So I've been getting bored lately, with a bad case of writers block on my other stories, and recently started playing 'Legend of Dragoon' again. Then I thought, this is such a great game, and yet there are so few fan fiction stories for it. It was then that I decided to do one. I've looked for some, but I can't find any that do what I was looking for which further cemented my idea to do this. No one has redone their adventure. Personally I'm disappointed about that fact. It was and is an amazing story, but like all amazing stories, certainly some people have thought of adding their own twist on things.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Legend Of Dragoon, for if I did I'd be in the process of having it remade with better graphics,. voices, and a battle system more like Final Fantasy 12's, which is the best battle system to date in my opinion.

Chapter 1

Dart Feld had always been brave. Not to the point of stupidity of course. He was also a fairly outgoing kind of guy. He didn't share everything with anyone, but he was by no means silent. In fact he had been told he could be quite boisterous when he got going, or when he was drunk. He was also never one to mope about and be all moody like some of the so called 'pretty boys' were. He wasn't like that, and was more popular with the girls then any of them were. He had never felt guilt for very long before in his life though, except when everyone was forcing him to lead Shana on when he didn't feel like that towards her. No, he always remained confident that his decisions were the best ones to make at the time of making them, based on what he knew at that time.

But right now Dart felt nothing but guilt. None of them had made it out of the moon before it exploded. They weren't fast enough. Dart however was still alive. Dart had taken the last 20 minutes to gather up all the Dragoon stones. They were settled into a circle.

The only reason he had survived was because of insanely bulky Dragoon armor. The side of his face however had been burned and was only just barely healed over, probably because the White silver Dragoon stone had landed next to him when he hit the ground, and it's light acted in response to his stone, healing him.

"Damn it." Dart cursed. He looked down at the red, violet, blue, green, white, black and golden little stone sized souls. They were glowing in unison. He didn't know why. He briefly entertained the thought that all 8 of the dragoon stones in existence might consider him their rightful user. Like that would help. The only other survivor from the moon had been Melbu Frahma. Dart had watched him fly off in some direction. He had no idea how he survived, but figured he must have done something. Perhaps he had completed his evolution or something like that.

Either way Dart was to weak to even call out for him to stop. It had taken him a while to get back his energy. The world was doomed unfortunately. Dart couldn't fight him alone. He was lucky to survive one encounter with him, but to survive another, and on his own? No chance.

Looking back down at the dragon souls, Dart reach into his satchel and pulled out his own stone. The divine dragon's soul. At this point the other seven stones began to glow madly. Shrugging Dart placed his stone down in the center of the circle of stones.

The resulting glow nearly blinded Dart. When he opened his eyes 9 ghostly images were before him. The Dragon Kings ugly huge eye was less then 3 feet in front of him, with six smaller ones surrounding it. The other seven large forms were behind it or above it. The final form was average in height and standing next to the Dragon King.

"What the hell?" Dart exclaimed as he jumped back, jumping to his feet, despite the pain it brought him, to even stand, let alone move that quickly. "Who are you? Why did you appear with them?"

The ghostly image of a man, or was it a woman? Either way, the ghostly humanoid image spoke up. "I am the creator. I believe you call me Soa."

Dart nearly fainted. "The hell does the creator want with me?"

"Simple. I made a mistake. People often believe there is a Heaven and Hell, and yet there is neither. I am merely a being of a different race from another planet. Your world, I admit was a game to me. But I never intended for this to happen. The dragon Campaign was never supposed to have happened, and I had thought it ended peacefully enough. Now, while I can do many things, I can't do everything. But I can fix what has happened to you and and your friends. Indirectly of course. I'm not so powerful I can simply erase what has happened. What I can do however, is ensure you fix it. I can reverse time for this planet, as I was the one who created it. Unfortunately that would mean everything simply happens again. Nothing would change."

"Get to the point. I'm sure you wouldn't tell me that if there wasn't a way around it." Dart growled. His fear of the powerful being before him gone in anger at being taunted like this. He was waving a potential way to save his friends in front of him.

"Well, of course. I created this amulet a little while ago. It isn't affected by time travel, and the wearer isn't either. Well, your body would be but your mind wouldn't be. Unfortunately, I can't go back farther then when I created it without making you forget everything, which would be about a year ago. Give or take a few months." Soa shrugged, seemingly more human like then one might assume. Considering he made the species, it's not too hard to believe that the more intelligent species might be more like their creator then they thought.

