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"Miss Reina?…Miss Reina, Breakfast is ready."

Groaning, Reina Archer snuggled her face into her pillow as her maid watched with a sigh. The young woman stared at her master for a bit, before an idea came to her. Grinning widely, she swiftly moved to the end of the large bed. She took a firm grip of the plain white sheet before yanking it off her master and the bed.

Reina's emerald eyes snapped open quickly as she bolted into a sitting position when a rush of cold reached her petite form. Her maid tried to suppress her giggle at the shocked look across the young girl's face, but failed causing Reina to glare.

"It's not funny, Jasmine." The girl whined before running her hand through her inky black hair, trying to look somewhat presentable.

"I'm sorry, Miss. The look on your face was rather cute." Reina pouted childishly at her maid who gave her a happy smile.

"I'm not cute." To emphasize her point, Reina crossed her arms to her chest and pointed her nose in the air. In response, Jasmine shook her head fondly at her sulking master.

"Of course, Miss Reina."

"…Are you being sarcastic?"

"Maybe, Miss Reina."

"…I don't know how to respond to that…Damn you."

Episode One:

Location: New York City

She didn't know about anyone else, but Reina liked school. Maybe she was nerd or she was crazy, but school gave her an escape that her home did not.

Sure, home was great especially since Jasmine was almost like her other best friend, but at home, there were two people she hated the most in the whole wide world; Her older brother and sister. The two numbskulls that were either too preoccupied with the other sex or seeing their names appear on the television for some stupid thing they did at some "hot" party that involved the calling of the cops.

"Useless idiots." Reina mumbled to her self as she trudged her way through the hallways of her high school.

The hallways were lively with chatter as always. Most of the student's didn't even give Reina a glance as they chatted away about what they should tomorrow, since today was Friday. Some students however, wrinkled their noses in disgust as Reina passed.

"Eww, look at what the cat dragged in." One brave soul commented loudly at her friend who nodded in agreement. Reina paused in her walking and turned around slowly.

A smirk graced her features, emerald eyes flashing threatening at the overly exposed pair of friends. How someone can take a innocent private school uniform and turn it into street trash 101, was beyond her.

"Cat? I see no such animal around here. The only animal I see around here are you. Dirty, disgusting, an annoyance, need I say more?" Reina actually loved animals, but she couldn't stop herself as the insult flew out of her mouth. It was all worth it in the end, as the girl's face flushed a bright red from anger.

"Why you litt-" The girl tried to charge at Reina, but her friend grabbed her around the waist.

"Cool it, girl. She's nobody to mess with." The seemingly smarter of the two chided and Reina rose a brow when the girl continued to struggle against the grip around her.

"I don't care! Somebody needs to show that rich snobby girl whose the boss!" Reina was going to retort the comment when a familiar person came into view. Ice blue eyes watched in slight amusement at the sight before him as he crossed his arms to his chest.

"Why am I not surprised?" The newcomer sighed, mostly for dramatic effect as Reina grinned cheekily.

"Because this happens all the time. Sheesh, Daniel get with the program." Daniel smiled at the joking tone in his friend's voice before he turned to the other two girls, who had dazed looks on their faces.

" I'll be taking my best friend here. Hope you don't mind." Flashing a charming smile which made Reina cringe, the two girls nodded eagerly.

"Thank you." Before she knew it, Reina was being dragged down the hall towards her locker. When her locker came into view, Daniel let go of the grip on Reina's arm. He casually leaned his back against the locker next to hers as he gave her a reprimanding look.

"I thought you said you'll try to be nice." Reina shrugged her shoulders before punching the combination to her locker before opening it.

"I did try. Trying means that I'm bound to fail at one point or another, you know." Daniel sweat dropped before he sighed.

"Fine, you got me there…But seriously, at this rate people will never like you." With another shrug, Reina quickly digs through the mess papers inside her locker to find her textbooks before slamming the ugly green door closed.

"I could careless. I don't need friends, I have already have you." Daniel's eyes widen as he stares at his longtime best friend who too busy shoving her books into her bag to notice her friend's reaction. Not knowing how to reply, the teenager stays quiet until Reina finally looks up.

"By the way, you free today? I volunteered for that Digimon daycare near my house. They need another volunteer~."

"Sorry, can't. Have to stay after school today for some tutoring."

"Math?" Reina questions as they finally started walking towards their classroom. There were less students in the hallway now since it was almost time for class, most of them relocated themselves into their respective classrooms.

