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Summary: I'm afraid of losing her again. Then, starting over again, with me just waiting for her untimely death, every generation and years that come. I've made my mind. I don't want to lose her, ever again.
This story is about Damen's POV, since in the real story it's always Ever's.

Disclaimer: This magnificent story belongs only to Ms. Alyson Noel. This just came from my unstable mind.






Seeing that place where that person is, I climbed out my car. I saw her vehicle exactly it should have been. I should place mine next to hers tomorrow, for sure. I suddenly smiled at my thought. How long had it been that I saw her? How long did I have to start again?

It doesn't matter anymore to me, anyway. As long she's there, I'd definitely go with her, even starting all over again, even if she doesn't know about us from the beginning. Even if I'm an all-new person to her again. I'll keep waiting, take all the time she needs to. I'm not that in a hurry as I am before. I guess I'm used to it in all these years.

I grabbed my bag, my props for this new whole place, as I went straight to the office. At the hall, several students are there, rushing forth to their classes. Funny, I expected to find her with them, too; however, she's already there, huh?

As they ran past me, girls smiled at me, mostly with their thoughts... like, 'Wow, isn't he gorgeous! I need to know him!' ...Same things like that. On the other hand, males aren't the same thing with them. As soon as they saw me, they had this insecure look, with their sea-colored auras turned into green. Yes, there are those invisible colors around a person, although they don't know about it through their simple eyes, and only people like me, have the ability to.

I do prefer to ignore those auras as I wished; after all, I already knew what it will be, even without looking at them. However, since this is the start, I'd like to experience those moments she had, to reconnect, and to relate with her.

"Hello, good morning." Politely as I could, I greeted the principal.

"I should guess, you're the new student," the principal answered as she stood up her office chair. I went in, as I carefully supported the door, not to make any noise, especially because classes were already going on.

'So young and handsome, too. A gentleman… in his seventeen's?' I 'heard' the superior one thought. But, at that moment, she quickly erased the thought and continued, "I suppose that you should wait for your homeroom teacher."

I formally replied, blending in.

"Hm, yes, it seems to be so. Actually, I thought I am already late. It's nice to know I'm not the only one."

"You must know it's–"

Mr. Robins.

Focusing on her thoughts, the only one I'm listening besides the principal's, I finished the teacher's name in my head. I used other's thoughts when she doesn't want me to, even though I know she doesn't permit me...yet.

"…Mr. Robins."

"Yes, of course," I grinned normally, as I, obviously know she'd fall for that. Which makes things easily. To blend and fit in, try to belong to this place. Although, I don't have a problem with Mr. Robins, since I already knew him, and supposedly, know him.

A few seconds later, Mr. Robins, in his teacher-looking-must-be image opened the door of the office and saw me.

"You must be my new student, uhmmm… Mr. Damen Auguste?"

I nodded, and I excused myself from the principal as I went in front of him.

"I am, sir."

"Sorry for this tardiness of mine," he muttered with mixed stress and embarrassment. The poor thing must be tired from his life, must be hiding those feelings alone within him. He opened the door for me with his hand that clasped the doorknob and the other holding his things.

"Shall we?"

Mr. Robins guided my way to the class, even if I already memorized the 'in's and out's' of this architecture. All this while, I listened intently to her thoughts, her mind organized now and calm, unlike when the first time she had those powers. Thoughts and voices are easily flooding her mind, making her lose her focus and give her headaches, which makes me worried for her and eager to teach everything I know to stop it, or at least, give her peace.

I remembered clearly the day I found her. She had a family, or what used to be, from their 'home.' I am supposed to go to that place, but since they moved out to some camping, I guess I must follow her, now that I'm dying to see her face once again, after all those painful years she left me.

It appeared that it was a pretty good thing to do.

I saw the whole accident, the moment some deer or an animal went their way, causing them a pretty big price for saving the animal from its death... which resulted in their death. At that time, I saw the mayhem caused, the whole vehicle cracked with its wrecked parts, and the bumper with its embrace with the tree. I leapt from my hiding place and went to the site. I pictured a glowing light immediately as my soul went to that place.

I saw her back, her blonde hair flowing gracefully, watching as her family crossed the bridge. I am afraid to lose her again, the fact I just saw her and then suddenly in just a blink of an eye, she'll disappear from my arms again. Fortunately, she lingered a bit, through that vast fragrant field of pulsating trees and flowers that shivered, the dazzling mist that reflected and glowed and made everything shimmer. Although, those are only illusions of luring a mortal in.

I briskly went out of that place, my soul coming back to earth. She's not ready yet, to cross that bridge. I must admit that I'm scared of her leaving me again, alone. But now, I've been given a chance to stay with her, now forever.

Without a second thought, I immediately pulled a bottle of the liquid I'm very familiar with from my pocket, find her body and saw her face red, from her blood oozing from her forehead.

That should mark. Destroying her angelic face. But, it doesn't matter back then. As long as she survives, I know that she'll heal with her heart and that scar someday, and I carefully forced her to drink the red liquid. She suddenly jerked, falling to the ground as I can't help, but to watch the pain she's going through, since it's the first step she must really go through to live.

Finally, she stopped, and I looked onto her face, making sure she's alright, as her blue eyes opened slowly. I can hear her slow panting, and I swear my heart thumped loudly in sync with her breath. I instructed her gently, as I am full of conviction that I found what I'm looking for all those years.

"Ever? Is that your name? Open your eyes and look at me."

And I gulped with relief, as I saw those same ocean-blue eyes open slowly to mine, her lips moving with effort to reply with affirmation. The last thing I know is that she's in my arms, and I embraced her, grateful that she's alive and she's finally back to me.