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Chapter One:

Amaya Torii

"It's raining today, Torii-chan." A woman spoke inside a small apartment. Inside a small bedroom, a girl turned from her position in the twin-sized bed. Her black locks went down to her mid-neck and bangs covered her forehead and her eyes were closed.

"Does this mean I can go to school today?" The girl named Torii asked.

"Yes it does." The brunette woman replied. A smile grew on Torii's face. "It's raining all day today."

"Finally! Ne, can you help me with my uniform, Kame-san?"

"Of course."


Kame drove the black car, her purple orbs focusing on the road. Torii sat in the passenger seat, in the black Fudomine uniform with a long, gray coat over it. Her eyes still remained closed. Her head leaned against the cool glass of the window, listening to the rain pat down onto the car and other surfaces. Her eyes opened, to reveal a pale blue. She looked at the autumn leaves on the trees, indicating it was autumn. Today was October twenty-seventh.

"Every time I see the city, it always looks different, no matter how many times I look at it." Torii quietly spoke. Kame's eyes quickly looked to the girl before looking back at the road.

"Things change daily, Torii-chan, Even if it is a little bit.." Kame spoke, a gentle smile on her face as she came to a stop at a red light. Her dark brown hair was tied in a low ponytail and Kame looked in about her twenties.

"Kame-san, do you think I can see some tennis?"

"Rain and tennis normally don't mix, Torii-chan."

"I can't ever see tennis being played." Torii murmured as Kame arrived at the school.

"We're here, Torii-chan." The woman said, getting out of the car and going to the other side. Kame opened the door, and held out a hand for Torii after she pulled up her hood. Kame closed the door behind her. Torii smiled as she looked over the school. It looked so strange yet familiar. The girl began to walk towards the entrance of the school, where she could see other Fudomine students. The girl continued walking, taking the long way, going around the school. Kame had silently followed after her as she heard whispers among the students. The brunette stopped short when Torii had stopped. Her gaze followed the second year's to see the tennis courts. Torii turned away and continued walking to the back entrance. Kame frowned before catching up to the girl. Entering the back entrance, Torii's eyes closed as she removed her long coat; revealing her uniform. Kame walked next to the girl, carrying the coat over her crossed arms. She tapped Torii's left hand twice, telling her that she was at her classroom; two-six.

Meanwhile, Kamio and Shinji were just arriving at school, walking next to each other.

"Mou, I hate it when it rains. And we have an exam today in math…" Kamio sighed, rubbing the back of his head as the two went up a flight of stairs. The red-head looked to Shinji, as he seemed to be muttering to himself. "Oi, Shinji."

"To find a hypotenuse of a triangle use the Pythagorean theorem where a squared plus b squared equals c squared…" Shinji muttered to himself, causing Kamio to question whether or not he was paying attention to the rhythm freak. Kamio sighed, as he opened the door to his class, two-three as Shinji went to his own, two-two.

...Soon enough, it was time for lunch and the two second years were wandering the school. Shinji and Kamio were walking side by side, Kamio complaining.

"Damn Mori, he wanted to copy my homework again…Oi, Shinji, how's the math exam go?"

"Hard…" Shinji practically sighed, with no emotion on his face. Kamio scowled, as the two walked down the hallway. They stopped as they heard shouting.

"Amaya-san!" A woman called.

"I hate this! What's the point of learning f'ing brail! Why would I want to know "orange" is I don't know what "orange" looks like!" A girl's voice retorted.

Kamio and Shinji seemed to exchange glances as the two heard whispers from female and male students.

"That's Amaya Torii again isn't it? The blind girl…" A female whispered.

"She only comes when it rains and she always gets pissed over learning brail." A male whispered.

"Forget it! I'm going outside!" The girl's voice yelled.

"Torii-chan, you're going to run into someone!" A second woman's voice called.

"No one comes in this hallway, Kame-san!" Torii yelled, before the two tennis players heard a door slam. Kamio sighed.

"What was that about?" Kamio rubbed his head. "Let's go look." Shinji shrugged, following the red-head down the hallway. The two walked down the empty hallway, to the back entrance. Despite the rain, the two were interested in the girl, and wanted to find her.

"Ah, excuse me," A woman's voice made them turn. It was Kame.

"Hai?" Kamio replied.

"If you are going outside, if you see a girl with mid-neck black hair and pale blue eyes, can you get her to come back inside?" Kame pleaded.

"Ah, sure." Kamio nodded, before heading out the door, Shinji slowly following. The two wandered, as they got soaked from the rain, and decided to look elsewhere. Rounding the corner, the two saw the tennis courts. As they passed them, Shinji came to stop. "Shinji?"

"Over there…" Shinji muttered, his head nodding towards a bench. Kamio looked, to see a girl with black hair and her eyes closed.

"So that's her." Kamio spoke, going over to the bench, Shinji following. "Yo." The girl looked at him, her eyes still closed.

"Hi. What do you want?" The girl asked.

"Just wanted to say hi. I'm Kamio Akira, a second year." Kamio introduced.

"Second year, Shinji Ibu…" Shinji nodded. The girl's pale eyes opened.

"Amaya Torii. I'm also a second year. Your hair looks funny, Kamio-kun." Torii giggled, Kamio's face blushing. "And Shinji-kun's hair looks cool too."

"Ne, what are you doing out here in the rain?" Kamio asked. Torii leaned back against the bench.

"Sa…" Torii sighed. "I'm sure you heard from students that I'm blind. People think I'm a freak though."

"Why's that?" Shinji suddenly asked. Torii's eyes gazed from the sky to Shinji.

"I see through sound. I like the rain because rain drops make a sound against the first thing they hit. So when it rains, I feel like I can see." Torii quietly explained, letting the rain hit her face. "Everything is usually dark. Kame-san says that I see like its night time, where you can't see anything."

