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Chapter 1

A small child lay sprawled out in the sunlight, warming himself with the sun's rays. However, this is no ordinary child. His extremely pale, somewhat pearlescent green-tinted skin was soft to the touch. Raven black hair and blonde bangs waved gently in the ocean currents. That's right. Ocean.

Seaweed swirled slightly as he rolled over onto his back. His clothes drifted after him, bracelets suspended in the water. His hands and feet were webbed delicately. His finned feet could elongate on will, when the need from speed was great, though the same was not so for his hands. Also, his ears were fragile fin-like attachments as well. Silently, he snoozed in his favorite napping place.

"Hah! Take that!"" sand poured down on top of him, clouding the water. With a jerk, the child broke free of the cloud with a fit of coughing. Another laughed mischievously at his expense.

"What's the matter, Prince Yugi? Water not to your liking?" the other taunted. 'Yugi' opened his amethyst eyes to glare at him. The other was a child as well, though slightly older and bigger than Yugi. They looked almost exactly the same although the new comer had wilder bangs and a red sheen to his hair, matching his red eyes. Both were dressed in the usual royal child's clothes, Yugi's being from the Southern Pacific and the other's from the North.

These clothes are what humans usually see (if seen at all) clamped close around their legs while they swim, but when not in motion, billow about them. This gives their legs a tail-like look. A simple tunic with delicate trim and a pair of shorts. Two long wide strips of fabric hung from their belts.

The other sneered, his eyes flashing.

"I prefer it if it didn't have sand in it!" Yugi put his hands on his hips defensively. "Can't you leave me alone? This entire trip, all you've done is throw sand at me; drop crabs in my cloths, fill my bath tub with eels and more! Is it too hard to ask for one hour alone, Prince Yami?"

"Well, excuse me, Princess! I thought you would want to know that your parents are ready to return home, was I wrong?" Yami grinned maliciously.

Yugi growled, holding up one finger, "One, I'm not a princess, I'm a prince and two, I am so out of here!"

With that, he turned tail and whipped through the water, the ceremonial strips of fabric clinging to his legs and making them look like a tail fin as he swam.

I hope I never have to come back here! Yugi prayed quietly as he swam out of sight. Red eyes followed him until he was seen no more. Then Yami dropped to the sandy floor.

Why did they have to come in the first place? I mean, yes, they're the rulers of the south pacific, but why do we have to meet them? All southerners are weaklings! Why can't we just conquer the south and unite everyone under one ruler? That way, I won't have to cringe at every mistake Yugi makes! Yami thought, crossing his arms, I hope I never have to see him again!

~ten years later~

"Prince Yami! The king has ordered you to show the gests around! They are waiting in the throne room." A passing servant said, delivering the message and then swimming off.

Sighing, Yami walked, actually walked, as slowly as he could. He really didn't want to receive the guests. Every ruling family of every ocean half had been called on to discuss the dangerous black liquid that had spilled over a portion of the Gulf. All northern rulers had arrived promptly, his cousin Seto included. However, the Southern rulers had taken their sweet tie of at least a week's delay to get here. Even the Southern Pacific who was just a day's journey away!

This is really P***ing me off! Yami growled, scaring near-by servants with his sudden horrible mood.

"You shouldn't scare the help as such, Yami. They'll remember it well into your own rule." His cousin came up behind him. His cousin, Seto, was now the ruler of the North Atlantic Ocean. With a strong built and piercing blue eyes, the brunette was one of the most sought after Aquarians, second only to Yami himself, of course.

"I know, I know! It's just so… frustrating! The Southerners were supposed to be here a week ago!" Yami stormed.

"As I understand, something came up in the Southern Pacific, so the rulers had to choose and send a representative." Seto said.

"Which is-?" Yami drawled, not really caring.

"Prince Yugi, of course." Seto smirked at the shocked look on his cousin's face.

"That runt is coming here?" Yami suddenly stopped to yell the accusation.

"… Yes? And might I say that you have no right to talk that way, Prince Shorty." Seto dodged a fist and quickly took a few steps back.

"Argh! Why? Why do we have to work with that weakling?" Yami gritted his teeth.

"If you haven't noticed, Prince Yugi has stopped an all-out war between the last North Atlantic ruler and the ruler of the Arctic ocean. Also, it's thanks to him that I now control the throne without the objections of the power-hungry South Atlantic ruler (South Sea, it's a new ocean, apparently). If that's a weakling, I'd like to see what you have done to better the oceans." Seto challenged.

To say Yami was surprised would be an understatement, but there was no way he was going to tell his cousin that.

"Beginner's luck!" Yami claimed as he continued on, the weakling did all that? That's more than I'm allowed to do! This makes me so angry! At least I'll be able to kick sand in his face.

"You better not be thinking of kinking sand at him. You do realize that could make a war break out, right?" Seto cautioned.

"Whatever do you mean? Besides, we have a stronger army, there's no way they'd win!" Yami said as he topped in front of the doors to the throne room.

"I'm warning you." Seto hissed before swimming off. Yami shrugged before pushing the doors open.

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