AN: A short and sweet HP/DG ficlet. :)

The Window-Sill

Harry was sitting alone in the Astronomy tower, thinking over things. He sat on the window-sill, idly swinging his legs. The huge drop wasn't even on his mind as he pondered the Prophecy, the war and everything in between.

"You know, I could push you off and nobody would be any wiser," said an amused voice. In his hurry to turn around, Harry almost did fall off the sill. It was Daphne Greengrass, the Slytherin Ice Princess. This wasn't the first of their incidental, nighttime meetings, and he was beginning to suspect that they weren't so incidental any more. "Something on your mind, Potter?"

Harry glared at her, turning around so that he was facing her. "Not any more, now that you scared me half to death," he retorted.

"What?" she teased. "The great Golden Boy, scared?"

Harry ducked his head slightly to hide the blush creeping up his cheeks. "Bugger off, Greengrass. Why are you here anyway?"

"I was taking a walk," she shrugged, pushing him lightly to make room for her on the sill. He shot her another glare - though there was no venom behind it - and scooted over. Their meetings had been happening frequently all year, and Harry was reasonably comfortable in her presence.

"You seem to be taking a lot of walks," he commented.

"I am," she acquiesced. "But I've got good reason."

"What's that?"


"Me?" Harry asked, perplexed.

She nodded. "You." And then before he knew it, before he knew what was happening, she had leaned over and was kissing him. He was too shocked to do anything - his brain could barely process it. Daphne Greengrass, the Slytherin Ice Princess, the girl who had never been known to go out on a date was kissing him. And damn, it felt wonderful!

And then, she was pulling away, a look of hurt on her face. Her mask was forming again, and she jumped off the sill. It was then that Harry realised that he had been so shocked by what was going on that he had forgotten to kiss her back.

"Greengrass, wait!"

He pulled her back, back into his arms, back onto the window-sill, and kissed her. She returned his kiss with a passion that defied her reputation. By the time they resurfaced, her mask was gone again and there was a tenderness in her electric blue eyes that Harry had never seen before.

"We can't tell anyone," he whispered fervently, brushing a wisp of her beautiful raven hair aside, hoping she would understand.

She nodded, indicating that she understood, and kissed him lightly on the lips once more.

"I know."

AN: This fic was written in response to the utter dearth of Harry/Daphne fics out there. At the time of writing, there are only 21 complete fics with that pairing published on FF[dot]net, including one-shots, and that's just sad. This is my first published HP/DG fic and the second one I've conceived. The first one is a WIP that hopefully will be novel-length, iA. Enjoy, and review if you like. :)