Continuing the creator of Endiness answered an obvious question of Darts. "I know your dying to ask, but I'll leave it up to you. Save anyone you feel should be saved, and whatnot. I don't care what happens this time. If you screw up, I ain't giving you another shot. Just remember; let's say you do save Knight boy from his death, someone else might die, or you could ruin the potential relationship going on between Al and the sexy princess from Tiberoa."

"What?" Dart asked. Who would have thought the creator was into his creations enough to call them sexy? That was just weird. Not like Dart could disagree though, she was sexy.

"Don't look at me like that, I'm pulling from your view on her." Soa pointed out. "Oh, should have mentioned that. My species takes our personalities from those we're talking to. It's like talking to yourself really, only we each know different things."

"Well, whatever. Let's do this thing." Dart announced standing up. He was eager to do this as fast as possible.

"Good." Soa announced. The dragoon stones powers of now are going to be sacrificed to summon it here. They'll still have it when you go back so don't worry."

As he said, the stones vanished and the ghostly images of the 8 dragons behind him vanished and floating in front of him was the amulet that would protect Dart's mind from being rewound.

"Also, when you get back, the gem in the middle of it will vanish. Strange though, it's a perfect fit for you Dragoon stone isn't it?" Soa pointed out in a question before waving his arms dramatically. Dart's vision went black.


As Dart's vision slowly faded back into place he nearly stumbled. Gathering his wits about him he noticed he was in a forest area alone.


A horse's neighing got his attention. And a voice alerted him to when he was. "Who are you?"

"Are you a mercenary of Basil?"


'Just After Seles was attacked. Wonder if I still have my skill?' Dart thought. It was unlikely he was as strong or as skilled as he once was, but he was probably still more skilled then before. Drawing his weapon, he nearly forgot about the dragon Feybrand.

"Oh shit." he answered and instead of attacking like the soldiers thought he might, he jumped between them rolling back up and awaiting Feybrand's arrival. He doubted he'd beat the dragon alone at the moment, but maybe he could injure it in his escape.

The soldiers turned to face him and as such were knocked off their horses when Feybrand appeared. Said horses took off.

"Well, this looks bad." Dart muttered as he backed away. Dodging each attack. He maneuvered himself quickly to avoid falling trees. Shortly, he was back to where Rose and he had first met. "Right, this seems as good a spot as any."

The dragon's next attack left a large gash in it's offending appendage, as Dart had dodged and struck back. The dragon didn't even notice the injury.

Dart cursed. "Damn. Too strong. I can't hit it's weak points without a few distractions. What do I do?"

He didn't have to think long, for, like last time, Rose landed next to him, grabbed hold of him and rocketed them behind some rocks.

This time Dart mouthed a quick thanks, to which she nodded to.

The Dragon left after it decided it lost it's lunch.

"Thanks for saving me. I'm don't think I could have lasted much longer. Is there anything I could do to repay you?"

"Your welcome. And don't worry about it, I couldn't just let you die while I was perfectly capable of helping. But your very skilled to have injured it at all, you should be proud of your skill. Still, that village could have been destroyed without a dragon... why would it be here?" The last part was muttered to herself.

"Seles? It was attacked then." Dart questioned. He knew it had been. One doesn't forget their town being attacked very easily.

"Yea. There probably isn't much left though." She shrugged.

"Still, it's my home, and I have to at least check for survivors." Dart answered. Rushing off Dart didn't notice her Dragoon stone shine.

Racing up the hillside, and down the other side of it upon reaching the climax of the hill, Dart leaped over the fence, and didn't wait to hear what the soldiers had to say. He simply ran one through, and decapitated the other with a spinning slice at neck level.

Going over to the villager who was near death, Dart knelt beside him. "Sorry I couldn't get here sooner. Your death won't be in vain."

With that Dart went to close his eyes. "I'm not dead yet. Though I am... close to it."

"Oh... well, you kinda ruined the mood I had going." Dart complained lightly, to help ease his suffering. He had a nasty stomach wound. "Don't worry though, now I'm here everything is under control. I know about Shana. I heard some soldiers talking. I'm heading there after I run the stragglers out of Seles."

"Thank you... Dart."

With that the old man went limp.

Dart wandered over to Plos and picked him up by the shoulder. "Hey! At least your still alive. It's just a flesh wound you have."

"Dart... There is something you should know." Plos started.

"Don't worry. I'll get her back. I already know about Shana." Dart told him.

Just then a soldier in heavy armor showed up. "What's this? Someone still breathing. Besting my subordinates is no reason to be confident."

