The Warrior's Heart

By: Lexvan

Disclaimer: I do not own W.I.T.C.H. I watch the show cause, male or female, heroes that use the elements are pretty cool. Takes place after season two.

A/N: This is the sequel to my "Heart of The Warrior" story. And is based off the events of my "Christmas Confessions" story. If you haven't read those stories, I suggest that you do before reading this one. Also the girls have their 'New Power' look, from the comics.


And now, on with the story!

Chapter 1:

Will's POV

It's been a month since it happened. None of us saw it coming! But now, they're gone! I guess I'd better start from the beginning. It all started a month ago.

Flashback, one month ago...

Normal POV

There they were, the Guardians in their Guardian forms, while Caleb was dressed in his brown pants and boots with his white T-shirt and brown fingerless gloves. And Angelo, who had his hair in dreads that went down past his shoulders, was dressed in a pair of black jeans, and brown hiking boots, with a white t-shirt, with a black tank-top over it with white fingerless gloves.

"So why are we here again?", Irma asked as she along with the other Guardians, Caleb, and her boyfriend, Angelo flew over the land of the world they were on.

"We from what the Oracle told me, he felt a strange surge of power coming from this world.", Will said. "So, he asked if we could check it out."

"So, why aren't Matt, Nigel, and Eric here with us?", Angelo asked.

"They're trying out for the Battle of the Bands that the city is having in two weeks.", Taranee replied.

"Don't tell me that you and Caleb can't handle whatever we run into.", Cornelia teased with a smirk.

"Yeah, right!", Caleb said as he flew next to Cornelia. "After all that training we did in the Alternate Time Zone, I know I can hold my own against just about anything!"

"I have to admit, Caleb.", Angelo said. "You, Matt, Nigel, and Eric have come a long in your training."

Maybe I'd better explain what have happened after Angelo's fight with Cedric. You see it was Summer when it happened. As Angelo had promised them all, the girls and guys spent 24 hours in the Alternate Time Zone, or ATZ. And 24 hours on Earth is six months in the ATZ. The good thing is that you don't grow older there. Only their hair did. Anyway, while in the ATZ, Angelo's Uncle John and Grandpa Joe discovered that Caleb, Matt, Nigel, and Eric had the same Fighting Spark that they and Angelo had. Which meant that with the right training they could build that power up and use it like they do. Which meant that they could fly, sense the energy of others, be incredibly strong and fast, and even fire energy blast. And that's what they did. They trained and got strong. Angelo just got stronger as he trained in the ATZ.(Think of it as something from Dragonball Z.) Even the girls got stronger. They reached a level where they could transform without Will uniting them. Which was a good thing seeing as they weren't always together. Anyway, that's the way things stand right now as the girls along with Angelo and Caleb are checking something out on a world the Oracle sent them to.

"Did you feel that?", Angelo said as he hovered in mid-air looking around the area. "It felt like a major burst of energy."

"Where?", Hay Lin questioned.

"No idea.", Angelo said. "But whatever it was, it's powerful.."

Just then Angelo and Caleb felt the surge of power.

"Whoa!", Caleb said. "I just felt it! And it is powerful!"

"It felt like it was coming from over there!", Angelo said as he pointed the West.

"Let's check it out!", Will said as they all flew towards the West.

As they flew further West, the girls started to feel the energy like Caleb and Angelo did.

"Okay, that's a lot of power!", Irma said as they got closer to the source of power.

"Could it be this world's Heart?", Cornelia questioned.

"Maybe.", Taranee said. "But we have to be sure."

Suddenly, a powerful beam of energy was fired at them from the ground. Thinking quickly, they dodged out of the way as the beam flew past them.

"What the heck was that?", Will questioned.

"I don't know!", Caleb said as he looked towards the ground. "Maybe we should ask him!"

Everyone look towards the ground to see a figure rising from the ground. It looked like a human man, only he had red skin with blond hair and blue eyes. He was dressed in a yellow gi with no sleeves and a red belt, with black boots and wristband made of white cloth wrapped around his wrist that went half-way up his forearms. He was well built and looked like he was ready to fight.

"Who are you?", the figured demanded as he hovered in the air in front of them.

"We're the Guardians of the Infinite Dimensions.", Will said. "And these are our friends, Angelo and Caleb. We're here to investigate a major surge of power that's been coming from this world."

"So, it seems that mighty Kandrakar has found me out!", the being said. "No matter. Once I take over this world, it was next on my list."

"Well, I think it's safe to say that he's the bad guy.", Irma said sarcastically.

"Who are you anyway?", Cornelia asked.

"I am Crimson!", the being said. "The color of my skin is the obvious reason. And I shall take over my world of Kurot!"

