A/N: I wrote this fic on impulse so I wasn't really able to follow the promt. This is AU but from what I understood from the request OP wanted Prussia and Canada to remain nations. Aside from that issue I still followed the general gist of the prompt including the bonuses. I used some of anons ideas here so no, what you see here isn't purely something from me rather it is made with the help of many. Originally a fill for kink meme in LJ. I didn't ask anyone to beta read so expect many typos and grammatical errors. Anyway enjoy!

Gilberta was beautiful her hair sparkling silver, her eyes an attractive color of red, lips plump and kissable, her long legs and petite body was every man's dream. She was beautiful not only physically but her dominant personality and strong character made her very popular among the guys. Who would have thought that despite this fact she wasn't with any popular hunk tonight, rather she was with this very shy and quiet man with curly hair, always nearly invisible and would seem spineless at first glance.

It had been a rough week, her manager had scheduled her into more photo shoot than she have had wanted. Sure, magazines and new papers are often sold out when she was the cover but seriously can't she have any rest? Tonight she had it; she would drink to her hearts content like what she did back in her university years when even school rules can't stop her.

The bartender looked at her and then looked at the man beside her, they were both drinking to their hearts content and the bartender would have laughed had this been an unusual sight, but a bar is a bar, a magical place where people magically forget their problems as long as they take a sip of the magical drink called liquor. He just hoped this two wouldn't cause trouble, he already had troublesome bosses.

Matthew looked at the magnificent woman beside him, her face was familiar he had seen her in magazines his ex-girlfriend used to read. He cringed at the thought of his ex-girlfriend. He truly loved her, only to be utterly heart broken when she stated that game was over, she already won the bet she made with her friends and that she never really loved him. She laughed as this was happening and her laughed resounded in Matthew's head. She must have enjoyed herself very much as she told him the truth and as his face contorted at the realization of the truth. He slump forward and ordered one more glass of liquor, fate was being funny though because as he spoke it was together with Gilberta who also wants more liquor.

The bartender sweat dropped this was turning into a funny night, he swiftly pour a glass to Matthew and was planning to accommodate Gilberta straight afterwards but the woman was very much impatient.

"Hey you! I ordered first!." She screamed at Matthew as she snatched his glass.

Matthew didn't know how to react but then again a man whose heart was recently played with by a woman surely wouldn't let his pride get stomped on again so quickly thus he snatched his glass back again giving the woman a glare.

Gilberta liked that glare for some reason. It seemed like he was challenging her, well she loves challenges fortunately or unfortunately. She smirked, the bartender poured her, her glass and she quickly chucked it down. Quickly she stood up and turned to the man beside her. Her arms quickly snaked their way around his neck and she was sitting on his lap. She hovered her head above his; their liquor scented breath interacted with each other.

Matthew wasn't himself already, he already lost his sane self the moment he decided to drown his sorrows away, he definitely wasn't the drinking type but he already managed to drink so much. Thus no one can't blame him when he kissed the woman flirting with him right? Well at that moment that was what he thought.

A simple kiss deepened, Gilberta's hands trailed down and Matthew embraced her waist. The bartender spoke before anything else happened.

"Hey, you guys can continue that later in the meantime if you don't plan to drink any longer feel free to pay your bills."

Gilberta shot the bartender a look of distaste but she didn't exactly dislike the idea she got a hold of her purse and looked at the blonde beside her who was in some sort of a daze.

"Hey how much is it for both of us?" The words easily rolled off her tongue.

"A thousand dollars should cover for both of you."

She got a thousand dollars and dragged the man beside her. Eyes followed them until they reached the exit and a taxi picked them up.

For Matthew everything seemed like a dream. A beautiful woman kissing him, paying his bill, dragging him off to a hotel. It was bliss. Gilberta raised her eye brows as she looked at the man beside her. He didn't look too bad. He's got a nice body just right, it wasn't skinny nor mascular, he's curly hair felt soft to touch, and his blue eyes looked so kind. She wondered why he was drowning himself in liquor it couldn't have been a girl could it? She sighed when his hands embraced her, cuddling her and even hearing him murmur something. She denied what she heard since that couldn't have been it.

Gilberta's cellphone rang, annoyed she picked it up, she was shocked when things fell down in their place.

"Where are you? You're very late for your photo shoot!"


"Hey are you there?"

"Uhh, I'm sorry I'll be right there." She hastily replied and then shut the phone off. She looked at where she is, her naked body would have been enough to make her realized what she did but Matthew in the same bed as her made the fact more real than it already was. Well this wasn't the time to be dilly dallying she had to rush to work before her manager signs her up for more unwanted shoots as punishment. She quickly dressed up and got her purse, and tried to find her make up ignoring whatever drops, including her calling card.

After making sure she looked just right she hurriedly went off and paid the hotel bills, she would have laughed at the irony of everything that's happened but it wasn't the time.

Matthew woke up soon after Gilberta left yesterday seemed so unreal but finding himself naked somewhere in a room which was clearly a hotel was enough to know it wasn't a dream. His head ache due to hangover, he sighed, and quietly he picked up his clothes and fixed himself. A card on the floor caught his attention. It was Gilberta's calling card along with her identification card. He kept it in case of emergency, or rather to return it to her after all she couldn't possibly enter their office without her ID.

A/N: How was the first chapter? I know I have another ongoing fill but I wanted something else to write when I reach a writer's block for both stories. This was originally meant as a one shot which also turned into a chapter fic hahaha I'm crazy! Anyway please review also feel free to give me ideas! If your curious the original promt of the request went like this:

Canada and Prussia are not in a relationship and weeks after a drunken one night stand, Prussia finds herself pregnant. At first she is scared what to do now, wants to keep it complete secret but Germany still manage to find out, including the father - and nearly kills Canada who is in utter shock but agree to help Prussia and really supporting, still keeping it in secret from the world. But they will find out when Prussia goes into labor in a big occasion, thus New Prussia is born.

- protective!Germany - his big sis needs him
- someone unexpected knew it all along - like Spain or Italy (better: both of them) but didn't say a word because it was so obvious.
- I would really appreciate if the early pregnancy symptoms wouldn't be the "obvious" ones, like cravings and morning sickness, imo sore breasts, fatigue or frequent urination is more private and for an outsider not immediately screams "PREGNANCY!"