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90 Days

Chapter 1:

What just happened?

It was early morning when he plopped down on the living room couch while his younger twin still snored from the room upstairs. He took the remote from the armchair and flicked on the television as the screen transitioned from black, to a middle aged man standing in a suit, pointing a finger to a chart. "And today will be a high chance of rain showers from the early morning until late afternoon. If you are planning on going out, make sure to bring an umbrella."

"Well, duh," Roxas murmured, abandoning the TV as he made his way to the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator door and stared blankly at the emptiness inside. "…I guess it's the usual for breakfast," he shut it close with a sigh and heard the click from a door opening upstairs.

Ventus trudged down the steps slowly, swaying back and forth while Roxas suppressed the laugh that threatened to escape his lips as he looked up at his brother from below. "You gonna be alright?"

"…Nn," the blonde slurred, almost tripping over his own feet as he skipped the last step. "You didn't see that."

Roxas chuckled and stepped back into the room. "You want some toast?" He slid the toaster towards him on the counter and plugged it into the outlet.

"…We eat that almost everyday," Ventus spoke tiredly, whether due to it being early morning or of the idea of having more toast. "Don't we have anything else?"

"When you can afford 'anything else' yeah, we'll have something else."

Ventus frowned at the fact and immediately felt regretful for starting the topic. What was he thinking? They were college students. They couldn't afford to be picky when it came to anything that involved money. He was beginning to think that putting school before work was not so good of an idea after all... "Eh, never mind. Toast is fine, Roxas."

The blonde nodded and put some bread in the toaster. "You're not even dressed," he added, glancing the teen over in his pajama-like attire. A white shirt with a large green star on both sleeves and baggy grey sweats.

Ventus looked down at himself. "Oh, right," he gave a short shrug as his explanation. "I'll go do that now. We gotta go soon, right?"

"Yeah, in like a couple minutes."

"And you weren't going to wake me up?"

"Uh-uh. Last time I did, you got all pissy and told me to 'go away. I'm tired," Roxas mimicked his brother's voice, but ended up sounding like a PMSing girl.

"I don't sound like that," Ventus muttered embarrassingly and turned back up the stairs. He went into the bedroom they shared and opened their closet door. He pulled on some jeans over his blue boxers and switched his green night shirt for a T-shirt of similar color. Exiting the room, he went in the bathroom to brush his teeth and what-not and shortly after, met his brother back downstairs.

"Here," Roxas held out the small breakfast to him and Ven took it, biting down on it with a crunch. He opened his mouth to protest, but refrained from communication of the matter anymore. He was tired of the hardened bread all the time, but he didn't have much room to complain. Roxas balanced a job and attending college while Ventus thought it would be better to finish school quicker so he could work full time later. The idea didn't seem too bad when he was still thinking it over while sustaining a summer job before the semester started. Roxas even encouraged it at one point in time, but now Ventus could see his masked irritation and he had to admit, he was a little disappointed on how it was turning out too.

"I want my job back," the words fell from his mouth before he even realized what he said.

"Huh?" Roxas looked over his shoulder after unlocking the front door. "What did you say, Ven?"

Ventus just shook his head in response and turned the TV off, unplugging the outlet to save power before walking over beside him. "Did they say anything about rain today?" He leaned down to pull his shoes on at the doorway.

"Oh, yeah. You'll need your own umbrella though. Your class does end later than mine, right?" Roxas took the black umbrella rested by the wall in his hands.

"Mm-hm," Ven stood up straight and took the large navy one leaning against it along with his school bag sitting on the floor, "but only because my professor rambles on and on and on."

"You should just leave early then," Roxas turned off the living room light and grabbed his bag from the floor as well before walking out the apartment.

"Nah," Ven followed behind him, locking the door, "I don't want to miss anything important."

What just happened?