"Don't wanna hear it. Are you going to talk, or are you going to die?" Dart snarled. Any one who worked in Hellena Prison eventually became worthless husks of their former selves. They had to be cruel and vile in order to survive there, and survive under the command of Fruegel.

"Eager for death are you? Then come at me boy."

The commanders subordinates attacked first. Dart found them painfully weak parrying both swings at the same time and cutting both down before their second attempts could be made. The commander followed up with a sweeping swing hoping to either take Dart down in one swing or knock him off balance. Dart of course saw it, and reacted by ducking and punching the commander in the face. With the helmet on, it failed to hurt him but it certainly turned his helmet askew, rendering him blind.

From there all it took was a good sword stroke. Kicking the armored commander over, Dart stabbed his sword into the previously askew helmet.

"Right then. You two brats in the house, help everyone here that you can. I'm going to Hellena." Dart ordered.

The two kids who were hiding suddenly poked their heads out. The girl spoke up. "Dart! Okay, we'll help."

Dart headed for the town exit. On the way someone stopped him. A person who looked angry. "Why weren't you here? If you were here, Shana wouldn't have been taken. How am I supposed to confess to her if she been taken by the imperial army!"

Looking annoyed, Dart decked him, sending him sprawling to the ground, eagle spread, and his face with a look of shock. "It's not my fault I wasn't here. Just because I'm not omnipotent doesn't make it my fault. Perhaps it's your fault for not trying to learn how to fight? If you had you could've protected her yourself. Of course fighting a squad sent to destroy the town isn't going to be stopped by one or two men. The only way that would happen is if that one man was a Dragon Knight, a Dragoon."

Dart left him there and continued leaving the village, saying goodbye only to Tasman. As he left he wondered if he'd still need Rose to awaken his Dragoon powers for him. He didn't think so. But it would be better if she did, so that it wouldn't lead to anyone questioning him on the matter. It's not like it mattered, he could do just fine without them. At least until he fought Kongol again. That man was a demon when it came down to strength.

The forest outside of Seles wasn't very large, and Helena wasn't too far from Seles either. About half a day's walk. Too bad he didn't have a horse. He'd steal one, but then he remembered Rose had said something once about following him to Helena.

'Shit! What if she heard me talk of the Dragoon back in Seles. Well, I didn't say anything curious. As far as she knows I'm just a curious soul interested in the Dragon Campaign. Still, I should be more careful about what I say.' Dart thought as he walked.

The few monsters that dared to challenge him met their ends swiftly. They were no challenge. He didn't even use his sword. The little martial arts Haschel had taught him when they had traveled together was more then enough for the weakling monsters in this area. It's why Seles had no real defense. It wasn't exactly difficult to kill the monsters in this area.

Remembering that the last time he had gone to Hellena he had run the entire way, Dart started on his run. 'Still, I wonder if I should tell them what happened? If I do, I won't feel bad about this, but what if they start relying on me too much... Nah, I'll tell 'em some things, but only if it becomes necessary. I guess the main issue is making sure we win. And what about Shana... I tried to feel more for her, but every time I tried, I still kept thinking of her as a sister.'

"GAGH! I'll worry about this later. For now, I have to get in there, and save Shana." Dart roared as he ran, getting annoyed with his thoughts. He'd have mentioned Lavits but he kept enough sense in his sudden anger to his thoughts to know that if Rose was anywhere nearby listening to him as she followed him, she'd wonder how he knew the captain of the 1st Knighthood of Basil was in Hellena. And Rose could make things uncomfortable by bringing things up at just the right time to make things worse.


Dart never liked Hellena. He felt it was far too dreary, and leaning back far too much. Both times he had entered, he worried the damn thing was going to fall into the ocean. If he could swim that wouldn't be a problem, but alas, he could not swim so he always held that small fear that the prison would fall into the ocean while he was in it.

But that was fine. He had a mission and focusing totally on that helped him avoid thinking about where the prison could potentially fall. Getting to Lavits had been easy. He had even managed to save both of Lavits' subordinates. Once the two had swords it was easy to see why they were part of the 1st Knighthood. They were only slightly lacking in skill to be on par with Lavits. Of course, Dart could fight circles around them. Lavits would catch up. It happened before too. Dart being much more skilled, and Lavits slowly catching up, viewing it as a friendly rivalry. Of course Dart was much faster then Lavits, and more flexible, so his movements could be more eccentric, while Lavits was restricted by his thick, and heavy armor.

