I'm back! So this is the sequel to Flower and Prongs, if you haven't read that, I suggest you read it first so it'll be easier for you to understand the character development.


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"Lily!" Lily turned around quickly towards the voice that was screaming for her. She grinned as she recognized her best friend, Hestia Jones, sprinting towards her down the streets of Diagon Alley. Lily was sitting in Florean Fortsecue's ice cream parlor with a large cup of Cookies & Cream ice cream, which was her favorite.

"Hest!" Lily squealed, jumping up. Hestia flew into Lily's arms and the best friends embraced, swinging back and forth as they squealed.

"Oh Merlin Lily I've missed you!" Hestia squealed, sitting down next to Lily and grabbing a spoon, digging into Lily's ice cream, without permission of course. Usually, Lily would have yelled at her, but she had missed her best friend too much.

"I've missed you too," Lily said, grinning like an idiot, sitting back down in her seat and grabbing her spoon.

"What have you been up to? Merlin I have so much to tell you. You know how Sirius came to stay with us for a few days? Merlin's pants I wanted to Avada Kedavra myself, or him, either would have been fine. I think he and my mother are planning on eloping. It was terrible. And you know dad? HE LOVES HIM! I KNOW RIGHT?" she said in response to Lily's raised eyebrows. Mr. Jones was known to hate every male that Hestia had ever dated, not that he'd met all of him, "They spent the whole time bloody bonding. So mum was in love with him, Dad was in love with him, Tyler wouldn't leave his side. I WAS ALONE!" Hestia whined, shoving a rather large spoon of ice cream into her mouth, "BLOODY HELL!" she squealed, grabbing her head as the ice cream hurt her head. Lily laughed as her best friend cried over her brain freeze.

"Honestly Hest this is what happens when you eat too big a bite of ice cream," Lily said, shaking her head fondly. Hestia stuck her tongue out at her best friend, "And the Sirius thing, that's what it was like when James was over," Lily said, and Hestia scrunched her nose.

"I honestly thought you were joking when you said your mother was going to marry your boyfriend in your letters," Hestia giggled, and Lily rolled her eyes. She had stayed at her house with James the first week of summer, and the next week they'd gone to the Potters. The two weeks after that she and James had been living apart with their own families, and she missed him terribly, but didn't want him to come over to her house, because she had honestly gotten tired of hearing James's name, the amount of times her mother repeated it, honestly.

"I wasn't," Lily said darkly, and Hestia laughed.

"So, how is the devil himself?" Hestia asked, pulling one of her knees up onto the seat, "I've missed him," Hestia grinned, and Lily laughed.

"I miss him too," Lily chuckled, and Hestia frowned slightly, but was distracted by what Lily said next, "Dad and I got drunk thanks to him," Lily giggled, and Hestia's eyebrows rose up to her hairline.

"You got drunk? With your dad? Because of James? What happened!" Hestia said excitedly, leaning forward.

"Well it wasn't drunk drunk. It was more like, tipsy," Lily said, and Hestia rolled her eyes.

"Yes, yes, whatever, explain," Hestia said, bouncing up and down, and Lily grinned. She had been without Hestia for far too long; her excitement was something Lily wasn't accustomed to anymore.

"Well, one night, daddy and I decided to have a drinking game for every time mum squealed James's name," Lily shrugged, and Hestia threw her head back to laugh.

"Merlin," Hestia said, drying her eyes, "You are crazy," she said sternly, and Lily grinned proudly.

"Thank you, and how is the dog?" Lily asked, and Hestia grinned.

"Don't call him that, he missed you, you know," Hestia said, and Lily smiled.

"I call him that out of love," she teased, and Hestia pretended to pout.

"Do you love him more than me?" she asked sadly, and Lily bit her lip, pretending to think, and nodded, "LILY!" Hestia shrieked, and Lily laughed. Hestia laughed along with her friend and flicked ice cream at her, which landed in Lily's hair.

"HEST!" Lily squealed, feeling an extremely cold patch on top of her head, contrasting terribly with the hot sun. Hestia laughed as Lily grabbed a napkin and hastened to wipe the ice cream. Hestia continued to laugh and Lily narrowed her eyes at her, before flicking ice cream back at her stupid friend. Hestia shrieked and pulled her wand out, scourgifying it.

