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There's three parts to this. Exciting, yes?




running theory

(hey, darling, what's your poison?)






(she was like a princess, straight from a dreamy castle in the sky)

Michael skirted around the immobile figure that literally had come out of nowhere. She was lithe, a pretty brunette, with a soaked outfit and closed eyes. Her fingers twitched, but that was all - there was no sign of life besides that.

The russet-haired male sighed and unhooked his pokeball from his belt loop, sending out his faithful partner, Eevee. The kitsune-like Pokemon let out a small yawn, before becoming alert to the situation at hand. Eevee carefully poked the washed-up girl and then turned its head to its trainer.

"She's breathing, that's for sure." The lanky boy muttered, crouching down next to the mysterious stranger. His goggles slid off his bushy head and ended up on his neck, hanging limply. He poked the girl's face and let out a distressed, tension filled sigh.

"...ugh." The girl's eyes fluttered open, revealing smoky brown eyes.

Michael staggered back, nearly losing his balance in the process. His Eevee stood at the ready, dark eyes staring at at the stranger, growling. The girl continued stirring, her fingers flexing, leaning up, head turning to survey its surroundings.

She stopped moving as soon as her eyes settled on the brunet male.

"Um, erm, ah." Michael tripped over his words, metaphorically face-planted, as he struggled to find the correct thing to say to a girl who just woke up on a beach and was most definitely not a local. "I'm Michael. You were washed up here -" he gestured around himself before continuing. "- and I found you. What's your name?"

The girl simply blinked, her gaze lowering to her soaked clothes and then back to the boy. She managed a weak smile before picking herself up, brushing sand off her messy overalls. She slipped the shoulder straps off, allowing the shirt-like part of the overall to fall down, revealing her three quarter sleeves red shirt. She patted her head, some idea finally dawning on her, and hastily fixed her pigtails.

Michael watched in silence, watched and waited for an elaborate explanation.

"I'm Lyra."

That was all the russet-haired boy got from her. She smiled sweetly and he just felt so compelled to help her - so he did.

Michael took the girl named Lyra to Headquarters. He was sure his mother, Lily, would be able to help them out, in someway.

(Hopefully, he mumbled, as he tried to explain to his stricken mother why he brought a soaked girl to the office.)