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"Just two days ago, a Digimon aggressively attacked two young girls who were outside of this movie theater. Witnesses say the BlackGabumon randomly appeared and attacked them before disappearing. Luckily both girls came out alive and are being treated at Downtown Tokyo Hospital. For Channel Five news, I'm Fey Gold. Back to you, Yakuto-san."

"Look, Mark! Mommy is on television again!" The addressed male tore his eyes away from the frying pan to look over his shoulder at his younger brother, Sage. Mark let out a small sigh at the excited eight year old as he eagerly pointed at the television.

"Sage…Mom's always on television. It's her job." Sage grinned before throwing his hands up into the air.

"I know, but it's so cool~!" Mark turned his eyes back to the frying pan with a small smile and a roll of his eyes. Making sure the eggs were properly scrambled, the boy reached for two clean plates and equally distributed the same amount of food.

Usually, Mark's older brother, Gabriel was the one who made breakfast since both of their parents were busy all the time (their mother being a famous reporter while their father was an owner of a famous toy company). Unfortunately (or fortunately, Mark was never close to his older brother), Gabriel had something to do today.

"Nii-chan?" Mark blinked twice before turning his gaze to the already seated Sage at the dining table, who was pouting as he eyed the plate in Mark's hand.

"Oh, sorry. I was thinking about something." Mark said before giving his younger brother his plate and sat down in own seat.

The two boys dug into their breakfast as they both watched the television from their seats. There was nothing particularly interesting on, so they just settled on watching to news.

"Nii-chan? Are you going to pick me up from school today?" Sage asked when a commercial came on. Mark shook his head and gulp down his food before talking.

"Can't. I need to go study today and visit someone before I come home. Gabriel is going to pick you up." Sage pouted at this.

"B-but! I like Nii-chan the best." Getting up from his seat with his now empty plate, Mark ruffled Sage's hair before dumping his plate on the sink.

"Maybe next time. Come on, hurry up and eat. We're going to be late for school." Still pouting, Sage nodded his head before going to his room to get ready.

When Sage was out of sight, Mark went over to the notepad that was on the coffee table. Tearing the first piece off, he read the content before sighing.

"Visiting Senpai is really going to cut into my study time."

Episode Eleven:

Tokyo, Japan

Hinako hated the hospital.

For the past two days, doctors probed at her while nosy reporters tried to get some interesting information from her about the attack. She honestly just wanted to go home and sleep, but unfortunately the doctors said she should stay for one more day since she had signs of fatigue.

"Probably from whatever that light was…" Hinako mumbled to herself as she furrowed her brows together.

Two days ago when Alice and her crew tried to attack Salamon and everyone, Hinako remembered a bright pink light. She had no idea where it came from, but she felt connected to it somehow. The longer the light was shining, the more her energy started to drain. By the time the digimon stopped attacking them, Hinako felt a sense of relief and fatigue that it made her pass out.

Hence now why she was here.

"I hope Mark and Salamon is alright." Hinako mumbled to herself before running a hand through her hair.

Seeing there was nothing better to do, Hinako settled back into her bed and drifted off to sleep.

The door of the classroom slammed open before Masao walked into the room. Looking around, he spotted Mark in the corner of the classroom with a book covering half his face.

"Oi, Mark! I been looking around for you everywhere!" Masao stated before walking towards the younger male. Mark let out a small sigh as he felt an headache slowly forming. Marking his place in his book, Mark placed it on his table as Masao stopped right in front of him.

"Yamamoto-san…What I can do for you?" Mark asked, trying to not snap at the annoying male. He distinctly heard giggling from girls in his class as they openly ogled Masao and himself.

Masao heard this and flashed a charming smile over his shoulder at them. The girls blushed a bit before averting their eyes away. Mark rolled his eyes at the flirtation.

"We're going to visit Hinako-chan today, right?" Mark blinked at this.


