Author's Note: Inspired by a picture I found on deviantart of Minako and Yaten labled "Kiss me" by sailor-pheonix93. Please go check it out, it's a beautiful piece.

This is slightly based on my previous YatenxMinako one shot: No Regret, in that it takes place one year after the events in No Regret. I am sorry for it's shortness! Please read, review, and, most importanly, enjoy!

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Ask Me Again

"Kiss me."

I was not begging, I was not teasing. This time there were no enemies to destroy our world and no friends to laugh off the situation. And this was no joke, it was an order.


The answer was equally blunt, but I was not deterred. I rarely was. Instead I leaned closer, staring straight into eyes that were molten silver. "Yes."

Yaten sighed and tried to slip out of my hold but I was not that easy to escape, my arms were hooked around his neck and I was all but sitting on his lap. He could not move, and yet strangely neither could I. It would have been simple to close the scant distance between us, child's play really, but I found myself equally trapped, struggling with an internal war that I would no doubt lose.

It had been a whole year. Only a year, I should say. After all, with the oncoming restoration of the Moon Kingdom I was, for all intents and purposes, immortal. And what was time to one such as me?

But I had been mortal. And that time still meant something. The torturous days that had slipped by in loneliness still resounded in my heart.

It was stupid, I had always been alone. It was my destiny to never find love. An ironic twist of fate. A curse placed by one who had suffered without my knowing and who, in desperation, had wished for me to understand his pain. All in the name of love.

I should not have felt so lonely and weak; it was only a year of a life time of solitude. The fact that Yaten had left should not have made this year any worse. I had felt pain before, been betrayed by my closest friends, lost love to destiny and sacrificed it for the one I will always cherish. His departure should not have hurt this much. And this past year should never have been so devastatingly lonely.

But I have been, still am, will always be, mortal.

And no matter how long I live, this pain will never die. Nor would this struggle ever see me victorious, not unless someone helped me challenge it.

Now, I do not know if it was fair to ask him to challenge destiny.

"Kiss me."

And still in my selfishness. In my moment of utter weakness, I came to him and forced upon him all my pains and, quite possibly, his own. It was not like I was the only one who suffered.

This had to be wrong.

I hid my eyes from the piercing gaze.

It was wrong. I was a soldier, not a school girl. I had been a mere child once but a fateful day had changed all of that. No, that was not true. It had not been a day, for I had never been anything other than a soldier. It matters not what life I am born into, from the moment I breathe air I live for my one and only.

And I am happy.

Something warm touches my cheek. I let my eyes slip open and stare down at the man beneath me. My golden hair fell around us, shielding us from the world and allowing me to forget and focus. Those eyes of molten silver now carried a redness I had never seen before, and his smooth cheeks were caged by damp bars, each built by a drop of fate. The warm hand tried to brush away a similar wetness on my own face. I wondered where my tears ended and his began.

It mattered not.

His lips parted and his words rode on breath that was heavy with life.

"Ask me again."

It was not a plead, it was not a joke. There were no enemies or friends to interrupt us. He was deadly serious.

My forehead rested against his as I stared into eyes of molten silver.