I was stressed. That's all I was lately between trying to find Graves, which meant trying to find Anna and the council still going mental over Anna's "betrayal", I mean really who didn't know she was evil she was a bitch! Then there's my guard trials so every guy in the school is trying to suck up to me even wulfen, I didn't even know they could trial and now I'm stressed thinking about all this and I haven't even got out of bed yet. Oh great here comes someone now.

"Kochana come on get up we have to have a council meeting, then look at people for your trials and then your training to do." Christophe says just walking right on in.

"Wow Chris you know come right on in, you know I couldn't have been changing or doing anything private I hear right?" God he makes me so angry and even though he does I can't help but think how perfect he looks and how those lips felt on mine and his mouthwatering apple pie sent filling my senses.

"Oh milna I think I am entitled to walk right in I do sleep here every night just like you, anyway I know you only get changed in the bathroom anyway", he says in a teasing tone which is rare for him. Just then Ben sticks his head in the door and looks up at me with worried eyes which he does all the time now since his position is being compromised.

"Milady would you like me to order you breakfast or would you like to go to the cafeteria? ",he says cafeteria with a look on his face as if it is so ridiculous to want me to go to the cafeteria, if it's because I might see boys wanting to be my potential guards or if its because he believes I shouldn't have to eat in the cafeteria with everyone else I don't know, but I didn't know I liked eating in the cafeteria just not lately with all the boys wanting to sit and talk with me but I hadn't in a few days so I decided I would just to be brave.

"No it's fine Ben I will eat in the caf I'll just get dressed." He frowned at me unsurprisingly. I grabbed some jeans I black v-cut t-shirt and a charcoal gray hoodie and headed to the bathroom.

"Dru are you sure you want to go eat out there boys will talk to you non-stop having jobs as your guard is a great honor and they will fight to the death for it literally." Chris said in a strange tone I couldn't quite decipher not that he ever made sense before.

I got dressed and just plaited my hair back I couldn't be bothered with it this morning even if it had been behaving lately. I walk out to find not only Ben and Christophe in my room but also Leon, Shanks and Dibs. Ben and Shanks in a staring much, Leon and Chris talking and Dibs looking awkward standing in the corner, he's still so shy even after everything. I took pity on him.

"hey Dibs, how you going?", he looked up at me and blushed and looked back at the ground.

"Hey Dru" he managed to mumble out.

"Dru-girl how did you sleep any better?", shanks asked me after he stopped the staring match with Benjamin, I had been having trouble sleeping lately only shanks knows because he's the only one that wouldn't freak out. I gave him a look as Leon, Ben and Chris asked all together,

"What do you mean any better?", all a bit to loud for me that morning. Shanks ducked his head in apology.

"Nothing just having really nightmares and not being able to sleep no biggie", I tried to brush it off but I can't with these guys.

"Dru if you were having trouble sleeping why didn't you tell us and why did you tell him?", Ben said giving Shanks a disdainful look. That was my last straw I had, had no sleep I was stressed out of my mind and I missing Graves so much, and I was also worried if Ash was going to survive each night, this was to much to handle so I blew up at him, quite unfairly I might add, but I only thought about that stuff after.

"I told HIM because he is a trustworthy friend that doesn't freak out at the littlest things and that he and Dibs are the only two people in this place that care about Ash getting better and getting Graves back! So don't you dare look at him like that or ever say a horrible thing about him or any wulfen again in front of me because at this rate if Shanks and Dibs go for trials I would pick them over any of you any day! I hate the stuff you guys say about the wulfen it's bullshit and childish because you guys aren't any better then them and neither am I so grow the hell up and keep your mouth shut otherwise you will not be guarding me much longer!" I all but screamed at him. Everyone in the room which meant the double blond guards now since they rushed in at my screaming were looking at me in shock and I didn't care I just walked out to the caf. I heard steps behind me and then beside me and I saw Dibs and Shanks and the other four behind me. Shanks was grinning hugely and dibs looked like he wanted to smile but was trying to stop himself, that's when we reached the cafeteria doors and I took a deep breath and thought okay get ready for the chaos.