Turner's Wedding

December 31, 2016

11:55 p.m.

Dimmsdale, California

Trixie's POV

The evening with Timmy was absolutely perfect. We were alone in this little restaurant together. Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof weren't even with him. I couldn't help but wonder why. It wasn't like Timmy to leave them behind. After all, they were practically like his family. Timmy took my hand and said, "You know Trixie, when I first met you, I did fall head over in heels in love with you. I never thought we be here now, years later." I nodded and told him, "Can I be honest with you, Timmy? I've always had a crush on you too but I thought I wasn't good enough." Timmy scoffed a little and responded, "You shouldn't be imitated by my long resume. I mean, just take a look at Nance. She has a long resume too."

I giggled a little as he continued, "Anyways, I have something important to ask you." He got down on one knee as he brought out a red velvet box. He opened it and there was the most beautiful engagement ring I had ever seen. This was…. He asked, "Trixie Tang, will you marry me?" A tear rolled down my face and I answered, without skipping a beat, "Oh, Timmy, yes." He put the ring on my finger, got up, and kissed me on the lips…right in time for the New Year fireworks. We broke out of our kiss and I told him, "You've got great timing. It must be because you're the nephew of the inventor of time travel." He smiled a little as Wanda, Cosmo, and Poof appeared. Wanda floated down to me and told me, "Welcome to the family, Trixie." I smiled at her and turned to my fiancé.

He kissed me yet again as we heard more fireworks going off. The next morning, I called my parents and told them the good news and they told me they would take the first flight back home to see me. I then had called my friends to come and see me. All of my friends came in a flash; Alicia, Tootie, Veronica, Binky, and Rachel. Alicia said, "Congratulations, Trixie." Tootie added, "You're very lucky. I thought I was going to end with Timmy but I'm glad you did." Veronica nodded and added, "Me too." Binky appeared and said, "This looks like a girl's moment so I'm going to poof back to Fairy World."

With a poof, Binky disappeared. Rachel asked, "Is Timmy going to invite his uncle to the wedding?" I shrugged and answered, "I don't know but I sure hope he does." I couldn't believe my good fortune. I, Beatrice "Trixie" Elizabeth Tang, was going to get married to Timothy "Timmy" Tiberius Turner; the nephew of Doctor Emmet Brown, the inventor of time travel, the Chosen One to defeat the Darkness, and an island hero. I was defiantly one lucky girl! But, who was I going to choose for my maid of honor? I had A. J.'s girlfriend, Alicia Grey; my ex-rival, Tootie De Lisle; my old best friend, Veronica Star; or my island friend, Rachel Bandicoot. How was I going to chose and what about Cindy Vortex from Retroville? Would she come if we had asked her to?

AK1028: I did want to do this on new years but I had ties in my polls so I had to push it back. Hope you like it anyways.