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Naruto was sitting at his desk filling in some paperwork that he had to have finished to do for the end of the day. Exhaling loudly in a bored manner, the blond man looked outside through the window for a moment. Letting his mind wonder for a bit before he had to focus once again on the monstrous stack of paper, he thought about everything that happened to him and Kakashi in those last few years.

It had now been 15 years since the twins had been born and their life had changed a lot since that time. For the first five years after having defeated Tobi, Naruto had trained under Tsunade's tutelage to become the next hokage. It had been an intense and very exhausting training. But the blond had been happy to do it as it had prepared him to what his life as Konoha's hok age would be, though he highly suspected the blonde woman to enjoy watching him suffer and struggle with the training, and Kurama supposed encouragement didn't help either.

While the Kyubi jinchuriki was struggling with training himself to be the next hokage, Kakashi was with their kids or on missions. The village still needed to accept missions from people even though they were rebuilding themselves and this was exactly what he was doing: helping his village.

During Tobi's autopsy, which Kakashi and Guy assisted to, they discovered that Tobi was none other than Obito Uchiha, the silver haired man's fallen best friend. Kakashi and Guy had been the ones to identify him as such. Shocked by this discovery, the jonin hadn't wanted to admit at first that it was his former best friend that was lying on the autopsy table at first. But after some talking and convincing from both Guy and Tsunade, the silver haired man had to recognize that the facts were the facts and that the dead man in front of him was none other than Obito.

After having searched the dead man's clothes, a letter was found in an inside pocket. It wasn't addressed to anyone in particular but from what they deciphered, they understood that the man had prepared this letter in case he died. It was a letter full with hatred and mistrust for this world that he considered to be rotten and corrupted to its very core. Never once it talked about things or people he might like or love in this world. This was the letter of a bitter man who had lost himself in hatred and resented everything and everyone. And Kakashi had to admit that it was not the same cheerful and positive Obito he had once known. It pained him to admit it but his former best friend had lost himself at some point in his life.

How he had survived was still a mystery and they would probably never know. But the silver haired man decided to not let it bother him. The Obito he had cherished and would always remember was dead a long time ago and this man lying on the autopsy table was a complete stranger to him. He would not let himself be swallowed in despair and self-questioning about something he might never understand when he had a family that he loved and that needed him.

A few years later Naruto finally finished his training and became the sixth hokage, Tsunade retiring and declaring him publically his successor. The beginnings had been hard for the blond man as he had now to prove himself toward the other shinobi nations. But after a while, he had become used to his new duties and could manage to do everything he had to do without any mistakes.

He actually had started forming alliance treaties with most of the shinobis nations. He had even created an alliance of all the remaining jinchurikis in the world, gathering them and organizing meetings with them so that they could talk with people who understood them. But it was not only so that they could feel less alone, but so that they learned how to bond with their Bijuus and work together so that they could become a force unknown before. It was also so that they could be there in case of trouble and to help other nations in case of trouble.

Naruto had come a long way and was working hard to make this world a better world where everyone would manage to work together and get along.

When his lover was proclaimed the new hokage of Konoha, Kakashi decided to go work for the ANBU once again so that he could be able the one to protect Naruto and be close to him. Due to his past experience in the ANBU and the fact that he was right now one of the most skilled and powerful shinobis of the village, the silver haired man was appointed to the post of ANBU captain.

As for their children, Arame and Haku had grown considerably during those last 15 years. Arame had grown to be a beautiful young woman with long silky silver blonde hair, stunning blue eyes and alabaster skin. Though she had almost the same the hair and the skin complexion as Kakashi, the young woman's character was nothing like her father's and was more like Naruto's, which was extrovert and very social.

Haku was almost the complete opposite. His skin was slightly more tan that his twin sister's. His hair was short, spiky and had a very Uzumaki bright red color. He had big doe like dark eyes with long eyelashes. He had a very calm and composed personality, much like his father. Contrary to his dad and twin sister, he liked to be alone and was very solitary in general. He would rather read a good book than go outside and was a very peaceful person.

While Arame had graduated 4 years ago from the Academy, as she had wanted to become the greatest kunoichi that ever lived, Haku didn't aspire to such things. As such, he had never joined the Academy and had decided instead to raise animals and run a pet shop. Naruto and Kakashi supported both their children in their choices, not making any judgment on what they wanted to do and just looking after them and giving them advice when they could. Right now, Haku was an apprentice in the pet shop of the village. Due to the great work he was doing at the shop and with the animals, the shop owner, who was a very old man, had decided that he would give him the shop once he decided to retire.

