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Chapter 4

"A Taste of Chocolate"

"You can lick anything you want."

Niles watched as C.C. slipped her chocolate-covered index finger into her mouth and sucked it to remove the sweetness, ending with a gentle pop as she removed her finger from her lips. He quickly turned away and swallowed hard, desperately fighting the pulling sensation emerging at his groin area.

"I'm finished," C.C. announced after a few more moments of stirring the chocolate pieces in the pot until they were fully melted into a thin, consistent liquid.

Niles gave a satisfied nod as he returned from chopping walnuts to inspect her work.

"Very good," he complimented. "Now put on this apron, and you can help me mix it all together."

C.C. made a face as she reluctantly accepted the apron from him.

"Do I have to?" she practically whined.

"As domestic as it seems," he told her, "yes, you do. I refuse to spend all evening removing cake batter from your fake silk blouse."

"This is not fake silk, I'll have you know!"

Niles rolled his eyes yet instinctively stepped behind her to tie the apron strings after she had slipped it over her body. C.C. held her breath as his fingers nervously fumbled with the strings at the nape of her neck. He couldn't help but take note of how right she looked in his kitchen, wearing his apron - no matter how ridiculously and obviously unacceptable that certainly would have sounded to her. She outwardly scowled as she looked down at the apron, but somehow she felt a hidden thrill spread through her body as the realization struck her that she was wearing his apron; it even still smelled of him.

"I'll pour in the walnuts, and you stir," Niles instructed.

C.C. was silent as he stood dangerously close to her, his elbow gently nudging hers as he moved to sprinkle the walnuts into the chocolate cake batter. She concentrated intently upon the stirring in an attempt to ignore the nearness of him and the deep longing he elicited within her.

"That'll do," he spoke gently at last, placing his hand lightly on her arm.

His rumbling voice next to her ear made her shiver. She stopped stirring and released the spoon, watching as he dipped his finger into the mix as she had before. Niles lifted his finger to his lips, but she caught his wrist to stop him before he had managed to taste the batter. Pulling him closer to her, C.C. caught his eye and flashed a wicked grin before she closed her mouth over his finger and removed the chocolate with a swirl of her tongue. He could not control the low moan that escaped from his lips, his eyes widening at her as she slowly drew her lips from his finger.

"You said I could lick anything I want..."

To be continued