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Chapter 1


"Your sure about this Bella?" Renee, my aunt and adoptive mother asked me one last time.

I smiled sadly at her. "Yes. I haven't seen Charlie in a while. And I might have an easier time in a small town anyways."

She smiled back at me. "You know I love you? You can come with me and Phil."

I felt a tear roll down my cheek. After my mother's death in a car accident when I was only a couple of months old, her brother Charlie and his then wife, Renee, adopted me. And when they divorced several years later, they agreed that I should go with Renee, that it would be easier for her to raise a girl. But Renee had recently remarried. Phil Dwyer was an amateur league baseball player, and completely unaware of what I was capable of. Renee and Charlie knew, how could they not when I threw my first tantrum as a child and threw their couch through the window. My terrible two's were real terrible.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm the reason my aunt and uncle divorced.

"I know," I assured my aunt. "But we both know that this will be a lot less stressful for me, and you, if I don't have to deal with the crowds."

"I know," Renee assured me as she pulled me into a hug. "I'm gonna miss you sweetie."

I smiled as I hugged her back, careful of my strength. "I'll call you when I get to Charlies."

Twenty minutes later I was on a plane to Seattle, where Charlie would pick me up to take me to Forks, a small, rainy town on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. I focused on my meditating during the flight. The truth was that I was always nervous whenever I had to fly. I wasn't scarred about crashing, or being thousands of feet of the ground though. My fear was that something would tick me off and I'd cause the plane to crash. I didn't really expect that to happen, I normally don't get very angry often, and even then I usually have enough control not to lose control.

My fears stem from who my biological father is, and what he unwillingly passed on to me. That's not to say he's a bad man, but my father has very severe anger issues. Bruce Banner was better known to the world at large as the Hulk. He was almost constantly on the run, trying to find a cure, first for him, then for me and him, and to simply be left alone. When ever he got angry enough, or injured severely enough, he would change into the Hulk. And the angrier he got, the stronger he got. As the Hulk, he was dangerous enough to have an entire military group formed to capture or kill him, the Hulk Buster's. I don't know the full story about how I came about, but during one of his...longer moment's of normalcy, he met my mom, and she got pregnant with me.

But seven month's into the pregnancy, the Hulk Buster's found him and he was once again forced to flee. But he kept in contact with my mother up until her death, then with Charlie and Renee and me, once I was old enough. I knew he loved me, he often sent me stuff from his travels, and that he wished he could be here for me. But, unlike me, he was to unstable. That's not to say I wasn't dangerous. Even without changing, I was stronger than most athletes. And if I did change, I was every bit as dangerous as my father, luckily for me however, I didn't have the personality double my father had. Whether I changed or not, I was still Bella, just perhaps a very angry and dangerous Bella.

Bruce believed that was because, unlike him, I was born a hulk, it was ingrained into my DNA. But he had no way to prove that.

But if I did change, my personality tended to become more aggressive, destructive, and confrontational. And if I threw a tantrum I could cause serious damage, hence my fear of flying.

Not that I'd gotten that angry in years, since I was seven. But the fear was still there. Of course the meditation and anger management lessons may have helped. The fact that I didn't need to transform to increase my strength also helped, although if I did increase my strength without changing, get angry, or nervous, my brown eyes would become green, I had to be careful to keep people from noticing that.

Alone with the strength I also have healing abilities if I am actually injured, although when I go hulk I am pretty much resistant to damage. That and I can hear frequencies that most humans can't. Other than that, I am an average, bookworm, seventeen year old girl.


I breathed a sigh of relief when the plane landed a couple hours later. I quickly made my of the plane to baggage claim, where Uncle Charlie was supposed to be waiting for me. I smiled when I saw him.

Charlie hadn't changed much since I last saw him a couple years ago. His hair and mustache were cut in same manner. The only real difference I could see were a few strands of graying hair. I smiled when I saw he was wearing his badge and uniform, he was also Police Chief of Forks. "Come from work?" I asked as I walked up to him."

He smiled and scratched the back of his neck. "Yeah. It's good to see you Bells."

I chuckled. "Let's grab my bags and get out of here."