Of course there had been a few trials that both Naruto and Kakashi had to face alone and together. But they had always come out of them stronger and wiser. Whether it was proving his worth not only in front of the village but also in front of the other shinobi nations, facing a difficult opponent or taking care of their growing kids, they had always succeeded.

More than once, the two men had thought their relationship was not going to last much longer, as they had moments of doubt and depression where they relationship was affected by it. They knew it wasn't over and that there would be more trials to come with more doubts and more fights between each other. But they would face and go through it like they did every time.

As Naruto thought that, he was suddenly brought back to reality when he suddenly felt a presence behind him. Recognizing immediately who the person was, a small smile appeared on his face.

"What is it Kakashi?" he asked not even turning around to look at the ANBU masked man standing there.

"As perceptive as ever I see." The silver haired man commented with a smirk as he took off his mask while walking around so that he could face the other man.

"I wouldn't be the hokage if I couldn't sense someone who's just behind me." The blond replied, as he looked up from his paperwork to the older man, adding with a smirk of his own, "Moreover, it's not like you are trying to be quiet either when coming."

"True." Kakashi admitted with a smile, sitting on the chair at the desk that was facing Naruto, "I guess I don't feel the need to be careful when I come into your office."

"And thank Kami for that!" Naruto said with a teasing roll of his eyes and a dramatic sigh, standing up and walking around his desk to go sit on the edge of the desk to be closer to the other as he looked straight into his eyes, "Can you imagine if after all this time that we have been together you were still not entirely comfortable around me?"

"I feel like I would get scolded for it." The silver haired man commented with an amused smirk.

"Damn right you would be!" the male hokage replied, giving the older man a playful kick with his feet, having a smile of his own on his face.

Their eyes suddenly locked as they looked at each other and the mood began to change, becoming heavier and more intimate.

"Hey, I was thinking." Naruto said, his pupils getting dilated as he looked hotly at his lover, "It's been a while since we've been alone hasn't it?"

"Yeah." Kakashi answered in a breath, himself looking at the younger man with a fire in his eyes.

Today was a day special as it was the day everyone celebrated the defeat of 'Tobi' and the beginning of the peaceful era. It was the 15th anniversary of the time of peace that was still going on. For this occasion, the security of the village was reduced to a minimum and everyone celebrated by having a meal with the people dear to them. This was in this spirit that Naruto had ordered his personal guard to take their day off and enjoy themselves. The only one staying being was Kakashi of course, as there was no way he would let his lover be alone and work by himself.

"It would be a shame to not take advantage of this opportunity don't you think?" the blond asked with a coy playful little smile, as he rubbed the tip of his foot against the ANBU captain's leg before making it slowly ran up the length of it.

The older man's breath hitched when the teasing foot arrived very close to his groin, his eyes fogging up with lust. Suddenly, he stood up and closed the gap that was between him and his lover. Grabbing the back of his head, he violently pulled him into a passionate kiss to which the blond responded more than willingly to and with much enthusiasm. As the older man was ravishing the lips of his lover, his hands began travelling up and down the sides and the torso of the latter, caressing and groping everything he could. But soon it wasn't enough anymore.

"I believe you are wearing way too much clothes love." Kakashi said in an out of breath voice when they parted from each other's lips to take some much-needed air.

"Then do something about it." Naruto replied, a glint of lecherous challenge in his eyes as they lit the older man's whole body on fire under their heated gaze.

At this same moment, Haku was walking very fast into the hall of the Hokage's tower that was leading his dad's office, his face scrunched up in concern, as he seemed lost in his thoughts. He knew his father would be in the office as well as the two were working together and he needed to tell them as soon as possible what he had discovered. Soon he saw the door that led to the office just a few away from him and he quickened his pace. Once he arrived at the door, he reached for the handle and opened it with a bang noise at the force he used to do it.

"Dad, papa we have a prob…" the young man began animatedly but suddenly stopped when his eyes landed on the two persons he had come to see and widened in shock, his jaw slacking as if about to fall on the floor.

