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So while I'm trying to think of what I want to write next I'm going to pop this little ditty out. It's going to be a short one, four maybe five chapters, but it's an idea I've had for ages. Originally it was going to be part of "What we Make of it" but that story had so many characters already I pulled it.



Chapter 1 – Teleportation is bravo!

Life, if it could be called that, for the young Shinji Ikari was in reality quite cruel. Clad in a very tight fitting latex and rubber suit, he walked down a very drab metallic corridor along side two very attractive girls his age. Most boys his age would have found the skin tight body suits they wore to be very a reason to peek, Shinji knew better. Looking at Rei would have been safe, though she might have questioned why he was doing it before she stopped caring. Asuka, well Asuka would have beaten him to death with her bare hands or verbally assaulted his already on-life support ego. Nether were very good options, so Shinji kept his head pointed straight ahead.

"Baka I'm talking to you, are you even listening!" Asuka roared as she slapped the back of Shinji's head. Grabbing the boy's ear, she pulled it just hard enough to make the lad stop his forward progression. "I asked you if you got the food I asked you for, Hikari's coming over tonight and I want her have goulash," she demanded without caring about that foolish concept of humility.

Shit, he had forgotten, stupid Touji and Kensuke for making him go to the arcade instead. "I-I-I'll get it after tests today, right away alright?" he pleaded hoping for freedom for his earlobe. He hated it, but even when Asuka was being cruel to him, he couldn't be upset at her. Something about that girl just tweaked the boy exactly the right way to keep him interested. Not that he ever expected it to be reciprocated, he was depressed not insane. When Asuka twisted his ear a little harder, "I'll even pay for it!"

"Good boy, and I expect you to cook it too," Asuka smugly announced after her lobe liberation party. Sauntering ahead of the other two pilots, Asuka hit the button to open the door to the hanger bay. "Don't know why they're having us train in the actual Eva's today and not the simulations," she rolled her eyes and put her hand to her side as she came to a stop.

Eyes transfixed on that lovely rump, all shiny and red as it captured the dull light, Shinji sighed heavily. He knew he had to get over Asuka, it was just going to hurt more and more, but when his options were nill it was easy to dream. Rei had been the first dream, but that girl showed so little care about his life that is was easier to think she hated him that allude to some type of romance. He'd have the occasional fantasy about both girls, never at the same time mind you, but his feet were firmly planted in reality-vil.

"So glad of you three to finally make it here," Misato called out from behind a computer. Handing whatever file she was reading to the ever stern looking Ritsuko, Misato got out of her seat and strolled over. "Why are you grabbing your ear, Shinji-kun? And why is it so red?" she inspected the aforementioned swelling.

Ah Misato, never a day went by that Shinji didn't question the gods about what Misato meant to him. Friend, mother, or secret punishment? Misato could equally make his heart melt in parental bliss as she could make his pants tight just with her casual wear. "I stumbled putting my suit on and hit my head against the lockers," he lied. He wasn't a good liar, but Asuka's secret abuse was providing a great venue for increasing in the trade. Staring into Misato's brown eyes, he could feel her evaluating his statement, her beautiful face so close to his…Stupid skin tight plastic really made for a painful healthy reaction.

Closing her eyes, Asuka just waved her hand, "Leave it to Shinji to get hurt putting his suit on. Now lets get this started already, because I have places I want to go today." Pushing past the doting mother-hen and chick, Asuka forced Misato to break away from Shinji, an unexpected scowl on her face. "Lets go First, no slacking today," Asuka turned back to see Ayanami frowning.

"Well somebody is in a very impatient mood, no different than any other day though huh?" Misato joked and ruffled Shinji's hair. "Lets not keep the princess waiting or we'll never hear the end of it tonight," she shrugged and headed back to the waiting Akagi and the tasks that only Misato could ignore and pass off to her underlings.

Stepping to his side, Rei's focus was squarely on the red and black weapon of mass humiliation. "You lied to protect Soryu. Why?" Ayanami was never one to mince words or beat around the bush.

Why? What a silly question to ask him, wasn't it obvious why he put up with Asuka's ranting and complaining? It was the same reason why he put up with Ayanami's quietness and comparability to a mannequin. He liked them, but was just too timid to ever act on it. But to say that would break his tenet on risking pain so when his mouth did open, "If I told the truth, Misato would get mad at her, and she'd just take it out on me anyway."

