Chapter 1: Scheduling

Scheduling time at the University of Forks was always stressful and hectic, especially when the majority of the classes filled up extremely fast. By the time my enrollment time rolled around, most classes were already closed, forcing me to once again, rearrange and create a new schedule and so came the consequence of being a college sophomore. I couldn't imagine anyone being excited over scheduling, except my sister of course. Alice was excited about anything, no matter how stressful or unnecessary she thought something was, overall she was bubbly and overexcited for everything.

My best friend, Edward Cullen, was inbetween when it came to scheduling. He didn't really care when he scheduled as long as he enrolled in the classes he actually needed. Lucky for him, he had priority scheduling so that was never a problem for him. And knowing how stressed I was over my classes, he took every opportunity to tease me for it. Then again, he wouldn't be Edward if he didn't. Edward and I were very close, which came from knowing each other for years. Now, don't get me wrong, my sister and I are very close as well, but the bond Edward and I had was different. It was special.

It was the same way for Alice and her boyfriend, Jasper Hale ,who just happened to be Edward's cousin. Edward's brother, Emmett Cullen was dating mine and Alice's cousin, Rosalie. So you see, our group was connected every which way and everyone was dating, except for Edward and I of course. For some, I'd say, it wasn't always easy being around an entire group of couples with all the hormones flying around and being one of two single being in that group but with Edward, it was easy. It was always just natural being around him and talking to him and just being myself around him. I'd never experienced that around any other guy, which always made me wonder, when did I fall in love with Edward Cullen? Yes, I was inlove with my best friend and no, he did not know about it. I never had to courage to admit it to him. Hell, I was only now admitting it to myself. It's safe to say, hanging around Edward without telling him how I truly felt grew more difficult as time went by.

I got up not too long after I'd noticed my clock flashing 7:00 am, my scheduling time. Great-I thought. After logging in through the U-portal, I was able to, very slowly, pull up my list of tentavive classes, knowing after last night my final selection was available to me. I hit the enroll button and several second later, my spring semester of classes had become official. It was like weight had been lifted from my shoulders as I sighed in relief. It was finally settled. I was just about to grab my phone to messasge Edward when Alice came running into my room. For someone who had probably just woken up, she was a little bit too bubbly. Could you really expect anything else from her-I thought.

"BElLA!" she exclaimed, taking a seat on the edge of my bed seeming unable to sit still.

I smiled at her. "Good morning Alice, sleep well?" I asked. I honestly loved her bubbly personality no matter how over the top she could be.

"Yes, extremely well..." she paused, clearly stopping herself midsentence. Her smile beaming from her face made it a little too obvious she had news she just needed to share.

"Alice, you look like you're going to burst any minute. Tell me what you know you're dying to tell me!"

"Jasper and I have officially been together for five years!" I couldn't help but laugh because she had talked about it non stop for 10 hours the other day. There clearly was more to her news.

"Alice, that's awesome! I'm so happy for you guys!" I smiled.

"I know, thank you," she started. "And, well, I think I'm pregnant!"

Knowing Alice and how she could be, I already knew she wasn't just thinking she was pregnant, but she already knew about it. I also knew, being her sister and all, that she probably was coming to me with no problems about it becasuse she already had things figured out; if not, well, Alice might've had a melt down. Lucky for her though, she was already graduating from the University this spring and Jasper had already graduated the previous year. It was Edward and I who were only in our sophomore years while Rosalie and Emmett were juniors.

"Alice, are you sure?" I had to ask.

"As positive as the four pregnancy tests I took this morning! Isn't it great?" Four pregnancy tests?

"It is, believe me I'm happy for you but I'm also worried at the same time. I am your sister after all," I couldn't help but worry about her. She may be older, but I was the one known to worry over everything and this was something to be concerned with.

"Well no worries Bella, with the wedding being five months away and with me and Jasper moving in together, everything is going to work out just fine."

Wedding? Moving out? What? I never even knew they were engaged let alone she planned on leaving me alonein this incredibly large apartment. "Wait, since when are you and Jasper engaged and why is this the first I'm hearing about all these plans that are working themselves out?"

While hands down I was extremely happy for my sister, I was now starting to feel extremely overwhelmed with all of this new information. My sister was engaged, getting married, moving out. There was so much to be done.

'Ok...engaged as of 3 months ago. Sorry, don't freak out. We were keeping it on the DL. As for roommate replacement, why not Edward? He will end up needing a new roommate after all..." of course she would recommend Edward. The idea seemed amazing to me and all, but seeing him was already difficult for me. Who knew how hard it would be if we lived under the same roof together. I couldn't blame Alice though, I wasn't sure if she knew how much I loved Edward. Even so, she did constantly push me to ask him out before it was too late. And when I say every chance, I meant it. It was nonstop; but when Alice put her mind to something, she refused to let it go.

"Edward, really Alice?"

"Why not? You two are best friends. It'd be great..." she smiled.

"Don't you mean somewhat awkward?" I couldn't deny how appealing this idea was starting to become for me. I just didn't know how it would play out or exactly how Edward would take it. Considering he wasn't in love with me, he would love it.

"It's only awkward if one or both of you have feelings for the don't have feelings for you?" I knew she was trying to get me to admit it. She was so annoyingly obvious!

"Alice, let's not go there today, ok? When are you moving out and do you need help with the wedding?"

As soon as I mentioned the wedding, she was beaming, once again. "Yes I do! With you being my maid of honor-whether you like it or not-there will be lots to be done. You and Edward need to get together to plan one huge party, though I'll give you the list of dos and don'ts; that was Jasper's idea so that I don't overdo anything, being pregnant and all. But I'll be moving out in two weeks. Short notice, but you're off today and so is Edward so you two need to start planning." I've definitely been out of the loop on all of this. From everything she said, it was safe to assume Edward was already informed about the wedding at least.

"Yes ma'am." I said as I saluted her. "I'll get a hold of Edward right now and we'll get to planning. Oh, and leave your list by my door so that we don't do anything that's against the rules." She scowled at me and headed toward the door, knowing I was teasing her. She loved it though.

My day wasn't looking as simple as I had hoped it would be. With all the school work that had been floating around in my mind and with work, I needed a break. This was for Alice though, so I would do anything as long as she was happy. I took my phone out, got ahold of Edward's number and texted him.

~~Hey, you awake?~~B

A few minutes later, I got a response.

~~I am Ever heard of sleeping in?~~E

~~Yes I have actually...I had to schedule though lol Are you busy today?~~B

~~Not that I know of, what did you have in mind?~~E

~~I'll meet you at The Cafe in an hour for breakfast?~~B

~~You're really not gonna let me sleep? lol Alright, let me get cleaned up and I'll meet you over there~~E

~~Sounds good, see you then~~B

With that, I set on to getting myself cleaned up and ready. In an hour, I'd be seeing Edward, asking him to be my roommate which I was freaking out about, and informing him of our new party plans that we have to create. And on top of that, something I've never worried or stressed over before was finding something to wear to see Edward. I wanted to look great for him which meant I had to resort to Alice's help. This could only result in torture...I was sure of this.