to happen?" asked Hans as everyone looked at the cauldron. Just as his sentence was finished a small rumble and a puff of smoke came from the cauldron.

"Is that all?" asked Kyle and Kilbert and they stared at the small puff of smoke. The alchemists turned to Pepe and he shook his head. While Pepe was shaking his head a blue item shot out of the cauldron and hit Kyle on the head. A few more came out and landed near Liese.

"A Metashphere?" she asked as she held up the blue gem. Suddenly more poured out from the cauldron. "Everyone out!" Liese called as she opened the door. Kyle rushed out follow by Fitz and Beaux and then Kilbert, who got stuck in the door. "Maybe we should have made Kilbert go last," whispered Liese as everyone started to push him.

"I really don't care if this takes a chunk out of the wall," Pepe said as everyone pushed harder and finally got Kilbert out of the workshop, and he did take a chunk of the wall so now he could walk in and out of the door with his sword on his back. Annie and Liese slammed the door and stared at the opening in the wall as the blue gems bounced everywhere.

"The workshop," Annie said staring as a few gems managed to come through the roof.

"Now we have to pay for repairs," Pepe said as the gems continued to spill out. "I doubt we'll be able to stay here for a few days."

"Well, bye!" Beaux called as he turned so he could run away before Pepe or Annie caught him. As he turned and tried to take a few steps he felt a tug on his collar and turned around to see Annie, Liese, and Pepe galring at him. "Am I in trouble?" he asked innocently.

"If you weren't dating Fitz you don't want to know what would happen," Annie and Liese hissed as Pepe held up his staff.

"You ruined our synthesis and the workshop!" they all yelled at once. Beaux shrunk down and squeaked out apology after apology until he was pulled to his feet.

"I'm fining you 100,000 cole!" Liese shouted. She was really upset considering it took a lot to get that recipe and was extremly important to the alchemists.

"I don't have that much!" shouted Beaux. Liese smiled at him and rubbed her hands together.

"I guess you'll have to pay off your debt with your services instead," she said smiling. "Carrying my shopping bags, running my errands, and find all the ingredients needed for our synthesis when Annie's workshop is fixed," Liese said before turning towards Fitz. "You don't mind right?"

"I don't mind," Fitz said. She the added, "Just make sure he pays for ruining big sister Annie's workshop."

"Even you Fitz?" Beaux asked as he stared at her. She nodded and Beaux sighed. He was now at the mercy of the female alchemist.

"This is nice and all, but where are we suppose to stay?" Pepe yelled as he noticed the gems had pretty much filled the workshop.

"I refuse to stay with Kyle!" Annie yelled and Pepe nodded. There was no telling what odd contraptions might nearly kill them at his house.

"Sorry, I don't have a guest room," Liese said as she shrugged. Annie sighed and turned towards Fitz and Gillian.

"Sorry Captain might call, and I don't want to be caught," Gillian said as Annie sighed.

"I'll let Annie stay with me, but that fairy has to stay somewhere else," Fitz said. Annie nodded.

"I can stay with Fitz and Pepe can stay with Hans or someone else," Annie said before Pepe smacked her on the head.

"Too bad, I'm suppose to take care of you and make sure you don't get lazy, remember," Annie nodded.

"Beaux doesn't have a house, and Kilbert, well," Liese said as she turned to find him gone. "I guess you guys have to stay with Hans."

"Sorry Hans, but it looks like we'll be staying with you for awhile," Annie said.

"I don't mind, at least I can give you your assignments easier this way," Hans said.

"Sleepover at Hans!" Annie called as she stared at one of her best friends. "Wait," Annie said as she hit the side of her head with her fist.

"What's wrong?" asked Gillian.

"Pepe is there something I'm forgetting?" Annie asked as she turned towards her master.

"Bentner is suppose to visit soon. I think it was tomorrow," Pepe said. Annie sighed.

"You don't mind if he comes by your house do you?" Annie asked Hans.

"I don't mind, he might ask me how you've been doing," Hans said.