They followed the sidewalk, leading to Twilight University, up to the point to where they had to cross the street to go any further. The blonde pulled his brother back by the shoulder when he was about to step out onto the road just before a speeding car flew by. "Watch where you're going!" Roxas called, giving a roll of his eyes. "And what happened to looking both ways before crossing the street, Ven?"

"I know," he spoke softly after lifting his head up in surprise. He would have been if his mind wasn't calculating how he was going to get his job back. They were growing harder and harder to get now that the economy was going down. Why did I quit? he whined in his head before he sighed heavily.

"What's the matter?" Roxas questioned, lightening up on him.

"…Well, it's just-"

"Oh," Roxas nudged his shoulder, looking out onto the street, "Roads clear now. Let's go." The twin absentmindedly reached for the other's hand.

"You don't have to 'hold my hand across the street," Ventus said, despite allowing the gesture.

Roxas turned to look at him, blinking at first as if he wasn't aware of what he was doing before he stated, "After you almost walked out, I figure I should stay on the safe side." He let go once they had passed the crossing. Roxas was only four minutes older than him, but sometimes Ventus thought he acted like he was four years. Although they both had their share of acting older than the other, Ventus usually gave his twin the job of big bro since he played the role so well anyways. "Oh, what were you going to say before?" Roxas questioned, walking towards the visual arts entrance of the building.

Ventus figured his brother should be able to concentrate on his work in class instead of how stressed he was feeling at the moment. "I can't even remember," he lied and smiled goofily.

"Wow," Roxas couldn't help but smile back as he laughed. "Well, I'll see ya when you get home, Ven."

"M'kay. Later, Roxas!" He gave him a short wave as he turned down the opposite hall while Ventus went towards his class around the corner. He raised an eyebrow as he moved closer, noticing the closed door and lifted a hand up to rattle the silver handle. It was locked? His cheeks smeared against the glass window as he pressed his face against it to look around the dark, empty space. "…Well…I thought my class was today," Ven murmured against the pane before leaning back. He pondered whether he should just go back home then. Roxas did say it was supposed to rain and although Ventus wasn't sure when that was going to be, he knew he didn't want to get caught in it.

Deciding, he turned on the heel of his foot and soon exited from the doors he came from. He walked pass the parking lot and stopped before stepping out into the street this time. "Don't run out into the road while cars are crossing! I don't want what happened to mom to happen to you." Roxas's childhood advice suddenly echoed in his head and a bitter nostalgic smile crept on Ven's face. He waited for cars to drive by and began to tap his foot. Glancing up, he noticed the clouds were beginning to darken and huddle together. "Aw, come on," he frowned at the sky, "Hurry up." His attention shifted back to the road and he gasped at what he saw.

A small cat had leaped out onto the street. "…N-No, it'll-" Ven spoke almost faintly as he eyed it and he found his body reacting before his mind had the chance to. "MOVE!" he lunged forward and grabbed the animal when a loud screech tore through his ears, quickly followed by a resounding crash. For a split second, while his ears were ringing, he thought the crash was from the car colliding with his body and the damage was so immense he couldn't even initially feel it. He hoped someone would tell Roxas he was sorry that he got himself killed the same way their mother did.

Ventus slowly lifted up his head from his knees and he blinked his eyes open. The trembling cat jumped from his arms and out of harm's way as Ventus's embrace loosened around it. He sat up, feeling the sting on his left arm from where it scrapped against the cement, but he didn't pay it much attention as he was staring at the motorcycle embedded into a large tree. His jaw dropped open slightly and he briskly gathered himself to run over, avoiding anymore vehicles, to see that the ride was in even worse shape up close.

"…Oh, god…" Ventus breathed before noticing a vital thing to the accident was missing. "Who-" he cut his sentence short, hearing a low groan. Turning around, he saw a person steadily sitting up from the curb and rubbing his forearm. "…A-Are you okay?" Ventus jogged over to him worryingly as guilt tied knots in his chest.

Not answering, the biker grunted lifting the cracked helmet from over his head and gave his tousled hair a small shake.