"I guess this girl your looking for is on the third floor." Lavits told him as they exited the cell block they were in. "Just why would you risk your life to save her though? Wife? Girlfriend?"

"Nah, nothing like that. It's just her family took me in when I was around 5 or 6 and I grew up with her. I see her as my little sister. She was just a baby when they took me in. I left 5 years ago to hunt someone down. The thing that killed my real family. I just got back, and heard that my village got sacked because some freak here wanted her imprisoned. Don't rightly know why, but I'm not gonna let my little sister be used and abused in a place like this." Dart answered, hoping with the whole view as a little sister, people wouldn't be trying to force him together with Shana. It was bad for her, and him. He didn't see her that way, and they all encouraged her crush. This time around though, who knows. Something different might happen.

"I see. Does she think the same way?" Lavits asked.

"... I hope so." Dart answered. He didn't want to lie so he simply answered with something that couldn't be considered a lie in anyway. He really did hope so, although he knew it was unlikely.

The two walked up to the 3rd cell block door, Lavits had ordered the two Knights to head for Basil and wait at an abandoned shack before the cave system for them, and that if in one day they didn't catch up, to head back without them.

Unfortunately the 3rd floor cell block was locked. After checking the room next to them they found that it was intensely guarded.

"Dart, up here." Lavits whispered. The two snuck up to stand above them all.

"This place is too well guarded. Either Shana is higher up, or she's in the 3rd cell block. My guess is the cell block. Nothing is higher but Fruegel's room, so..." Lavits trailed off.

"What?" Dart asked. He was stumped himself. He couldn't remember how he got Shana out. He knew he had to find a key, but he couldn't remember where it was.

"I found the key."



"They're stupid enough to just leave it lying around?" Dart questioned.

"Hey, don't knock what works for us." Lavits shrugged. "But I see your point. In any case, let's go."

The duo left quickly and were face to face with three guards in front of a cell. Well, close to it. They were hiding, wondering if the guards would make any rounds.

"Why is it necessary for this much security for one little girl?" One asked.

"Who knows. The emperor has his own plans. Best just to listen to Fruegel." another answered.

"Heh who cares. We should take advantage of the situation. I mean look, she's bent over and waiting for us. Two of us play lookout, and the other has fun with her. Pretty simple huh?" the third one suggested.

"I like that idea." the second one agreed.

"I'll go first." the first one answered, moving to the door, when he suddenly slumped to the ground.

Lavits no longer held his spear. It was firmly implanted in the one reaching for the door's brain. Dart had moved with record speed sheathing his sword in an other's eye socket in 5 seconds flat. Lavits had been only two seconds behind him wrapping his arms around the last ones neck while he twisted said arms. The end result was a warden with a broken neck. Needless to say, heads shouldn't turn 360 degrees. The warden was dead.

Dart quickly unlocked the door.

"Huh?" Shana asked intelligently when Dart shook her with his foot. She had apparently fallen asleep like that. "D-Dart? Is that... It's Dart."

She jumped up spun and ran into Dart's arms. "I was so scared. I didn't know what was going to happen, or what was going on."

"I know. But we don't have time for reunions. We have to move. There is a bow and quiver next to the door. Can you shoot?"

"Uh... yes. I went hunting with dad a few times in the last 2 years. I think I'm a pretty good shot. I haven't missed anything yet after all."


Racing out of the cell Dart tapped Lavits on the shoulder. Unfortunately just as Shana got behind them again after picking up the bow and quiver of arrows, they were surrounded by three more wardens. Lavits impaled the first, Dart parried and countered the second. Shana was only slightly hesitant. When the arrow let loose though, it embedded itself between the thirds eyes, just before Dart had blocked his attack.

"Nice shot, Shana." Lavits told her. "Now let's go before reinforcements come."

The trio left quickly. Shana a little behind the two guys. She wasn't feeling to well about killing someone.

Once the three had made it to the exit. They noticed perhaps the largest Warden in the prison.

"Dart... that's Fruegel." Lavits whispered. He lead the way to the large man. "This guy is so bad, even his own countrymen and wardens hate him."

"Heh, so your the 'red one'. And the head Knight of Basil is with you too. Too bad your both going to die. And the girl is going back to her cell."

"Not if I can help it." Dart responded.

"Fruegel, you will die here today." Lavits followed up.

Quickly dispatching the two lackeys that attempted to do good by Fruegel's side, Fruegel whistled once they fell. Two new guards ran into the area standing on either side of Fruegel. Shana's arrow slipped past one's guard and settled nicely in his skull. His last act was to throw a magic element. It was mild and hardly even singed them, but it was enough of a distraction for the other to take a shot at Dart. His reflexes were too well trained though, and he dropped to the ground kicking out into the would be assassin's gut, sending him sprawling.

