chapter 16


The toad Sanin turned to the Biju. "Testing the gaki's affinities, we got some weird results. Show her boy."

Naruto held up the piece of paper. Instead of being a two inch square of thin paper, it was a five inch square of board stock. He wrinkled his brow, before channeling his chakra...

"No!" the Biju moved, knocking the card from the boys hand. "You have any idea what could happen if he charges that card again?" her tails manifested, twitching. She ran through the hand-signs for; Ox-dragon-snake-Rat-ox. "Akuma hanshu kinshi geijutsu; shi no Kami gaidan shōkan. [demon lord forbidden art : death god guardian summon]"she clapped and slammed both palms on the floor.

All first, all noise stopped.

Then the light dimmed.

Between one heart beat and the next a ten foot tall 'man' was standing in the center of the room. White long mane, a white clay mask, dark grey robes, a large knife clenched in 'his' 'teeth', 'his' hand tucked in to the robes sleeves.

Nara sat up, fully alert.

Choji stopped eating.

"You summoned me?" his voice was not loud, in fact his voice was not sound, but rather the absence of sound.

"I did, Mi-lord." Kyubi bowed, her ears were pressed flat to her head. "My Jinchuuriki was about to test for his affinities. But a sheet that was a 2in square of the thinnest paper turned into...this" she reached out and the sheet snapped to her fingers.

The sound of wind being sucked from the room, the mortals quickly understood to be that of the great beings laughter. "Most of you in this room know not of his parental heritage. Never mind who his grandparents were..." the eye holes of the mask swept the the room. "Or should I say are?"

"Mi-Lord. Though the night I was given into the custody of the boy is foggy in my memory," the Biju bowed to the giant, "I do remember who sealed me within, and who were my previous hosts. I have a few minutes of clarity where my 'rider' left me in hopes of advancing his escape while the Fourth sealed me away."

The Third Hokage looked about the room. He sighed. "Okay boys, this is a S class Village secret. Talking about this with anyone not in the know is treason, and death. Your fathers know; Nara because he is our battlefield commander. Akimichi Chōza in case Naruto ever needed to be grabbed. The Akimichi Clan's Jutsu are the only ones that can hold Naruto long enough to knock him out. The secret is that while the Fourth gave his life to defeat the Nine-tailed Fox, he did not kill her. She was instead, sealed into his son. The Fox has been in the Village since the time of the first Hokage, and both times she Attacked, she was compelled to do so."

"So, Naruto is the son of the fourth?" Shikamaru pulled a poky stick from his pocket. Lipping it, "My father talks about a great troublesome woman. They were genin together. He feared that he would end up married to her. Uzumaki Kushina."

the Biju in human form smiled. "Yes, she was a strong willed woman. Even after I was ripped from her seal, and giving birth to her very healthy son, she was able to rush to the field and bind me with her bloodline gift, long enough for the Fourth to call of Shikigami here and seal me into their son."

"But what is known, is that the Fourth Hokage was adapted. His Birth Mother was the Strongest ninja from this village. His Father never knew that the poor girl was pregnant." the great ghost masked figure grinned around the knife in its teeth. "the current Jinchuuriki holds some of the strongest bloodlines in the village. The only one stronger is his daughter..."

"DAUGHTER!" from many voices...

Naruto feinted, Jiraiya smirked, Choji dropped his bag of chips.

"Mi-Lord. He is not old enough to breed yet, but he has been chosen. She has began her hunting of him."

"Yeah, just need him to notice tomorrow, and I win enough to not have to workexcept when I want to." Nara poked the drooling blond with the toe of his sandle.

"Not going to happen. He notices on a day of great fortune for his grandmother. Already She returns here. Fear drives her like I never could." taking the sheet from the fox, the being looked it over. "A lost art, growing boxes like fruit."

then 'he' was gone.

"Well, that was a bit anti-climatic." Choji reached for his fallen bag. "I was expecting... a bit more."

"It depends on how you look at things." Nara returned to the window, watching the clouds overhead. "His Mother, the last Uzu princess, his father, the fourth Hokage, his grandmother the..." the Nara turned slowly to look at the Gama Sanin. "If the rumors I am hearing are correct, all three sanin, in the village, during the same week?"

Jiraiya was drinking from a bottle, when the Nara said that...

after coughing, and getting the drink down the right pipe, "What do you mean, all three sanin."

"Orochimaru attacked the last Uchiha five days ago, same time as when he tweaked Naruto's seal." the Third spoke quietly. "How do you get that She is coming?"

Pulling another poky stick, Nara smiled. "The great one said strongest Kunoichi from the village. Strongest, not most powerful."



okay when this noise is heard most think kids having fun.

Not a Pig screaming in fear!

Ton-ton was for once wishing that she was a cat, so she could dig her claws into the Panicking blond as the woman...


...Bounded through the forest. They were two days out as the jonin runs, but the Blond Sanin could out run any one, unless she had just caught her teammate peeping on the bathes...

Another two 'hops' and the trio landed in front of the great gates of Konohagakure. Setting the young woman from her back on the ground, the blond sanin, stepping over the shaking piggy, walked forward, and slapped her palms on the watch desk. Looking the two panicking Chunin in the eye. "You will send a runner to the Old Man, tell him that I am here, and he will meet me at the BBQ place, but he is picking up the tab." she twirled away, her posse staggering after.


Asuma was quick to follow the two clones once he had the Sanin's agreement.

As the three of them landed in front of the great wall of Rose-thorn-vines, they could see the female blond sprawled across the top of said wall.

