I do not own Kuroshitsuji or D. Grayman. They both go to the respectful owners. This is my own version of Ciel in Wonderland episode 2.

WARNINGS- This crossover will contain: Slight AU, mild cursing, dark romance, yaoi, angst, gore, violence, adult situations

PAIRINGS: MAIN: Allen/Sebastian

MINOR: Ciel/Sebas, Brotherly!Allen/Ciel

Enjoy Lords and Ladies

OVA 2: Bishop and Chess: Behind the Scenes

Announcer: It's that time of the evening again. Where we take you behind the scenes and gives exclusive interviews with some off anime and manga's biggest stars and their shows. Your looking at the show that brought you exclusive interviews on the infamous Inuyasha and Kagome wedding, the Sasuke drug and sex abuse stories, and the infamous back-story on big star Goku. This is…Anime-Stars Exclusive! And now your host, Johnny Gallagher!

-We come up a very hip and very bright stage. Sitting behind a desk is a handsome young man with stylish and clothing. He smiles brightly and one can tell he's had a fake tan and a teeth whitening.-

Johnny: Ah, hey welcome back! Today's hot topics are: Creator of Pokémon Satoshi Tajiri is rumored to be dead or alive since the tsunami? Will Pokémon continue if the rumors of the creator's death are true? Next is the one of the most unlikely stories ever, the Vongola mafia family has been helping with sheltering and giving food to those in Japan. Japan's rep, Kiku Honda says he was most honored that the Vongola family are kind enough to help.

And for our biggest story yet, we'll be taking you behind the scenes of one of the biggest gay power couples. Two unlikely lovers from totally different series and their home-life along with their work. That's right, right here, right now, we'll be going into the lives of power couple Seballen, Sebastian Michaelis and Allen Walker. Along with interviews with their cast mates in the smash hits, "Bishop on the Playing Board" and "Chess in Monochrome". We'll be getting peeks inside their work and their home and they'll be talking about their careers and how they met! This is…Anime-Stars Exclusive: Behind the Scenes!

-the scene changes to a filming site in England. There are many workers doing makeup and preparing for a new episode. Allen Walker, in normal modern clothing that somewhat looks like a hipster is reading over his lines on his chair as a worker is brushing his white hair. Sebastian is practicing with his stunt double, Ash Landers, for a leap in this next episode. The other cast mates are all chatting with each other before filming starts.

The setting is an old mansion which had been purchased by the company to use as the Phantomhive manor. Johnny with his faithful cameraman Theo comes up to Allen.

Johnny: Allen! Allen Walker. Johnny Gallagher of ASE. We've met before when I did the interview on D. Gray-Man

Allen: -looks back and smiles- Oh! Hello! Long time no see, come for another interview then?

Johnny: Yes. I'm here to get a look behind the scenes of Bishop and Chess and a little peek at your relationship with your partner Sebastian.

Allen: -blushes a bit and smiles- Sure…I guess. Um so yea…where should we start? Sebastian!

-We now have Allen and Sebastian sitting side by side together. Sebastian is wearing similar clothing he wore when we did the making of Kuroshitsuji interviews. Sebastian has a hand on Allen's thigh while Allen is trying to keep up a smiling appearance.-

Johnny: Where did you two meet?

Sebastian: At a premiere bash. It was for a new One Piece movie and Allen was good friends with Luffy. I, myself, was invited also because my agent advised me to go out to premieres and mingle with fellow stars. Allen had just come out a hard breakup with his recent lover.

-For the record, Allen Walker has been known to be a romantic. His first loves were with cast mates from D. Gray-Man in the following order: Lenalee Lee, Road Kamelot, then after when Allen announced he was gay; Kanda Yuu, Lavi Bookman Jr., Howard Link, and his recent breakup with Tyki Mikk. Allen has no resentment towards any of his former lovers he's worked with such as Lavi and Kanda.-

-It is also known that Sebastian is an open homosexual. He revealed that during his first interviews on the first season of Kuroshitsuji. Sebastian actively participates in Gay Rights movements and a Gay Rights speaker as well has having his own clothes like and unisex nail-polish line.-

Allen: We met and we just clicked. We started off as good friends then…well we took it to the next level. We didn't go public until like 2008? 2009?

Johnny: What about Bishop and Chess? How did you both get to work on that project?

Sebastian: We received a letter from this well-known author, Sydney. She was an American boy-love author and asked if we would like to make an extra buck. We agreed and suddenly all our cast-mates were there ready to shoot. Sydney had asked permission from Toboso and Hoshino to use us for her story.

