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Jasper's POV

She's leaving today.

I haven't talked to her since she told me she was leaving with her bitch of a mother.

She was let go out of the hospital a couple days ago. Rose said she seemed depressed, and kept asking for me.

I wanted so badly to march up to her, and beg her to stay, but I couldn't get over the fact that she choose her mother over me. It angers me so much that bitch could just walk into Bella's life like she never left, and then take Bella with her. Away from her dad, away from her friends.. Away from me.

I was ready to fight for her, but the look on her face told me that we weren't going to change her mind, so I left and haven't spoken to her since.

There was a knock at my door snapping me out of my thoughts, so I went to quickly answer. Rose was standing at my door like she was ready to murder someone.

"What are you still doing here!" she shrieked, clenching her hands in fists as she took a step into my house.

"I was sleeping." I said bored, crossing my arms across my chest and leaned across the wall.

"Do you not know what today is!" she yelled at me. For a second I thought her eyes maybe switched to red.

"Yes?" I asked confused, trying to hold in the hurt and betrayal I've been feeling for the past couple days. Next thing I knew Rose had punch me arm.

"What the hell Rose!" I shouted at her, rubbing my arm, because damn, that punch hurt like a bitch.

"Get your ass down to the air port and convince Bella not to leave you ass hole!" she shouted, glaring daggers at me. I let out a sigh, running my hand through my hair frustrated.

"She made up her mind Rose, she's moving to Phoenix." I said, defeated.

"Not if we can help it. So you get your ass out this door and down to the air port, if you decide to disobey my orders I will tie you by your fingers to my car, and drive you there myself while you scream in pain. And don't think for one second I won't do it, so help me god Jasper I will-" she said, but she didn't have time to finish because I was out the door. Knowing Rose, she wasn't kidding about that shit.

Half way there.

Rose and I haven't said anything to each other since we got into the car, the only thing I asked was where Emmett was, and she said he was with Bella at the air port trying to by time.

"She told me she loved me." I said out of no where, my eyes still focused on the road, but I could tell Rose's head snapped towards me, her blonde hair flying out a little.

"Did you say it back?" she questioned. I held the steering wheel tighter.

"She didn't give me a chance to." I said through clenched teeth.

"Do you blame her?" Rose said, me picturing her rolling her eyes.


"So then you'll tell her before she gets on the plane?" Rose asked after a few minutes.

"I've wanted to tell her for so long." I mumbled, my heart beating faster as the air port was in view. I slightly increased the cars speed just to get there a bit quicker.

"Do you think she'll stay?" I heard Rose ask softly from beside me. I took a quick glance at her and saw how upset and torn Rose was, starring at the air port.

"I don't know." I said softly back, finding a place to park quickly, before dashing out of the car and towards the building. I turned back and noticed Rose wasn't with me, but still at the car.

"Go on without me! I'll be there soon." she shouted. Before slowly getting out, I watched as she whipped her face. Rose was crying. I nodded my response and continued to run.

Bella's POV

I haven't see him for about a week.

I mean, I don't blame him after I tell him I'm moving with my mom.

What am I kidding, he doesn't care. He was only at the hospital out of guilt.

"Bella, honey." My mom said after a while. I was just focusing on the door that Jasper had walked out of furiously.

"Yea?" I asked confused. Was she still here?

"What do you say moving?" she asked, hopeful. I just rolled my eyes at her.

"I'm not going anywhere with you." I spat at her. She just sighed.

"I get that your mad at me for leaving, but living in Forks wasn't the life I wanted to live. I had to get out, I would have taken you, but Charlie convinced me other wise." she said sympathetically.

"Did he convince you not to contact me to?" I asked sarcastically,

"I should have just taken you and that was my mistake, now look at you, your in the hospital!" she said, all concern like, but I wasn't even convinced.


"And that boy, Jasper!"

"Mom don't." I said harshly glaring at her.

"I'm just saying darling, boys like him only want one thing. So be careful." she warned shrugging her shoulders innocently.

"Jasper's a good guy." I defended him.

"Really? Because when he walked in I couldn't help but notice the tension." she said, rolling her eyes.

"So were in a fight? Friends fight."

"Honey, trust me. Whatever he did, he will do it again and again, I know boy, and I definitely know me, he's just like the rest of them." she said, placing a hand on my shoulder.