This time Masao blinked before nodding his head, "Yeah. We. I mean I'm a bit worried about her since you know that weird light stuff happened. Plus,"

Pausing, Masao tugged his backpack off and placed it gently on the desk. Opening up the bag a tiny bit for only Mark to see, Salamon poked her nose out as to greet the seated male.

"…I see." Mark said thoughtfully before collecting his bag and getting up from his seat, "Let's go somewhere quiet. I have a few questions that I wanted answer before we visit Senpai."

It took Masao a few seconds before Mark meant he wanted to ask Salamon questions and finally nodded in agreement with Mark. The two boys exited the room, with Masao sending a flirty grin at the girls in the room who flushed at this. Mark merely rolled his eyes as he lead the other male towards the library.

"Aww, why the library? Nobody goes to the library after that new study room was built." Masao said with a pout and Mark sent him a small glare.

"That's exactly why we're going here." Mark retorts before opening the door and entering. Masao follows suit, but closes the door of the library behind him.

True to his word, Masao spots nobody in the library even the monitor isn't there with a small sign at the front desk saying 'out for lunch' in his/her place.

Mark sets his things down and gestures Masao to sit across from him. After both boys take a seat, Masao unzips his bag fully and Salamon rushes out with bright grin.

"Yay! Fresh air! You know, you should really clean your bag. It smells like nachos in there." Masao tilts his head to the side in thought.

"Huh…I wonder why…." A small cough catches both Salamon and Masao's attention to Mark, who looks at Salamon.

"Salamon-san, I have a few questions I would like answered if you don't mind."

"OOH~! Nobody has called me Salamon-san before. Ask me whatever, Gold-kun."

"Very well," Mark says before folding his hands together in front of him. "Those assailants that attacked us, I distinctly remember them recognizing that light that covered us. Do you also happen to know what is was?"

Salamon nodded her head before speaking, "Yeah. It was the power from the crest of light."

Masao felt a light bulb go off in his head before digging a hand into his pocket and placing the crest of light onto the table. After taking Hinako to the hospital, Masao pocketed the item just in case for safe keeping.

"You mean this right?" Salamon eagerly nodded her head.

"Exactly! That's the crest of light Hinako lost. Good thing too since that crest is as important as the others." Mark's ear perked up at this.

"There are others?"

"Yeah, there eight different crests in total."

"Huh. So…do all those crests light up and stuff?" Masao asked as he poked at the crest of light on the table. Mark reached over and slapped Masao's hand who let out a small yelp of pain.

"Dude, ow!" Ignoring him, Salamon started talking.

"Crests were made in the Digital world to help their Digidestined and their partners to defeat evil."


"Evil?" Mark first, then Masao asked curiously.

"Yeah. Digidestined are chosen humans and evil…well the evil this time around is mostly likely the people who attacked Hinako-chan."

"Does that mean Senpai is a Digidestined?" Salamon confirmed this question with a nod that made Masao's eyes widened.

"Woah! This sounds like some weird scifi movie." Masao commented and Mark sighed.

"Yes. Salamon-san, I just find this all hard to believe. Yagami-senpai is just a regular girl who apparently likes to run away from me when she sees me in view."

Salamon pouted. "Well, if this all hard to believe. Let's go visit Hinako-chan. She has a book that all this kind of info."

A look of recognition flashed through Mark's eyes, "Oh, so that's the odd book she took out."

"Oh~. So, that's why I found her here last time." Masao said.

Taking a look at the clock, Mark stood up from his seat.

"If we're going to visit Senpai, let's go now. We don't have much time before visiting hours exhaust for the day."

It was really random, but as Hinako felt a thought strike her thoughts as she watched a bird fly by the hospital window.

"Huh….I found all those crests in Grandma's house…Does she have something to do with this?"

Hinako tilted her head to the side with a small look of thought. Placing a hand on her chin, she thought about this possibly for a minute before there was knock at her door.

"Yagami-chan? You awake?" With that, the door of her hospital room slide open. Hinako's cheerful nurse came in with a huge grin. Hinako smiled back and placed her thoughts in the back of her mind.