"Yup, the worst subject in the world." Reina let out a little laugh when Daniel sticks at his tongue to show his dislike for the class. A sudden worried look appears in Daniel's eyes and Reina blinks owlishly.

"Wait you said Digimon daycare? Are you sure that's a good idea?"

"Yeah…Why would it not be? I love Digimon, They're fun to talk to."

"Dude, have you not been looking at the news lately?" The two pause as Reina stares at Daniel with a confused look. It was known fact between the two of them that Reina never really watched Television. Usually her days after school were filled with tasty snacks, studying and all night video game button mashing.

"No…Why? Is something big going on?" Daniel smacked his palm against his forehead as Reina continued to watch on with a confused look on her face.

"Dude," He finally says after a moment of disbelief, "There's been a whole bunch of murders lately. All of them have evidence that Digimon were the one responsible for it."

"Woah, Really?"

"Yeah! It's not only here either. Cases like this have been appearing all over the world lately. All of them link to Digimon."

Reina furrowed her brows in disbelief as she directed her gaze to the floor. An odd worrying feeling settled in her stomach as she repeated the information in her head.

Both Reina and Daniel jumped at the school bell. Students hurried to their classrooms.

"Oh damn, the bell!" Daniel exclaimed loudly before grabbing Reina's arm and dragging her to the class.

"Just promise me, that you'll be careful later, okay?"

"…Okay…Daniel, our classroom is the other way."


"Reina~!" What sounded like twenty different voiced called out her name before the girl was mauled to the floor.

"Hey guys. Missed me much?" Reina asked as she stared at different color and shaped In-training leveled Digimon who smiled happily.

"We really really missed you!" A Koromon chimed and Reina smiled softly.

"Yeah, Kiki isn't as fun as you are." A Viximon said and the rest made a noise of agreement.

"Now, I'm offended." A feminine voice cuts. All eye turn to the motherly figure that is seated in a near by chair. Friendly hazel eyes glitter in amusement as a gentle smile tugs on freshly painted pink lips. Reina grins at the woman who she almost calls a mother and makes a move to sit up.

"How have you been, Reina?" The young looking, thirty year old woman inquires as Reina gets off the floor. The Digimon follow in a crowd as Reina makes her way to the woman.

"I've been fine! How about you, Ms. Kiki?"

"Excellent as ever! Paul took me out to a French Restaurant yesterday and we had the best-" Reina sweat drops as Kiki starts to rant on about her date with her boyfriend of a year. The Digimon don't seem to affected by the daycare owner's rant as one of them jumps into Reina's lap.

"And, he's also taking me out of to a Italian Restaurant today. I'm so excited that I might explode!" Kiki finishes with a blinding smile that Reina almost blows out her seat from the sheer power.

"…Must be nice. To have a boyfriend and all." At her sentence, Kiki sends Reina a mischievous smile.

"Oh, that Daniel boy wasn't your boyfriend?" An horrified look crosses Reina's face as she furiously shakes her head no. The Tanemon in her lap, looks up at her curiously.

"No, no no! We're best friends, I don't like him that way!" Kiki giggles loudly at the girl's reaction.

" I was teasing you. Don't take it so seriously, Reina." Reina having calmed down a bit, nods once at the older woman.

"Reina~!" Looking down, the Tanemon in her lap pouts up at her. "Play with us~. You can talk to Kiki whenever!"

"My, my aren't we impatient?" Kiki muses and she gets up from her seat. Reina, collecting the small Digimon in her arms, does the same.

"Who wants to play Hide and seek?" Reina asks and is answered with a chorus of 'Me!'.

Unknown to the Digimon and the people in the room, a shadow stares intently from the window before disappearing in an instant.

The next morning for Reina was a usual one. She was dragged out of bed by Jasmine and after doing her morning routine, she climbed the giant stairs of her home down towards the dining area.

She almost walked out when she noticed her older brother and sister seated at the table. Her older brother looked almost like Reina. They shared the same hair color and eye color, but the only difference between the two was that her brother was much tanner compared to Reina's pale skin. Her older sister on the other hand had a totally different hair color (A golden blonde), eye color (a dark brown) which were said to be from their father. The only similar between the two girls where their skin color.

"Hey, Rei is up!" Her older brother exclaimed as she unwillingly made her way to her seat. Her older sister gave a grunt of acknowledgment, too busy fiddling with remote control to the television near by to really care.