"So he made a bad decision doesn't mean he'll do it again." I said, trying to hold back the tears.

"Yes." she said softly, in her fake little motherly tone.

"Yes, he will sweetheart."

God, I hate her. But she gave me a choice, either keep living like this, or move to Phoenix where I can start all over.

Emmett decided to go for the ride with Charlie, my mom and myself, and it was pretty awkward. My mom spent most the time talking about how wonderful it was, and how much I will love it there.

We were all now standing waiting for all passengers to board when Emmett pulled me aside.

"Are you sure you want to do his Bells?" he asked concern. He was always like the bigger brother I never had.

"I'm sure Emmett." I told him softly, placing my hand on his arm.

"I'm going to miss you. So is Rose." he said, giving me a big hug, crushing me to him.

"I'll miss you guys too." I told him truthfully. Feeling a little hurt he didn't mention Jasper missing me.

"Behave yourself, and promise to write and call whenever you can." he said starring me down. I gave a light laugh.

"I promise." I said giving him a quick kiss on his cheek.

"Passengers boarding place 899 to Phoenix please start boarding now." the announcement spoke, making my heart jump a little. This was it.

"Bye, Bella." Emmett said, giving me a sad smile.

"Bye." I whispered back before tuning around and grabbing myself before walking towards the doors.

"Bella, wait!" I heard someone call. I turned around and let out a gasp.


Jasper's POV

I saw her leaving to board and I knew I had to stop her.

"Bella, wait!" I shouted as loud as I could, earning a couple glares and confused looks.

She turned around and from where I was standing I could hear her gasp.

"Jasper?" she asked confused, squinting a little as if she couldn't believe it was me.

I ran faster, bumping into a few people in my way. I could hear a couple people shouting 'hey!' or 'watch where your going!' and 'stupid teenager.' I would have chuckled at that one if I wasn't trying to stop the women of my dreams from leaving me.

She dropped her things and was looking at me confused, I noticed her mom was glaring at me, and Charlie along with Emmett both held a smirk on their face.

"Jasper what are you doing here?" Bella asked confused. She cocked her head to the side slightly.

"Stopping you from making a huge mistake." I said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Jasper-" she tried to say, but I cut her off.

"No, listen Bella. I know I messed up, and I know I hurt you really badly. I am so sorry, and if I could take it back, I would without even blinking. Please." I begged her, grabbing her hand.

"Jasper I-I don't know." she stuttered blinking a couple times to hold back the tears.

"I do, because Bella I'm miserable without you, and that might sound cliché or something but its true. I miss you." I said, holding her hand a little tighter.

"I miss you too, but god Jasper you hurt me so bad." she said, a tear falling down her face. I quickly shot my hand out and wiped it away.

"I know. I want to fix it, but your running away." okay, maybe that was the wrong thing to say, because she ripped her hands out of my grip.

"I'm not running away." she said through clenched teeth and crossing her arms.

"Yes you are. Your running away because your scared." I said taking a step towards her.

"Scared of what?" she scoffed.

"Scared of being hurt again." I said softly, tracing her jaw lightly. Enjoying the feel of her soft silky skin.

"I can' go through it again Jasper." she whispered, starring at me with her big brown eyes.

"I'm not letting you leave, I can't." I said confidently. She looked at me confused.

"Why not?" she asked. Before answered though I found myself leaning down and capturing her lips with mine. She gave a slight gasp, before melting into the kiss.

Her hands went to the side of my face, and brought me closer to her, as my hands gripped her waist tightly, afraid she would leave. A slight cough interrupted our kiss and she pulled back. Her eyes slightly big and her hanging open.

"You can't leave because I am in love with you Isabella Swan." I said, with a real proud smile on my face.

I could hear people around 'aw' and 'that is so romantic.' I saw Renee fuming from where she was standing.

Charlie and Emmett gave high fives to each other, and Rose had now joined us and was nodding her head in approval.

"What?" Bella asked taken back. I took a step closer if possible and took her hands in mine, starring into her eyes.

"I love you." I told her, never faltering. Tears were falling freely down her face, as she held the biggest smile on her face.

She then flung herself to me, her legs wrapped around my waist as she kissed me with so much hunger and want, while I held her and kissed her back with as much passion.

"I love you too, Jasper." she mumbled across my lips.

"Don't leave me." I whispered back, causing her to pull back and smile at me, giving me a quick peck.