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Abe had to laugh at the look on Janine's face.

Gone was the composed expression of a guardian with a killer reputation, and instead in place was a mixture of horror, shock, and…relief?

In a move that was unlike himself, he waited patiently for her to start talking, knowing she needed the time to sort out her thoughts. Truth be told, Abe himself wasn't all that surprised. He had always known something was going on between Rose and Belikov; her little stunt to Russia was a dead giveaway, and it was just a short matter of time before they took their relationship to the next level.

He couldn't deny that he wasn't happy though.

Abe knew Rose was the irresponsible one between the two of them. What he didn't expect was Belikov agreeing to go along with her. He thought Belikov would've had the sense to wait until Rose was of age before progressing to a more intimate stage, or better yet, not progressing at all.

After all, Rose was his daughter. If he could, he would've gladly shot all of the males that showed any interest in her.

"Ibrahim, she was still under age!" Janine suddenly exclaimed, jolting Abe out of his thoughts. "He was her mentor; he should've known better!"

"Sometimes these things just happen," Abe said. "There's no stopping it."

"But she was underage!" She repeated, waving her hands around. This was the first time in a very long while Abe has seen Janine be so worked up about something.

When he first met her, he was intrigued by the beautiful young woman that smiled and flirted with several members of the opposite sex. She seemed like the party-girl type, with her exotic looks and teasing smiles, yet when she was with her charge, her whole demeanor changed; she became the fierce, able guardian that would do anything to protect the moroi she was assigned to.

Such a curious creature she was.

So Abe made it his quest to get to know her. At first there were the little conversations when they 'bumped' into each other on the streets. Then there were the flowers he would send to her once a week. Naturally, they became more like casual lovers than acquaintances. The more Abe got to know her, the more fascinated he became.

Things were going great; they went on the occasional dates, spent a few nights at each other's places and most importantly, it wasn't serious - no promises, no vows, nothing like that. In his line of work, promises were dangerous. Promises could easily be exploited; one would only make promises when he had a death wish.

That was until the night Janine showed up at his place, guardian face on, and walked passed him into his living room without saying a word.

He had followed after her, watching her as she stood in the middle of the room with her arms crossed in front of her, feet shoulder width apart. Abe waited for her to start talking, but she remained silent until he sat down.

"I'm pregnant," she said simply.

For once, the infamous Abe Mazur was at a loss for words while his brain struggled to process the words. "You're what?" he had asked, dumbfounded.


Her voice was rid of emotions, but when Abe's mind suddenly kicked into gear, he saw that her body was trembling and her eyes were frightened. Quickly standing, he guided her to sit on the couch as thousands of things whirled through his mind, some of them ways to approach the situation, others pictures of what his future would be like with a family by his side.

He had shook his head when those thoughts appeared; he couldn't afford to have a family, it was simply too risky.

The two of them had talked until early next day, both deciding that it was best if their unborn child did not know who its father was.

"It's for the best," he kept telling himself then.

Abe saw Janine two times after that night. Once when she told him the sex of their baby, and the second time after Janine had given birth to the delicate squirming bundle that he had held in his arms for a while.

"It's for the best," he had repeated to himself as he walked out of the hospital.

Throughout the years, Abe kept an eye on his daughter, but never revealed himself to her. He watched as she grew into a beautiful young woman like her mother, with a temper like his that landed her in trouble with a lot of the teachers at the Academy.

When she ran away with the Dragomir princess (queen now, he corrected himself), he did not step in because he trusted her to take care of herself. That didn't mean he didn't assign two of his most trusted men to shadow the two teens though.

He was head deep in his business the next time she disappeared. It wasn't until Janine's panicked phone call that he realized he hadn't checked on Rose for a few weeks. After pulling some strings and contacts, he found her in Russia, and when he heard that the Alchemist girl was with her, he 'asked' her to accompany Rose to wherever she needed to go.

Russia was not the safest place on earth for his daughter to be alone, and if he couldn't be with her, then he made sure someone else could. When the Alchemist rang him saying that Rose was injured, however, he knew he had to appear in her life and convince her to go back to America.

Thus, the cat was out of the bag and the rest was, as they said, history.

He was quite proud of Rose; only his daughter would be framed for murdering the queen, escape prison, and break about a dozen laws all at the tender age of eighteen.

Janine's voice broke through his thoughts again. "How could he?"

"I don't know," Abe replied, glancing sideways at her. "But I sure as hell want to find out."

Her lips presses into a thin line, and her frown returned. The two walked in silence until she spoke as they turned around a corner. "She's grown up too fast, Ibrahim."

"I know," he answered as the familiar pangs of regret of not being able to be in his daughter's life as she grew up returned.

Janine sighed. "It seems like that she was still a baby yesterday, and today she's got a boyfriend..."

"At least Belikov's a good man," he told her. It was true; Olena Beilkova's son was an honorable, dedicated man, and most importantly, he was one of the few that could keep up with Rose.

"She made the right choice," the corner of Janine's lips lifted, making her look more like the carefree woman he first met all those years ago.

"That she did," Abe said, and picked up his pace, forcing a confused Janine to match his stride. "Now let's hurry."


"Because we've got a hunting trip to plan."



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