With one nod of her head, Ayanami said nothing else but tilted her head as if her mental computer was calculating something. Whatever the supercomputer that resided behind those red eyes figured, the speech algorithm was not triggered so she didn't let anybody know. Walking past the boy, she climbed up to her plug and dropped into the waiting orange goop.

Stupid attractive girls, stupid attractive superiors, damn it why couldn't he be bigger or stronger or something to make them take interest in him? But he was small, he was meek, and he gave up on the idea of human companionship ages ago. Climbing up the ladder to his own entry plug, Shinji stopped as he reached the lip. Staring into the plug, he saw something, was that…was that a pink haired girl? Why would she be in his plug, a new joke from Misato maybe? "Misato-san what did you…why is there a…" he called out to the waiting woman.

"Oh yeah, we wanted to try out a new additive to the LCL so we have half of the plug filled already," Ritsuko called out in her best bored tone. Moving from monitor to monitor, briskly pushing past whoever was stationed their, the woman went through her task as she did everything in her life. Blunt, to the point, and with an enthusiasm that Rei would have found familiar. "If you'd stop admiring it and get in, we can finish this before Asuka threatens to kill us all, alright Shinji-kun?" she actually smiled at him.

Shot through the heart! And she's to blame! Damn he was easy for women to manipulate, and he knew it. Just a simple smile got him moving, he loved making people happy, to make them smile. Hell Rei's smile at him months ago was still one of his most treasured memories. "A-Alright Akagi-san," so what if a woman was in the plug with him, he wouldn't complain. Climbing back over the lip of the plug, he didn't see the girl anymore, just an illusion maybe? Great on top of everything else he was going crazy, goodie!

As the plug filled more with LCL, he couldn't help but think about that stupid image, or his impending lunacy, he was unsure of which. "She was cute though," he said to himself, well he thought it was himself. Finding both Asuka and Rei's faces alive on his internal read-outs, he winced at his lack of silence. "D-did you need something?" he could only expect the worst.

"Pervert, you better not have been talking about me," Asuka's smidgen of a blush went unnoticed. "And just remember I want good meat for the stew tonight…" she instantly deactivated the communication after her demand was made.

Finding Rei still gazing at him, those probing an unrelenting eyes were equal parts beautiful and horrifying. "Ayanami, did you need something?" she never did but it was nice to ask. If Rei ever did ask him for anything, Shinji's inner wuss knew he'd jump to it faster than anything Asuka ever asked. When Rei's image blinked out of existence, maybe it never existed either, Shinji laughed a little. "Why am I not surprised?" not like he expected anything from Rei or life at all for that matter.


The ball left his hands, bounced off the backboard and daintily fell through the hoop. "Alright, Shin-man, that's nine to four, pick up the pace!" Touji teased as he ran to reclaim the ball. "Don't tell me you're quitting on me, Ken never plays me anymore and you're at least capable of making a shot," he passed the orange ball to his opponent. Nothing beat getting rid of the school blues like a little male bonding. Well maybe a girlfriend would be better, but his ability to talk to girls was worse than Shinji's.

Panting and sweating, Shinji dribbled the ball a few half hearted times as he went to the proper spot. "I don't know why you don't just join the basketball club, Touji. They could actually compete against you. But instead you take it out on Kensuke and me," Shinji flinched his head at Kensuke who was busy on his laptop. Making a head fake, the tired boy tried to rush the basket.

Pretending to be faked by Shinji's predictable move, Touji ran around the boy, stole the ball and shot. "Oh that's ten! I win!" he cheered his victory over a clearly weaker opponent. "And I play you guys here, so all the girls can see my moves. You two may be eunuchs, but that doesn't mean I don't want a girl," his motives clearly set, Touji reclaimed the object he was wrongly using for female attention. Finding no cheering ladies, however, he slammed the ball between his hands. "Well I guess we can go get something to eat, you look like you could use a bite to eat and an ear to listen," Shinji had that look about him that screamed 'talk to me'.

Shutting his laptop, Kensuke rubbed his eye under his glasses. "I'd kill for a bowl of ramen, and as long as you don't go on about how you want Shinji to take Misato's panty's for you, I'd be game for some conversation," the geek sneered triumphantly. Sliding the well used computer into his satchel, he got to his feet with audible pops and cracks. "Guess we do owe you for keeping the devil off us today, whatever you did yesterday must have been good, so I'm even willing to pay for you, Shinji," Kensuke offered as they passed through the gate to the basketball courts.

