Authors Comments: Wow, it must really seem like I'm obsessed with Liechtenstein... My first two stories revolve around her, I really need to write about some other people before I write about her again.

But, I digress. Here is another story, this will be a two-shot revolving around Switzerland and Liechtenstein's almost incest-tastic adoration for each other... And Liechtenstein's neediness. Basically I just based Lilli's whole thought process on how I think when my boyfriend doesn't hang out with me for a long time. I mind fuck him into showing me some love-and actually it was after doing that to him that this little story popped into my head and I was just like 'dude... I bet this is really how Liechtenstein thinks once you get past her cute little chibi face'. And that my friends is how this story hatched... Because apparently stories are eggs.

I don't own Hetalia! It's a good thing too-that shit would be banned from the interwebs if I got my hands on it...

I hate the way he treats me like a child.

It infuriates me to no end. I ask for a kiss and he gives me one. On the forehead as if I were five. I ask for a hug, he gives me one. A standing hug that lasts barely a second and I don't even get to rest my head on his chest to listen for a possibly rising heart beat. I ask him to touch me and he blushes and says that sounds really wrong. He won't even humor me and caress my cheek lovingly. I ask for love and he give it to me. He tells me he loves me with a kiss to the forehead as if that's what I'm really asking for. As if I'm his 'little sister' still. As if I'm the naive girl he took in off the streets still. As if I hadn't grown up and I'm still juvenile and fun loving. But no, I'm not like that anymore.

Well I'm done, I'm tired of Vash never taking me seriously. We're not really related, we live together, and he says he loves me-he even said not as a sister quite a few times. But every time I try something or go looking for some serious affection from him he treats me like his little sister. I'm not going to stand for it any longer, I will make Vash mine if he likes it or not. No more playing the card of an innocent little girl, I can be treated like a woman now.

If it was some hints you were looking for Vash, you sure as hell are going to get some tonight.


"Vash, do you love me?" I asked at dinner that day. Vash had looked at me over his food with a curious expression. He swallowed his food and took a polite sip of water-he had always taught me it was polite to drink a little water before speaking if you had been eating. It lessens the chances of food coming out of your mouth and clears your throat so you don't have to make that revolting noise.

I mentally groaned, why do I have to be so helplessly in love with the clean and pristine Swiss? Any normal person would have brushed off his lessons, but I take every single one of them to heart because they're from him. So pathetic...

"Of course I love you Lilli, does it seem like I don't? I give you clean water and three square meals and a roof to sleep under, if I didn't love you, I wouldn't bother." He reasoned and took another bite from his meal.

My eyes narrowed the slightest bit. That's you showing love? Well you do that to guests too Swissy, and that isn't good enough for me. That's not even in the ball park for what I want from your love, and you know it.

"Switzerland," Ohhh, shut down. That's right, I used your country name. Shit just got real and you better be bringing your A-game now, Vash, because I'm not going down without a fight on this matter. "You do that for people you care about too. You even do that for Mr. Austria and Prussia if they visit. Is that really the only way you care for me? As a visitor?" I challenged him with my speech, but tried to make it seem like a casual debate.

He had better know that I'm being completely serious or I am so leaving this table, leaving this house, and going to live with Austria again just to piss him off. Maybe I'd even ask Austria out, he's still on the rebound from Hungary I think. Unless he got together with Prussia... But either way he'd be craving some female affection, he'd let me have my way.

It looked like Vash choked on his food a little as a blush rose to his cheeks. There we go, he's starting to catch on.

"W-well of course I care about you, more than both of them combined that's for sure. I taught you how to defend yourself and... And I took you in when you were ill. I also drew all of those pictures for you, and I wear the pajama's you made me as much as I can." The man before me started to ramble and his blush deepened.

I only narrowed my eyes more and more as his rant went on. These were not the kind of loving actions I was talking about. I was talking about passion, love, romance. He was talking about family, tender love and care, thoughtfulness. As sweet as those things were and as much as I did appreciate them, that wasn't what I was aiming for.

"That sounds like how you would love a sister Vash. Do you love me as only a sister?" I asked with a pout. That was sure to just throw him over the edge. He knows he loves me more than a sister-and I know from his calling out my name at night when he thinks I'm asleep in my bed peacefully when really I'm anxiously awake and doing pretty much the same thing as he is. He won't be able to handle that charge.

And look what we have here, I was right.

Standing up with a deep rooted blush staining his cheeks he almost glared at me as his hands hit the table clattering his own fork and knife. He leaned so he was eye level with me and stretched across the table with an almost dangerous look as tension grew hot in our little dining room. It was about time something got hot besides the core of my body in the middle of the night with no hopes of a good release...

"You know very well I love you as more than a sister." He said in a hushed voice. It was scarier than when he yelled because after so long you get used to the yelling. No, it was the scariest when Vash whispered, because then you knew he wasn't going to back down. Perfect.

"Then prove it, big bruder." I whispered right back to him, standing and leaning so my face was right up to his. If he backed down now I'd make sure he never heard the end of it from anyone. Especially myself as I ran off to go force sexual frustrations on Austria as I resisted the urge to call out my true love's name.

This is where things really started to turn in my own favor.

He grabbed me by my shoulders and held me firmly in my place as he kissed at my lips frantically. I didn't kiss back. Oh no, I had been trying to get this sort of needy desperation out of him for ages, there was no way he was going to get to me just by kissing me no matter how great it felt.

No, now I was going to give Vash a taste of his own medicine, take that you hard to get playing bastard.