There in front of him was his dad lying half-naked on the desk, his hokage robe and his top discarded on the floor, with his father on top of him ravishing him. Both men seemed frozen as they had stopped moving when their son had suddenly entered the room. Naruto was looking at his shocked son with a look of pure horror and mortification, his face turning a deep shade of red. While Kakashi, who had had his face nuzzled into his lover's neck, had raised his head to look Haku with a look between embarrassment and slight annoyance at having had someone barged in while he was about to ravish his blond properly. But when he fully realized who it was at the door, the silver haired man pulled himself away from the blond as fast as possible, and both quickly began to dress themselves back while blabbering apologies while Haku was still frozen in shock at the sight he had just seen.

"I'm so so so sorry Haku that you had to see this! We should have made sure that the door was locked!" Naruto apologized once again while fighting to put his top back on as quickly as possible, but his head go stuck inside it in his hurry.

"You promised you wouldn't do that anymore!" the young man whined loudly as he finally snapped out of it and looked at his parents with an upset face, looking at them sternly.

"I know, I know and I'm really sorry." The blond said, finally sticking his head out into the right hole of his shirt, "I promise we will be much more careful next time."

Both Naruto and Kakashi continued for a while to apologize more to their son, while Haku continued to berate them about this kind of behavior in public places and how they should always make sure to not be walked on. Sheepish, the two grown men endured their son's scolding without complaining, knowing that they shouldn't have let themselves be caught in the moment and still feeling the embarrassment that went with being caught in this kind of situation.

"By the way," Naruto suddenly said, interrupting Haku's flustered rant as he thought about something, "Why did you barge into the office like this without even knocking?"

"Yeah, what happened to make you behave like that?" Kakashi asked, as he too realized that something very serious must have happened for their normally calm and composed son to be so excited.

At those two questions, the young man with short spiky red hair stopped his ranting. He actually looked a bit confused for a few seconds before his eyes shone, as he remembered the reason he had come here in the first place.

"Arame has a date with a guy of her team!" he quickly said in a rather loud voice, his face darkening a bit.

Kakashi and Naruto's face furrowed slightly at hearing this, the first one only having a curious expression on his face while the other was looking very displeased. For some reasons Naruto as well as Haku were very protective of Arame while Kakashi was rather laid back when it concerned his children, thinking that they had to experience life on their own and that he shouldn't interfere. Though he was torn with also wanting to protect his daughter, he also wanted her to live her own life and make her own mistakes. Whereas Naruto was a real mother hen with both of his children, and especially with Arame as she was the one who was always getting into trouble the most ever since an early age.

When she was a kid, she would always come back home with dirt and sometimes bruises or scratches on her after rough playing, or just beating some kids who tried making fun of her. She had always been a turbulent child who had never let herself be bullied or laughed at. Her status as the hokage's daughter had made people judge her more easily, but she never cared about people's opinion and continued to do as she pleased.

As for Haku, the young man had always been very protective of his little sister. Even though they were just a few seconds apart, you could definitely see who was the more mature of the two. And despite the fact that they each have a very character from one another, they still love and support each other. They would do anything for one another and used to be inseparable when they were kids, playing and protecting each other.

"What's his name?" Naruto asked, trying to stay calm and not judge too fast and not put the unknown kid into his enemy's list just yet.

"Watase Hareaki." Haku answered.

"That playboy brat whom every girl is in love with?" the blond man asked incredulously.

"That guy." The red haired young man confirmed with a nod.

"So that perverted male monster thinks he can add my precious baby girl to his hunting board huh? We'll see about that." The male hokage said, scowling darkly as his imagination went berserk, making him have a mental image of Arame in tears and calling for him as a demonic representation of a young man was walking up to her while cackling evilly, looking at her with maniac eyes, "When are they going out on a date?"

"Tonight." His son told him with a disapproving frown at the idea of his sister going on a date with this guy.

"Tonight?! But she had told us that she was going out with friends tonight!?" Naruto exclaimed with a sad rejected but also disappointed face for the fact that his daughter had lied to them, before determination appeared on it and he looked ready to go to war, "Well whether she likes or not, I'm not going to let my little girl go on her first date without any supervision.

With that said, the blond began to walk to the door in a determined pace.

"What are you going to do?" Kakashi asked, looking both confused and curious at his lover.

The blond turned around to look at the older man and his also curious son and smiled evilly at them.

This is how, twenty minutes later, Naruto, Kakashi and Haku were hiding behind a bush, with dark clothes that blended into the early afternoon scenery, at the place where Arame was supposed to meet up with this Watase guy in a few minutes.

"Tell me again how you convinced me to follow you in this stupid plan?" the silver haired man asked in a sigh, a deadpanned expression on his face before yelping lowly as he received a whack on the head from his lover.