Asuka, oh how Touji loathed that girl! Always around Hikari and filling the stern but lovable girl with all her anti-boy propaganda, Asuka was the enemy of all men. "Yeah, we owe you for that, so what DID you do to defang the bitch today?" not that Touji expected it to last. Damn German was bi-polar when it came to Shinji, and Touji wondered if anybody else saw it. Girl treated him with kid gloves, but was just so demanding of him. "You snog her rotten or something?" he joked and shook Shinji by the shoulders.

His head waggling to and fro, Shinji's teeth clattered together in response to Touji's odd sense of affection. "I j-just made goulash and some cupcakes for Hikari and her last night is all, I must have made it closer to her tastes this time," he managed to get out and fell forward as Touji's abuse guised as friendship ended. Rubbing at a crick in his neck, likely caused by said abuse, "Can I tell you guys about something that happened yesterday and have you not laugh or call me crazy?"

"Hard to do that without hearing you first," Kensuke sagely replied. Readjusting his satchel on his shoulder, the lad oh so happened to stride behind Touji as a trio of girls, paying them no mind, walked past them and along their merry way. A languished sigh later, "But we can try to promise, knowing you it shouldn't be to hard to keep to it though."

Shaking his head, Touji couldn't figure Kensuke out at times. The boy was his friend for ages, but the whole hiding from girls thing, the complete lack of ambition for anything not military related kept them at a distance mentally. Shinji though, Shinji was a damn fine friend. "Like he said, we can't promise you much until we hear. I mean if you go and say something like you found Ayanami and the devil diking out or something we'll call bullshit," though it was nice mental fodder…maybe Asuka and Hikari as Ayanami had as much sex appeal as a latex glove.

Stutter stepping as Touji's comment struck home, Shinji just scratched at the side of his nose. "Nothing like that really," but the hesitation in Shinji's voice hinted he liked the idea to a degree. "Just yesterday when I was about to get into my Eva I saw something odd," the words didn't come out evenly, halting as if he were debating going on. Opening the door to the ramen joint, he got in line behind the other patrons. "I saw a girl in the LCL, she wasn't doing anything really, but it looked as if she were looking back at me," he winced as he finished his little confession.

"Was she cute?" Touji's mind was as always mostly focused on surface things. Attractiveness beat out personality, but it wasn't sexist if you didn't act on it, right? "I mean if I saw a girl looking at me I'd want her to be cute, would suck if your mental break down gave you some dog or something," Touji's growing smile threatened to break out into full grown chuckles, but he maintained.

Whether he heard the stifled chuckles of his friends or not, Shinji didn't react to him, he was too lost for that. Gazing at the offering board of unhealthy yet delicious food options, the lad just murmured a little. "She was cute, very cute with long pink hair and eyes, she had three dots on her forehead too," he pounded his right hand to his left palm in sudden recollection. "At first I thought it was a joke Misato was pulling, but when I looked back she was gone," confusion and a loneliness pervaded the boy.

Stepping past the boy who hadn't ordered yet, Kensuke quickly made his selection. Once money traded hands, he did buy Shinji the same order of garlic-beef ramen, "Could it have just been a trick of the light or something? We were only in that tube once, and things all looked odd inside it," Kensuke stepped to the side to give Touji access to the counter.

"I think you just need to get a girl man, your mind is telling you this and you just can't accept it. Making you see phantom cuties when a bevy of girls in our class would date you, if for the social status boost," Touji confessed. He had heard more than one girl ask about Shinji, but they were all fame hounds, but if it helped Shinji so be it. If the girl hurt the boy though, Touji would get Hikari to punish the bitch harshly. "I seriously doubt you have to worry about this phantom chick attack you though, so why worry about it?" he still saw some strangeness on Shinji's face, not a good thing.

Taking the steaming bowl of salty goodness, Shinji headed to a table to dine. "I don't know, I forgot about the whole mess till now once Misato said I finally beat Asuka's score," he snapped his chopsticks evenly and spun the noodles about. "That little fact was why I made the dessert for Asuka," he slurped up his noodles with a satisfied grunt.

"Well whatever helps you make it through the da~~y," Touji drawled out as he heard the sirens start whining. "Oh shit, is that the angel attack alarms?" he got to his feet as other patrons moved to the windows with confused and frightened expressions. "OH shit dude look at that! A fucking flying zebra ball?" he pointed at the affront to normal senses. Turning back to his friends, he found Shinji already gone, shit…it was hard to accept his buddy was on the front line of death. "He didn't even get to eat his damn food," Touji took the bowls and headed towards the shelters, no reason to let the food go to waste.