"Let's go!" Annie cheered as she started walking off with Pepe by her side.

"Come on Beaux, time to get to work," Liese said. "You can come too Fitz," she said as Beaux trugged behind her.

"Better than staying with him," Fitz said pointing towards Kyle. Gillian had vanished somehwere trying to find new ingredients for her juice. Kyle stood there before realizing something and running towards a store.

"Before we go in, here," Hans said handing Annie a scoll. "I need you to get to work as soon as we get inside."

"I hate to burst your bubble Hans, but I don't have a cauldron, and I doubt you have one," Annie said. Pepe looked at the scroll and nodded.

"I have to agree with Annie, she needs to synthesize this iteam, and without a cauldron how can an alchemist preform a synthesis?" Pep asked Hans.

"W-w-well, how should I know!" Hans snapped from a lack of an answer to Pepe's question. "Why can't she use Liese's?"

"She'll fine us, and we don't have enough money for her fines," said Pepe as he stared at Hans.

"Maybe we can use one of the pots that's in his kitchen!" Annie called.

"No!" Hans shouted. He did not want one of his pots to be ruined from Annie trying to synthesize an item in it.

"Fine then the assignment will just have to wait until the workshop is finished," Annie said as she placed the scroll in her pocket. Hans puleld out his key and unlocked the door and held the door open for Annie and Pepe.

"Take off your shoes, I don't want you tracking dirt on my floor," Hans said staring at Annie's feet. She quickly took off her shoes and started walking around the house. "You guys can stay in the guest room," Hans said. Pepe nodded as Annie handed him something and he went upstairs followed by Annie. After a few moments and banging being heard from his guest room Annie came down the stairs.

"Pepe's hammock is set," she said standing infront of Hans as he signed a few papers.

"That's good," Hans said ignoring her. Annie called his name a few times.

"Hans!" she shouted making him jump. "What's for lunch?" she asked smiling innocently.

"I know you can cook," Hans said before going back to his work.

"Well, not exactly, sometimes we just synthesize what we can for our meals," Annie said smiling inncently. Hans stared at her.

"So you sythesize your food?" he asked staring at the femal alchemist.

"No, we just synthesize simple stuff, not our whole meals. We synthesize things like Veggie Plates, Veggie Stew, Seafood Salad, and other kinds of food," Annie said putting up a finger as she named things off. "We mainly just synthesize dessert though."

"I have a question," Hans said as he motioned for Annie to lean in closer.

"What?" she asked as they stared into the other's eyes. Hans leaned over to her ear and cupped his hands around it.

"Is Pepe's cooking really that bad?" he asked. Annie bust out laughing as Hans smiled softly. "I was actually serious," he said looking at Annie as she sank to the floor.

"Pepe doesn't cook, hes just gives me nuts and berries and calls it dinner," Annie said as she continued laughing softly.

"Where is Pepe?" Hans asked looking around for Annie's master.

"He said he had something to do," she said as she stood up and started walking around. A few minutes later she came back and slumped down into a chair."Hans, I'm bored."

"Well what do you usually do?" he asked as he looked over the documents.

"Synthesize things, go gathering, watch the others run around my workshop, and get yelled at by Pepe," Annie said as she leaned her head over the arm and stared at Hans.

"You can help me with my paperwork," Hans suggest. Annie stared at him like he had gone crazy.

"You can't be serious Hans," Annie said staring at him. Hans shrugged. Annie sighed and rolled over onto the floor and sat cross legged on the other side of the table. "What am I suppose to do?" Annie asked.

"Well there are several stacks you can place the papers in," Hans began explaining as Annie sat there bored to death. She nodded occasionaly and listened to only half of what Hans was telling her. Hans finished his boring speech and Annie started grabbing papers. She stared at them. "You weren't listening where you," he asked. Annie laughed and rubbed the back of her head. "Just put them in these piles, money, buildings, residents, and tourism."

"What's tourism mean, and residents?" Annie asked.

"Tourism has to do with the facilities, like how popular they are, and the amount of people who visit them and the island," Hans said. "Residents are people who live on the island, it's mainly reports on population and things like that."

