A/N: Vanitas, you are one evil guy.

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Villainous Boredom

Vanitas was bored.

It may be difficult to imagine for some: a being made up of darkness and evil, bored? Couldn't he just go practice his demonic laughter or harass Keyblade masters or go outside and play a little with his Unversed?

But like with all things, being an evil jerk does get tedious sometimes, and Vanitas had reached that point.

There was, then, only one thing he could do:

Go to the Twilight Town clock tower.


He had not yet thrown his bab—Unversed into Twilight Town for the simple reason that he actually quite liked the place. There were no strange fairy tales or oddly magical people or talking things. There was just the town with its normal people and its eternal twilight.

Oh, yes, and the clock tower. His favorite place, the clock tower.

There were many other people who also preferred to be on the clock tower, of course. Their reasons were usually along the lines of the beautiful view that the height gave of the town, or that the tower provided people with a feeling that they were on top of the world.

Vanitas enjoyed it because it was a spectacular place to drop kick kittens from.

Kittens and cats regularly made their way to the top of the tower and Vanitas knew from some uncertain source that it was because felines liked being in high places. That didn't make much difference to him, of course. He only knew that their little habit gave him the perfect timewaster when he was bored.

Some people played games. He kicked kittens off clock towers.

The worst part was that he didn't even kick them because he thought they were scum or because he thought they would one day raise a cat army that would destroy the entire world.

No, he kicked them because they were cute, small, fluffy, and defenseless and therefore unfit to exist in the real world. They deserved whatever kicking they got.

Ah, and speaking of which, there was one now.

He gleefully scooped it up, ignoring its startled, high-pitched screech of mrow!, and drop kicked it with as much force as he could. He smirked and waved goodbye as it went sailing down into the town.

"Survival of the fittest, bitch."