The sound of screeching tires and the roar of a motorcycle, raced its way down a deserted street, along with Jasper and I howling at the excitement we both got while racing down the street.

Jasper had crawled through my window, like he does almost every night, and decided we should go on one of our famous motorcycle strolls at two o'clock in the morning.

And when I say stroll, I really mean speed down every street, and run through every red light and stop sign.

We usually got caught by the cops, while they chased us until we lost them, and then we would crash at my house. But tonight, the cops I guess decided not to come out, so we just headed to my house, and crashed there.

Jasper and I, have been friends since kindergarten. I was out on the play ground, playing in the sand box, building a sand castle, when all of a sudden, Jasper comes over and kicks the sand right in my face.

Furiously, I grabbed a handful of the sand and threw it at his face, then jumped on him and repeated hit him until he said sorry. The teacher had pulled us apart and sent us to the principles office, and while we sat there he commented on how I had a really good right swing. That was the beginning of our friendship.

We pretty much are inseparable, always doing things together, getting into trouble, causing mischief around town. We were each others first kiss in grade six, and then we we lost out virginity to each other in grade ten. We never dated, we just thought that since we were best friends, we should lose it to each other and not some random person.

We climbed up the side of the house, and climbed through my window, trying to be as quiet as possible so we didn't wake up Charlie. I walked over to my dresser and pulled out one of his t-shirts he leaves at my house, and I pulled out a pair of sweats and another one of his shirts for myself.

"Tell me again how you have my clothes in your room?" he said slightly mockingly, his face lit up amused when I turned around and blushed.

"You always leave your things here." I mumbled. Taking off my shirt and pulling over his t-shirt, then put on my sweat pants after. I turned around with Jasper in his t-shirt and boxers.

"Some of the guys want to go down to La Push tomorrow, you down?" he said, getting in to bed, with me following right behind him.

"I have to go to school tomorrow, or else Charlie will flip." I said, as he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer towards him. Its what he did every night.

"We'll go early in the morning. We just want to do a quick sesh before going to classes." he said, nuzzling his nose between my neck and my shoulder.

"Your planning on getting high for school tomorrow?" I said, rolling my eyes.

"Only a little, what about you?" he asked casually. I just shrugged my shoulders. I wasn't really one to do drugs, I was just there when Jasper did them. Same with drinking, I'd only have a cup or two and that would be it, while Jasper has like a bottle.

"Maybe." I said, my eyes becoming droopy as I became extremely tired.

We said nothing after that, and soon both fell into a peaceful sleep.

"Rise and shine!" Jasper said, pulling the blanket off of me, causing me to roll over onto the floor, moaning when the cold wood floor made contact with my body.

"You lazy ass." Jasper said, walking over towards me, picking me up then placing me on the bed. I just moaned in protest.

"Jasper its 6:00. Let me sleep." I murmured, trying to lean back down to sleep but he threw me over his shoulder, and started spinning us around.

"Jasper put me down!" I yelled, now being very wide awake.

"What's the magic word?" he joked.

"Please!" I yelled, but he didn't stop.

"Please what?"

"Please Jasper, all mighty and majestic god. Who's beauty can not compare to anything in this world!" I said sarcastically, but he then put me down, and got my clothes from out of my dresser with a smirk on his face.

He was already dressed, and was waiting patiently for me to change. Once I was done changing, we walked downstairs to be greeted with my dad, sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee in his hand, and the news paper in the other. He looked up when he heard us walk in, and he had a annoyed expression when he saw Jasper.

"Morning Bella." he said, then looked at Jasper, "Jasper.." I muttered.

"Morning Charlie!" Jasper said, smiling as he walked over to the fridge and got out the milk and drank it from the carton.

"Why are two up so early?" Charlie asked casually. He didn't really have a problem with Jasper sleeping over. The first few times he sat both of us down and had the 'Bird and the Bees' talk, but then after Jasper still kept coming, so he became used to it.

"We're going down to La Push before school." Jasper answered casually, leaning into the kitchen counter.

"Just don't be late for school." Charlie said, before continuing to read his newspaper.

I nodded, as Jasper and I started to leave.

"Oh and Bella, next time can you guys be more quieter sneaking into the house, please and thank you!" Charlie shouted, just as Jasper and I walked through the door.

"Sorry!" I shouted back, blushing a little, as Jasper closed the door chuckling to himself, and walking towards his bike.

He handed me a helmet, as he turned on the motorcycle. I wrapped my arms securely around his waist, and then we were off.

"Oh god Jasper, what was in that stuff!" I giggled as we walked down the hall-ways.

We were about two hours late, but at this point it didn't really matter to us.

"I don't know, but whatever it was its amazing!" he laughed, putting his arm around my shoulder, as we walked towards his locker.

"My teacher is going to kill me!" I shouted, then covered my mouth as I realized I said that a bit to loud.

"Then lets just skip this period and wait till lunch." he said, opening his locker, and putting his pipe into his back pack.

"If the principle finds that he's going to expel you." I said seriously, looking at Jasper, running my hands through his blonde curly hair.

