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2nd February 2011...

It was a critical hit.

The bullet slid through the other's abdomen like a knife through butter, lodging somewhere in the mass of veins, muscles and organs. And then there was the blood. It poured out of the other's body, staining his favourite yellow and black hoodie a deep crimson colour.

Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kidd both knew the dangers of this profession; if they didn't both of them would be pushing up daisies by now. At least we'd be together.

Clearing his head of these thoughts, the redhead pulled off his large, fluffy coat, bundling it up and pressing it to the other's stomach in order to quench the flow of blood. Even so, Kidd knew it was useless. There was no way an ambulance would be here in time, and even if it did there was no way they'd be able to save him. Law had lost too much blood already.

"Leave it, Mister Eustass" The other's voice, usually so confident and cocky had been reduced to a strained whisper, the dark circles under his eyes even more pronounced than usual and his lazy smirk more so than before. "You're just going to ruin your favourite coat."

Anger spread over Kidd's face at these words, as he studied the other's face with an incredulous expression. "Do you think I give a shit about my coat? When you're...you're..." He looked away, screwing his eyes shut in an attempt to compose himself before meeting Law's gaze once more. "I'm going to kill those fuckers." In response, Law shook his head slightly.

"Don't" He said, his voice back to its usual strength once more despite the situation, before it started to fade with each syllable spoken, "They were only doing their job. You'd have done the same in their shoes. I want you to leave this life, Eustass, start again somewhere else."

"You know this is the only life I have" Kidd retorted, though a part of his consciousness was screaming at him, telling him that he shouldn't be arguing with Law right now.

"No; you can be so much more, I know it. Leave London, get a decent job, fall in love-" Kidd's eyes were burning with unshed tears as he interrupted the other, pulling him into his chest as he held the other's head upright, burying his face into Law's hair.

"You know I'm already in love, Trafalgar" He muttered into the other's ear, realising that by the fetch and miss of Law's breathing he was close to the end.

"Good. So was I" And with those final words whispered into Kidd's ear, Law passed away, deaf ears unable to hear the cries echoing through the empty room.

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