"And then Kandrakar?", Hay Lin questioned. "I don't think so!"

"Oh but I do!", Crimson snapped before firing a large energy ball at them.

But before it hit any of them, Caleb quickly moved in front of them and smacked the attack away!

"Impressive.", Crimson said as he watched his attack get swatted away. "It seems that the Guardians have some powerful warrior of their own.

Suddenly, Angelo appeared right in front of Crimson, using his great speed!

"You don't know the half of it!", Angelo said before punching Crimson and sending him crashing to the ground.

"Nice hit!", Irma said as she flew next to Angelo.

"It's not over yet.", Angelo said as he scanned the area.

"Is it ever?", Irma questioned in a dull tone.

Suddenly, Crimson appeared right behind Taranee, ready to strike her down!

"Taranee! Down!", Caleb yelled as he turned around after sensing Crimson's energy.

"Huh?", Taranee questioned as she turned around to see Crimsom with his arm raised, ready to attack her. "Whoa!"

Taranee quickly ducked out of the way, avoiding Crimson's attack. Caleb then fired an energy blast hitting Crimson, followed by another energy blast form Angelo, sending him flying back.

"He's fast!", Will said.

"And we can be just as fast!", Angelo said. "Ready, Caleb?"

"Ready as I'll ever be!", Caleb said as he and Angelo began to charge up some of their energy.

Within a few seconds, they both had an aura of energy that looked like a white flame coming off of them. They then looked at each other and nodded before flying towards where ever Crimson was at the moment leaving a trail of energy behind them.

"I'm never going to get tired of seeing that!", Irma said as she and the other Guardians flew after them.

"We can do that to, you know!", Hay Lin said with a grin.

"Then let's hurry up and catch up to them!", Will said as she powered up.

The other Guardians then powered up and took off flying in the same direction as Caleb and Angelo. Meanwhile, Angelo and Caleb had just caught up to Crimson and were fighting him in the air.

"I must say, that I've never fought beings that were at my fighting level!", Crimsom laughed as he was able to block all of their attacks. "But it's time that we ended this!"

Crimson then moved back and fired a powerful energy blast from both his hands hitting Angelo and Caleb, knocking them back a few feet! Caleb and Angelo quickly reacted with a powerful blast of their own, which Crimson quickly dodged by flying upwards. But when he looked to where Angelo and Caleb were, ready to hit them with another blast of energy, Crimson saw that they were gone!

"Where did they go?", Crimsom questioned as he looked around the area.

Suddenly, Caleb appeared above Crimson and did a stomp kick, sending him to the ground. Crimson then tried to gain control and slow his fall, only to have Angelo appear and hit him with both fist clenched together, sending Crimson crashing to the ground! As Crimson slowly got to his feet, he saw that Angelo and Caleb were standing before him, ready to continue.

"So, do you give up?", Caleb questioned taking a fighting stance.

"Or do you want some more?", Angelo asked taking his own fighting stance.

Crimson then saw the Guardians flying towards them. A smirk came to Crimson's face as he stood up straight.

'I'll only have one chance at this!', Crimson said as he pulled out a red crystal. 'Better make it good!'

Crimson then moved at a fast pace making it look like he vanished.

"Where did he go?", Angelo questioned as he and Caleb looked around.

As the girls were flying towards them, Crimson appeared in front of them, surprising them.

"Ladies.", Crimsom said with a smirk.

Crimson then threw the red crystal past the girls! He then shot a beam of energy at the crystal. Suddenly, the crystal shattered opening a strange red fold!

"What in the world...?", Cornelia questioned as they turned to look at the fold.

"That, my friends, is a Red Fold!", Crimson said. "It can lead to any world or alternate universe! I had hoped to use in on the one you call Oracle! But for now..."

Crimson then, before anyone could do anything, grabbed Irma by surprise!

"You'll do, Guardian!", Crimsom said as he flew towards the fold with a good grip on Irma.

"Irma!", Hay Lin shouted as she flew towards Crimson to save her friend.

"Let me go!", Irma snapped as she tried to break free of his grip.

Just then, Angelo jetted past Hay Lin to stop Crimson from doing what he thought he was going to do to Irma. The others were right behind him as they closed in on Crimson! Crimson then stopped a few feet in front of the Red Fold! He then lifted Irma so that he was above his head.

"For the last time, jerk!", Irma snapped as Crimsom held her above his head. "Let! Me! Go!"

"As you wish!", Crimson said with a smirk.

Crimson then threw Irma through the fold! Try as she did, Irma couldn't fight the pull of the Red Fold.

"Irma!", everyone yelled fearing for her.

"Aaaaaaaaah!", Irma yelled as she was being pulled through the Red Fold.

"No!", Angelo yelled as he flew into the Red Fold following behind Irma.