"You didn't have to come if you didn't want to." The blond told him with a slight glare, "If the safety of your daughter doesn't matter to you, you can always go home."

"Love, you seem to forget who she was raised by and from whom she got her temper." The ANBU captain said while massaging his hurting head with a wince, "She is more than capable of defending herself."

But before the young hokage could reply anything, they suddenly saw Arame arrive at the meeting place, which was the front of the dango shop. Not long after, a handsome young man with dark hair and green eyes arrived, giving the young kunoichi a charming smile as he said 'hi' to her.

"Tch! Arrogant little bastard! He thinks he is so charming that she is going to fall for him like that." Naruto said, gritting his teeth as he glared at the young man who was flirting with his daughter.

"Where do you think they will go first?" Haku asked, studying the couple intensely as if trying to analyze their moves.

"I don't know but they better not go anywhere dark where this slimy pervert will try to fondle her." The blond man said in a growl.

Haku's face turned a sick green for a moment at imagining anyone doing anything with his sister, before it darkened and he nodded determinedly at his father, looking like he was ready to rip the guy's arms out if he even dared touch his sister inappropriately.

The three of them then began following from afar the couple, when the latter began to move, walking at a leisured pace in the street. Soon they arrived in front of what looked to be a café, the shop front having a sign with its name written in a stylish style with little red hearts all around, looking very trendy.

"That's a couple's café." Haku commented with a slight gasp, looking in wonder at the place that his twin sister and her date had just entered.

"That's it I'm going in! I'm not going to let the two of them alone in such a place!" Naruto exclaimed standing up from the bush, intent on stepping out of it and going inside the café.

But before he could do it, Haku rushed to him and held him back with the help of his father.

"Don't do that dad or we'll blow our cover!" the short spiky red haired young man told him, pulling him back to the bush.

"I don't care! Kami only knows what they could be doing in there!" the blond replied in agitation.

"Naruto, it's a café. Nothing outrageous can happen in there. They are only going to get something to eat." Kakashi said, reasoning his overreacting lover.

"Fine. But we wait for them to come out." Naruto said with a stubborn glare.

An hour later, the couple came out of the café. As they walked into the street, the guy softly caught Arame's hand in his and waited for her reaction. The young woman seemed surprised at first and looked down at their hands before looking up at the young man with a light blush, before linking their fingers together.

Naruto immediately saw red at this scene. He went to once again step out of their hiding place in the intent to go beat the young man into a pulp. But Kakashi, who tried to calm him down by reasoning him that he couldn't kill him even if he was the hokage, restrained him and managed to calm him down.

The three men then resumed their tailing, following the couple to all the places they went, always keeping a safe distance to them and hiding so that they could not be seen. The rest of the date went well, and without too many tries from Naruto's side to interrupt. It was late afternoon when the young man named Watase walked Arame back home. When they arrived at the front porch, they turned to face each other. However, while it was clear that Arame was just going to say goodbye and go into the house, Watase grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer to him as if he was going to kiss her.

At seeing his daughter being handled like that, it was Kakashi's time to see red as well, his murdering intent growing stronger by the second. To hell with letting his children living their life and making their own mistakes! He was going to bash that scum's face into the ground. Then, as Naruto was being restrained from going to personally kill the young pervert by a struggling Haku, the silver haired man stepped out of their hiding spot with a clear intent to harm, if not fatally, the brat who dared touch his little girl.

But before he intervened or did anything, Arame suddenly punched the young man hard in the face, sending him flying a meter or two away from her.

"What do you think you're doing teme!?" she yelled at him, visibly mad at him as she glared dangerously at him, "Did you think I was an easy girl? You don't grab someone like that and try to kiss them without their permission!"

"I huh…I'm sorry." The young man said, looking dumbfounded and slightly scared as he looked at the angry young woman.

Then the two young people noticed that someone else was here and turned their head to see Kakashi standing there in the middle of the path, looking a little dazed as if he didn't really know what to do. He had walked out of the bushes with the intention to teach the young man a lesson, but had been taken aback when his daughter had taken the matter into her own hands. What was he supposed to do now? Then his eyes landed on Watase, the young man still on the floor after the punch he had received, and they narrowed and hardened instantly as he remembered what he had just dared to do.

The latter shrunk on himself immediately as he received the look from the ANBU captain, and quickly stood up, muttering once again an apology to Arame and saying goodbye before taking off as fast as possible.