Johnny: Alright. Now it's time to see if these popular rumors about you both are true. First rumor, is it true that Sebastian had purposed to Allen on set after finishing Bishop?

Allen: -smiles and shows off a ring- True. After the taping and after-party, Sebastian purposed to me.

Johnny: Nice stone ya got there. Someone's a lucky fellow. Alright, next rumor, is it true that by some anonymous and untested surgery that you two have biological children?

Sebastian: False…in a way. We do have children, our son Aden and our daughter Evelyn. We did what those Americans call, a "baby mama". The person who actually bore them wishes to remain anonymous but she has been a good friend to me since I started this business. To us they are our biological children and we love them deeply.

Johnny: Next rumor, is it true that Allen has had an affair with Claude?

Allen: Well, I wouldn't call it an affair. Claude was a nice guy and I think he liked me, and well I got a bit boozed up at a party. I don't remember much of it but I did wake up naked beside a nude Claude so I think I did sleep with him.

Sebastian: Claude has been a good friend to me. He apologized and Allen and I came to an understanding. We are both very faithful to each other.

Johnny: Okay. Final rumor, is the sex good?

-Both stars blush and Allen gets flustered. Sebastian coughs and smirks a bit, stroking his partner's thigh a bit more.-

Johnny: Ha-Ha! I'm just joking. Judging by the reactions, that's true. Alright…with joking aside now. Well I have no longer any questions. Just a request. Show us a kiss~

-Allen giggled as Sebastian smiles. Both share a romantic kiss and Johnny applauds. The two leave for a moment and are replace by Kanda and Lavi. Kanda and Lavi are both wearing stylish modern clothing as well.-

Johnny: Kanda, Kanda, Kanda. You've some so far from stunt doubling for Katsura from Gintama. Look at you, your famous, and rich, was voted one of anime's sexiest samurais after a few Bleach characters and Kenshin. You've went far, kid.

Kanda: -a pleasant smile- It's been a while, yeah?

Lavi: So what do you want to ask us about?

Johnny: Alright, it's been known both of you once dated Allen Walker. What are your feelings since Allen hooked up with the Sebastian Michaelis and even started a family with him?

Lavi: I speak for both of us there we're both happy for him. We attended the wedding and supported the two ever since.

Johnny: How did you break up with Allen?

Kanda: We just had an on-off relationship, y'know? It was annoying so it was better for us to be just friends. We argued all the time and such.

Lavi: I was experimenting. Exploring my homosexual side and well it was fun. But I'm more of a ladies' man so quite basically I turned out straight after all. Allen who was looking for a permanent relationship understood and we broke up like mature adults. We remained good friends and we still have the memories.

Johnny: How did you both feel about being asked to guest star in Bishop and Chess?

Kanda: Quite actually it was fun. Ever since the D. Gray-Man anime was cut short due to budget and other crap, the only work many of us had was either in recreational activities or these kinds of projects. We made many friends with the Black Butler crew and they were very kind and accepting to us.

Johnny: Thank you for your time.

-Kanda and Lavi leave and are replaced by Ciel and Alois, as well wearing modern in-style teen clothing-

Johnny: Ciel and Alois. Two of anime's biggest child-stars. I am much honored to have this interview with both of you. I hope you're not worried with the effects of child-stardom.

Ciel: Of course not. Alois and I knew from the start the luxuries and hardship of being child stars.

Alois: -smiles- It's been really fun! I've enjoyed every moment of it!

Johnny: -grins- My, what mature boys you both are. Very impressive. Alright onto a few questions. Allen Walker. You've worked with him for 2 years since the making of Bishop and Chess. How does he affect you both.

Ciel: Allen has been the brother I never had on and off screen. He's been very supportive and he's quite dear to me. I happened to be the ring bearer at his and Sebastian's wedding. Sebastian and I have been business partners since we both landed star spots on Black Butler. I always had been a fan of D. Gray-Man and was overjoyed to be working with Allen Walker

Alois: My turn to speak! Allen is amazing! He's so cool! I love shopping with him and getting our hair and nails done! He's also been like my big brother. I may even have a little childish crush on him. Claude likes him too but I like him more. Damn Sebastian stealing cool Allen away!

Johnny: Ha-Ha! My! What positive outlooks on the two. Thank you boys for your time.

-Ciel and Alois leave. Next come in Claude Faustus and Grell Sutcliff. Claude is dressed like a stylish dancer-type while Grell sports a red coat and white face mask like a yankee-

Johnny: The spider and the drag-queen. Odd pairing we got here. Well then. Claude, this one is for you. About your affair with Allen Walker. Care to explain?