"I think I've got it," Annie said as she picked up a paper. "Hans, where does this one go?" Annie asked as she held up a paper.

'Maybe asking Annie to help me was a mistake,' Hans though to himself as he told her which pile it belonged in. It seemed like Hans had to tell Annie which pile each paper belonged to, and he had to fix her messy stacks of paper. The two continued working on the papers with Annie making a mess of them and Hans fixing her mess. Has sighed as he resorted another stack of papers when the door slamed loudly causing Annie to scatter several stacks of paper.

"Annie!" he called walking into the room. Pepe froze and stared at Annie.

"What?" Annie asked as Hans took a paper from her hands and placed it in one of the few remaining piles. Pepe turned towards Hans.

"What did you do to her!" yelled Pepe as Hans jumped from the small fairy's shout. "She's working!"

"She got bored and the only thing that I had for her to do was help me with paperwork, even though she isn't that big a help," Hans said as Annie crossed her arms and glared at Hans.

"Of course it was too good to be true for me to think that she had stopped being lazy," Pepe said ajusting his hat. "Either way," Pepe said as he sat down next to Hans, "it looks like we won't be able to go back to our workshop for a week at the least," Pepe said,

"That's fine, having Master Bentner meet here instead of in some cafe is better," Hans said. Annie grouned when she her her grandpa's name.

"He isn't going to stay here is he?" Annie asked. "I don't think I can take three people complaining abut every little thing I do, and I'm sure he'll blame me for destroying the workshop," Annie muttered.

"Show a little more respect Annie!" Pepe snapped as he whacked the young alchemist on the head. "It is true that he won't be happy about the destruction of your workshop," Pepe said.

"Not to mention we messed up a very important synthesis," Annie said as she dug through her pack. "Grandpa really needed it," Annie said as she pulled out her copy of the recipe.

"What was it exactly?" Hans asked. Annie passed him the paper while shrugging.

"He sent us a letter saying he needed us to make an item from the ingredients listed, he never told us what the item was, or what it's suppose to do," Annie said. Hans looked over the list and looked at Annie confused.

"Natural Cream, Dragon Tongue, Wood Chips, Dragon Fang, and Millennia Baum?" Hans asked. "Does Liese know what this recipe is suppose to make?"

"No, even Liese doesn't know," Annie said, but then she smile. "Beaux is going to have fun fighting dragons and visiting Lone Island," Annie said laughing.

"Poor Beaux," Hans said. Pepe crossed his arms and nodded.

"He'll be fine, he deserves it too, he's the idiot who turned the bottle sideways and ruined the workshop and synthesis," Pepe said nodding his head. "Kilbert and Gillian deserve some of the blame too, but Gillian would be happy to be pulled away from work, and Kilbert would cause more destruction," Pepe said.

"I'm hungry," Annie whined.

"Get up," Pepe said as he stood up. "Might as well go see the shorty," Pepe said as he walked towards the door. Annie jumped up and cheered.

"Come on Hans!" Annie called running out the door scattering even more of the papers that where on the table.

"Just when the piles where straight," Hans said as he picked them up and placed them on the table before following Pepe out the door. He turned and locked the door before he beagn to walk beside Pepe towards the resturant.

"Liese! Fitz!" Annie called as she walked into the resturant. Fitz and Liese looked up and waved at Annie. Annie looked around and noticed that only six people, Liese, Fitz, Beaux, Hans, Pepe, and herself.

"Not much of a crowd tonight," Hans muttered. Annie walked over and sat next to Liese.

"Annie, we've found the Natural Cream and Wood Chips," Liese said smiling. "Beaux is going to go find the Dragon Tongue and Dragon Fang tomorrow," she said as she picked up a cup and sipped some of the liquid inside it.

"That's good," Pepe said as he sat across from Annie. "Old Man Bentner is due to arrive any day, and he'll already be upset about the destroyed workshop," Pepe said as he crossed his arms.

