A/N: I can't believe that I've come up with an idea for a new chapter fic. That pretty much never happens to me. lol. I know that this chapter is short, but please bear with me; it's just the prologue! There will be lots of fun stuff ahead - guaranteed. ;D

The House Guest

Chapter 1

"And So It Begins"

"Sir, it's not fair!" he argued, a little more loudly than he intended.

"Niles, it's already settled," Maxwell snapped back in his no-nonsense tone. "Miss Babcock is staying here for a few days while her penthouse is being remodeled, and that's final! Besides, you won't have the rest of us to worry with, because I'm taking Fran and the children on a holiday to Martha's Vineyard for a few days."

Niles' posture slumped as his mouth dropped open like a deadweight. It was several moments before he had regained enough cognitive activity in order to form a coherent thought.

"Sir, pardon me, but I /really/ don't think that Miss Babcock and I staying alone in the same house together is such a good idea..."

"Well, then, it's time you two learn how to get along," Maxwell said simply, and Niles knew that was the end of the conversation. "I believe Fran needs help packing the suitcases."

Niles sighed loudly as he turned for the door, still slumped over in his misery and mumbling fiercely under his breath.

A couple of hours and aspirins later, the family's luggage was packed and placed in the trunk of the car, ready to go.

"Hello, hello!" C.C. called as she swept through the front door, pulling a wheeled suitcase and swinging a carry-on bag over her shoulder. "You're leaving already?" she asked Maxwell with a slight pout of her ruby-painted lips.

"Yes, C.C., but Niles can show you where you can put your things."

"I'll show her where she can put them, alright," he grumbled.

C.C. glared at him. Fran elbowed him in the ribs and burst out with a boisterous laugh.

"Try not to kill each other," Fran joked as the family begun to head out the front door.

Niles and C.C. responded with a jumbled chorus of complaints. They stood at the door, waving halfheartedly to the Sheffields as they got into the car and began driving away. When the family was out of sight down the road, C.C. followed Niles back into the mansion. She slammed the door behind them, collapsed back against the glass, and gave a wicked yet equally sensual laugh.

"Niles," she drawled out in a deep voice, "you and are going to have such fun together."

Fun... He wasn't sure that his idea of having fun with her was exactly what she had in mind.

To be continued...