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Chapter 27

Jet sat on the bus listening to the ipod he'd, borrowed, off of an old girlfriend.

"Junk. Junk. Junk." he muttered, shuffling through her songs. "ah, here we go" he said, leaning back into his chair. He tapped repetitively on the chair in front of him and sighed. No one else was on the top part of the bus so he could be as noisy as he wanted. He sighed again and looks out of the window. Jet frowned as the houses and streets became more and more familiar. He grinned, suddenly realising where he was. Pressing the bus bell for it to stop he grabbed his bag and made his way down stairs.

"cheers" he said to the bus driver as he got off the bus.

Sitting down on the bus stop seat he glanced down at his watch. 6pm. Sighing slowly he stared down at the grey pavement, inspecting the little bits of dirt in boredom.

Suddenly he heard the sound of heels hitting the grey concrete and saw a pair of dark blue high heels stop in front of him.

"Jet?" a soft voice asked. Jet recognised the soft voice, it had haunted his dreams since the day he left.

"Katara" he breathed, looking up. She was wearing a little black shirt with a pretty white blouse on her top half of her body. Age had done her well, he noted. She still had her youthful face and soft creamy skin. She's also grown a lot too, and not just in height.

He heard her clear her throat and glanced back up at her face, which had a sad smile on.

"You most defiantly haven't changed"

"Well, can't say the same for you" Jet grinned "you've grown a lot, i mean" he said hastily "you've gotten a lot taller, your almost my height now!"

She laughed softly, oh how he had missed that laugh. Suddenly he felt her arms round him and the weight of her almost made him fall over. He wasn't prepared for this and patted her back awkwardly.

"i didn't think I'd see you again" she said, releasing her grip on him.

"Don't be silly" Jet grinned at her "you'll never get rid of me"

Katara laughed again. Suddenly there was a ringing sound and Katara rummaged in her little blue purse for a while before producing a little white phone.

Glancing at the caller, she said to Jet "sorry, i have to take this" before answering the phone. "Hello? Oh, hi! i didn't think you got off work until later. Can you come and pick me up from the bus stop? You'll never guess who's here! No, not Aang... Jet!" there was silence for a moment while Katara listened to whoever was on the other side of the phone "I know, but can't you just pick us up? Oh, it's alright, we'll just get the bus" she was silent for a while then widened her eyes "what voice? I'm not using a different voice! Bye, see you later" and hung up the phone. Turning back to Jet she grinned. "Sorry about that"

"No problem" Jet grinned then looked down the road "Um, know when the next bus is?"

"Depends" Katara frowned "do you know the time?"

"6pm" he said instantly.

"Thanks" Katara smiled then furrowed her brow in concentration "So we have about... 10 minutes?"

"Great" Jet grinned "So hows everyone been?"

Jet didn't really care, but Katara looked so eager to talk he had to let her.

"Well" she began with a smile "Sokka and Suki had triplets!"

"Seriously?" Jet asked, surprised. It wasn't the fact that Suki had given birth to 3 children, it was the fact that Sokka had helped produce them.

"I know!" Katara gushed happily "They're so cute! i can't wait for you to meet them"

"Well... I" Jet began but Katara interrupted him.

"And you remember the old club where you and the Freedom Fighters used to perform? June runs it now"

"Really?" Jet asked, a smirk on his face. She'd probably turned it into a hangout for gangs and thugs.

"Yep" Katara grinned "and Ty-Lee works there on Thursday nights for the karaoke"

Jet laughed "I'd love to see June and Ty-Lee working together"

Katara giggled "It is pretty funny. June hates her"

"Gee, i wonder why?" he said sarcastically. "So wheres that little do good-er these days?"

"Aang?" Jet nodded and a sad expression crossed her face "he's off traveling the world."

Jet heard the sadness in her voice and backtracked a little "What about Azula?"

"She was emitted into an insane asylum after her father was taken to prison for murdering someone." She said softly.

"Oh" Jet tried another angle "How about that blind girl... Toph?"

"Ah, Toph now is a famous wrestler, wins every tournament she enters."

"You what?" Jet spluttered "but she's blind!"

"I noticed" Katara said dryly then grinned "shes very good and no one goes easy on her, but i do have to help out with money now and then. Bus" she said suddenly.

"What?" Jet frowned then looked down the street and saw a bus driving down the street.

Katara stuck her hand out and the bus slowed down to let them on.

"Single please" Katara said friendlily at the bus driver who just nodded as he passed her the ticket.

"Umm" Jet said, digging deep into his scruffy jean pockets to search for bus fare. He finally found a couple of coins deep in his pocket. The bus driver grunted unhappily at the coins but passed him a ticket no the less.

"I see the bus drivers have gotten friendlier since i was last here" Jet said sarcastically as he took a seat by her. Katara giggled.

"Anyway, we've been talking about everyone one else, hows your life been?" Jet grinned at her.

"Well, you remember the old ice rink i used to work at?" Katara asked.

Jet nodded as he slowly slipped his arm around her waist.

"Well, i run it now!" Katara said excitedly then frowned "well, i run it at the weekends, usually I'm a part time nurse"

"wow" Jet said, impressed, "but why only part time?"

"Well," Katara said, a blush forming on her cheeks "I have a son"

"You what?" Jet asked, surprised, slowly unwrapping his arm from around her waist.

"Yeah" she blushed more, looking down at her lap, embarrassed "I know you said to wait for you but I'd already been going out with Zuko so-"

"Wait, wait, wait" Jet said "you... and Zuko?"

"Well... yeah" Katara muttered, then looked back up at him "I thought you knew"

"well, i knew you two kissed once and that Zuko seemed to like you but i didn't think it was serious" Jet gaped at her.

"Jet" she murmered softly.


"No, Jet's his name" Katara smiled up at him "He's named after his favourite uncle."

"But I'm not related to either of you?"

"Not in blood, but we always talk about you as uncle Jet"

Jet smiled at this "Cant wait to meet the terror, how old is he?"

"He was one last month" Katara smiled.

"Great. So, how Zuko?"

"Well, he's a policeman now"

"Seriously?" Jet raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah. Its our stop"

She stood up abruptly and Jet trailed after her. Outside the stop stood a man in a police uniform, a smile on his face.

"Zuzu!" Katara squealed and ran into his open arms.

He twirled her round with a laugh and Jet watched the happy couple hug. As he realised their obvious love for each other his world crashed.

He had thought she'd been joking about her and Zuko but as he watched them gaze lovingly into each others eyes he knew he'd been wrong.

"Jet" Zuko said, turning to him "good to see you again"

"Same to you" Jet grinned "well, i never thought you'd be the type of girl who liked a guy in uniform"

Zuko's eyes blazed with anger but as he heard Katara's tinkling laugh his eyes softened.

Zuko took Katara's hand in his and they blissfully made their way to their new home, Jet shuffling unhapily behind them.

And as they reached Katara's old blue house he realised that if he stayed, HE could of been the one holding her hand, HE could of had her child.

And as he entered the old house he realised that he'd let go of the true thing that made him happy.


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