Now they were not alone, as the owner was looking over the new additions to his area. Turning to glare at the blond twins, "It your fault. Now I will be forced to ruin my new hedge..."

Asuma looked at the old man. "Are you blaming the boy for ruining the wall of rose vines, that we are looking at?"

"Yes." the old man crossed his arms. "Just this morning I was hoping for award wining blooms, he crashed into my most prized possession." an arm flailed upwards, "Just look at the damage he did!"

Asuma nodded. "Okay, as soon as we bring my student down, I will reset this street to the way it was this morning..." He pulled a paper packet from his vest. "Seeing as the Vine wall was not here until the Gaki was running this way, and my Student threw her..." he turned to Naruto's closest clone, shaking a twisted paper tube into sight, "What did she call it?"

"Hmm? oh. She called it Toge Barikedo[ thorn barricade]" the boy was studying the interweave of the wrist thick vines.

"So, until the boy cleared that rooftop behind me, this wall was not here." Asuma grinned as he lite the cigarette. "If that wall was not here, until just before he barreled into it, it is not yours. Now if you want it, and if you want me to cut a doorway or gateway into it for you, just ask. Otherwise, as soon as my Student regains enough chakra, I will have her dismiss this wall."

"No Need. Just a four foot wide by six foot high opening for a gate, and we are good" the old man was quick to protect the so called improvement before him.

The clones bounded up the wall, and carefully pick the girl up, before dropping back to ground level. Handing the girl off to the Jonin, they dispersed.

"How does he do that?" the old man asked.

"I think that is one question you do not want me to answer just yet." Asuma pulled his knife out, focused his chakra and swiped it twice before him. "That should do it. If you want more, you will need to contract with the ninja mission board." He turned and walked towards the Yamanaka flower shop.


Five of the thirteen of the Hyuga Elder council had just settled down to tea. Each of them had their branch servant with them. Before any of them could speak, there was a tapping at the door. Before anyone could twitch, the door slid open, and a branch woman shuffled in on her knees.

"Elders, forgive my intrusion," her fore head touched the floor, almost if groveling, "But standing orders from more then one of you demanded that I report to you at once. I was just serving tea to Lord Hiashi and his Daughters. It seems that our Lord as left a loophole in the marriage contract to the Heir of Uzushiogakure. If Hanabi-hime is threatened with the Seal, she will Challenge Hinata-Hime for the position of Heir. And due to the loophole, the Heir of Uzushiogakure gets them both."

"Is that all?" one of the Men growled.

"No, Elder. There was mention of the two of them being given to the Village's Jinchuuriki as breeding stock. Something about improving the bloodlines. Hinata-chan, ah, sama was shaking, when she dismissed me." the woman was shaking now. "I detected a minor Killing Intent and hurried from the room. This was my first stop."

"Go. Think no more on this." the one man in the room that the others knew had nothing to do with the serving woman. "This is Elder Business."

The poor woman looked up, at him. Looked him in the eye. "I fear that you are incorrect my lord. Hanabi-hime was talking about being out in the village getting her things for the academy when she over heard His Lordship talking to others about the Heirs and Jinchuuriki."

"Heirs?" a grandmotherly elder spoke up. "You mentioned only one at first, but now..."

"Yes, lady. The Heir of Uzushiogakure and the Namikaze Heir have marriage contracts with Lord Hiashi." the poor woman licked her lips. "If he is talking to others outside these walls..."

"If what this poor girl tells us is even partly true," a male with milky eyes shivered, "We are at a major disadvantage. Hiashi, by just talking about these contracts, has moved the Clan higher in the standings of the village, the nation, and even the Great Game. To move against him, or his daughters, could cause us to lose more then just an opportunity." he closed his eyes. "We need more information. I move we send a notice to our agent in the Fire Palace for information on these contracts. We will also need information on Uzu marriage customs."

"Agreed. We wait." the grandmotherly elder smiled. "If this ends well, we claim victory as a Clan. If it fails ..."

"...It fails at Hiashi's feet." the three others grinned.


'Karasu' quickly found 'his' sister. She was dancing with a few of the village's children, learning to 'dance' with her small fans. He knew that after she learned with these kids, she would dance on the rooftops, and use all of what she learned. He sat on a bench near by and 'worked' to reattach 'his' arm. Because the arm is designed to be used independent of the body as a whole, but also with the body for the illusion of being the puppeteer, the link was quickly fixed, and he was able to walk the kunai along. his knuckles while channeling the chakra string through the torso. Nodding to himself, he noticed that the puppet nodded, while the human did not.

"Kankuro, what are you doing?" 'His' sister asked.

As 'Karasu' looked up at her, he shrugged.

She frowned, "Why are you being so quiet?"

To answer her, 'Karasu' turned his head to left...360 degrees.

"Ah, Karasu. Any idea where Gaara is?"

the puppet shrugged.


the blond Jinchuuriki came barreling through the street, the Blond Lasher on his heels. He bolted out of the alley, running on the walls more then he was on the street its self. Using the speed and leverage he had on his side he cleared the two Suna nin and scrambled onto the roofs on the other side of the plaza. The purple clad female used her whips to grip the tall post off to the side and sling herself onto a tangent of the boy's path.

"And they say Gaara is a handful." Temari spoke in low tones, "At least all he wants to do is kill you. This guy is..."

three ANBU sprinted up, looked about, and dashed off on the trail of the two blonds.

Karasu nodded, at least Gaara was quiet.