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This was written for Mystii's Prompts, oh, Prompts challenge on Next-Gen Fanatics with the prompts 'original', 'little girl', 'laughter', and 'change'.

m i n t
g r e e n
r o s e s

(maybe they're supposed to mean something?)


She's been wearing them in her hair
ever since she was a sweet little girl
innocent and happy and bright
dancing in the rose garden

He was there that day – he remembers
She was laughing, because her wild magic
had exploded in a flurry of fiery sparkles
over the redred roses blooming there

Her explosion sparked a storm
changing those (c l i c h é) red roses
into bright, dazzling mint green
ever since, she's worn one in her hair

It's vivid against her brightbright curls
mint green on strawberry red
or maybe Slytherin on Gryffindor
(she's a Ravenclaw, but so what?
she's allowed to do social commentary
she's Lily)

He's asked her time and time again
"What do they mean, Lily-flower?"
She always laughs (she's always laughing)
Whatever you want them to mean, Teddy

He looks it up, because he hates not knowing
Especially when it comes to her
But what he finds makes no sense
Tranquility? Jealousy? Life?
Richness? Fertility? Nature?

(maybe they mean L i l y
just Lily)


For their first anniversary,
he gives Victoire red roses
and chocolates and a necklace
like any (every) good boyfriend

Because they're all about c l i c h é
and what's more cliché than red roses?
But maybe if you just changed them
to brightbright mint green…

Here's where he realizes
if Victoire's red roses are cliché
then Lily's mint green roses
must mean o r i g i n a l i t y

After all, if there's one thing
that Lily Luna Potter is,
it's original, unique, different
o n e – o f – a – k i n d
(just like her mint green roses)

Victoire is just every other
pretty girl, part-Veela, his best friend
They're a whole mesh of clichés
Unoriginal and unchanged

And Lily, his darling little firecracker
with mint green roses
to match her mint green eyes
to contrast her strawberry curls

To make her o r i g i n a l
individual, different, unique
to make her simply, impossibly Lily

"Why mint green, Lily-flower?"

"It's original, Teddy. That's why."


It's hard to love blood red
when you have mint green
standing right in front of you
so, he doesn't even try

Victoire smiles wistfully,
all but sparkling in her perfection
a bouquet of redred roses in her hands
She never lies, so she tells him

"I always knew, Teddy.
You always did like mint."

Maybe it's a little ironic
because she's pure perfection
because they're pure perfection
and who gives up perfection?

Well, Teddy Lupin, that's who
because Lily isn't perfect
she's not redroses&chocolate
she's not a fairytale princess

but she's got mint green roses
and laughter and originality
and now that he's changed
blood red to mint green
He's never letting go


Remember that little girl?
The one who danced in the garden?
The one with mint green roses?
Well, she's all grown up now

She's getting married today
to the boy who likes mint
and she's carrying a bouquet
full of no other flowers except

m i n t
g r e e n
r o s e s

(maybe they mean love)

Author's Notes: I feel weird now... O_o That's what happens when a die-hard Teddy/Victoire shipper writes Teddy/Lily, I suppose =P

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