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Can be a follow up from Bully Boys, but it totally works as the one-shot it was meant to be :D

Kurt smiled at his boyfriend of five weeks. He still couldn't believe it. Blaine Anderson was his boyfriend. Kurt felt a warm glow wash over him as he sighed happily leaning into Blaine's side. He watched with admiration as Blaine conversed politely with the front of house manager before letting Kurt follow the gentlemen to their table. Blaine strolled closely behind and gracefully placed himself in the seat opposite Kurt. He flashed a dazzling smile at the younger boy who returned the gesture with a grin of his own. It was almost like a black and white movie. Kurt stared in amazement at Blaine's beautiful brown eyes and stretched his smile even wider as the darker haired boy gently captured Kurt's hand in his own. There was only one word to describe it.


Kurt had never felt so in tune with Blaine before. There hadn't even been the need for words. Being in each other's company was pleasant enough. Blaine ordered for the two boys and flashed his winning smile at the young waitress who blushed in embarrassment. There was no doubt about it. Blaine was a looker and Kurt had him.

But just as Blaine opened his mouth to ask Kurt about his day, the low murmurs of the guests at the restaurant were interrupted by a loud yet all too familiar voice. "Seriously dude! Didn't you see it! That was a foul. Shit like that shouldn't be allowed in the rink."

Kurt snapped his head up to see none other than Dave Karofsky standing a mere thirty feet away and getting closer by the second. Kurt didn't recognise his companion and ducked his head behind the wine list. This was not happening. He didn't want a scene. Especially since he was having such a nice time with Blaine. Kurt could tell Blaine's eyes were on him, knowing that he would follow Kurt's lead no matter what he decided to do about Karofsky. But Kurt just squeezed his hand tightly and remained silent.

"That was a legal tackle man. You're just saying that shit because it messed up Jones' cute face." The boy with the bully laughed as Karofsky attempted to playfully punch him.

Kurt couldn't help but watch as the two walked closer from the corner of his eye. Karofsky hadn't changed much. He was still on the larger side and he was still wearing his awful Letterman jacket that Kurt had come to despise. The other boy was a little taller and though lean, it was evident that he too, was an athlete. His milk chocolate, toned, upper arms were in full view, encased in the sleeves of his tight, black t-shirt. Kurt rolled his eyes as he noticed the boy's jeans were far too low seeing as a large amount of red boxer shorts seemed to be on show. Sometimes trending with the celebrities was not the answer. Kurt also couldn't help but noticed that the boy was gorgeous in appearance. He had amazing bone structure without being the least bit feminine. Kurt wondered why the boy was hanging out with Karofsky when he should have been modelling underwear on a billboard like David Beckham.

Kurt flinched as he saw Karofsky do a double take at his table. Taking a deep breath, he forced himself to look is tormentor in the eyes. Kurt reminded himself that Karofsky wouldn't hurt him in a public place. A lazy smirk appeared on Karofsky's lips. Kurt hated that smirk.

"Hummel," he said with a swift nod.

"Karofsky," attempted Kurt in exactly the same tone. Though he was shaking on the inside, Kurt knew he couldn't let Karofsky see he was scared. Praying that his hand wasn't trembling; Kurt wrapped his long fingers around his water glass and took a sip. Karofsky replied with a raised eyebrow and turned to Blaine.

"Pretty boy."

"The name's Blaine." The Dalton boy pulled some imaginary lint off of his dinner jacket and smiled, albeit sarcastically at his boyfriend's thug.

Silence fell on all four boys filling the atmosphere with awkwardness. All Kurt could do was take another sip as Karofsky's chum shook his head slightly and gave Dave a look. "Sorry about Dave. He has no manners. I'm Kyle, in case you guys wanted to know. If I had to guess, from the way Dave's looking like he just crapped himself, one of you guys are his ex?"

Kurt choked on his water. Dave Karofsky was out of the closet? This was definitely a 'what the fuck?' moment if there ever was one. Kyle seemed nice, though he was clearly not right in the head. How on earth he thought that he or Blaine would ever consider dating a guy like Dave was beyond him.

Kyle seemed to take Kurt's spluttering of water as confirmation of a past relationship. "Okay, so I guess it's you." Kyle's voice had a hint of approval as he gave Kurt the once over. "Good choice," he said over his shoulder as Karofsky looked as though he wanted the floor to open up beneath him.

Kurt saw red. How dare this boy insinuate that Kurt would ever even think about having a relationship with Karofsky after all he put Kurt though. "Well you guess wrong Kyle. I would never date this chubby, sweaty, disgusting, Neanderthal, even if he was the last man on earth. He's a jerk. Rotten through to the core. You seem like a nice enough guy, Kyle, it's a shame you chose Karofsky as a friend."

Kurt saw Kyle's eyes widen as he reeled off his monologue. It was as if the pent up rage towards Karofsky and his months of bullying was finally released. He noticed that Karofsky only clenched his jaw at the comments and didn't raise a fist. It seemed like the hockey player had learnt some self control.

Kyle let Kurt finish before placed a hand on Karofsky's shoulder. "Wow. That was some speech buddy. So you're hating on my boy? That's cool. But just so you know, my boyfriend is far from chubby under his clothes, believe me," he said grinning sticking his hand up at Karofsky for a high five which he was left hanging for. Karofsky stared at his boyfriend in embarrassment and dragged the other boy away to their table.

Unfortunately, for Kurt, it wasn't far away enough.

Dave Karofsky had a boyfriend.