Claude: Ah, yes. I knew something like this would pop up. When I first got my first major role in an anime, you could realize I was excited. When I first met Allen Walker, I was smitten on and off screen. At the time he was still engaged to Sebastian Michaelis. I invited Allen over to my home for a bit of a party and offered him a few drinks. Allen wasn't a drinker but I managed to convince him. Things…happened.

Grell: Ohh my~ Allen got lucky with sexy Claude-y.

Claude: It's not like that –blush- We were both intoxicated and we slept together. Allen and I have a strictly platonic relationship.

Johnny: Oh-ho. How interesting. Alright..um Mr. Sutcliffe-

Grell: That's Ms. Sutcliffe to you. I just legally changed it to Ms. Sutcliffe.

Johnny: Forgive me. Ms. Sutcliffe. Your thoughts on Allen?

Grell: -squeals and giggles- Oh cute little Al-chan! He's a dear! Off-screen he's my BFF! We even made friendship bracelets! And his adorable friends! I'd love to spend an evening with that macho silent-type Kanda~ Oh but where was I? Hee~ I'm just that much in love with Kanda-chan since Sebas-chan married Al-chan~ Though he doesn't return my feelings, I think he likes me though,

Johnny: -sighs and snaps fingers- Focus.

Grell: Oh dear, I'm so sorry~ On Al-chan then. He's a wonder boy and I love what he does with his hair. I introduced him to the magnificence that is the color red, and he's always promised to me to wear a little bit of red on him. One time he painted his nails red, another time he had temporary red streaks in his hair. But he always has a bit of red in the everyday clothing. And his and Sebas-chan's children are so cute! Little Evelyn is like the daughter I've always wanted! Aden…well he'll make a fine man like his fathers~ And with that Sebas-chan is-

Johnny: -pretends to check watch- Oh look at the time we better go.

Grell: But I was getting to the part-

Johnny: Thanks for your time. Claude and Grell everyone!

-Claude drags Grell out who was protesting to say more in the interview. Johnny sighed and wipes a bit of sweat from his forehead with a rag.-

Johnny: And the interview we've all been waiting for! Author/Director/Producer of the smash hit series! Sydney!

-Sydney enters the room. She is a young woman and slightly chubby but that makes her look cuter. She has a shaggy bob brown hair and black-framed glasses. Her wardrobe consists of a Green Day t-shirt and jeans and black platform flip-flops. Very casual for a formal interview-

Sydney: Great to be here Johnny. I'm slightly nervous though. This is my first interview really.

Johnny: I understand completely, love. A big question for all of us fans. What gave you the idea for the Bishop series?

Sydney: Idea? Well I loved both Kuroshitsuji and D. Gray-Man. Truth be told I never liked yaoi pairings until I got the inspiration from Kuroshitsuji. I thought it was quite sexy and tasteful to put in the black butler with the white clown. I began doing one-shots of them and they really gained popularity. So I did my first actual completely story with a finished sequel. I am very proud of myself of that. With Seballen I then grew into liking more Yaoi. I am announcing formally that I now like Yullen also along with Allen as uke to other sexy men.

Johnny: You stated in Bishop you hated Yullen with a fiery passion.

Sydney: The passage of time changes for everyone. I then grew into liking Yullen and such. Allen and Sebastian are like family to me, they all are. Still waiting for the check Ciel owes me from sponsoring Funtom though…

Johnny: -chuckles- Ho. I see. So what's next on your agenda?

Sydney: Break time. I'll be on on-off hiatus from writing in general. From Seballen, getting into American Idiot slash fics. I'll dabble in one-shots of Seballen from here to there. But I'll mostly reading and hoping other good writers for Seballen come up .I also wish to finish my pother unfinished popular stories such as Father and Son, Cross Epoch Adventures, A Twist in Time, Ravens, Spiders, and Parrots. I'll be also be wanting to take in an apprentice.

Johnny: An apprentice! So you'll be mentoring someone who'd want to write Seballen?

Sydney: Yeppers! I'd love to give pointers and constructive reviews on stories then! ~

Johnny: That's wonderful! Simply wonderful! Alright Sydney, thank you for your time.

Sydney: Thank you for having me!

Johnny: Well, that's all the time we have! Check us out at our website: .com and vote in our polls to see who is the best power couple right now! Johnny Gallagher here, signing off.

-Sebastian, Allen, Johnny, and Sydney all wave goodbye-

All: It's been one hell of a time!