"If he's mad at us you're going to be in an even deeper hole of debt," Liese said smiling at Beaux. He cringed wondering what the girl was planning.

"Gillian and Kilbert deserve more blame than I do!" Beaux whined and Liese sat there thinking for a moment.

"Maybe you can ask Gillian to come with you to collect Dragon Tongue and Dragon Fang tomorrow, I'm sure she'll share some of her medical juice with you," Liese said winking. Beaux cringed and stood up rushing towards the door.

"I'll do it myself!" he called opening the door. "Bye Fitz!' he shouted over his shoulder as the door slammed and he ran out reducing the number of people down to five.

"Not much of a crowd tonight," Annie said looking around. Usually this place was packed every single night and it was a hassle to even attempt to get a table.

"We're closed," Fitz said eyeing Liese before quickly speaking again. "It's fine though! You can come anytime Annie-oneechan!" Fitz yelled smiling. Liese giggled as she picked her cup up again as Fitz rushed into the kitchen.

"Fitz sure is nice," Annie said smiling and humming while waiting for Fitz to return.

"Your so dense," Pepe said staring at Annie, while she just stared at him. "Oh, I forgot," Pepe said as he whacked her on the head. Fitz returned a few moments later with plates for Annie, Hans, Pepe, Liese, and herself.

"So how is life with Hans?" Liese asked as she picked up some food on a fork.

"Boring," Annie said as she shoved more food into her mouth. "Hans won't let me try to use one of his pots for my synthesis!"

"Because I don't want one of my good pots ruined!" Hans shouted.

"Using pots to do alchemy," Liese said with a glint in her eye. "Hey Annie tell me the results of your experiment when you finish with it," Liese said smiling and winking.

"Will do!" Annie said as she continued to eat.

"You better use your own pot," Hans muttered as he looked at Annie.

"I have one you can borrow if you want, its old and we don't use it anymore," Fitz said. "That's if you want to!" she yelled waving her hands in front of her.

"Really!" Annie yelled as she stood up.

"I refuse to let you turn my house or this resturant into a science experement!" Hans said loudly. Pepe sighed as the female alchemist pouted.

"As much as we need a solution to our problem we can't afford to blow up another house," Pepe said nodding.

"It wasn't even my fault too!" Annie complained as Liese and Pepe started to try and figure out a soluion to the problem.

"So our problem is this," Liese began as she pointed her fork at Annie and Pepe, "Bentner is coming soon and he gave us a very important item to make which thanks to Beaux was ruined, and the items are pretty hard to find, and when he gets here most likly we won't have the item complete and all of us will be in hot water," Liese finished as Pepe and Annie nodded.

"It'd be easier if we knew what we were suppose to make," Pepe sighed as he began to think of all the recipies he knew that included those items.

"Big Sis Liese! Grandpa is gonna send me away to another island," Annie whined as she looked at Liese with pleading eyes.

"There's no telling what that old man might do to us," Pepe said. The female alchemist went rigid imagining the worst outcome of telling Bentner that they failed the synthesis.

"Suddenly I've lost my appetite," Annie said as Fitz brought out the group's dinner.

"Master Bentner can't be that scary," Hans said as he looked at the three alchemist.

"He kidnapped me in the middle of the night and sent me here!" Annie yelled standing up. "Even if I did meet all of your guys and learned to love Alchemey he still kidnapped me!"

"I doubt you would have willingly come here," Pepe said as he crossed his arms.

"I'm going to ignore that comment," Annie said as she stared at Pepe. "Anyway, I say when Grandpa comes we go off on a gathering trip that will only be over when he leaves," Annie said as she nodded her head.

"The only problem is we don't know when he'll arrive and I doubt we'll be able to pack enough food, there's no telling how long he might stay," Liese said as Annie slumped back into her chair.

"Is your grandpa really that bad Annie-oneechan?" Fitz asked as she squirmed in her seat.

"Master Bentner is not someone to take lightly," Liese said as she wrapped some pasta around her fork.

"He is the Royal Alchemist after all," Hans said. "I use to run into him in the palace on occasion."