Sitting in her Eva, Asuka felt a complicated set of emotions that all swelled inside her. Anger was the most prevalent, anger at herself for screwing up the battle, anger at the commanders for their plan, and anger at Shinji for taking the initiative for once. The other emotions were harder for her to accept let alone understand. Sadness wasn't something she ever put in the same statement with Shinji other than 'Shinji is sad'. But he was likely dead now, or once the bombs went off he would be. Some lot of good this rescue plan was.

"Serves that idiot right for rushing off like some stupid hero. All because some glitch in the test said he was higher than me," Asuka ranted more to keep up appearances. It was just simpler to talk him down, safer to keep him at an arms length. Though his actions to her were so contrast, hell not a day before he handmade her favorite dessert just on a whim! "I mean Misato told him not to go off balls crazy, and what did it get him? Eaten by a damn shadow!" she continued her obligatory ranting hoping somebody was listening.

Oh somebody was listening, and all those somebody's wanted her to shut her damn mouth. Linking visually to the cockpit of Unit-02, Ayanami Rei's dispassionate face was even more lacking in emotion. "Had you been in his place, you would have done the same," was that a hint of anger in the ice queen's voice, maybe possibly but that would mean she actually felt something.

Gripping the stirrups tighter, Asuka ground her teeth in a wondrous display of hypocrisy. "Yeah I would have, but I would have gotten away from the attack. He had ample time to get away and he just shot at it. Leave it to a man to think you can just shoot your problems away," her righteous fury was dampened however. Had the scenario been reversed, Asuka honestly didn't know what she would have done. Hell the fact Shinji TRIED something was a point in his favor, she almost locked up when it moved to her. "He better live through this so I can beat some sense into him," he damn better live, that cold feeling insider her was growing.

"Asuka, you know we can all hear you right, so maybe you could stop the bitching for a few moments in your life?" Misato's haggard voice boomed through the cockpits. Her face was marred with dark circles under her eyes and a defeated and miserable complexion. "Yes he disobeyed my orders, and I will punish him when he gets back, and he WILL come back. He's lived through to much for this to stop him. Right now I bet he's thinking of something to try," despite the bravado, Misato's tone left no hope in her words.

Stop, stop talking now…you'll only make things worse for yourself! Oh how Asuka's tiny smidgen of feelings tried to exert some control, yet failed in a train wreck of mental proportions. "What he's doing right now? I bet that pervert is jacking off for one last act of disgust before he joins all the others who took the dirt nap!" even she felt dirty after saying that. Hell even if he was doing exactly what she said, he was facing death and it would hardly been the worst thing he could do.

"Fear of dying triggers the desire to mate in nearly all mammals," Rei added her two cents to the collective pot nearing a dollar. "If Ikari-kun's brush with death forces him to enact self pleasure, it is only due to the lack of a female body for which he could copulate. Though such an act would deplete his oxygen faster," No hint of embarrassment, but every indication that she believed every word she said, Ayanami Rei was the most honest person in the conversation.

That took Asuka back for a moment, the comment, who said it, and the connotation. "You're defending him? When the hell did you start paying attention to anything that wasn't the commander?" Asuka didn't like that one bit. Rei was just walking joke fodder, nothing more. But this sudden defense of Shinji, that wasn't expected. "You know what, I don't care, I just want this operation to start and finish. I don't…I don't want to be here," she wanted to be far away. She wanted to be back at the apartment, Shinji cooking supper, and Misato drunk or sleeping on the couch, normal and simple.

Her head shook slowly, disbelief and shame intermixed with a low burning disgust, but Misato kept her inner thoughts to herself. "You just got your wish, Asuka. The sub-commander Fuyutski agreed to pushing the time table up in the case Shinji is still alive," without another word Misato closed the link between them.

Seeing Ayanami still gazing at her, whatever emotions the girl had she kept them hidden, and that suited Asuka's tastes perfectly. "Good, lets get this over so we don't have to live with the speculation," she willed her Eva to move into position to contain the damage the approaching plains were going to unleash. Don't be dead, that thought just ran around in circles in Asuka's mind. Why? She didn't even know, but all she wanted was him not to be dead.

