I am not a Ninja!

Chapter 5


Uncle Tanuki sat in a circle in the center of a bigger circle. There were five circles inside the bigger circle. Each of the four outer small circles were designed to hold a summons. The whole summon array was designed to call and hold four of the strongest non animal summons.

Uncle Tanuki took a deep breath, he slammed his hands down on the ground, and used he great chakra to power the array.

Six domes, five inside the sixth, formed. Each was large enough for a man to stand up. Each filled with smoke then cleared. Each of the four empty circles now had a non human warrior, complete with their native dress and weapons.

Each was began yelling at the other in their native tongue. Threatening with their weapons.

Tanuki just bowed his head and waited. He took this time to peer at the three he could see, as his back was to one of the summoned beasties.

Behind him was a five foot fox, three tails swished as she swung the Katana at those before her. She was dressed in a Kimono. Her voice was little more then yips and snarls as she cursed to embrace a sailor. Tanuki ignored her threats to his privates, his clan, and what ever else she was promising. He had a trump; Kyubi-chan.

To his left, A four foot six inch Rat stood quietly, his Katana sheathed, but he could draw it quicker than any human could blink. His lacquered armor of a Samurai, black with a red squares forming a picture of a skull. The only motion was his whiskers and eyes as he tried to watch everybody at once. One might almost think he could...

In front of him, a male, naked to the waist, where he wore a heavy sash. From the sash down he was all snake. In his hands were what appeared to be two wakizashi joined at the hilt, giving him a staff type weapon with a true blade on each end. He swayed back and forth, ready to lunge as soon as he could, to strike or dodge, which ever was needed. His blades looked wicked and thirsty.

To his right, a five foot Raven crouched in a combat stance. Its wings were drawn back out of the way as the 'Wind-and-fire wheels' in his bird talon like hands readied for the strike that was to come. His beak parted as his breath was slow and focused.

Slowly the Summoned affect was overcome and they noticed they were alone with each other, and each was also summoned. They then saw who and what summoned them.

"Tanuki, Why have you risked our wrath, and summoned us here?" The Naga spat.

"I summoned you all here, because you would take offense if I summoned one or all of the others and did not summon one of your clan. To each of your Clans, I have found a Village that could use you and your abilities. Tengu, Your clan has mastered the damn near every hand to hand combat style, and most of the small weapon styles. Nezumi, you have mastered all forms of the blade. Naga, In the village is an honorable student of the Snake, betrayed by her Master. Kitsune, One word, Kyubi-chan." He looked into the Eye of each of the traveling warrior. "I am not saying you must teach or bond with someone from this Village, but I do believe you would feel insulted or slighted if I called the others here and ignored your clan. Give me Seventy-two hours, and if you find nothing at this Village to spark your interest, I will send you home, no harm, no foul."

Blades vanished as the Warriors accepted the deal.

Anko was outside the window of her favorite chunin instructor. This morning she was sharing her perch with the mother of her sometime sex toy. Both had perked up when the eyesore that is Uzumaki entered the room. But Anko just liked the gaki for the pranks he pulled about the town, and for the ideas he gave her when she was playing with Iruka.

Anko frowned when she saw the Hyuga confront the Gaki. The Kiss was a real surprise! And then the sweet girl fainted into the arms of her 'lover'. Something about it reminded of something Hana did once with her...

She was frowning when Tsume lunged, straight at the window. Anko leaned back and pulled a small travel box of dango from her coat. It looked like today's show would include action and eye candy, now all she needed was a scream track and her day would be perfect.

"You are so dead!" Kiba lunged at Naruto, his puppy left behind.

His arms full of the girl that kissed him, Naruto just leaned to the side and allowed the Inuzuka boy slam headfirst into the wall. "Not now Kiba. Wait until we are out side, then I will play fetch with you." Naruto carried the girl to her seat, then dodged another lunge from the enraged dog-boy. "But if you slobber on the ball this time, I am only trowing it once."

Kiba growled and leaned forward, his eyes glowed red...

...just before his mother slammed into him. "Naruto, please inform your sensei that I needed to talk to my son about a clan issue. Nice Collar." and they were gone. Kuromaru flickered in, grabbed the pup by the scruff and flickered out.

Naruto snorted. "I guess he forgot the ball at home. We will play later."

Sakura. who entered just after Hinata fainted, yelled out, "Stop trying to be cool, Only Sasuke can pull something like that off."

"Oh look, Sasuke. Your fangirl is here. Has she ever given you a token of her affection? Have you ever been attacked because she has?"

Sasuke just turned his head to look at the orange ninja. "Why do you ask? If I wanted something I would take it." he glared at Naruto, "Like that set of greaves and bracers. After class. Anything goes!"

Naruto puffed his chest, but then he thought of something. "What are you putting up? I see no reason to fight you, unless you are like what Uncle Tanuki said about your grandfather..."

"What do you want?"

"Like he has to give you anything!" Sakura shouted, "He is so going to kick your ass!"

"Yeah!" chorused the fangirls.

"If the fight is so his, then he should have no fear of matching my wager." Naruto posed in intellect victory. "He wants my brawlers gear, then he should match it with something of equal or greater value."

"Naruto! Sit down." Iruka-sensei had arrived. "Is everyone here who is suppose to be here?'

"Naruto!" Sakura called from her seat, "He failed the tests."

"Ah, he pasted a make-up test given to him by Mizuki-sensei." Iruka-sensei frowned as he read his clipboard. "He is here as he should be. But I seem to be missing Inuzuka Kiba."