"That old man has always taken Alchemy seriously," Pepe said.

"Yeah," Annie said as she started to eat, "he usually tried to find some way to improve Mom and Dad's Alchemy, he was really picky sometimes."

"Wasn't he there when you became Meister?" Fitz asked as she remembered an old man dressed in red at the ceremony.

"Yep!" Annie cheered smiling.

"Speaking of family," Liese said as she looked at Annie who gave her a questioning look. "What about your parents?"

"I haven't heard from them since I sent my last package," Annie said with her fork in her mouth.

"You didn't send them bombs did you?" Pepe asked with a look of dread on his face. Annie shook her head before swallowing.

"I sent them some mops, rags, ropes, and a barrel," Annie said as she listed them off with her fingers.

"That's a definate step up from bombs," Pepe replied as everyone, except Liese, just stared at Annie.

"How did you fit all of those things in one box?" Fitz asked softly.

"I put a few things in the barrel and the rest in the box and then shipped them seperately," Annie said smiling.

"You can put things into a barrel that's alive?" Hans asked as he turned towards the alchemist.

"It's hard to since the barrel might just spit everything out, and if it's living items then they'll try to find a way out, but if you put some snacks in along with everything else then it won't spit them out," Annie said nodding her head and picking up a piece of food and pointing at it.

"That's interesting," Liese said. "Annie! Do you mind if I sell this information? Please Annie?" Liese asked putting on her best puppy dog eyes.

"I don't think anyone would want to buy this kind of information," Annie said. "I tried to tell some new alchemist, but she just looked at me with this confused look."

"She probably doesn't even know how to make a normal barrel!" Pepe shouted as he whacked Annie on the head.

"How was I suppose to know what she did or didn't know?" Annie asked as she slumped in her chair rubbing her head.

"Hurry up and finish, I'm sure Fitz doesn't want to stay open any longer," Hans said to Annie and Pepe as they started to argue.

"OK!" Annie shouted as she dug into her plate while Liese told her a few things about the items they needed, and an estimate of how long it would take to collect them.

"Goodnight Annie-oneechan!" Fitz called as Hans, Annie, and Pepe started to walk down the street.

"See you tomorrow Fitz!" Annie called back as turned around so she could wave. Fitz smiled and waved back before going inside. Liese had gone in the opposite direction saying there was something she had to do.

"I'm going to bed when we get back, don't stay up too late," Hans said, "I need to get some sleep for work tomorrow."

"I agree! Let's go straight to bed too Pepe!" Annie shouted jumping up and down.

"You know there are recipies you can stay up memorizing, or ingrediants you can name from flashcards," Pepe said as he listed of several things Annie could do to keep her from going immediatly to bed.

"Come on Pepe," Annie whined at the small fairy with pleading eyes. Pepe sighed before nodding to which Annie gave a glee filled yelp. "Let's go!" Annie shouted as she started to run.

"She really likes to sleep," Hans said as he watched Annie's figure get smaller in the distance.

"She knows where you keep your spare key," Pepe said bluntly as he looked over at Hans.

"Annie!" Hans shouted as he started to dash after her retreating figure.

"Now I can read that letter," Pepe said as he pulled out an envelope and opened it.


I shall be arriving tomorrow.


"I guess that solves the mystery of when Bentner is going to arrive," Pepe said as put the letter back in his pocket. "I'll tell Annie tomorrow, I bet she'll be in bed by the time I get there," Pepe said, and she was.

"Hans? Hans? Hey Hans. Wake up," said a voice as it shook Hans awake.

"What?" Hans asked as he sat up and waited a few second for his eyes to adjust to the darkness and looked at the figure only to realize that it was Annie.

"I had a nightmare," Annie said as she rubbed one of her eyes in a sleepy manner.

"Really?" Hans asked. Annie nodded while Hans sighed. "What was it about?"

"I dreamt that Pepe's hammock broke and he fell ontop of me and then started hitting me with his staff, and then Grandpa showed up and shipped me off to another island," Annie said.