"Angelo!", Will cried as she watched one of her best friend go through the Red Fold.

"Looks like I got rid of two for the price of one!", Crimson laughed as he watched the Red Fold close.

Crimson then turned to look at the remaining four Guardians and Caleb as they hovered in the air still shocked at what just happened to two of their friends. Crimson saw this and laughed getting their attention.

"And now for you all.", Crimsom said with a sinister smile as he looked towards Caleb who was glaring at him. "But something tells me that there might be more warriors like you and your other friend, boy! So for now, I'll take my leave."

"Scared?", Caleb questioned.

"Hardly.", Crimson said. "I'm just going to make sure that my victory is ever so sweet! Until we meet again, my friends!"

Crimson then vanish at great speed, leaving the four Guardians and Caleb floating there in the air.

"We have to find Irma and Angelo!", Taranee said.

Will then held the Heart of Kandrakar in her hands and tried to focus on Irma, knowing that where ever she was, Angelo was too. But for some reason, she couldn't sense where Irma was.

"I... I can't sense her!", Will said with a look of shock on her face. "I can't sense Irma anywhere!"

"What do you mean you can't sense Irma?", Cornelia questioned.

"I mean, that Irma isn't on any of the Know Worlds!", Will replied.

"She must be in an alternate universe!", Taranee figured getting everyones attention. "Remember what Crimson said about that Red Fold of his."

"That is leads to any world or alternate universe!", Caleb replied. "So, Irma's in an alternate universe of some kind."

"I believe so.", Taranee said.

"Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!", Hay Lin cried as she shook her head in disbelief. "This can't be happening!"

"Don't worry, Hay Lin.", Will said as she opened a fold for Kandrakar. "We'll head to Kandrakar and tell the Oracle what's happened. I'm sure he can help us."

Hay Lin's POV

But Will was wrong. Once in Kandrakar, the Oracle told us that he saw everything and that there was nothing that he or we could do to help Irma or Angelo! Irma was still connected to her Auramere, but we just couldn't find the right world she was in. She could be on some kind of alternate Earth where Phobos or Nerissa have beaten us and taken over! Or one where we're the bad guys! Oh, Irma! Where are you? Don't get me wrong. I'm worried about Angelo too, but he can take on just about anything with all of his power. But Irma, isn't that powerful. Well, at least not as powerful and Angelo and Caleb. I'm just worried! Okay?

Anyway, the Oracle made a Astral Drop of Irma from the memories Irma copied and left in her Auramere a week ago. At was something we each did with our Aurameres in case something like this happened. I just never thought that we'd be going through something like this. I'm afraid of what we may have to do if Irma and Angelo don't return within a month. Please Lord! Bring them back safe and sound!

End Flashback

Will's POV

It's been a whole month since then, which means that we have to do what we promised each other we'd do if one or more of us were missing for this long. We're all at the Vander's home, knowing what we have to do. I look back at the others to make sure that they're ready to do this. Matt, Caleb, and Cornelia stand brave and ready to do this. Taranee looks a bit nervous, while Hay Lin looks like she's about to cry. And who could blame her. Irma is her best friend. And the Lairs are like a second family to her. This has got to be hurting her. I walk up to her and grab her hands causing her to look at me. A give her a small smile which makes her smile a little. I then walk up to the door and ring the doorbell. The door opens to show, Angelo's Uncle John.

"Come on it kids.", Mr. Vanders said as he let us in.

"Are they all here?", I asked.

"Yeah.", Mr. Vanders said as we all headed up to the living area of his home.

Once there, we see Nigel and Eric there too. Seeing them makes Taranee and Hay Lin feel a bit better. I also see Yan Lin, along with Joe and Kandma Vanders. I then see the Irma Drop looking like just like Irma which hurts a bit, but gives us hope knowing that Irma was still alive.

"Is something wrong, John?", Mr. Lair ask.

"You can say that, Mr. Lair.", Matt says. "We have some to tell you."

"What is it?", Mrs. Lair asked. "Is it about Angelo?"

"Yes.", Will said. "As well as Irma."

"But Irma's right here.", Mrs. Lair said.

"Yes and no she isn't.", John said. "Just listen to what we have to tell you and you'll understand."

"What's going on here, John?", Mr. Lair asked getting a bit freaked out.

"Go ahead, Will.", Kadma said to me.

I then pulled out the Heart and held it up. I then said the two words that would change things.

"Guardians, Unite!"

A/N: Well, Angelo and Irma have been missing for a month because of this Crimson guy and now the girls and the others are about the tell Irma's family everything. This should be good! Wonder how they're gonna take it? And where are Irma and Angelo? Will they ever return? And what about Crimson? What's he up to? Looks like you all will have to wait and see.

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