"Lily that's not funny I just got it done," Hestia whined, gesturing wildly to her hair, and Lily chuckled, "Oh shut up, it never hurts to look attractive when apartment hunting, they might charge me less when I look absolutely gorgeous," Hestia pointed out, and Lily snorted.

"You've been hanging around Sirius too long," Lily said wisely, and Hestia rolled her eyes.

"You can say that again," she muttered, and Lily laughed.

"So you never answered my question, how is dear Sirius?" Lily asked, finishing up the ice cream, which was melting rapidly under the scorching hot sun.

"He's fine. He's been staying with James for the past week," Hestia said, and Lily felt her stomach flip at the mention of James's name, "And why did you say you missed him? I thought you guys stayed together," Hestia said, as they stood up simultaneously, Lily having finished the ice cream as Hestia had stopped after her brain freeze.

"We did, but we've been apart for the last two weeks," Lily grimaced, and Hestia nodded thoughtfully, before giggling, "What?" Lily asked, turning to Hestia, who shook her head.

"You've got it so bad," Hestia giggled, and Lily gasped, smacking her best friend in the arm, blushing slightly.

"Shut up Hestia Jones," Lily huffed, a smile twitching on her lips, and Hestia grinned cheekily

"No thank you," she said, draping her arm around Lily's shoulders, "So where is the apartment person meeting us?" she asked happily, and Lily rolled her eyes.

"Apartment person? Honestly Hest, I think a summer with Sirius Black has affected your mind. He's a real estate agent," Lily said, ignoring Hestia's insulted expression at Lily's jab at her mind.

"It's a he?" Hestia said and Lily sighed.

"Yes Hestia," Lily said patiently, and Hestia grinned.

"So my plan will work," Hestia said determinedly, and Lily shook her head.

"Hest, I don't think they'll charge us less because you look good," Lily said, and Hestia snorted.

"Watch and learn seedling," Hestia said, and Lily snorted.


"Well, in order to be a flower you have to grow," Hestia said, and Lily raised her eyebrows, "oh never mind, you're useless," Hestia muttered, and Lily laughed, "Now," Hestia said, stopping and standing in front of Lily, "What in the name of Merlin's Speedos are you wearing?" Hestia asked, looking at Lily's outfit.

"Merlin's Speedos?" Lily asked, amused, and Hestia winked.

"I got it off Tyler. He went into muggle London and told me how gross Speedos are so now I will use that because I find it amusing," Hestia said, and Lily sighed. What was the point of arguing with Hestia Jones?

"What's wrong with what I'm wearing?" Lily asked, looking down at her outfit. She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt with ballet flats. It wasn't as if she'd walked out of her house in James's jersey, which, by the way, she had taken to wearing all day long.

"Lily Evans, you disappoint me," Hestia said sternly, pulling her wand out. Ignoring Lily's protesting, Hestia transfigured Lily's clothing, "Much better," Hestia said happily, and Lily looked down to see herself in a short denim skirt, a tight blue top, and, for the love of Merlin, wedged heels.

"Hestia I'm going to look for a flat! Not on a bloody date!" Lily squealed,

"You wouldn't wear that on a date," Hestia snorted, "I wouldn't let you," she said, and then proceeded to eye the red hair, which Lily had left open, dangerously

"No," Lily said, covering her hair with her hands. Hestia ignored her and put Lily's hair up in a high ponytail, letting a few strands loose in front.

"Let's go," Hestia said, satisfied, and Lily huffed.

"I can't believe I'm willingly living with you," Lily grumbled, and Hestia grinned at her.

"And you cant wait," Hestia declared, "Is that him?" she asked suddenly. Lily turned her head quickly to see a wizard, no older than twenty-five, holding a file, and looking around.

"I think so," Lily said.

"He's cute," Hestia approved, nodding, and Lily rolled her eyes.

"What does it matter if he's cute?"

"It just does, I don't want to be seen with someone un-cute," Hestia shrugged, and Lily shook her head fondly, chuckling.