"Pepe always hits you, and your Grandfather uses that threat on you a lot," Hans said.

"It was stranger, but that's most of it," Annie started, "but if that happens Pepe will make me go and find a store to buy him a new one and make me put it up!"

"Are you sure Pepe's hammock is even able to break under his weight? Kilbert's yes, but Pepe's?"

"Well that's Pepe's back up hammock and it's not as stable as the one in our shop," Annie said.

"What do you want me to do about?" Hans asked, he really wanted to go back to sleep,he had gotten pratically none the night before and having Annie and Pepe living with him wasn't helping him since he didn't know is they had strange sleeping habits or not.

"Can I," Annie said as she began to shufflle her feet.

"Can you what?" Hans asked as he watched Annie shuffle her feet.

"Can I sleep with you?" Annie asked softly as he shuffling stopped.

"What?" Hans asked as he nearly fell out of bed.

"I think Pepe's hammock will really break, and I don't want to be under it when it does," Annie said.

"Can alchemist dream about the future?" Hans asked as he scooted over and patted the spot next to him. "Come on."

"Thanks Hans!" Annie shouted loudly be sitting down on the bed. "I'm not exactly sure if we can, but sometimes I have dreams that come true, or look like they might come true."

"That's called Déjà vu," Hans said as he turned his head to find Annie already asleep. "Goodnight," Hans said as he rolled over to face the opposite wall.

Hans slowly blinked his eyes as the sun's rays started to peak through his curtains. "What?" Hans asked as he tried to get up only to feel some weight pulling him down. He slowly turned his head to see Annie latched onto his arm asleep. "I forgot she was staying with me for a moment," Hans mumbled as he detached Annie from his arm and started to get ready for work.

"How have you been Master Bentner?" Hans asked as he walked around with the elderly alchemist.

"Fine, I can't wait to see my cute grandchild though," Bentner smiled nodding his head.

"Cute?" Hans asked staring at Bentner.

"Don't you think Annie is cute?" Bentner asked.

"W-w-well," Hans began as they reached his door. "Here we are!" he shouted loudly. Hans reached out a shaky hand and unlocked his door before opening it and being greeted by a huge puff of black smoke. "Annie!"

"Yes?" came the reply from the kitchen. Bentner and Hans watched as Annie cleared the fog and walked out of the kitchen holding a pot.

"I should have known," Hans said sighing.

"Ouji-chan!" Annie shouted as she dropped the pot and stared at her grandfather.

"Annie!" Bentner yelled as he ran over and hugged Annie. Annie stiffened and just stared at Hans. "It's great to see you Annie."

"You too Ouji-chan," Annie said as she looked around the room.

"Annie who's there?" shouted Pepe from the top of the stairs.

"Pepe! Long time no see!" called Bentner as Pepe walked over to them.

"Same to you old man," Pepe replied nodding.

"Well I'll leave you two alone," Bentner said as he started to walk away dragging Pepe, "I have many things I wish to discuss with Pepe. Yes, many many things," he said as he walked out leaving Annie standing there with her mouth slightly agape.

"Annie?" Hans asked as he waved a hand infront of her face.

"What did you do to my Ouji-chan!" Annie screamed as she grabbed his collar and pulled him down to eye level.

"I didn't do anything," Hans said as Annie glared at him.

"Come on," Annie said as she started to drag him outside.

"Where are we going?" Hans asked as he started to try and match Annie's steps.

"To Liese-oneechan's," Annie said simply as she continued to walk.

So you might be wondering what Bentner wanted them to make don't you, well you'll find out next chapter, but I'll be accepting guesses. Try and guess, he mentioned needing it in the game. Yes I made Bentner act a little different for a reason. Did anybody know aht Liese's voice actor actually sings songs? I've listened to two of them and love them, they're Wishing and Sakura. A bored Annie equalls her doing anything, and I kinda rushed the scene of her first night with Hans, and the funny thing was I really wanted to reach that scene. So here was a nice Hans and Annie chapter, and next one, well I'll have it out later, maybe in a few weeks.