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You Know You Trust Your Partner...
Poisoned Scarlet

... when you ask him to go to the local pharmacy to buy you menstrual pads.

It's the most horrible feeling in the world when you're on your time of the month, and the only thing that could make this day any better is missing from your bathroom cabinet.

This can't be happening! Maka cried, paling several shades when she saw the absorbent pads missing from their regular spot under the sink. She grabbed the empty Always bag, nearly shaking in rage when she saw the cat scratches on the sides. Blair! Maka threw the bag in the trashcan in a fit of anger.

Now what?

She was a mess and there was no way Maka could run all the way to the pharmacy to buy the pads without staining something.

"Oh, no..." Maka groaned. She was usually on top of these things – when her cycle came, she always had a small box of those wonderful pads ready for use. She supposed it wasn't her negligence that got her trapped in this terrible situation but the fact that she hadn't counted Blair as a reason she might run out of them one day.

The cat could usually magically fix herself!

"Hey!" Soul pounded on the door, groggily. "You finished in there? We're gonna' be late for school if you don't hurry up!"

Soul! Maka exclaimed mentally, finding a pillar of light in this otherwise dark situation. Soul can—! She stopped and let that idea stew in her head for a moment, while Soul rubbed his eye out and yawned on the other side of the door.

She could simply ask Soul to make a quick run to the pharmacy to buy her some menstrual pads...

...and face humiliation when Soul high-fived Black Star later on and told him he knew when she's the most unreasonable now.

Or she could not tell Soul, make the quick run to the pharmacy herself, but simultaneously ruin a good pair of panties...

I really hope I don't regret this. Maka thought, mustering all of her courage. "Uh... Soul?"


"Could you..." Maka faltered, then swallowed a deep breath and soldiered on. "I mean, could you go down to the pharmacy and buy me some... pads?" She cringed at her own wording – that could have gone down a whole lot more better than it had.

Soul furrowed his brows at her request. Pads? The hell was that? A dorky rip-off of 'Jaws'? "Can't you just go do it yourself?"

Maka resisted the urge to roll her eyes. He wasn't getting it! Did she have to be terribly blatant with everything she said? She could only image how awkward it would be between them once he realized what she was asking for. "If I could then don't you think I would have done it already?" She snapped.

"I'll do it after I shower!" Soul dismissed, to her utter frustration.

"You can't! I need them now!" Maka insisted, some panic trickling into her words. "Soul, I need pads!"

"Pa—!" His eyes widened in realization. "Oh..."

Maka dropped her face in her palms when all she was met with was silence, embarrassment flooding her cheeks red.

This was a bad idea from the start – she cursed her period, which always made her impatient and hasty.

"Y-you know what?" Maka began, weakly. "I'll just...I'll just do it myself. Hold up..." Maka eyed the roll of toilet paper. It would have to do for now, as she began to fold up a piece into neat squares when Soul's decidedly calmer voice drifted from the other side of the door.

"What kind?"

Maka chewed on her bottom lip, answering meekly: "Always – there are a lot of them but make sure to get the ones with the flexi-wings. Oh, and get them for moderate flow."

His brows rose. "Flex-what?"

"It's so - so it doesn't move out of place when I walk!" Maka scowled when she heard a snort. "You better not be laughing, Soul Eater!"

He just scoffed. "I'm not laughing! How will I know which ones are the flexi-wing ones?"

"They're the ones with the picture of wings, Soul! It says flexi-wings on the bag!"

"What about the flow thing?"

"It should say on the bottom, right." Maka instructed. "Don't get the nightly ones!"


"Ugh, just get the regular ones! Moderate is regular! Is says so on the bag – just read the damn bag, Soul!" Maka groaned, frustrated with him already.

"Alright, alright, I get it! Chill! I'll be back in a couple of minutes! Geez..." He walked into his room and stuck his feet in his shoes, tossing on a plain jacket and sticking his wallet in his pockets.

Maka listened as the front door opened and shut and she was left in silence once more.

That had gone... a lot better than she expected.

She expected some stifled laughter or teasing but, then again, Maka thought, Soul had become decidedly more mature over the past few years. At least he had only been asking questions regarding the type of pads to get and not cracking mean jokes about it.

She supposed being 'cool' now meant handling everything in stride and not causing trouble like he and Black Star did before, when they were younger.

A knock a few minutes later brought her back to her situation.

"Hey, these things are expensive! There's a whole bunch of them, too!... and they're small!"

Well, he was almost mature.

"They're supposed to be small!"

"Yeah, but how's thing gonna' help if it's so small?"

"Soul, you moron!" Maka slapped a hand over her face. "They're folded!"

"Oh." That made sense.

"Just give them to me already!" Maka insisted, through her teeth. She was so not in the mood. Not until next week, maybe. She carefully leaned over and cracked the door open, snatching the bag from his hand and slamming the door shut again. She quickly tore the bag open and went on with the process she should have completed at least twenty minutes ago, all the while aware that Soul was standing patiently outside their shared bathroom.

Maka flushed the toilet and washed her hands thoroughly in the sink, fixing her hair up in their trademark pigtails before facing the door.

She flattened her skirt and took a breath.

Here went nothing.

Maka opened the door, avoiding Soul's gaze as she made her way to the kitchen to start breakfast.

Before he shut the door to begin his shower, Maka softly said: "Thanks, Soul..."

He grinned slightly at the stubborn embarrassment in her words. "No problem," and shut the door behind him.

He paused mid-way taking his shirt off and glanced into the trashcan curiously.

"Oh, I get it now." He saw the soft, crinkly, pale green paper the pad had been packed in. Maka had crumpled it but it had opened up to reveal something that looked like it was meant for female use. "That's what she meant by folded."

He was glad he wasn't a girl – he saw ones called tampons and cringed when he read the instructions on the side of the box.

Shoving that up there did not sound pleasant.

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