"You're so odd,"

"You're great too Lily," Hestia said nonchalantly, and walked over to the man. Lily giggled as his eyes widened slightly as he took Hestia in, and Lily couldn't blame him. Why someone would walk around dressed in a mini-skirt, a spaghetti top, with sunglasses on her head, and stilettos, was beyond her. She, like normal people, went for comfort first, "Hi," Hestia said in a friendly voice, and he fumbled slightly, "Are you a real estate agent?" she asked, and he nodded dumbly, before looking down at the file he was holding.

"W-would you be Ms. Evans?" he asked, looking down at it.

"That would be me," Lily said, taking a step forward and offering him a friendly smile. He took her in as well, in a way that Lily knew would make James's jaw clench.

"And you are?" he asked, in a much deeper voice, turning to Hestia, who smiled at him widely.

"Hestia Jones, I'm renting the flat with her," she said, and the boy nodded.

"So, shall we?" he asked. The two girls nodded and he led them down the street of Diagon Alley, where the first flat they were going to look at was.

"So what's your name?" Hestia asked, twirling her hair, and Lily rolled her eyes. She was flirting. What was wrong with that girl?

"Hest! You have a boyfriend," Lily hissed, and Hestia waved her hand in front of Lily's face, as if to tell her to be quiet.

"Tyler Johnson," he said, winking at Lily, who had to stifle an eye roll so she wouldn't come across as rude. Her mother would kill her if she did.

"My brother's name is Tyler," Hestia said excitedly, and Lily sighed. She tuned her best friend and Tyler out and thought about James, and what he could be doing right now.

"It's so bloody early Padfoot," James mumbled, burying his face further into his pillow.

"Hestia and Lily are walking around Diagon Alley, it is hardly early," Sirius said, and James sat up quickly.

"Lily?" he said stupidly, and Sirius barked a laugh.

"You saw her two weeks ago," Sirius said, pulling his best mate out of bed.

"That's a long time," James mumbled, rubbing his eyes.

"Translation: I haven't been snogged in two weeks," Sirius snorted, and James chuckled, rolling his eyes.

"No, translation: I miss my girlfriend," James said, and Sirius snorted.

"Okay, sure mate," Sirius nodded, and James sighed, grabbing his glasses and pulling a shirt on.

"Let's go for breakfast," James mumbled, and Sirius grinned happily

"BREAKFAST!" Sirius yelled, and sprinted out of the room, banging into walls in his attempt to get down the stairs. James chuckled and shook his head. They may have graduated, but Sirius Black was never going to grow up. James walked in to his dining room to see his parents being hugged by Sirius.

"Pads what are you doing?" James asked, sitting down in his usual spot across from his mother. Emily smiled at her son and went back to The Prophet.

"I was merely saying good morning to the most attractive adults I know," Sirius said through his mouthful of food, and James saw his father wince as a bit of pancake flew out.

"Chew with your mouth closed," Daniel muttered, and James grinned at his father, who winked at him. There was no point telling Sirius that, as he would only state that if his mouth was closed they wouldn't be able to see every orifice of him, which would be a right shame, just as he had the previous night.

"So what are you boys doing today?" Emily asked, putting down The Prophet.

"Anything interesting in there?" Daniel asked, nodding towards the paper, and Emily shook her head.

"Just the usual," she said, and Daniel grimaced. The usual was now taken to mean, a couple of people missing, a few dead, and muggle baiting continuing.

"We're going to Diagon Alley," Sirius announced, and James choked on his pumpkin juice.

"Why?" he asked, and Sirius looked at him as if the answer was obvious, which it was.

"Do you not want to meet the love of your life?" Sirius asked, and James instantly brightened, as did Emily at the mention of Lily.

"We're going to meet Lily?" James asked excitedly, and Sirius sighed, and nodded.

"They don't know, we're going to surprise them," Sirius said, and James grinned.

"When are we going?" he asked eagerly, and Sirius rolled his eyes, but was secretly also very excited to see Lily again. He had, in truth, missed her a lot.

"After breakfast," Sirius said, and James instantly began to scarf it down.

"James, calm down, you're going to choke," Emily said gently, and James threw her a dirty look over his forkful of pancake, "Don't look at me like that James Potter. I know you're eager to see your girlfriend, and that will be pretty hard to do if you've choked to death on breakfast," she said sternly, and Sirius sniggered.