Eyes, widening slowly, Ven stopped and stared at the teen before him. He'd never seen anything like it.

Dark hair spiked out in different directions, only described as a deep, rich kind of black like the bleakest point in the night sky while his eyes held a sunnier affect, radiating a golden hue under thick lashes. His skin was somewhat paler than Ventus's, but brought out his bolder features and drew attention to the tight black material he wore, defining every curve of muscle tone he had visible. He looked like a masterpiece. Ven figured some guys had all the luck because as far as the cerulean eyes could see he was…perfect.

"You fucking idiot."

Blonde brows rose at the annoyed tone that broke him from his admiring trance. He watched as the seemingly irritated teen stood to his feet to kneel beside his damaged bike. A black gloved hand brushed the bent handle bar before he stood erect and whipped his head around, "You're going to pay for that."

Ventus's eyebrows knitted together in a perplexed expression and he took a step back in defense. Was he trying to pick a fight now? He opened his mouth to object, but flinched when the boy stepped towards him and extended his arm with his palm out. "So how much money do you have?"

Ventus glanced down at his outstretched hand and exhaled silently in relief to the misunderstanding before he focused back on the situation at hand. What did he just ask him?

"Can you speak?" The teen tilted his head upwards to look down upon Ventus as if he was mentally ill.

Ven blinked once in surprise to the question before a scowl replaced his features, "Y-Yes, I can speak!" he balled his fists. The boy must have not heard him when he asked if he was okay. Ventus then relaxed his grip, hanging his head slightly in shame, "I…don't have any…" It sounded even more pitiful being spoken aloud. Why was he even telling a complete stranger this? As if it wasn't embarrassing enough. A college student with no money? How sad.

"None?" A dark brow raised in disbelief and a mocking pity. "Well, I'll tell ya what you're going to do. You're going to get some."

"Says who?" Ven quickly lifted his head up, glowering a bit. Where did some stranger get at telling him what to do?

"You see my lips moving? Says me," the raven haired retorted sternly and pointed a thumb over his shoulder, "And says the demolished ride back there."

Ven's eyes glanced over for a moment and he shook his head. "Listen, I am sorry about your bike, but that wasn't my fault. I had to save that cat."

The other boy looked as if Ventus just slapped him in the face or something. Wasn't his fault? Seriously? "You're right. I should've just run you over. What was I thinking moving outta the way? My bad." His voice held heavy sarcasm and the two were soon glaring at one another.

What a jerk, Ventus was beginning to think. What happened to that perfect being he just saw? "Well, I gotta go," Ventus turned around and adjusted his bag over his shoulder. "Glad you were okay," he added dryly before a hand clamped down on his wrist.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Ventus looked back in surprise. "To my house."

"Not without paying me back," the teen declared.

"I didn't do anything," Ventus took a couple of jerks to free his arm.

"Didn't do anything?" The raven looked at him like he was the pinnacle of stupid. "My motorcycle wouldn't be in a tree right now if you hadn't jumped your ass in the way to save what? A damn cat?" The blonde's valor nearly disgusted him. "And now look where that's gotten us."

"It's gotten you a crashed bike and me a sense of dignity. I did it because it was the right thing to do. If there's a chance for me to make a difference whether something lives or not I can't just not do anything…" Ventus's eyes were half-lidded as he stared down at the ground, yet he told the words undoubtedly. The raven made a sickened face.

"Oh, please. Spare me the hero speech. The right thing?" he repeated. "If I hadn't rolled off at the last minute, I would've died; sharing the same fate as my motorcycle over there. And you're going to stand there and tell me it was the right thing?"

Ventus gulped a little. He didn't have much room to argue, but he had been faced with the opportunity to save a life from a possible cruel fate. Perhaps the cat could've made it across the street on its own. Maybe. But how would Ventus have felt if that animal had flew into the air, already dead once the car hit contact, and he just stood around to watch? He couldn't let that happen, he wouldn't and he didn't. "…I'm sorry. I didn't think about the harm I could've caused to somebody else. My body just…moved," he retaliated and the raven clicked his tongue in response.

