Diana Goodman stood by the doorframe of the house she had shared with her husband Dan for the last twelve years. The door was ajar. All that was left for her to do was walk through it. Reaching for her suitcase, Diana wondered if she was making the right decision.

For a few moments, Diana stared at the open door. So many thoughts ran though her mind, it was impossible to make sense of any of them. For seventeen years, she had depended on a series of various medications to keep her functioning , but in the end all they were doing was keeping her from expressing the grief and pain she needed to in order to heal .

It was then that saw Diana's attention was diverted to something on the end table by the door. Closing the door gently, Diana put down the suitcase and picked up the tattered item- a photo album... Memories engulfed her as she carefully ran her fingers though the front covers that said "family "in big purple lettering.

Diana took the book and sat on the floor. As she thumbed through contents—she saw her life flash before her: Her wedding day, pictures of her pregnant. She laughed "Oh Dan," she whispered softly though a chuckle. 'How ever did you put up with my he moral ass back then"? Her heart sank when saw pictures of Gabe as a baby. This was the Gabe as she knew him—not the delusion she had fancied in her head. This was what she had to come to terms with.

As she got further into the book, Diana saw pictures of Natalie: There was a picture taken in the hospital of Dan holding their little bundle of joy . She remembered that she couldn't hold her in the hospital.

"I—I couldn't let it happen her too. I couldn't lose her too", Diana whispered to herself as tears came streaming down her eyes from admitting this truth for the first time. And she got futher still : Natalie's first day of school, the school spelling bee in the third grade, her first swim meet, her first recital . Dina noticed one thing about this series of pictures—she wasn't in any of them.

Placing album back on the table , Diana slowly stood up.

Gabe made his way to the front door was to find the door open and his mother standing in front of it, suitcase in hand.

"Mom.. what are you doing?"


Gabe tried to block the door. "You can't leave…"

But Diana ignored him and walked out the door.

Getting into her red minivan , she knew there was one place she had to visit before she left town.