"Shut up Padfoot," James said, narrowing his eyes at his best mate, who only blew him a kiss.

"Bring her home if you can," Daniel said, looking at James, "I've missed her pretty face," he said, and Emily nodded enthusiastically

"You saw her two weeks ago!" James said exasperatedly.

"As did you Prongs my man," Sirius pointed out, and James turned to look at his best mate as his parents smirked.

"Completely different situation."

"Right," Sirius snorted, and stood up quickly, "Well I'm done," he announced, and James stood up quickly, causing his chair to fall over, "Merlin Prongs," Sirius chuckled, as James sprinted out of the room and up the stairs to get ready, "Maybe I should get ready really slowly to irritate him," Sirius said, a twinkle in his eye.

"I wouldn't, he's really missed her," Daniel said, waving his wand and fixing his son's chair.

"The Potter men don't do well when they've missed the girl," Emily said, and Daniel turned to narrow his eyes at her, but she only grinned at him.

"I didn't mean to knock over that little old lady," Daniel said defensively, and Sirius barked a laugh

"You knocked over a little old lady?"

"He was running towards me," Emily said, and Daniel crossed his arms, pouting, as Sirius and Emily laughed at him.

"I need James," Daniel said, and Emily snorted delicately

"He'd be laughing with us," she pointed out, and Daniel pouted further. Sirius left the laughing parents to their bickering and followed James up the stairs.

"What's up with you?" Sirius asked, watching as James tried to put his shoes on for the third time, continuously putting them on the wrong feet.

"I'm nervous!" James blurted out, and Sirius frowned, "I haven't seen her in so long! And I've missed her! We've never been apart for so long, what if its different? What if she's found someone else? What if she, Merlin forbid, had found someone else?" James started to get squeakier and squeakier, and Sirius sighed. He walked over to his best mate and grabbed both of his shoulders firmly, shaking him.

"Prongs mate, you have to calm down. You and Lily-flower are going to be together forever, so breathe, and wear your bloody shoes so I can see my girlfriend," Sirius said, pushing James back down onto the bed.

"So have you made your decision?" Tyler asked, after showing them all the five options for flats.

"Can we talk for a little bit?" Hestia asked, batting her eyelids at him, and he nodded dumbly. Lily rolled her eyes, and before Hestia could wind the poor man up any more, she dragged her over to a corner.

"So?" Lily said, and Hestia frowned.

"Well, I really liked the third one. It was a great location, and it was three bedrooms, and it was a good size," Hestia said, and Lily nodded.

"I liked that one too. It was equidistant from the Ministry and the Prophet, so it's convenient for both of us," Lily said, and Hestia nodded, "And it was well within our budget," she added, and Hestia grinned.

"So the third one?" Hestia asked excitedly, and Lily grinned, "Tyler," Hestia sung, turning around to the agent, who had been bluntly ogling the two girls. Lily rolled her eyes at her best friends idiocy and followed her over to Tyler.

"We've made a decision," Lily said, before Hestia could do something completely embarrassing, both for Hestia herself and for Lily, who didn't really enjoy being associated with a hopeless flirt.

"Good, good," Tyler said to Lily's legs, "Which one?" he asked, turning up to look into her green eyes, which were irritated.

"The third one," Lily said, and he nodded.

"Shall we go there?" he offered, and Lily nodded politely. Tyler winked at Hestia, who batted her eyelashes at him, "Do you remember where it is?" he asked, and they both nodded, "See you there," he said, winking at Lily, before disapparating.

"Hestia will you stop it?" Lily asked irritably, turning to Hestia, who suddenly looked dead tired, and extremely bored.

"Why? It's pretty fun," Hestia grinned, and Lily tried to give her friend 'a look' but failed as a grin crept up on her face. She had to admit, it was pretty fun.

"Because he wont stop winking at us, and my leg's cant stand any more of his staring!" Lily squealed, and Hestia threw her head back and laughed.

"Lily your legs are underappreciated because they're always covered in bloody jeans, let them have fun," Hestia winked, before taking Lily's hand and disapparating.

"Did you get lost?" Tyler asked politely, and Lily turned to look at him irritably. What she didn't like most about him was that he thought she and Hestia were damsels in distress. She, Lily Evans, was not a damsel in distress. From her point of view, James was the damsel in their relationship. She smirked to herself, imaging the look on his face if she ever said that out loud. Tyler, mistaking her smirk for a smile, grinned back at her.