"You're an idiot. And I'm getting what you owe me whether you like it or not."

"How do you figure that? I already told you I don't have any money."

"You do go to college don't you?" He jerked his head towards the direction of the school building on the other side of the road.

"Yeah, and it's paid through student loans…"

"And a place you stay at? Are mommy and daddy paying for you?"

"No…" Ventus scowled at his taunting. He paused for a moment before he continued, "I live with my brother in an apartment. We pay for it. Well…kind of…"

"…So you're flat out broke?" he came to the final conclusion while Ventus nodded solemnly and the raven just shrugged. "Sucks for you. Shouldn't have jumped out into the street and maybe you could keep a couple thousand."

"A couple thousand? I don't have that! What are you-"

"But I bet your place is worth more than that." Ventus gawked for a moment before his eyes widened. A smirk spread across the other's face, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I'd say that's fair, right? You made me crash my bike; I make the government force you to give my moneys worth one way or another. Sounds good to me."

"N-No! You can't!" Panic rose in Ven's chest. "Roxas and I worked hard to get that place together!"

"Roxas?" he lifted an eyebrow. Now why did that name sound familiar? Where did he hear that? Back in high school…senior year, was it? The teen contemplated, recollecting his thoughts, "Then you're…Len? No… Ventus, was it?"

The blonde shifted slightly at the way his name rolled off the raven's tongue. He never knew his name could sound quite like that before. With his tone less livid and more confident if anything, he could bluntly hear the smooth velvetiness of the teen's voice. Ventus shook his head, praying a blush hadn't already dusted his face. "H-How do you know Roxas?"

"You didn't answer my question. Is that your name?"

"Yeah," Ven admitted, "but most people call me Ven."

"Well, I'm not most people, Ventus, so spare me the nicknames. Your brother was in one of my classes senior year."

"…Really?" He went to their high school? Ventus never saw him before; at least he didn't think he did. No, he would've remembered somebody like him, but Roxas never spoke of him. Though assuming how the guy's personality was turning out to be, he could see why.

"I just said that. And now that I got your name; Ventus Strife, nothing is really stopping me from suing you."

"You don't understand, I need all the money I can get! I can't afford to be sued. W-We'll lose our apartment!"

"Probably," he said with no remorse, "And it'll be all your fault. Too bad you picked an animal over the consequences." He picked up his helmet and held it under his left arm, "Maybe you'll think twice next time."

"No, please!" Ventus grabbed his wrist before he left and the teen looked back leisurely over his shoulder. "You can't do this. Roxas, he'll… He'll be so angry. He works hard enough to keep a roof over our head. I can't just let that all go to waste. It'll…" It'll be all my fault. Ventus stared down at the ground. What would Roxas say if they lost their house because of him? What would he think? He would look at him in so much shame, so much disgrace. He would hate him and Ventus would hate himself for that. "Please, I'll get a job," his voice came out somber. "I'll pay you back."

He sneered, "And who knows how long that'll take, seeing as you don't even have one now. If you did, I wouldn't have to sue you to get the money. All the things you could've done to avoid this situation and you go through every wrong door." He shook his head as if he was looking at some naïve child.

Ventus's hands fisted by his sides, "I'll try to find a job as soon as possible."

"…Nah, that's not good enough."

"Come on! All I'm asking is that you don't sue! Please, I-"

"Fine. Stop groveling. It's pathetic." Ventus clamped his mouth shut into a frown. "Since you're so desperate, I suppose I'll let it slide."

The blonde blinked in surprise and then a grin of relief spread over his face. "Thank-"

"But," the sinister teen raised a finger, "You have to do something for me."

Ventus's eyes narrowed as he made an uncertain expression. "…Like what?" he inquired reluctantly. He didn't have much to offer. He lacked money. He didn't own anything of high value. He didn't have some secret knowledge to share. The only thing he really had that he considered important was Roxas. So what in the world could somebody like him do for a guy like this?