Once this Watase guy was gone, Kakashi turned back to his daughter with one of his over cheerful smile. But his smile fell immediately when he saw the angry face of his daughter, gulping in apprehension, as he knew what that mad look meant. He was in trouble.

Arame began to slowly walk toward him, stopping when she was just two feet away from her father, crossing her arms over her chest and looking at him with a severe look on her face.

"Papa, what are you doing here?" she asked in a voice where you could hear she was restraining to shout.

"I-I huh…I…" the silver haired man stuttered at a loss for words to explain to his daughter why he was there.

But before he could say anything, the young woman turned to the spot where Naruto and Haku were still hidden.

"Come on guys, I know you are there as well so get out." She told them.

After this, the two got out of their of their hiding place with a sheepish expression on their face.

"H-hey darling!" Naruto exclaimed jovially, trying to sound cheerful to try and alleviate the oppressing mood that was planning in the air, a nervous wide smile on his face.

"Care to explain what you are doing here?" the young kunoichi asked, sounding like she was trying really hard to stay calm.

"Hum huh…training?" the blond man proposed, his eyes gleaming hopefully as he prayed that his daughter would buy that poorly made lie.

"You were spying on me weren't you?" Arame asked rhetorically, her eyebrows rising slightly as she looked sternly at her parents and her twin brother, who all looked down in slight shame when she said that.

"Yes." The three other persons admitted sheepishly, not looking at the young woman into the eyes and looking at the ground like it was just the most interesting thing in the world.

"How did you know about my date?" she asked, inhaling deeply to try and stay calm.

"Haku." Both Naruto and Kakashi replied quickly in unison, making the young man turn to look at them with wide eyes and his mouth agape at having been betrayed like that.

"Haku," she said in a dangerous voice as she turned to her twin, "Would you care to tell me how you learned that I had a date?"

"I overheard when you talked about your upcoming date." The red haired young man mumbled, kicking the dirt absentmindedly.

'Huh oh…here we go…' Kakashi thought in dread, knowing that since his daughter had inherited the famous Uzumaki temper, she would soon explode at them.

"And so after that you decided to go tell dad and papa about it huh?" she asked rhetorically, her eyes narrowing dangerously while you could hear the tension as well as the anger in her voice rising, then she suddenly snapped and began yelling, "You've got to be freaking kidding me! How could you do this to me?!"

"And you!" she turned suddenly toward her fathers furiously, the latter backing up and flinching under the mad tone of their daughter, "Did it ever occur to you that whether I dated someone or not didn't concern you? This is my life! I am old enough to take care of myself and handle things on my own!"

While the young kunoichi yelled at them, the three male endured it with sheepish and guilty faces, letting her shout at them to her heart's content for a while. Then at some point, Naruto decided to take his courage in both hands and to speak up for the first time in the last 10 to 15 minutes of furious screaming from his daughter.

"Hum honey?" he said in a soft hesitating voice, stepping up slightly after having his all courage.

"What!?" she asked in mid-yell, as she turned to him with a hard stare.

"Hum well I just wanted to say that we are very sorry that we acted like this. This was very wrong of us and what we could do is go to the restaurant before everyone else arrive, sit and have sweet treat as a way to apologize." The blond man proposed in slightly nervous voice, looking at his daughter hoping that she would accept the peace offering, "What do you think?"

The young woman looked at him for a moment before sighing slightly in annoyed surrender.

"All right, but you better give me a very good explanation." She told them.

"Thank you." Naruto said, exhaling in a relieved manner, like he had been holding his breath, putting a hand on his daughter's shoulder as he said with a smile, "Let's go then."

The two remaining male sighed in relief. When Arame went on a rampage, you didn't want to be around. While Haku had inherited the Hatake's calm and laid back character, she had inherited the Uzumaki's fiery and temperamental attitude.

Of course they felt a bit guilty for having spied on her like this but they felt that it was partly her fault as well. After all, she should have told them about the fact that she had a date. What if something had happened to her? They wouldn't have known where she was or what she had been doing. Sure she had the right to have privacy, but it didn't mean she could not tell Naruto and Kakashi about where and what she was doing.

Once they arrived at the restaurant, they went to sit in a secluded booth, away from everybody. A waitress came and took their order. After that their drinks and treats had arrived, Naruto and Kakashi, who were sitting on one side of the booth, looked at their children and more specifically to their daughter. Arame was sulkily turning her spoon around in the strawberry milkshake she had ordered, not talking to anyone. While his twin sister looked sullen, Haku was sitting next to her looking uncomfortable.