As the blue and red units of odd esthetic sense moved to keep the city from being leveled, their enemy started to shift and change. Red lines started forming, Asuka noticed but thought it just another optical trick. Then the lines widened, started dripping, and spread out larger and more bloody. "What the hell is happening?" she asked over the open com but nobody responded, they were all transfixed on the changes.

Then the arms burst out of the center of mass, Unit-01's arms. Tearing, mashing, and ripping its way out of the artificial womb, Unit-01 was reborn in Tokyo-03 in a sea of blood. Crashing to the ground, the beast roared in victory as its foe collapsed and faded back to whatever dimensional plane a twenty dimensional creature goes.

Over the now chatter filled communication system, Asuka heard Misato's frantic yet overly happy voice calling out Shinji's name. "She'd never sound that happy if it were me, favoritism," but she felt relief too. It was compounded when Shinji finally stopped acting stoic and responded back.

"M-Misato-san? Did…how is it possible? The angel stayed dormant for two months?" Shinji's puzzled and confused voice cracked across the lines. Unit-01 got to its feet with the help of Unit-00 which was plugging its cord into 01's back. "Thanks, Ayanami, it's been so long, thought I'd never see you again," a strangeness about his voice, something it had now that it lacked two days ago.

"Two months? Shinji it was just yesterday, are you feeling alright?" Misato's face was a Christmas tree of joy. "Oh and turn on your monitor, I want to see you, I thought…we all thought you…" she slipped and let her own inner fears be voiced.

"Oh this tastes so good! What is it?" a strange voice interrupted the thoughts of everybody paying attention.

"Get off him, Miharu, Danna* has to pilot this thing, and I do NOT like being covered in whatever this stuff is," a second voice, more mature but similar in tone, added the cherry on the WFT sundae. "I'm glad I'm not wearing anything as I doubt it would come out of the clothing," scratch that…that was the crowning of unexpected comments from Shinji's plug.

Keeping the visuals off, Shinji's voice spoke up louder and more confident, "Probably not the best idea right now Misato. I'll tell you all about it once we get out of here, and if you could have some extra clothing ready it might make things easier for everybody. One of Asuka's and one of yours to be specific, Shinji out," Unit-01 headed purposefully to the nearest elevator and headed back to the Geo-front.

"What the hell just happened?" Asuka turned to the only visual feed she had left. Ayanami's face was the most expressive Asuka ever seen, and it was a tiny open mouth and quickly blinking eyes, yeah massive shock. "Maybe he has some kind of brain damage from lack of oxygen making him talk to himself?" she said to herself. Willing Unit-02 to follow, she wasn't rushing, no not all…she wasn't happy, she wasn't confused, and she was definitely not rushing.


Unlike certain German's who will go nameless, Misato had no qualms about rushing like a madwoman to the hanger bay. Her boy was alive, he was talking odd, he requested cloths, and he mastered the art of talking like two women. So Shinji made good use of his time alone in the belly of the beast, Misato was ok with that. With just a spare plug suit in hand, she knocked poor Maya to the ground as she made her insane lunge across the finish line.

"Ritsuko I don't care if Unit-02 and 00 are having a damn brawl in the streets, you take care of it. I'm going to see to Shinji and his little delusions first, then I'll worry about what Rei and Asuka were doing up there," Misato huffed into her phone. The woman didn't care what Ritsuko was talking about, it didn't matter right now. Something about Unit-00 throwing Unit-02 away from the elevator to get the first ride down, or some such rubbish. Coming to a stop at the exposed neck of Unit-1, Misato waited for the plug to open, "Come on out Shinji, I have what you asked for and I won't ask why you need a spare."

With a whir of gears opening and the splash of LCL draining from the entry plug, a very nude Ikari Shinji climbed out. "It's so strange to be back, I never thought…I was certain it was a one way ticket," he smiled warmly at Misato. "I've a pair of somebody's…stowaways actually that I want you to meet," Shinji turned back to the plug and reached in.

Ok, Shinji's reality button got flipped to off, it was nothing Misato couldn't fix. Seeing his fishing rod and tackle was a bit disconcerting too, but Misato was a grown woman and she'd seen such before. "Sh-Shinji are you sure you don't want a stretcher or something? Feeling alright? How's the head, both of them?" she tried teasing hoping he'd react normally. But when he pulled an equally nude long pink haired woman, forehead adorned with a trinity of dots, Misato dropped the plug suit to the ground. "WHO THE HELL IS THAT?" she eloquently asked.