"No," Hestia said flirtatiously, catching the look on Lily's face. She, too, was getting tired of him assuming girls were less capable. Tyler nodded happily and gestured around the flat.

"This one?"

"Can we have another little look?" Hestia asked, holding up her index finger and thumb, holding them close together. Tyler nodded enthusiastically and Hestia gave him an award-winning smile, taking Lily's hand.

"I hate how he thinks I'm a bloody damsel in distress!" Lily hissed, as they walked to the depths of the flat. After all, she could tell Hest about her damsel in distress thing.

"Tell me about it," Hestia muttered, looking around the bedrooms, "I can live here," she said, looking at Lily, "Can you?" Lily held up her index finger and ran to inspect the bathrooms. Satisfied, she walked out and nodded. Hestia grinned and linked her arm through Lily's, "let's go get a flat!" she said excitedly, and Lily felt her stomach turn in excitement.

"Tyler?" Lily called out, and Tyler suddenly appeared in front of them, as if he had run over to them, which, Lily couldn't help but think, he probably had.

"Yes Ms. Evans," he said, and Lily smiled slyly. She hadn't even offered to have him call her Lily.

"This is the one," she said happily, and Tyler grinned.

"Excellent," he said, looking between Lily and Hestia, "Shall we work out the, er, finer details?" he asked, gesturing to his file, and the girls nodded. The three disapparated to the realtors office and ended up signing so many papers that Lily felt as if her hand was going to fall out.

"My hand is out of practice," Lily mumbled, as they walked out of the realtors office, "To think, I used to be able to write entire essays," she scoffed, and Hestia laughed, "You're so cheerful," she complained, and Hestia grinned.

"In case you haven't realized, we now own an apartment," Hestia said happily, holding up the copy of the forms they had. Lily's eyes widened and she squealed, jumping onto Hestia.

"We own a flat!" Lily squealed, and Hestia laughed, jumping up and down with her. A few old ladies who were walking by them gave them dirty looks, which irritated Hestia.

"What? We're lesbians okay? Mind your own business," she said to them, and they scuttled away, not making eye contact with the two 'lesbians'

"REALLY?" the two girls jumped and turned to the source of the voice, to see none other than Sirius Black.

"Sirius!" Lily squealed, running over to him and throwing her arms around Sirius's neck. Sirius grinned and hugged her back.

"Lily-flower!" he said happily, and Lily felt her eyes tickle. She really had missed the stupid dog.

"I missed you! How have you been?" Lily asked, letting go of him and he shrugged, still grinning down at her.

"Well, nothing to report, unlike you two," he said, looking over at Hestia, who had come up on the other side of Lily, "Lesbians?" Hestia flushed slightly and smiled at her boyfriend.

"Arent you proud?" she asked, and Sirius laughed.

"Yes, I am, I've always wanted to snog a lesbian," he winked, and Hestia laughed.

"Where's your other half?" she asked, noting the way Lily was looking around Sirius.

"Prongsie dearest is-"

"Right here," James said, coming up behind Sirius. Lily felt her heart beat speed up as she looked up at her boyfriend. Had he always been so good looking? James saw Lily and stopped in his tracks, and smile spreading across his face. Lily grinned at James and threw her arms around his neck, and he wrapped his arms around her waist, burying his face in her hair.

"I've missed you!" Lily squealed, hugging him tighter, and James grinned into her shoulder.

"I've missed you more, love," he said, kissing her cheek softly. Lily grinned and let go of James, who looked at her outfit and raised his eyebrows.

"Hestia got to me," she said darkly, and James grinned.

"Now that's just rude," Hestia said, letting go of Sirius, who she had been hugging, and turning to look at Lily, "I make you look gorgeous, so gorgeous that poor real estate agents are stuck ogling you, and you complain?" she shrieked, and Lily grinned at her.

"He was ogling you Hest, what are you talking about?" Lily asked, crossing her arms, and Sirius's jaw clenched, joining James's

"I believe it was your legs he was talking to," Hestia pointed out, and Lily giggled.