I didn't bring much, only one large suitcase and my carry-on, which I already had. Charlie grabbed my suitcase and carried it to his cruiser in the parking lot.

The drive to Forks was relatively quiet. Neither me or Charlie were big talkers. There was some conversation about my time back in Phoenix, how Renee was doing, how he was doing, stuff like that.

When we got to house, Charlie carried my suitcase up to my room for me. It hadn't changed since the last time I'd been here.

"Oh," Charlie said suddenly. He left the room and came back a few minutes later. "I almost forgot, Bruce sent you a letter," he said as he handed me an envelope with my name on it. I was going to forward it to you like usual, but then you said you were coming here, so decided to just wait until you got here to give it to you."

I smiled as I took the letter from him. "Thank you Charlie."

I smiled before leaving the room. That was another thing I liked about Charlie, he didn't hover.

Before opening my father's letter, I decided to unpack my stuff. Considering that I didn't bring a lot, I was done within fifteen minutes.

I opened the letter and began to read.


I hope that you are doing well, and getting good grades in school. I know that you only really have this and next year before you graduate. And I hope that you have begun to consider what colleges you plan on going to, and I expect you to. I may not be the best father, but I do care about you and your future. I wish I could be there so that we could actually discuss this together, but I must simply settle for sending you these letter. Maybe soon I could sneak back into the U.S. To visit you, although that would still be for a couple months. As you consider your options, take this advice. Do what you want to, what makes you happy. Don't let me, Charlie, Renee, or anyone else influence your decision.

I love you baby girl, and I'm thinking about you. Stay safe and under the radar.

Love from your father,


I smiled as I finished the letter. I looked at the clock and decided to go downstairs and make myself and Charlie something to eat.


The next morning I was awoken by a loud rumbling noise. I quickly dressed and made my way downstairs in time to see Charlie walk into the house. "Hey Charlie, what was that noise?"

He chuckled and tossed me a set of keys. "That Bells, was your new truck. I just bought for you from Billy Black down at La Push. It's old, but it runs."

I walked to the door, opening it so I could see the monster of a truck that he bought me. It was old, red and rusty, and I loved it. I quickly gave him a hug. "Thanks Charlie."

"You better hurry up and eat." He said. "You start school today, remember. You gotta be there in an hour."


I pulled into the school parking lot to a lot of stares. Everyone was no doubt wondering who I, the new kid, was. I sighed as I pulled into a parking spot and climbed out of the truck. Glancing around, I noticed that most of the vehicles where older, much like mine. In fact the only vehicle I noticed that wasn't old was a shiny gray Volvo.

Trying to ignore all the stares I quickly made my way to the office to get my schedule. The secretary handed me a schedule and map, then she gave me slip to get all of my teachers to sign.

Throughout the morning, I was the spectacle of most of the students. One of them, a really nice girl named Angela, invited me to sit with her and her friends at lunch. Unfortunately, it seemed one of her friends was a very enthusiastic boy I'd met earlier named Mike Newton. Him, and the other boys, Tyler, Eric, and Ben seemed to be debating which of them was my better friend. It was very annoying. Of course the two other girls, Jessica and Lauren weren't much better.

Then I watched as a group of five teens enter. All of them had pale skin, and were dressed expensively. All five could probably pass as super-models.

"Who are they?" I asked, indicating the five teens.

Jessica answered for me. "Those are the Cullens. Doctor Cullen and his wife adopted all of them them. They moved down here from Alaska two years ago. But the strange thing is that they're all like, together together," she said with a sneer.

"They're not actually related," Angela pointed out.

"But they all live in the same house," Jessica responded. "Anyway, the two blonds are the Hale twins, Jasper and Rosalie. Rosalie is with the big dark-haired guy, Emmett. The sort haired pixie is Alice, she's real weird and with Jasper."

"Does he always look like he's in pain?" I asked.

I watched as Emmett let out a booming laugh.

"Yeah," Jessica continued. "And the Bronze-haired boy is Edward. He's the only single one. But don't bother trying to get him, apparently no one here is good enough for him."

I idly wondered how many times he turned her down.

Lunch finished with Idle conversation, and the occasional glance at the Cullen table. When the bell rang, I grabbed my bag and headed for Biology.


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