"I'm thinking along the lines of servitude."

"…Say what now?"

He continued, relishing in the jaw dropping look on Ventus's face. "My bitch, my slave, subordinate, lackey, whatever you wanna call it. Bottom line is, you do whatever I say when I say it. No objections and no complaining."

"…Are you crazy? I'm no one's bitch!" Ventus could hardly believe what he was hearing! "Especially to some guy I don't even know! Forget that!"

"Okay. See you in court."

The blonde grimaced as he was about to storm off, offended and angry. He couldn't. He just couldn't agree to such terms. His servant? It was ridiculous. He'd be the biggest idiot on Earth if he ever agreed to something as demeaning as that. But…if he didn't they'd lose their house! And he just couldn't explain to Roxas why their home was being taken away. That is, if Roxas isn't heated enough to actually listen to his explanation. No, it was selfish. Maybe if it was just Ven's place, he could, but not when his brother was in danger too. He would just have to settle for blackmail.



"I said fine," he grudgingly spat out, arms crossed in an immature fashion.

"We've already established that I'll see you in court."

"You know what I mean," Ventus could've sworn he just wanted to hear him say it. "I'll…be your assistant or whatever."

"…Suit yourself." Ventus heard the mono tone, but caught the victorious smirk on the other's face before rain started to lightly drip from the sky. The teen glanced up at the water droplets hitting his face and then at Ventus. "Is that an umbrella?"

"Hm?" Ventus moved it from behind his back. "Yeah."

"You can start earlier than I thought then. Give me it."

"What? No!" Ventus gripped it towards his chest. "I need this on my way back."

"I'm sorry, is that an objection?" The blonde gritted his teeth. Blackmail was a bitch. "Because I could've sworn I said no objections, right? Take whatever ride you got here from."

"I didn't take a ride. I walked."

"Well, if your place is close enough to walk and mine is far enough that I need a motorcycle, I think it's apparent who needs the umbrella more. Not that there's any room to debate, servant boy." Good lord, how did he ever think he was anything NEAR perfect? The rain started to fall harder and the teen held a hand out. "Hurry up."

Roxas would question why he was soaked, but Ventus could always dry himself off before he got home. "Here," he murmured, shoving it out in front of him.

He took it, "Good." He turned to leave while Ventus figured he truly was the biggest idiot on Earth.

"Wait!" he held his hand out, insinuating for him to stop. "When am I gonna get that back?"

"When you pick it up from my house."

"I don't know where your house is!" Ven exclaimed, "I don't even know your name!"

He gave one last sideways glance over his shoulder, "I guess you'll have to figure it out then."

Ventus stared forward until the teen faded from eyesight, becoming a black blur. He might as well have sported wicked black wings and a speared tail because as far as Ventus was concerned, he just sold his soul to the devil.

What just happened?

His feet slapped the cement as the bottoms of his skinny jeans were soaking up more and more water. The rain was pouring down now as he ran home and he didn't even bother trying to shield his hair with his hand anymore. "Oh, my god!" he reached the front door of the house and swung it open, panting.

He hugged himself in attempt to bring back the warmth he had lost from the cold wind outside and dropped his bag down on the floor before making his way upstairs. Taking off his wet clothes, he put on a dry attire and went to the bathroom to blow dry the dripping locks. "I can't believe this," he unplugged the device when he was done and gave his hair a shake before staring at himself in the mirror. He could barely come to terms with what just happened. Maybe it was just some dumb dream and he really didn't wake up that morning. Maybe if he got back in the bed, he'd wake up back to reality.

Ventus considered it was reasonable enough. More reasonable than becoming some stranger's slave. He went back into his room and threw the covers on his bed to the side as he climbed under them. Laying his head down on his pillow, his lids covered his eyes. If he just went to sleep, he'd wake up and it'd all be different...

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