"Arame, I am sorry that we invaded your private life." Kakashi told her in a soothing tone of voice.

"It's true we shouldn't have." Naruto added in, agreeing with his lover, "We are truly sorry to have followed you like that. We know that you are a big girl and that you can deal with things on your own But you have to understand that we are your parents and that we will always worry about you."

"Whatever." The long silver blond haired girl muttered before she took a sip out of her milkshake.

And this is how it went for the next 20 minutes. Naruto and Kakashi would apologize profusely to her and try to make her forgive them, while Arame would listen to them from one ear.

However, though she had a hard time wanting to admit it, the young kunoichi began to feel less and less mad at her parents and began to actually listen to their apologies. After some more talk and 'cooing', the young woman spoke up for the first time in the last half hour.

"Alright, alright I'll forgive you but on one condition." She told them, "You never stalk me ever again on any kind of situation."

"Deal." Naruto replied, bumping his fist with her to seal the thing before Kakashi did the same by clapping his hand with hers.

But before they could say anything else, a loud voice that they all knew made itself known.

"Ah there you are guys! I thought we had arrived too early." Deidara said as he walked up to the four people, Kisame and Itachi coming right after him.

"Dei! How are you doing?" Naruto asked with a grin as he jumped out of his to go greet his friend.

"Good and you?" the blond former Akatsuki replied, high fiving the other blond.

While the two blonds were visiting, Kisame and Itachi walked up to Kakashi, who had also stood up to go greet them.

"Hello Kakashi. How have you been?" Itachi asked, shaking the ANBU captain's hand.

"I've been well thank you. How are the two of you doing?" the silver haired man said with a smile.

"We've been good. Although Kisame is being a bit annoying and bitchy about the wedding." The Uchiha replied in an annoyed tone of voice as he talked about his fiancé.

Kisame and Itachi had gotten engaged last New Year's Eve, where the swordsman had decided to propose to the long dark haired man when the clock stroke twelve. Surprisingly or more accurately shockingly to the others, who had been present at that time, the Uchiha had showed an extreme excitement at this and had glomped his lover while saying the much awaited yes. Now, as they got engaged on New Year's Eve, they had planned a New Year's Eve wedding as well, which was now in just a few days.

"This is the most important day of our lives, it needs to be perfect!" the shark like man protested with a pout.

"Hn." Itachi grunted in response, his lover looking at him with a slightly annoyed glare at his detached attitude toward their upcoming wedding.

"Hey little monkey." Kisame then said as he approached Arame, fondly ruffling her hair, which earned him an indignant protest from the latter.

"Don't call me that!" she exclaimed in a whining voice, glaring half-heartedly to the shark like man.

"What?" the swordsman replied with a mocking grin, shoving her playfully, "You'll always be the little monkey that used to jump and crawl everywhere to me."

"Hmph! Whatever." She said, shoving him playfully back.

"So, ready to party?" Kisame asked, looking at both Arame and Haku with a big smile, giving them a wink.

"Hum you know it's not really a party, it's more a day to remember." Haku commented.

"So what?" the shark like man replied grinning cockily, "We kicked his butt and now we are celebrating every year his defeat. That's what I call a party."

As all of them chatted and joked around, the others begun to arrive and joined them. Nagato and Konan were one of the last ones to come.

"Hey guys!" the blue haired young woman said as she made her way to them, happily waving at them while her fiancé followed her not far behind, "Sorry to be late."

"Konan not so fast! Be more careful!" the red haired man protested as he followed her nervously.

"Nagato, I'm pregnant not made out of glass!" she replied rolling her eyes annoyed.

As soon as he had learned that his girlfriend was pregnant, being the old fashioned type of guy, Nagato had proposed to her just a few days later. Thrilled the blue haired woman had accepted without hesitating. They were planning a Spring wedding around the Hanami season. Ever since, the newly engaged couple was doing everything to prepare the arrival of their child.

"How is your pregnancy going?" Naruto asked sympathetically.

"It's going well." Konan said with a smile, softly caressing her now slightly showing stomach, adding in a joking manner, "Though my feet are so swollen I feel like they have been filled with cement or something."

"Hello everyone! We're here!" the as usual boisterous voice of Kiba suddenly yelled as he and his newly husband Neji arrived, followed not far by Hinata with Sakura, and Shino with Tenten.

"Yo! What's up guys?!" Deidara asked as he happily walked up to them, high fiving Sakura and Kiba.