Kurt felt like someone had electrocuted his brain. He just couldn't understand it. How could Dave Karofsky have a boyfriend? And a boyfriend as hot as Kyle. It didn't make sense. Kurt had been gone barely four months. He refused to believe that his bully had suddenly come to a realisation that he was gay and come out and got himself a boyfriend in that time.

Because that was just not fair.

Kurt had been out for almost a year and finally got himself a boyfriend five weeks ago. And there was no doubting he was more attractive than Dave Karofsky. There was definitely something wrong with Kyle. What did he even see in Karofsky?

Kurt focused on the two boys as they attempted to play 'slaps'. Karofsky laughed as Kyle missed and took his own swing. As his palm made contact with the back of Kyle's hand, Kyle frowned and shoved Karofsky away. "You're a cheat," Kurt heard Kyle voice say.

Karofsky's grinned. "Suck it up Adams."

Kyle crossed his arms over his chest. "I'm gonna set Azimio on you."

"Like he can throw a punch," the hockey player said mimicking Kyle by crossing his arms too.

"At least say sorry." Kyle unfolded his arms and grabbed a breadstick.

"No way."

"You abused me!" Kyle said in jest.

Kurt swore he actually saw Karofsky's eyes sparkle. "You liked it." But suddenly Karofsky's smile wavered and he dropped his gaze.

Kurt watched as Kyle shrugged before grinning. Leaning over the table he kissed Karofsky on the lips. "Quit worrying about what that dude said. You're my sexy beast now." It was weird for Kurt to know that someone would willingly kiss those lips.

It was at that point Karofsky flickered his eyes to Kurt. They locked for a second but Kurt couldn't place the expression. He blushed, realising that he had just been caught spying on the other couple. Shaking it off he looked back at his date who wore an amused expression.

"Done spying?"

"I was curious. It's Dave Karofsky!" Kurt hissed in his defence. He wanted to keep his voice down. This was one conversation that he didn't want Karofsky or Kyle to hear.

"I know who it is Kurt. I just don't understand why you're still angry. I thought you were over it. You said you were going to be the bigger man," Blaine said pointedly.

"I don't know what happened. He just get's my blood boiling that all. And what's with Kyle? How did he get a boyfriend so quickly?" Kurt still kept his voice low.

Blaine's expression was calm as always. "There's no time frame on how long after you realise your gay to getting a boyfriend. Sometimes it can even happen at the same time."

Kurt didn't like that his boyfriend was belittling him. "I know that. But just look at them. They're not even acting like a proper couple. It's like they're two jocks hanging out and randomly making out." Kurt turned his mouth downwards as he saw Kyle grab Karofsky into a headlock. The way they were acting just wasn't right.

"Do you want them to change their personalities? Not every gay person can be as sophisticated as us, Kurt. Some of them are just regular guys."

Kurt knew that too. But it's sounded so weird. He always pictured a gay couple as a suave, refined men, like Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka. Boys like Karofsky and Kyle didn't fit the box. Karofsky had probably never even heard of the Trevor Project or Gay Pride. It was so wrong.

Blaine hesitated before speaking. He didn't like Kurt being uncomfortable. He liked Kurt's smile and he didn't enjoy conflict. Besides, everyone told them they were perfect for each other. So courteous of each other's feelings, they'd never even had an argument before. "Would you prefer we go somewhere else?"

Kurt shook his head and looked at his adorable boyfriend. Blaine was so great and he was just being difficult. "No, I'm being silly. They just seem so wrong for each other."

Blaine gave the other boy a quizzical look. "What do you mean?"

Kurt shrugged not sure what he meant himself. "Karofsky is this big bully. And Kyle's sitting there like the sun shines out of his backside."

Blaine stroked the back of Kurt's hand with his thumb. "I know this is difficult for you but have you considered that Dave was scared at the thought of liking a boy? That lashing out was the only thing he could do? That he was terrified by how much he wanted to kiss you?"

Kurt was hurt. "And that makes it okay? He threatened my life Blaine."

"I don't think he meant it. He was scared that you were going to spill his secret," Blaine tried to explain.

"But I wouldn't do that." Kurt would never out someone just to get back at them.

"He didn't know that," Blaine said knowingly.

"Why are you taking his side?"

"I'm not condoning what he did Kurt. You just seem to want him to be alone and miserable for the rest of his life." Blaine knew that Kurt could never fully understand Dave's side. He had been the victim and he shouldn't have to feel sorry for the jock.

Kurt glanced over at the other table, noticing that Karofsky was aiming bits of breadstick into Kyle's mouth. He looked happy and Kurt knew he couldn't begrudge him that.

But he still thought it was wrong. "Don't you just think they're too similar in character?"

Blaine watched Karofsky and then Kyle. "What do you mean?"

"They are both boisterous, testosterone-filled boys. Aren't they basically dating another version of themselves?"

"Well maybe that's what they want in a boyfriend."

"Isn't that boring? I bet they have the same opinions, like the same things and have everything in common. Where's the fun in that? Don't personality clashes make the best couples? Everyone knows opposites attract." Kurt was talking to Blaine but had his gaze fixed on the other couple.

Blaine let go of Kurt's hand. He wasn't feeling too well all of a sudden.

"Are you okay Blaine? You look a bit pale."

Blaine Anderson looked at his beautiful boyfriend. He didn't want to cause a disagreement. "I'm fine."

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p.s. for those of you that didn't read Bully Boys, Kyle is Azimio's cousin.