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Getting injured by that monster Allon as badly as she had been, had been very painful. But compared to grieving over Gin's death? It was preferable. Hitsugaya Taicho had offered to let her have a few days off, but after his little scare with Momo, and the aftermath of the war, he needed her.

Plus, doing paperwork was better than sitting around her house thinking. Some thing had to be pretty terrible for her to prefer paperwork. She just had so many questions. Gin had done so much for her. He had killed for her, members of the Central 46 were dead because of him. He had helped hollowify those poor people for him. Betrayed his subordinates for her. If he loved her enough to die for her, to kill for her, why couldn't he have just stayed?


"Taicho? What can I do?" She held out her hand, to receive the next bit of paperwork. The teal eyed captain shook his head.

"You need to go home. You are continuing life as if nothing happened. You need to allow yourself to grieve. It's not healthy not to."

"You want me to go home?"

"Do what you need to. You fought well in the battle, and I think you will have trouble functioning without time to regroup." Toshiro paused and gave her a weary look.

"And I'm going to visit Momo in the Fourth Division soon. So I'm turning in for the night as well." He begin gathering up his stuff. Rangiku smiled softly. He was a nice kid. Telling him so would likely annoy him, though.

Shuuhei Hisagi sighed and set his weapon down. He and Kira had been training for quite a time. Kira had been worked up, and he had gladly taken up on an opportunity to spar. He felt so raw right now. Tousen had been such a good man, but something had changed. Justice, fearing power, and he had done so many evil and violent things.

It was disturbing, to say the least, for a man's core values to change so quickly. Hisagi arrived at his home, letting himself in. He wanted to see how Rangiku was doing. But maybe she needed time to think like he did. He sure needed some time alone.

But Rangiku had never worked that way. She had always needed to reach out to people. To get them drunk and listen to them tell all their secrets. The fact that she was spending time by herself after such a heavy loss, was very out of character.

Gin had done so many horrible things in order to get her revenge. Word had gotten out about what Aizen had done to her. Shuuhei snorted. Bet she was glad everyone knew. Having people know that something that horrible had happened to you had to be humiliating.

He wanted nothing better than to go into the cell Aizen was imprisoned in, and castrate the bastard. What was it like for her? What was it like when Aizen became a Captain? She had to recognize him. No one could forget the face of someone who had greatly wronged you. And to hear that Gin was truly in love with her, seeking to avenge her, and then for him to die, that had to be incredibly painful.

Slipping his shoes back on, he headed towards her house. He may need time alone, but if Rangiku wanted someone to talk to, by God he was gonna be there to listen.

Rangiku paced her house, truly restless. She hated not having anything to do. It drove her nuts. The pain of losing him was awful when she had something to occupy her mind, but with nothing else to think about, it was like nothing she had felt before. It felt like she was falling.

"I knocked on the door, but you didn't answer." Rangiku jumped.

"Shuuhei! You startled me!"

"Sorry, I did knock. I figured you were just thinking."

"Yeah. I've been doing a lot of that."

"I'm really sorry about Gin."

"Sorry about Tousen."

"He was my Captain. Gin was more than that to you." He sat down on her sofa and regarded her solemnly.

"It's confusing. He did so many horrible things for such a sweet reason."

"People aren't black and white. Gin did a lot of horrible things and he did a lot of great things too. That's how people are."

"I don't feel guilty for loving him. Maybe some other people would, but…."

'"Love is not finding the perfect person but rather understanding an imperfect person perfectly.'"

"Who said that?"

"Oh, I'd tell you if I remembered." She laughed.

"I'm gonna really miss him."

"I know. Do you need some time to yourself?"

"Yeah, I was gonna take a shower."

"Fine by me. I'll just take a nap. Or I could leave."

"You don't have to leave." Having him over would distract her from her thoughts. And that was something she wanted right now.

"I'll hang out then." He agreed, flopping on her couch. She smiled half heartedly and went to her shower.

Matsumoto showered quickly, thinking about everything despite her best efforts. She was glad he was here, but it felt strange somehow to have company. Not bad, just strange.

Turning off the faccet and drying off, she dressed and made her way out into her living room.

"Thanks for waiting for me…." She paused. He really hadn't been joking about taking a nap was he? He was sprawled on her couch, snoring lightly. She regarded him silently. He looked peaceful. Calm.

He was lucky he was able to sleep after everything that had gone down.

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