As everyone was visiting with each other, Kakashi and Naruto decided to get a little away from the others, and looked at their friends and family having fun and joking together. Kakashi was sitting on a chair while Naruto sat on his lap, with his lover's arms wrapped around him.

"Did you think we would be where we are 15 years ago?" Naruto asked his older lover, as he relished with a happy sigh into the feel of the man's strong arms, burying further into the hard chest of the other.

"No." Kakashi replied with a light amused smile, "I would never have believed you if you had told me that this would be our life back in that time."

"I know." The blond man said with a chuckle, "I can't believe how fast time has passed and everything that has happened. I mean, one day we had cute little kids who used to always squeal "daddy" and "papa" over and over. And then, the next day they have become those stubborn monsters who don't listen to anything we say."

"Yeah. That's what it means being a teenager." The silver haired man commented, poking teasingly his lover into the ribs, "You have also been like that at their age."

"No I wasn't!" the male hokage protested with a pout, "I was a model of virtue and good manners!"

"Sure…whatever you say love." The ANBU captain said with an amused chuckle, pressing a soft kiss to the top of his lover's head.

"You two really still act like two kids together huh?" Inari asked rhetorically, a smirk on her face as she walked up to the couple, Genma not far behind her, "When are you going to act like the grown ups you are?"

"Never!" Naruto replied with a cheeky smirk, pulling his tongue at the nurse, which made the latter grin at his childish reply.

"Mommy, daddy! Look at what I can do!" a little girl with hazelnut hair yelled excitedly as she ran into Inari, grabbing onto her leg.

Then the little girl began to place her tongue before her lower teeth and after a few tries began to whistle.

"That's very good Isoko!" the nurse cooed in approval at her before asking, "Who taught you that?"

Isoko was the girl that Inari and Genma had had together 10 years ago, after Genma and her had decided to get married. Naruto and Kakashi had been made honorary godfathers and had always made sure to be there for every important event in the little girl's life. Their children loved her too and liked to spend some time with her every now and then, Arame having been the little girl's babysitter when she had been younger. Now, Isoko wanted to become a ninja and learn about medical jutsus to the happiness and pride of both of her parents.

"Kisame-nii did!" Isoko said with a big toothy smile.

"Well then go practice with him so that you become even better at it, won't you? Your daddy and I have to speak with Kakashi and Naruto-ojisan. " Her mother told her, caressing her cheek gently.

"Okay!" the little girl replied before skipping back to where Kisame, and the rest of the crowd were.

"Did you have something important to talk to us about Inari-neesan?" Naruto asked curious.

"Not exactly. It's more like a request." The nurse said.

"Sure, what is it?" the blond man asked.

"Well since things are going so well right now in the shinobi world, I was wondering if you would see an inconvenient that me and Genma retire." She explained to him, a hopeful gleam in her eyes.

"Well you are free to do anything you want Inari-neesan as I am not in charge of the hospital. As for Genma, I see no problem with him leaving though that means that we are losing a great shinobi but…you are still both in great health and you still have a lot of years ahead of you. Why do you want to retire now?" he asked confused.

This time it was Genma who answered.

"We would like to spend more time with Isoko and take more care of her. I know she understands and doesn't mind that we are not always there for her but we really want to be more present in her life." The senbon chewer said, "Moreover, we would like to travel a bit and see the world other than when on missions."

"I understand." The male hokage said with a nod, registering in his mind everything he had heard.

"But we do not want to separate ourselves completely from the village either. So if there is ever a need for help, we will be glad to come back and support you." Genma added with a smile, "Our loyalty will always lay with Konoha."

"That's very kind of you." Naruto said with a smile of his own, shaking Genma's hand and giving Inari a hug, "Though I hope we will never have to call you for help."

After that the two couples walked back to the rest of the crowd, eating and having fun with each other. They ate and chatted for a few hours before people began to leave, deciding that it was time for them to go home. Soon, Naruto and Kakashi decided that it was time for them as well to go and left with Haku and Arame along with them.

"Ah finally home!" Arame exclaimed with a relieved sigh, once they arrived at the house, brushing her long silky silver hair back, "I'm so tired. I'm going to go to my room and sleep. Goodnight everybody."

"Not so fast young lady." Naruto quickly said with his arms crossed over his chest, making his daughter stop in mid-step in the stairs, looking at her with a stern expression, "You are not going anywhere before your father and I have decided of your punition for having lied to us."

"What?!" she exclaimed astonished, "I didn't lie to you!"