"So like the color black?" Kamio asked.

"I wouldn't know, but maybe." Torii frowned, looking back up at the sky. "When I hear sounds, the sound is bright. Like the opposite of night…says Kame-san."

"I guess that would be white." Shinji muttered.

"I have better hearing than people who see, so I guess that's why I "see" this way. Like right now, when you talk, it comes out as a sound wave. But since it's raining, I can see you right now." Torii mumbled, rubbing the back of her head. "Wait…why am I telling you this right now. It's not like you care…" Torii laughed to herself. She stood, "Well, Kame-san is probably worried right about now, so I guess I'll head back."

"Wait," Shinji spoke, up, surprising Kamio as Torii had started off back towards the school. She turned, her eyes closed.


"Why did you come to the tennis courts?"

"Sa…maybe my love for tennis keeps me coming here." With those last words, Torii headed back into the school. The two tennis players looked at one another, before heading inside as well; the lunch bell ringing to signal that class was to start once again.

...The day went fast and it was after school for Fudomine. Tachibana had called everyone to a meeting, at Kamio and Shinji's request. The group gathered in a classroom.

"What did you guys want to discuss?" Tachibana asked.

"Well," Kamio started, "We want to have some tennis matches today."

"Are you kidding, it's raining," Ishida protested.

"You can't play tennis in the rain," Sakurai added.

"Why do you guys even want to?" Tatsunori asked, Kyosuke nodding along.

"Ah, well.." Kamio muttered.

"Amaya Torii." Shinji intercepted, causing the team to look at him.

"Who's that?" Sakurai asked.

"A girl who loves tennis but can't ever see us play." Shinji explained.

"Why?" Ishida questioned

"She can only come to school every once in a while 'cause she is…sick." Kamio lied. "She only ends up coming when the weather is cooler out when it rains."

"So that is why…" Sakurai mumbled.

"Alright. I will permit a match between Ishida and Sakurai. Go get her, Shinji, Kamio." Tachibana sighed.

"Arigato, Tachibana-san." Kamio thanked the captain, before running off with Shinji.


Torii, with her eyes open, and Kame were walking towards the small black car that they used to get here, while it still rained. Torii sneezed.

"Mou, Torii-chan. You're going to get sick if you always run out into the rain like that." Kame spoke, Torii crossing her arms over the coat.

"Shut up, Kame-san." Torii stuck her tongue out to her guardian.

"Amaya-san." A male voice called, causing the black-haired girl to turn. Her pale eyes recognized them.

"Shinji-kun and Kamio-kun," Torii spoke, turning fully to face the two as they caught up to her. "What do you need?"

"Come with us for a sec," Shinji spoke, grabbing the girl's hand and leading her off.

"Eh?" Torii spoke, her face flushing. "Kame-san, wait for me in the car!" The girl called back to the brunette.

"O-okay!" Kame called back, her purple irises obviously full of confusion. Kamio and Shinji ran for a bit, dragging the girl behind.

"Where are you taking me?" Torii asked nervously.

"We wanna show you something." Kamio spoke, as the trio came to a stop. Shinji released his hand from hers as she looked straight ahead. It was the tennis courts. The rain continued to fall. In her eyes, it was a black and white scene, with gray hues and such, depending on the surfaces. A smile grew on her face. Ishida and Sakurai were playing a match with one another. Kamio and Shinji each took a hand and led her to the tennis courts. Releasing her hands, the three stood in front of Tachibana.

"You are Amaya-san, correct? My name is Tachibana Kippei, the captain of the team and a third year." Tachibana spoke.

"Nice to meet you, Tachibana-san." Torii smiled happily. The rest of the team came over.

"I'm Sakurai Masaya, a second year." The short-haired brunette introduced himself.

"Second year Tatsunori Mori." Tatsunori spoke.

"I'm second year Ishida Tetsu." Ishida greeted.

"Kyosuke Uchimura. Second year." Kyosuke nodded, tugging on his cap.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Amaya Torii, a second year." Torii said, offering a slight bow.

"I hear you like tennis. Would you like to see a match?" Tachibana offered, getting a nod in response. "Ishida, Sakurai. Continue your match." Tachibana ordered, the two running to start up again. Torii sat on a bench, her legs on the bench to sit her up so her butt was not touching. Shinji stood next to the bench with Kamio as the match resumed. All throughout the match, Shinji was watching at Torii's happy expression as she watched the game intensely. After about a half an hour, the match ended with Ishida winning. Tachibana walked over to Torii as the rain still came down.

"Thank you for letting me see a match," Torii thanked the third year as she stood from the bench.

"Come see us play again," Tachibana spoke, Torii nodding in response.

"See you again, everyone," Torii said, heading off.

"Shinji, see her out," Tachibana spoke to the raven-haired male. Shinji complied and headed off, catching up to the blind girl. Kamio smirked, fully aware of what Tachibana was trying to do.

"Amaya-san," Shinji quietly spoke, walking next to the girl.

"You don't have to call me that. Using my first name is okay." Torii interrupted.

"Torii-san, how did you come to like tennis?"

"My brother used to play it for me in the rain." Torii explained, taking Shinji's hand. "Ne, Shinji-kun, do you want to know what my favorite color is?"


"Even though I can't see them, I have a favorite. I like the way it sounds."

"What is it?"

"Blue." Shinji's face flushed between holding the girl's hand and the color.

"We're here," Shinji spoke, releasing the girl's hand. Torii looked at Shinji with her pale eyes, before smiling.

"See you again, Shinji-kun~" Torii waved, before running off to the running black car. She got in, and closed the door. As the car started off, the girl waved out the window.

"See you…" Shinji muttered.

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