Rei didn't bother to say anything as she started to eat her waffle. The only sound in the room was the her brother, who attempted to have a decent conversation with his little sister and the flipping of the different television channels.

After a few minutes, Reina's sister huffed in annoyance and threw the remote onto the expensive wooden table. Her older brother finally gave up too and just ate his own food in silence.

"Sheesh, my name isn't anywhere on the television. What a waste of money." Her older brother comforted her as Reina snorted in hidden laughter.

Shoving the last bit of her waffle in her mouth, Reina made a move to stand up until her sister suddenly called her name.

"What?" She didn't bother to hide the irritation in her voice as she gave a blank look at her older sister.

"Isn't that your friend?" Reina's sister asked pointing her fork at the television. Reina blinked and looked at the device in confusion.

After giving up on finding her name, Reina's sister had stopped at the news channel. Nothing seemed out of the norm until she saw the headline. The announcer's voice ringed in her ears as her eyes widened.

"Daniel Rogers. Age 17 was found dead today early this morning at Francis Chester Private High School."

End of Episode One

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Name: Reina Archer (First and Last name)

Nickname: Rei

Gender: Female

Age: 17 (16-18)

Built/Body: Reina is a petite girl with pale skin. She isn't very tall, standing at a 5'0". She doesn't exercise much, so her body isn't very built. She looks a bit fragile. (Height, weight, skin color)

Hair: Black inky hair that reaches to her chest with square bangs that reaches to her eyebrows. Reina's hair is really straight and usually kept in a neat manner. (Hair color, length, style and texture)

Eyes: Reina has large emerald eyes that is framed by thin lashes.

Clothing: A yellow and light brown stripped long sleeve shirt. The shirt falls to her hips and she wears white shorts that reach mid thigh. She also wears a light gray knee high socks and worn out white sneakers.

Other: Reina usually wears a sliver locket around her neck. (Accessories)

Personality: Reina has a tendency to be very cold at first. She is given the name of Ice princess by some people. She tends to be a bit rude to people, but only because she is blunt. She is very kind hearted though and is very loyal to her friends. To people she consider friends, she will the total opposite of an Ice princess. She is very polite to adults. She is short temped when it comes to people telling her, she can't do something cause she's a girl. She will often insult you back, if you insult her. (This is really important and I'm very picky when it comes to this. This part of the form should be at least six sentences and not short or one worded sentences, they have to be full sentences!)

History: Reina was born into a rich family where she had to deal with an older brother and sister. She used to move around a lot until she turned 10, where she finally settled down in New York City. Her parent's soon moved to Japan when she was 11 and she hasn't seen them since. Her life was pretty good except for the fact she had a hard time figuring out who were her real friends. Luckily she became friends with Daniel when she was 10 and only hung around him for now on. ( Don't be too dramatic here unless you're an dark tamer. Plus included where they are living right now. Also don't add that they were digidestined before).

Family: Michelle Archer- Reina's mother. A serious woman who is a journalist in Japan.

Charlie Archer- Reina's father. A business man who runs an jet company. He is much like Reina's mother and has a hard time showing emotion.

Jason Archer- Reina's older brother. He is currently attending college. Too carefree about a lot things according to Reina.

Andrea Archer- Reina's older sister. She is also currently attending college. Too self absorb according to Reina.

Currently at: New York City (Either Tokyo or New York City)

Digidestined?: Yes (If you're a dark tamer, say No here and skip the Crests)

Crest: Courage (Hope, Light, Love, Reliability, Friendship, Knowledge, Sincerity: enter the crests you prefer from first to last and I'll choose who gets which.)

How did your Oc become a Dark tamer?: (not for digidestined obviously)

Digimon: Coronamon (Enter at least three, just in case other people take the Digimon)

Stages: Sunmon, Coronamon, Firamon, Flaremon, Apollomon (In-training, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, Mega)

Digimon's Personality: Coronamon is a very kind digimon that will often find himself in trouble for no reason. He isn't blunt like Reina and a bit shy.

How did you OC and Digimon meet?: Will be answered in the next chapter for Reina. (Did they meet prior to the story or will they meet during the story?)

Relationship?: Maybe, Not sure. (I don't want everyone to be in a relationship, but some of the OC's may. Please also describe what kind of person you want your OC to end up with. Also Reina can be an option.)

Anything else: Reina can't draw to save her life, all of her drawings tend to be blobs. She is also addicted to instant ramen. She's a bit picky with food she never tried before.