I am not a Ninja



Mizuki sensei crowed from the tree branch he was perched on. "You heard me, That brat is not, nor will he ever be a ninja!" he hurled the Fuma Shuriken at Naruto.

Naruto closed his eyes, awaiting the impact...that never came. Opening his eyes, he saw Iruka sensei crouched over him. But Over Iruka, stood another man, holding the Fuma shuriken, inches from Iruka's back.

"You are correct. He is Not, nor will he ever be a Ninja." the deep voice of the man spoke. "Ninja are the best and worst that a human can aspire to. But that boy, will never be a Ninja, he is in fact Jinchuuriki. He is on the Nine, and is to be respected, honored, and treasured."

Taking a few steps to the left, the Man looked at Naruto. "You have something to show your sensei, do you not?"

Naruto Frowned, looked about, then looked at his sensei, one was frowning, wondering if his student was okay. The other had a cocky grin on his face, knowing that the dead last had nothing. Naruto grinned, flashed a few hand signs and poof.

Where three men and a boy were the only ones standing about, now stood an army of Naruto. An army of grinning, knuckle popping, fist flexing, Naruto...

As one they jumped Mizuki. Beating him down. The traitor ninja did not go down without a fight, but wave after wave of the orange assault would not be stopped.

The Stranger winced a few times before turning to Iruka. "So Sensei, did the gaki pass the academy?"

"Yeah, he has the clone jutsu down, so He passes." Iruka reached for his headband, but the stranger stopped him.

"While the idea is heartwarming, I think the gaki would prefer this one as his standard." from inside his coat, he pulled a headband for the village that was bright orange. "I ment what I said; he is not a ninja. He is something more...something both greater and darker."

Naruto limped up to Iruka Sensei. "So, now what?"

The stranger tossed the orange headband to Naruto. "You are not a ninja. But you will act like one for the time being. I will explain everything when we get to the Hokage." Turning to Iruka, "Can you take him to the Hokage? Scroll and all? I will bring the traitor."

Walking over to the sprawled ninja, the new guy tucked a toe under the body, and with a practiced move, popped the body into the air, and slung it over his shoulder. A nod to Iruka, and he was gone.

"Cool! Can I learn that?"

Iruka just smiled and shook his head, Naruto was someone else's problem now. Grabbing a hold of Naruto's Shoulder, he shunshin them to the Hokage's Office.