"Yes, but it was you who gave him the impression that he was allowed to speak to my legs, and to yours as well," Lily said, and Hestia flushed slightly, her gaze flickering to her boyfriend, who looked just a tad murderous.

"Real estate agent?" James asked harshly, and Lily rolled her eyes. His expression was just as she had imagined it.

"You're better looking," Lily assured him, grinning up at him, and James felt his stomach flip as he smiled back down at her.

"Well I could have figured that for myself, thanks," he said cheekily, and Lily giggled, "Oh you're coming home for dinner by the way," he said, and Lily frowned at him, "Mum and Dad have, quote, missed your pretty face," he said, and Lily grinned.

"Have you missed my pretty face?" Lily asked, matching his tone, and James shook his head.

"He's lying Lily-flower," Sirius snorted, and James turned to look at his best mate in a threatening manner, "I'm so scared!" Sirius said, clapping his face with both of his hands, and they all laughed.

"Ms. Evans!" they turned around quickly and Lily groaned slightly as Tyler ran up to them, "Ms. Evans, Ms. Jones, you forgot these," he said, handing them some papers.

"Thank you Tyler," Hestia said flirtatiously, and Lily sighed as Tyler grinned at the two of them.

"It was my pleasure," he said, eying them. Both Sirius and James cleared their throats, and Tyler's heads snapped up to look at them. They were a few years younger than him, but Tyler knew that, if they wanted to, they'd be able to shred him to pieces.

"It's nice to meet you, I'm James Potter, Lily's boyfriend," James said, reaching his hand out, and Tyler took it warily. James squished his hand, before draping his arm around Lily's shoulders'

"Mr. Black, Hestia's boyfriend," Sirius said harshly, not bothering to shake Tyler's hand. Tyler smiled at them weakly before turning back to the two girls, who were trying not to giggle at the boys' reactions and Tyler's expressions

"Well it was nice to meet you, hope you enjoy the flat," Tyler said in the most formal voice he'd used all morning, before smiling at the girls one last time, and turning around, heading back to the office.

"That was rude," Hestia said, turning around to chastise the two boys, a look of amusement on her face.

"Is it just me, or were you flirting with him?" Sirius asked, crossing his arms and looking down at his girlfriend sternly. Hestia gave him a nervous smile, and looked at Lily pleadingly, but Lily just grinned and shook her head.

"Your stupid flirting made him think we were bloody damsels in distress and gave him the impression that my legs wanted to talk to him," she pointed out, and Hestia stuck her tongue out at her best friend.

"You're supposed to save me! Don't you want me alive?" Hestia squealed, eying Sirius's murderous expression fearfully

"He wont kill you, then he'll have nobody to snog," Lily winked, and Sirius grinned.

"She has a point," he sighed, and Hestia relaxed, "But that doesn't mean we're not going to discuss this," he said sternly, and Hestia pouted. Lily recognized the look in Hestia's eyes and herded James away from the couple.

"See you later!" she yelled, and James frowned down at her, as she continued to push him away from them, "Hestia's going to flirt with him to get out of it, it will work," Lily sighed, and James chuckled. He turned around and Lily's hands smacked into his chest. Lily flushed slightly and moved her hands, looking down at the floor.

"She did a good job, but she got the hair all wrong," James mused, playing with the sleeve of Lily's shirt, nodding towards her ponytail, and Lily stuck her tongue out at him. James laughed and put his arm around her shoulder, "What do you want to do?" he asked, and Lily sighed, leaning into him.

"I was nervous you know," she mused, and James frowned.

"What are you talking about?" he asked bluntly, and Lily giggled.

"About seeing you," she said, and James grinned down at her.

"May I ask why you were nervous?" he asked, stopping her, and causing her to accidentally crash into him.

"Stop doing that," Lily huffed, and James grinned, "I was nervous because it was two weeks, and I didn't know if things would be, I don't know, we've never, I mean, long time, and-" Lily started to stammer and James continued to look down at her, "Stop looking at me!" she whined, hiding her face in his chest, and James laughed, pushing her off him slightly.

"I was nervous too," James said quietly, smiling down at her, and Lily grinned up at him

"Well that was extremely stupid of you," she said, and James gasped.

"As if you weren't stupid to be nervous as well!" he said indignantly, and Lily shook her head.