When Shinji didn't answer immediately and in fact reached back into the entry plug, he pulled out another woman. The second had equally long hair, just deep blood red and a bust that put Misato's to shame. "Misato-san, meet Miharu and Maharu…my um…my…" Shinji's head wobbled back and forth as his hand went back down to covering his shame.

"So you are the illustrious Misato Katsuragi," the woman identified as Maharu. Briskly walked over to the still stunned woman, Maharu cupped her bust and leaned in closer to Misato. "Ah, not bad, but my babies are superior," she winked at the dazed woman. "Since you didn't listen to Danna and bring us a change of clothing, I guess I'll be showing everybody them," she held out her and in greeting. "Formerly Maharu Sena Kanaka now Ikari," she eventually reached over and grabbed Misato's hand to shake it.

Latching onto Shinji's side, the pink haired Miharu just bobbled at all the new things about her. "I'm Miharu Ikari, and uhm…do you have any food around here? Clothing would have been nice too it's really cold in here," the girl gave a small sneeze to emphasize.

Grabbing the dropped plug suit, Shinji hastily pulled it on and grimaced as he put the pressurize button. "Ouch, guess I grew a little since I last wore one of these. And yeah, due to some very strange situations over the last two months…I'd like you to meet my wives," Shinji put a hand on each woman's shoulder. "I'll tell you all about it, once they get some clothing, and Miharu gets something to eat. She can't focus on an empty stomach," Shinji gave the girl's nose a squeeze.

Her brain officially fried and turned into a lump of ash, Misato slapped herself hard hoping to reboot. No, didn't work, maybe she was dreaming? Yeah that had to be it, she passed out and was having the oddest dream over. It was impossible Shinji just showed up, naked, with two women that looked to have walked out of Aphrodite's personal workshop claiming to be his wives. Yup the world was dreamland stuff.

"Shinji," Misato finally slowly drawled out as the lad grabbed two of Ritsuko's cast off lab coats for his darling wives. "When I wake up, will I remember anything that happened here in this fictional place? As I don't think I want to," Misato gave her cheek another pinch hoping the shock would wake her up. Failing that she was going to throw herself into the gulf of LCL below. "Because if this is reality, Asuka is going to kill you, and I'm not sure I could stop her if I tried," Misato didn't know what to make of any of this.

Buttoning up the provided coat, Maharu gave her doting husband a kiss on the cheek. "Always coming to my aid, and if anybody tries to hurt our hubby you can bet my little sister will have issues with that," Maharu ruffled Miharu's hair.

Already opening the candy bar she found in the pocket of the lab coat, Miharu demonstrated the black hole that was her stomach. "It was really bad of you to try running away from us, lying about taking a bath just to come here. We talked about this!" Miharu pouted in a very uncharacteristic show of anger. But the flighty nature came back quickly as Unit-00 and 02 saddled up to the hanger bay. "Oh that one has so many eyes! And that one just has one!" her attention span wasn't known for lasting long.

"I'll explain everything that happened, Misato-san. But can we do it somewhere else?" Shinji asked as he started walking past the borderline hysterical woman. One arm linked with Miharu's, he waved at a few of the tech's that were also paralyzed with sudden world ending panic. "Going to be hard to get readjusted to this, isn't it?" he asked the older of his wives.

Scowling at some of the men that had the audacity to give her overly appraising eyes, Maharu just grabbed her hair and squeezed the LCL out of it. "Easier for you than for us. It was hard enough adjusting to living with a honest to god man, but we did manage that very well after some initial confusion," she linked up with his other arm and let the man lead them.

"I need a drink, a very strong drink, maybe with some pills," Misato couldn't believe what she was seeing. Shinji, her little boy, was married to two women? Women that came out of nowhere and were very open about how they cared for him. "I need a fleet of drinks," she wouldn't have looked the other way about pot either. One thing was for sure, a lot of explaining was due, and until she got it Misato knew one thing for certain. She was NOT letting Asuka anywhere near Shinji and his brood.


Author's notes

Yeah it's a silly premise, but you can see how it was going to fit into What We. I see this being only four or five chapters, it's just a dumb comedy story that I hope to use to fill the gap before I start another 'serious' endeavor. Still looking into what I want to write next. Asobi Ni Ikyo and Himari are up on the list of things to mess with but I don't know if I want to write a cross over or a stand alone story for them.

Hope you enjoyed this oddity, and yes I will explain a good deal of the WFT moments here in the next chapter, but that's half the fun.

Ja Mata