"Its not illegal to have a pipe Bella." he said, rolling his eyes, like it was clearly the most obvious thing.

"What ever Jasper!" I giggled. Hugging him around his waist, and he closed his locker and put his arm around my shoulder. We started walking down the hall-way until I stopped when I thought I heard something.

"What?" Jasper asked, looking around.

"I thought I heard something." I whispered, crouching down low, looking down the hall-ways.

"Your jus tripping out." Jasper said, taking my hand and started pulling me towards the back of the school.

We sat by the tree, Jasper was watching me as I started spinning around looking at the sky laughing. He was laughing also, his face lit up as he flashed his pearly white teeth.

"Your crazy Bella Swan." he laughed, looking up to the sky also.

"You love me." I said, smiling back at him, making my way towards him and sitting on his lap.

"Of course." he said, kissing my cheek. I blushed slightly, and leaned into his chest more.

"Remember when we got arrested for trespassing on that deserted field?" he said, laughing at the memory.

"Oh my god, don't remind me. My father grounded me for two months! All because you decided it was the best place to smoke. Your lucky you didn't get caught. Aren't you glad you listened to me, and to ditch the weed?" I said, laughing with him while poking his muscular chest.

"Yea, yea." he said, pulling me closer to him.

"Let go back inside!" I said happily getting up. And then very childishly I leaned down and poked Jaspers arm."Your it!" I shouted, sprinting towards the building. I could hear his foot-steps right behind me. I quickly opened the school door, and bolted it straight down the hall-ways. I was going to run into the girls washroom when I felt him grab my waist and flip me onto his shoulder, I started laughing like crazy, flailing my arms and legs around.

'Ehem' someone cleared their throat. Stopping me and Jasper from fooling around. Jasper didn't put me down, but simply just turned around, facing who ever it was.

"Mr. Hale, put Mrs. Swan down this instant!" Mr. Valcony shouted.

Jasper put me down slowly, put kept one of his arms around my shoulder.

"Now would you like to explain to me why you two aren't in class?" he said, quirking one eye brow up.

"Is it not obvious? We're having sex in the hall-ways!" Jasper joked, I started laughing, but put my hand to my mouth to try to hold it in.

"Mr. Hale, that is not appropriate." Mr. Valcony scolded.

"Humour me Mr. V. Have a sense of humour!" Jasper drawled, causing me to snort.

"Detention tomrrow after school for the both of you." he said, and then began walking away a different direction.

"You always have to be so sarcastic." I said hitting him, then making my way to the cafeteria as the bell rang.

"Please, you know you love me, sarcasm and all." he said with a smirk on his face. I just rolled my eyes.

During lunch we were bombarded with questions of where we were from Emmett and Rose.

"We were at La Push." Jasper stated simply slinging his arm around my shoulder.

"Doing what?" Emmett said, giving me a quick wink. I turned my face in the different direction trying to hide my blush, but Emmett caught on and him and Jasper started chuckling while Rose smacked both of them at the back of their heads. Which made both Rose and I laugh.

"Don't forget this weekend we're going camping up in the mountains for our little party." Emmett said, getting up and putting his and Rose's garbage into the garbage.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world." I said, also getting up.

Someone walked into me from behind, knocking me to the ground.

I turned around ready to give this person beef when I noticed how incredibly handsome he was.

"I'm so sorry, here let me help you up." he said, extending his hand out to me, but Jasper was already there, glaring at the guy furiously, then pushing him slightly out of the way and began helping me up.

"Its alright. No harm done." I said shyly.

"My names Bella, Bella Swan." I said, extending my hand towards his. He took my hand in his a shook it.

"Edward Cullen." he said, flashing me a beautiful smile.

"Are you new here?" I asked, forgetting Jasper was right beside me.

"Yea, my sister and I just moved here last week. Today's out first day." he said, looking around the room, I'm guessing for trying to find his sister.

"Oh well welcome!" I said a little to enthusiastically, but hey, I was still high.

I then felt someone put there arm around my shoulder, and pulling me to them a little to tightly.

"I'm Jasper." Jasper said, a little to unpleasant towards Edward.

"Edward." Edward said, extending his hand towards Jasper. But Jasper refused to shake it.

"Right, well I'll see you around Bella." Edward said, turning around and left. I let out a sigh and pushed Jasper away from me.

"What?' he said, like he hadn't done anything wrong.

"Your unbelievable." I said, walking away from him.

He grabbed my wrist when I was in the hall way and pulled me towards him.

"Come on Bella." he said trying to pulling me into a hug. But I pushed away and turned around, crossing my arms stubbornly.

I felt his warm breath against my neck, raising Goosebumps along my body as his arms wrapped around my waist.

"I'm sorry. You know how protective I am of you." he whispered against my skin. Kissing up my neck slowly. His teeth pulling my ear lobe, causing a moan to escape my mouth.

"Jasper-" I moaned, leaning myself more into him.

"Come on, we have to get to class." he said pulling away from me, grabbing my hand and making our way towards the Science hall.

What that boy does to me!