"Oh yes you did. You told us that you were going out with friends. And even if we didn't have the right to follow you like we did, you still need to be punished for having lied to us about what you were really going to do." The blond man replied severely.

"Your dad is right. You lied to us and that is not tolerable. Anything could have happened to you, and we wouldn't have been able to help if that had been the case, because we wouldn't have known where you were." Kakashi added in support of his lover's words.

"But papa!" the young woman protested, trying to sound whiny and giving her father a cute sad face.

"Oh no don't give me that face! I know that face!" the silver haired man said pointing at her accusingly before turning to the younger man with a pitiful face, "Baby she is giving me that face!"

Sighing at his older lover's weakness for Arame's sad puppy dog's face, Naruto decided to take the matter into his own hands. He turned to his daughter and looked at her with a hard face that accepted no discussion.

"You are grounded until decided otherwise." He told her sternly, "Which means that you are not allowed to go out except for missions. To ensure that, your house-chores will be doubled, and if you don't do them there will be some very serious consequences missy."

The long silver blonde haired young woman opened and closed her mouth several times, before her face just got red in anger and stormed off to her room, slamming the door behind her. Sighing at his daughter's usual temper, Naruto turned then to Haku who had stayed silent the whole time, looking slightly guilty to have sold his twin sister out.

"You don't have to feel guilty for having come to tell us the truth Haku. You did the right thing." The blond man told his son, putting a comforting hand on his shoulder, "I'm sure Arame is not angry with you for it…well she might be but she needs to realize that what she did was wrong and that you were just worried for her."

"Yeah I guess." The spiky red haired young man said with a sigh, looking down at the ground gnawing on his bottom lip.

"Well goodnight my baby." Naruto said, kissing his son on the top of his head.

"Daddy! Don't call me that!" Haku whined at being called this.

"What? That's true! I'll always see you as my baby." The blond man replied with an amused wink, giving him a teasing one-armed hug, "Even when you get married and have kids."

Once their son was in his bedroom, Kakashi and Naruto went to sit on the couch for a moment, just enjoying the peace and quiet that had become so precious to them.

"Am I too strict? Do you think I overreacted to this whole situation?" the male hokage asked, suddenly breaking the silence.

"No you're not." The ANBU captain told him reassuringly, adding in a joking manner, "The overreaction would have been to lock her up in a tower and never let her get out of there until she is 30."

The blond laughed at this and leaned against his older lover, purring slightly when the other began petting his hair like he always did.

"Maybe we are too strict sometimes don't you think? They might hate us for that someday." He said contemplatively.

"We are parents, of course we are strict." The other man replied, still petting his younger lover's hair, adding in an amused smile, "We are not supposed to be nice. Being nice is the role of the grandparents and the rest of the family. We, parents, are supposed to be tyrants."

Naruto smiled at this, chuckling slightly at the image of him and Kakashi dressed as dictators.

"That's true." He said with a smirk, before turning around to face his older lover, "So captain Hatake, should we proceed to go to the bedroom and make plans on how to further torture our kids?"

"Actually sir, I had other plans for us tonight, which included a full body search as well as other very kinky things." The silver haired man replied with a coy smile, leaning in to catch his lover's lips into a sweet yet teasing kiss.

They kissed like for a few seconds until they were in dire need for air. When they parted, Naruto looked at the older man with a gaze full of lust, his lids heavy on his eyes and his breathing erratic. Then a playful smile appeared on his lips.

"I'm all yours." He told him in such a sultry way, that Kakashi felt something into his stomach at the arousing sentence.

Swooping his younger lover off of his feet, the ANBU captain began to walk up to their bedroom.

"It's a good thing that we have made our bedroom soundproof or I think that the children would be scarred to life after what I'm going to do to you tonight." He said huskily, grabbing and squeezing the blond man's still pert and firm buttocks, making the latter squeak slightly in surprise before quickly putting a hand over his mouth and glaring slightly at him.

"You better not forget to put protection on, or I am going to make you regret it for the rest of your life if you make me pregnant again." The blond threatened in a slight growl, grabbing his lover by the back of his head and kissing him hard on the lips in a passionate kiss.

They kissed like that all the way up, Kakashi opening and closing their bedroom door behind them without ever letting go of the other man. They loved and made a mess of each other all night until dawn began to appear. They might have been parents, friends and family members. But they were first and foremost two men who loved each other and couldn't live without one another, and this was how it would always be.

The End