"Lily Evans is never stupid, others simply know too much," Lily said cheekily, and James's mouth twitched slightly.

"So did you find a flat?" James asked, taking her hand in his and walking down the streets of Diagon Alley.

"Yes!" Lily squealed, her whole aura instantly brightening, "You have to see it!" she said excitedly, grabbing onto James's forearm. James grinned down at his excited girlfriend and nodded.

"Let's go," he said, wrapping his arms around her waist. Lily frowned up at him and James shrugged, "I'm just holding on," he said innocently, and Lily rolled her eyes, smiling slightly. They turned on the spot and, after the incredibly uncomfortable situation, landed in the middle of the flat Lily and Hestia had just bought, "Wow," James said, letting go of Lily and looking around, "This is really nice," he said and Lily grinned, nodding.

"Come," she said, taking his hand, and dragging him towards the inner part of the flat. James allowed her to drag him, watching how the light reflected of her shiny red hair, "This is my room," she said, pushing the door open. James looked around and smiled.

"It's sort of the same shape as your bedroom," he smiled, and Lily looked around.

"I didn't notice that," she said, smiling, and James chuckled, "I was busy okay?" she said defensively, and James continued to chuckle.

"Doing what?"

"I was busy being ogled at, thank you very much," she said irritably, and James's jaw clenched.

"I don't think you should dress like that when I'm not around," he said, eying the outfit, and Lily flushed slightly.

"You'll have to reign in Hestia, I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt," Lily said, and James grinned at her.

"Sounds like you," he chuckled, wrapping his arms around her waist, "that bloke sounds irritating," he said, frowning.

"Who?" Lily asked, watching his facial expressions.

"The agent bloke," James said, and Lily giggled, "Oh shut up," James muttered, and Lily grinned. James looked around the bedroom and suddenly there were lips on his. Lily pulled back and looked up at him, to see him looking down at her, "Took you long enough," James muttered, narrowing his eyes at her, and Lily glared at him.

"I believe, as you are the boy, you're supposed to initiate-" James's lips cut her off and Lily smiled slightly, moving her hands into his hair, sighing in contentment as she felt his soft locks in between her fingers. James pulled back and rested his forehead on hers.

"Merlin I missed you," James whispered, and Lily's eyes smiled up at him. James leaned down once more, but there was a bang. Lily turned around quickly and heard a familiar giggle.

"Bloody hell," she muttered, and walked out to see Sirius and Hestia having their own reunion, "EHEM!" she said, and they sprung apart.

"Looks like great minds think alike," Sirius grinned sheepishly, and Lily laughed as James came up behind her, his hand at the back of his head, playing with his hair.

"What were you doing?" Hestia asked suggestively, wagging her eyebrows, and Lily rolled her eyes, blushing.

"What were you on the way to doing?" she retorted, and Sirius cleared his throat awkwardly, "Thought so," she giggled, as James wrapped his arms around her from behind, resting his chin on her shoulder.

"So shall we go then?" James suggested, and Lily turned to look at him questioningly, "For dinner, at my house?" he reminded her, and Lily jumped. She had almost forgot!

"I just have to stop by home and tell the parents," she said, and James smiled.

"We're going to stay here for a while," Sirius said, winking at Hestia, who blushed.

"Don't want to know," Lily said, taking James's hand and vanishing on the spot. James landed in Lily's living room and grinned around at the familiar surroundings, "If she finds out you're hereā€¦" Lily muttered, and James chuckled, knowing the 'she' she was referring to was her mother.

"HELLO!" James yelled, and Lily hissed, stomping on his foot as hard as she could, which worked out well thanks to the stupid heels Hestia had put her in. Thank you Hestia.

"James?" a squeak came from the TV room. Lily heard a loud noise and then what sounded like thunder as her mother ran over to them, "James!" she yelled in confirmation, running over to him and throwing her arms around his middle, "Oh it's so good to see you! How are you? How are your parents? We should really have them over sometime it's been way too long. How have you been! Oh, JAMES!" she squealed, hugging him again, and Lily rolled her eyes. She left the happy couple to their reunion and walked to the TV room where her father was sitting, watching a soccer game.