Leaping to his feet by mean's of the same movement, Dart plants his sword into the man's abdomen before twisting. Fruegel in that time had swung his club while running at Lavits. He had been hit twice by Shana once in the shoulder and once in the gut.

Lavits guarded as best he could, but was ultimately swung aside.

Dart took over and leaped at the large man, swinging his sword down on the giants head. Fruegel however was able to raise his club in time to block. He swung around fast to give Dart the same treatment as Lavits, but upon his return to Darts spot, Dart was gone.

Lavits' spear however was sailing towards the large man. He quickly put his club in the way and watched as the spear imbedded in it. Lavits himself grabbed hold of said spear, having cleared the distance between them rather quickly. He pulled and the club fell out of Fruegel's hands and rolled to the floor leaving the spear in Lavits' hands. Lavits suddenly tackled Fruegel, while something hit his legs from behind.

Dart had Maneuvered himself behind Fruegel and together Dart and Lavits brought the brute down, both stood breathing hard. "I'd say we should finish him but we have to move quickly."

Besides the fact that both of them were tired, from having done so much fighting, Lavits more so then Dart, they really did have to move. Fruegel was starting to get back up, and reinforcements were on their way. They quickly broke into the stables nearby and stole a few horses. Each riding separate.

Their leave of the prison had been just as narrow as the original escape. They pushed the horses hard. Unfortunately seconds after the gate had been closed it opened again, to allow it's own cavalry out to give chase.

Barely ten minutes in and two of the horses had been struck by arrows and were incapable of moving at top speeds. Quickly the trio left to the horses behind, running in another direction, and instead moving on foot, taking whatever bags had been pre-attached to the saddle. Luckily they came upon rather unsteady ground, not good for riding. It would force their pursuers to chase them on foot.

"Damn... don't they... ever... give up!" Lavits breathed out hard.

"They probably would have by now. Unfortunately, a fate worse then mere exhaustion awaits them if the fail." Dart answered.

"Quickly you two." Shana called from ahead. As Lavits and Dart got up and arrows whizzed by and grazed Lavits' leg.

"Son of a..." Lavits nearly cursed. A small cut like that could feel a lot worse then getting massive gash on your back.

"I got you man." Dart called out. He lead Lavits a little ways forward. Shana had pointed to behind a large tree. Quickly the trio piled behind, slinking further and further until they were nearing the river nearby. They could see the wardens, but the wardens couldn't see them. After the warden's left to the Seles area, the group let out a sigh they didn't know they were holding in.

"Guys, this way, there's a cabin a little to the south-west." Lavits told them. Only a 4 minute walk and the cabin was in site. So were the two Knights Lavits sent ahead.

"Sir Lavits!" one of them exclaimed. "Told you he'd make it."

"I never said he wouldn't. I just didn't expect him so soon. I thought he was giving us a day for a reason." the taller of the two responded.

"I'm glad your both safe." Lavits told them.

"Yes, well, You have to go and sit down so I can treat your leg. What if it gets infected?" Shana insisted.

"You must be Miss Shana! Sir Dart's little sister." The taller one exclaimed.

'Sister...?' Shana thought, upset that Dart still didn't view her as a potential love interest, as she began treating Lavits wound.

"Uh...Sir?" Dart said out loud.

"You fought circles around us, whether your a mercenary or not, your better then most Knights, maybe even all Knights, in service to Basil." the shorter one told him."That's why. You helped three Knights escape enemy encampment and your much more skilled then we are. I think we should show you some form of respect."

"I dunno. Lavits and I are pretty close in skill." Dart tried to tell them.

"Don't lie Dart. Your better then I am. I might win if we fought because of my weapons reach and my better strength and defense but, your still more skilled then I am."

"Please can we not talk about battle related stuff." Shana asked as she tightened the bandages around Lavits' shin.

It was a silent agreement, but everyone nodded to Shana's words.


A/N: Hopefully this will appeal to people. I'm not sure if any of you will enjoy this, considering I plan to change a lot of events that happen. Something's will work out better, some things will work out worse. It all comes down to how well I think it'll flow.

Keep in mind people that this was winged, and I have no prior planning for this, so not everything will be perfectly planned. I'd love to have this perfectly planned out, but I have enough planned stories to work on, I find this one to be more relaxing if I just wing it.

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