"Yeah, Inuzuka-sama took him out for a clan matter. He should be back before lunch." Naruto chirped from his seat next to the sleeping Hinata-chan. She had claim his hand in her sleep.

Anko bounced on her branch in joy as her prey entered the room. But her hand kept going to her throat where the ghost of a memory of a leather band once laid...

Blowing a kiss at Iruka, Anko shunshined away, looking for her other play toy.

The five approached the east gate.

Tanuki leaned on the desk as the other four wondered past. The two guards did not even look up. "Are you two that trusting?"

"Your Serve the gaki, the gaki serves the Hokage and the village." one answered.

The other continued, "If you brought them here, they are either for the gaki, or the village. You sneaking them in, means this is either of the highest secret, or you do not want the Hokage to know. If the Hokage was to know, we would have been told something."

The first picked up the line of thought, "If we see anything, we must report it. All we know is you went out early, came back before noon."

A few minutes later they looked up and around. "Gate duty is so damn boring."

the other guy smiled, "just the way we like it."

"...Team Seven; Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura,"

"Eat it Ino!"

"And Uzumaki Naruto. Sensei, Hatake

Kakashi." Here Iruka frowned. "Naruto, it says here you are also being mentored. Specialists arriving later. Do you know anything about this?"

"No Sensei, just that my Taijutsu is crap, my chakra control is even worse, and genjutsu is beyond hope. Uncle Tanuki is well traveled, he might know something."

Iruka-sensei nodded at the name of the traveler. "Okay."

"Why does Naruto get mentoring?" Sakura piped up. "Sasuke deserves the special treatment, not some..." here her words failed her.

Looking up from his clipboard, "One; Naruto-kun was not able to learn, before the genin testing process, his clans skills. Two; he did not have the money to hire outside help, so now that he does and his Uncle has the contacts... Three; even the Hokage does not know who is teaching him. Four; if Sasuke wants to learn, he can find out about approved masters to help him also."

Before Iruka could turn back to his clipboard, the door opened and Kiba was thrown back into the room. Akamaru pranced in just before the door slammed shut.

"Akamaru, thank you for showing up." Iruka-sensei spoke to the puppy, knowing that in the case of human males of the clan, the dog is usually the smart one. "Is he awake? Tell him when he awakens then; Team eight, Aburame Shino, Inuzuka Kiba with Akamaru, and Hyuga Hinata. You have YĆ«hi Kurenai as your sensei."

"But I wanted Naruto-kun on my team murmured a soft voiced Hinata-chan as she lay in a sleep like trance.

"No worries, Hinata-chan. When we are not doing team related training, we can train privately." Naruto chirped.

The hour before lunch was the best time to do the paperwork. She sat at the small desk in the corner of her office in the vet clinic.

"Hana!" a voice ghosted softly through the air, the caller was in a playful mood.

"Not now Anko." She did not even look up.

"Oh Hana!" the voice drew closer.

"Anko. Not. Now." Her friend would notice the tone of voice and come back later.

"Oh Hana-chan!" a leather strap landed in front of her.

Hana froze.

Anko was known for her weirdness. She took great pleasure in tormenting the males about the Village, but until Iruka, she had avoided personal connections with any male. As Hana was her age, they had bonded over the short years after Anko's return from Orochimaru. Hana was the one she told the whole truth to, crying into the girls arms.

But to drop a leather strap in front of Hana?

Hana knew that it was a collar, and what Anko was asking/demanding by dropping it there. She licked her lips as she set aside her paperwork. "Not into the heavier games, right now." the longer she could put it off the better...

"This morning I was joined by your mother in watching Iruka's class. She was there watching a girl collaring a boy. Collaring him, like you once did me." Anko shed the Shadows as she sat across from Hana.

The Inuzuka 'girl' looked at her friend, her lover...

"Yes, at one time I did chose you, to be mine. But Mother explained that I could not chose you." Hana picked up the collar, worrying it in her hands. "What you saw this morning is the first step in a bonding process that rivals the tight bonding of our nin-ken. The whole thing has three reasons; strengthens the spirit of the female, tightens the bond between mates, and increases the Control over our more feral males." She stood and walked away from the desk. "Mother said I could not choose you; for me to do this, I needed to choose a breeding partner, not a lover. There is a need for it to be a female/male thing."

Anko stepped behind her, enfolding Hana in a hug, "That might explain why your brother went 'ape- shit' and tried to kill the other male. If he was chosen for this, I doubt he can be called 'boy' any longer."

Hana leaned back into her friend. "It allows the female to grow in her self confidence and to bleed off some of the male's testosterone poisoning." she frowned as she replayed Anko's words. "My brother? That would mean the girl was..." She stepped away from Anko before turning and looking at her lover. "Who did the Hyuga heiress choose?"

"Uzumaki." the Snake Mistress's eyes sparkled. "So the only reason you released me was I was not man enough for you?"

"Not for that process, but you are my preferred in all other matters." Hana stepped forward, wrapping her arms about the crazy 'girl'. "For me to put you through that process, it would have destroyed all the good work we did getting you to function within the Village. You would have been little more then my sex toy."

"Would that be so bad?" Anko leaned her head against Hana's

"It would mean no more dango."

It was as if half the ANBU had punched the girl in the gut... "No. More. Dango?"

Hana chuckled, "So, when we are done here, I will treat you."

Anko relaxed. Then frowned, "So, any idea who you are going to make your bitch?"