"Mine-san, is something the matter?" The nurse's smile never wavered as she handed Hinako her clipboard. Hinako blinked in confusion before her eyes spotted a few words that made her eyes widen.

"No way! I can go home today!" The clear excitement was evident in her voice.

"Yeah! I know how you been miserable since you've been here and luckily, you're healthy enough for you to go home today! I called your parents so they're on their way!"

Hinako almost threw the covers off her body and danced herself silly from giddy, but managed to suppress it to a small fist pump of victory.

"I'm going to wait at the front desk for your parents, so don't go causing mischief~!" With that, the nurse skipped out of the room and Hinako couldn't help, but giggle at her antics.

Seeing that she was going to go home soon anyways, Hinako gingerly pulled herself out of the bed and grabbed the machine she was attached to before strolling over towards the window to close the blinds.

Grabbing her clothes she wore that day, Hinako tried to take off her robe.

"Man, this stupid robe thingy." Hinako complained as she struggled with the large white material. She only managed to pull it up to her waist before there was another knock at the door.

"Hina-chan? The awesome Masao is here to entertain you~!…Oh and Mark is here to." Hinako's eyes widen before she pulled the robe down and scrambled for the bed. Making she was covered decently, she told Masao to come in as she tried to fix her hair.

Masao had the biggest grin on his face as he and Mark walked in. The two were still in their uniforms, Hinako noted.

"Feeling better, Senpai?" Mark asked more out of habit then worry, but it still made Hinako's cheeks heat up at his attention.

"Y-yeah. Much better than yesterday. Thanks for asking." Masao pouted at the interaction before going over to Hinako's side and opened his backpack.

"Hey, Hina-chan! Look who I brought." Salamon jumped out of Masao's bag at the end of his sentence and attached herself to Hinako's face.


"Hinako~! I missed you!" Salamon cried and Hinako let out a small laugh before she unattached her Digimon friend from her face to hug her.

"I missed you too! I hope Gold-kun and Masao were taking good care of you."

"Yeah, Masao took me everywhere with him…His bag smells like nachos."

"Hmm, I still don't know why." Masao commented before taking a whiff of his bag, "Yum…Nachos~."

Mark rose a brow at Masao, but didn't comment. Instead, Mark reached into his pocket and gave Hinako the crest of light that Masao almost forgot at the library.

"Here, Senpai. This is yours right?" Hinako brightened at this.

"Yeah, Thanks Gold-kun. Who knew such a little thing had that much power."

"Actually, that light thingy was from you, Hina-chan."


"Yeah, Hinkao-chan. You're a Digidestined!" Hinako blinked at this before gaping.

"W-What! No way! You're joking." Before anyone could say anything, rushed footsteps and the door of Hinako's hospital room caught everyone's attention.

"Hinako-chan!" Nurse Mine wheezed out, "Burglars broke into your house!"

"Hahaha! Look at all the colors~!" Alice commented as she stared at the crests spread out on the table in front of her. Ava rolled her eyes as she leaned against the wall before taking out a small book.

"The only one we're missing is the crest of light…Probably that Hinako girl has it." She commented with a small sigh. Max grunted in agreement on the couch of the apartment of their headquarters. Alice perked up at this.

" Hehe. Newbie tell that overgrown vampire that we got the crests. Ada, go with him and then the two of you, go attack that girl. Her screaming last time got on my nerves. I'm going to go take to the Boss~!"

Ava made a move to protest, but Alice got up and skipped out of the room. She rolled her eyes before turning to Max.

"I can't tell whose more annoying, her or Jack." Max snorted in agreement before they both cringed as Alice poked her head back into the room.

"I heard that you know~!" Even with the excited smile, the girl oozed with intimidation that made Ava take a step back.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever." Ava mumbled before nudged Max. Alice nodded before disappearing once more and the other two step off to do their assignments.

End of Episode Eleven

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