"Hi daddy," she said, flopping down next to him. Her father took a double take as he looked at her outfit and frowned.

"When you left you were in jeans," he said, and Lily flushed slightly, knowing her father didn't like her in clothes which boys would like her in. His words, not hers.

"Hestia," she said, and Andrew huffed. That one word was all the explanation in the world.

"That girl," he said fondly, and then turned towards the doorway, "Did I hear squealing?"

"Yes," she said darkly

"So am I to assume correctly, and say that James is here?" he asked, and Lily laughed.

"You assume correctly," she said, and Andrew shook his head.

"Why aren't you out there? You've missed him," he said gently, and Lily flushed slightly.

"I'm giving the happy couple time to catch up," she said, and Andrew laughed.

"Don't give them too much time, if it was between me and James, he would win any day," Andrew said, pulling his daughter off the sofa, "Let's go," he said, urging her towards the doorway.

"But I don't want to watch my boyfriend charm my mother and my mother attempt to seduce him," she whined, and Andrew snorted. It was an accurate description.

"Oh well, we'll use vodka this time," he winked, and Lily laughed, and allowed her dad to lead her back to the happy couple. Her mother was still squealing, and said 'James' at least five times in the few seconds they were there.

"I think you should get the vodka, it would make this more amusing," Lily muttered, and her father chuckled. James's head snapped up and he grinned, walking around Jane towards Andrew.

"Hi Mr. Evans, how're you doing?" James asked, shaking Andrew's hands.

"How many times James?"

"Sorry sir," James said, playing with the locks at the back of his head as she grinned at Andrew, "Hi Andrew, how're you doing?"

"Very well son, and yourself?" Andrew said, shaking James's hand, and James chuckled.

"Pretty good, scared for the first Auror meeting in a few days," James said and Lily grimaced. She was scared too.

"You'll both do fine," Andrew said confidently, clapping James on the back, "so what brings you here?" he asked, and James chuckled.

"Well, Sirius and I went to meet Lily and Hestia in Diagon Alley,"

"You didn't tell us you were meeting James!" Jane huffed, and Lily rolled her eyes

"I didn't know, they surprised us," Lily said, and Jane nodded sternly. Honestly these people.

"Right, we did," grinned James, "And then I invited Lily for dinner, and she said she had to come and tell you first so here we are," James finished, and Andrew nodded.

"Well we know now, have fun," he said, and James grinned.

"They just got here!" Jane squealed, and Lily shook her head irritably. Translation: I don't want James to go!

"We'll stay for longer next time," James assured her, and Lily huffed. She grabbed James's hand and waved to her parents, disapparating, "That was rude," James said, as their feet, well, James's feet and Lily's stupid wedges, hit the floor.

"My mum was going to wet herself, it was about time," Lily said, and James grinned, kissing her cheek.

"I don't want to go in right now, want to stay outside for a while?" James whispered.

"LILY?" James sighed as his mother screamed from the doorway. Lily grinned at his expression and kissed his cheek.

"Later," she grinned, and turned to wave towards Emily, who squealed and ran out towards her.

"I've missed you!" Emily squealed, hugging Lily. Lily hugged Emily back and allowed Emily to steer her into the ridiculously large mansion.

"Lily!" Daniel said happily, as Lily walked into the dining room. He got up and pulled her in for a hug, and Lily hugged him back happily. She loved coming to the Potters.

"How are you?" Emily squealed, and James sighed. He was never going to get to talk to Lily if his mother was around. As if right on cue, an owl flew through the window.

"Em we have to go," Daniel choked, reading the letter. They all turned and frowned at him, "It's not such a big deal," he said in response to the frightened expressions, and they all relaxed, "it's an Order meeting, urgent," he said, and Emily nodded. The two stood up and looked at Lily apologetically

"I will see you within the next two days," Emily said sternly and Lily grinned, before the two disapparated.

"Looks like we're finally alone," James said, taking Lily's face in both of his hands, and Lily grinned up at him.

"There's still Anna, and Alan," she pointed out, and James shook his head.

"Doesn't count," he said, "Right now, you are stuck with me, and only me," he grinned, before leaning down to kiss her.

Hey guys! That was the first chapter. I'm sorry if it was a bit slow/boring (: stay tuned I promise it'll get better!